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Joined: 8/7/2006
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@The Champ Is Here

I don't know if you could say the reason that they read/deleted or unread/deleted was because they didn't think you were good looking. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your picture. I can't say anything about the read/deleted but they wouldn't see your picture with unread/deleted, would they? So, it may just come down to they're just being rude. I have to read my e-mails because I'm too curious to see who they are and what they have to say. I got to get a life. lol

You seem like the male counterpart of me when I was younger. My friends wanted to meet a guy but they were too shy, so I would talk to him and then introduce them. They always had boyfriends and I had just boy friends. lol. That's the story of my life. When I got older, guys would come up and talk to me. A girl friend would be interested in him, and I would just back off. Gee, I wonder why I'm alone now,DUH, and one of the girls and the one of the guys are married,just not to each other. lol.
Joined: 10/1/2006
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Posted: 12/14/2006 6:43:18 PM
My personal opinion is that I'd rather someone delete my message and not reply to me so I could not bother wasting my time. It would strongly indicate to me that they had qualities that I was not interested in at all.

However, the bottom line is that regardless of how you view it, rude or efficient, acceptable or unnecessary, those who are read/deleting-without-replying or unread/deleting-without-replying aren't going to change. Nor are the opinions of the people who don't do it going to change about it, regardless of the reasons given.
Joined: 10/14/2006
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Posted: 12/15/2006 2:32:37 PM
u hit it right on the head fauz
Joined: 9/15/2006
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Posted: 12/15/2006 2:40:05 PM
It is polite to reply to someone who puts effort into their messages. I have seen a few times, messages that simply say "U R HOT". To me that is the least amount of effort someone can put into a message, infact they couldnt be bothered to spell out the entire words. Does this deserve a response?

Should I spend a few minutes thanking them for their email and explaining that unfortunately they lack the social skills I require in a mate? Most would agree, probably not, as its similar to a guy coming up to a woman and being very abrupt and distasteful. At that point she would be encouraged to simply walk away.

So I guess in sumation, it is up to each individual to make that call. But certainly not every email is going to get a response from me.
Joined: 7/31/2006
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Posted: 12/17/2006 9:53:31 AM
One of the many difference between the NET and Real Life is that here you can list your interestes and if you drink, smoke, what you like to do or not do etc. As do fake pictures or no pictures or old pictures and so on and so forth.
Snap judgements run rampant.
In real life it takes quite awhile to really get to know a person. And the older I get, personally, the less I really want to know!

If any of you have taken the time to peruse my profile one of my interests listed is seeing how many people I can to BLOCK me in one day!

And the real matter of the fact is that I have a rather unique sense of humor, and most don't get it ... so like I say in my profile don't be offended, be off with ye!
 Dj Asid Rayne
Joined: 8/12/2006
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Posted: 4/1/2007 1:16:57 AM
You know I do somethind quick and easy. I have a windows note pad open with a couple of quick responses handy that I can copy and paste. Like " Thank for your interest I'd love to chat" or something like that. I don't get an overwhelming amout of emails but I can see where some of the super attractive people might. In that situation it would get a little overwhelming to respond to everyone. So try the note pad copy and paste trick. Atleast your being polite and still not wasting your time.
Just an idea that works for me.
I think it's really important to respond to everyone because lets face it some of us get enough rejection in the real world.
Best of luck to everyone and happy fishing.
Joined: 1/16/2007
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Posted: 4/1/2007 6:56:52 AM
yeah i see that sometimes too! oh well i say.
Joined: 10/31/2008
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Posted: 4/23/2009 7:52:48 AM
How about Read but NOT deleted...This has happened to me twice this week. Someone contacts ME, I write back then absolutely NOTHING. If someone has the courage to make first contact, why back off from being truthful after they apparantly change their mind. I don't think I will ever understand the workings of the male mind.
Joined: 12/18/2006
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Posted: 4/23/2009 8:56:43 AM
And they think WE'RE the complicated ones!
Joined: 8/1/2008
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Posted: 5/14/2009 7:36:16 AM
Read/Deleted is a big piss off to me cause than a week later you'll get an email back! it sould be read and reply. lol like come on
Joined: 3/21/2009
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Posted: 5/17/2009 12:50:51 PM
lmao...that is the most GODDAMN FUNNIEST THING I read today!!

Why would I want to get an email that says "Sorry, not interested", which means "Sorry, you ugly bast***, you is one ugly dog faced critter.

You made my day....although, on a sobering note, is that why people read/delete me? LOL Well, that was a short-lived happy moment!
Joined: 11/19/2007
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Posted: 5/18/2009 9:40:07 AM
I thin that read delete is the cowards way out, yes I will be honest as I have been guilty of it a couple times. but for sexual emails yes I do.

I just think it is funny, if you where face to face with me( is what I think) you would be having a great conversation and laughing. However on here. they have no Idea, I am not a net person at all, I cannot type my emotions and by this it makes it very hard to get ahead. etc etc , but I dont worry to much I reply with a comment. and of course no matter what, it is there loss not mine.

for some reason I keep thinking hmmm she will be worried about being treated as a trophy and have an affair with time., just because he was cute...muhahahahaha ok it made sense to me. lol
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