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 english lass
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"Is the fairytale impossible after 30?"

sure, anyone can kiss a frog... or frogette :)
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 1/8/2011 12:06:24 AM
sure its possible
just remember in the original Hansel and Gretle, the witch eats the kids

or is that not the fairy tale you meant
Really, go read the originals, not the Disney versions; it might just cure you of wanting a 'Fairy tale' ending.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 1/16/2011 4:18:19 PM's too bad Walt Disney ruined it all for us.......

Remember all the fairytales we listened to when our parents read them to us as children??

Remember how Prince Charming came to the rescue on his white horse and they rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after???

Well....does anybody out here know what happily ever after is???? What really happened to Cinderella and Snow White???? Unfortunately, the story ended with the line of "they lived happily ever after......."

For many of us, the happily ever stuff after didn't happen. - or worse yet, it turned into a nightmare. - and when those of us finally woke up and realized the fairytale didn't exist, it was avery rude awakening.

It is always better to deal with reality. Unfortunately, there are many of us out here who don't and choose to live in a fantasyland. Sad but true.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 1/16/2011 7:59:11 PM
Wanting a "fairytale" is about as silly as a pro ball player feeling unsatisfied and dopey because their career in sport didn't match the ESPN highlight reel they've viewed as a teen. Real life situations are not highlight reels.... they're not classic RomComs or fairytales.

As someone put it best: The woman I'm happy with is better than the woman of my dreams. The woman I'm with is real, the woman of my dreams is just a fabrication in a dream.
 eddee shaw
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 1/22/2011 3:32:42 PM
It has to do with your expectations. I read in POF " looking for my soul mate" and all these profiles on here expecting perfection. the only thing that is perfect is imperfection.If you expect a perfect fairytale there is no such thing in real life, but there are some really good time and some majic times and so wonderful times. Don't expect just go with it.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 1/27/2011 12:34:04 PM
It depends what your idea of "fairytale" is. I will always believe that absoutely yes there is someone special waiting for me, we'll have a connection, and enjoy life together. It won't be "work".
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 1/27/2011 9:37:53 PM
As one gets older, one's options narrow.
The "fairytale" is only available to those whose preconceptions either align with or are flexible enough to accommodate the available choices.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 1/28/2011 10:50:56 PM
I never understood why people believe their entire romantic life should be sealed, and delivered before they hit that dreaded 3-0

I'd like to think we've grown out of that nonsense, but apparently it isnt so.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 1/30/2011 2:05:23 PM
Probably because most people never expected to have to consciously conduct a search for a suitable partner; because sex and romance is visible through media to the greatest extent in history, and people judge themselves by what they perceive to be social norms as depicted in the media; people are more isolated, have fewer extended social networks with meaningful connections, and are desperate for not only romantic love but emotional support from friends; because biology has not changed in spite of any societal focus on careerism, and people still want to have children while they are able; because many people would prefer not to be in their 60s when their children graduate from college; because people think that by thirty they should be building a life with another person, rather than waiting to meet someone.

That's off the top of my head.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 2/3/2011 7:04:12 AM
I still believe in the fairy tale, but you have to work for it. Nothing comes for free. Everything you do comes with hard work, love, and commitment. If you don't have that, then there's only a horror story or today's reality TV.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 3/10/2011 4:07:52 AM
I don't believe in fairytales either.
And I just don't understand what would make a woman (or man) think that being married, have 2.5 kids a dog and a cat, living in a house with a white picked fence is the best life can get? Ok maybe the house and the fence. And the dog too...
But then again.... life is what YOU make of it.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 3/11/2011 3:44:16 AM
Fairytales are just fairytales at any age.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 3/13/2011 2:14:03 PM
Gag me with a spoon. Fairytales are fantasies for immature minds and hearts. A lovely romantic story, a white wedding, a happy forever after? Buhbuhbuhbohorrrrrring.

A best friend, a partner, a plan the two work actively upon? What's wrong with that? You want infatuation and promises no human could keep? Have at it. I want to grow and my partner to grow. I want to share in struggles and triumphs, trials and tribulations. I want it all, and that includes the bad and the ugly along with the good and beautiful.

The original fairytales were like that, both beautiful and beastly. We've corrupted them by accepting only half of what they were really meant to be.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 3/14/2011 1:31:37 PM
Having witnessed the death of a child, depression, illness and such befall my grandparents and parents up close, I never had the illusion that it was a fairy tale.

I always knew you had to put in an effort.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 3/16/2011 3:42:32 PM
Don't be a dork, java we aren't idiots. We understood the question, the OP definately meant fairytale as in traditional happy ever after soul mates love at first sight we become one with a white wedding and picket fence to frame it all. And we answered quite appropriately.

No, my ideal of contentment is NOT defined by me as my own "fairytale." I would never use that to describe my romantic desires.
Joined: 1/17/2011
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 4/12/2011 12:51:42 PM
Actually, I just finished reading an article on this very subject.

According to scientific study, it is impossible once you reach the age of 29 years, 8 months, 3 hours.

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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 4/13/2011 4:44:27 PM
We never did hear the end of that 'fairy tale' where Snow White met her prince, and it turns out he farted a lot, had a drinking problem, and was jealous and controlling over the horny dwarves hanging around her.

"Perfect" is the fairy-tale... nobody is perfect. And the worst part is that in many ways the person who is looking for 'perfect' is the person who will face a lot of disappointment in their relationships. Maybe rather than thinking "it could be what *I* always wanted", it should be more like "*we* can make it what *we* want, with compromise and communication".
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 4/14/2011 12:17:52 PM

So what do you the fairytale possible still?

Yep!! I have "fairied that tail" out of here in many occasions, even after 30!!
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 4/23/2011 10:41:44 PM
Gretle, its whats for dinner.

Remember in the originals, the Witch usually gets to eat or kill the lead characters. I would seek another fantasy to emulate.... maybe world of warcraft ? or IMVU ?
Joined: 4/29/2011
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 5/4/2011 10:43:02 AM
valencia: I've never read a version where the witch ate Hansel and Gretel. I'm sure there are plenty, though. I spent most of my studies on Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella,
Joined: 4/15/2011
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 5/7/2011 4:33:49 PM
I believe it is possible because I know people who have met and married their soulmate, and had children, and lived happily together for many years.
My parents have been married for over 40 years. My grandparents were married, for 55 years. Several of my aunts and uncles have been married for over 40 years, as well.
I lived the fairy tale for 15 years, myself. My husband and I met and fell in love, married, had 2 wonderful children, and, yes, even a house with a white fence.... (I still have the house...)
When people marry , most do believe their marriage will last forever. But, noone
can predict the future ....
In my case, for instance, I had no way of knowing, prior to my wedding, that I would
develop a medical problem that would cause a lot of weight gain and change my appearance.
After many years of being happily married, my husband still loved me but found me physically repulsive. We both still had high sex drives, but his physical aversion to me made mutual satisfaction impossible . At first, we decided on an open marriage .
That might have worked - if we had both found someone else. He did. I didn't.
It became a very emotionally stressful situation to deal with. Eventually, the divorce
was in both our best interests.
He was free to marry his newfound love interest and I was free to find someone who can accept me for who I am now...
Just because sh -- happens doesn't mean there isn't someone for everyone.... somewhere.
Joined: 10/17/2010
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 6/10/2011 6:15:07 AM
yes I think a fairytale is still possible. I'm 22 have a kid been married. &nd afte that I thought it wasn't possible@ all, until I meant this guy he's 35, & we jus click I feel things I never felt before, he's sweet pulls out my chair for me when we go eat opens doors, unlike the younger men today. I'm so attracted to him, at anytime of the day I'm ready to jump n bed that's how attracted I am. I never felt that attracted to someone before.
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 8/7/2011 6:37:41 AM
Hansel and Gretle were not in the kettle pot for a refreshing steam bath.
They were for dinner.
And they are indeed eaten; unless you follow Disney or Warner Brothers Looney Tunes. That witch is the classic 'boogey man' iconography that we adopted here in the states; and if she never ate them= nobody would care.
And the notions of Aloysha the Dyrna never end well either.
classic tales of failing, dying, graft, trickery to warn kids to pay attention and avoid danger - and of course every town has the old man stinson house that is 'haunted' it is the lore of the small communities.
Fairy tales are often Grimm , and most effective when they are dark.
Joined: 3/29/2011
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 8/7/2011 9:32:54 AM
I think the fairytale is possible but in the now its like starting the dating game again with all the knowledge that would have been useful the first time round, add in a feeling of being potentially a little 'jaded' about love in general and there ya have it a possible recipe for thirties dating?
I hope you find someone that wants to share your fairytale,..., after all I believe that's what we are are all here for, for ourselves to find someone to share our dreams with :)
Joined: 10/22/2010
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 8/7/2011 8:17:31 PM
i hope so!!

I've been tryin to find a unicorn to ride for YEARS!!

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