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the best pizza i ever tasted came from pudgie's pizza in elmira, ny.

in my hometown, york, pa, you'll find some pretty awesome pie at jim & nina's on st...if they're still there.
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/3/2007 2:41:42 PM
Well the best pizza in my town is Shakeys......Oooh its soo good!
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/3/2007 3:09:58 PM
Mineo's in Squirrel Hill (Near Pittsburgh, Pa.)
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/5/2007 7:45:07 AM
I'm originally from you NYC where the best pizza is but I now live in Port Orange, Florida. To get the best NY/NJ style pizza you would have to go to Pagano's. Its thin, crispy and comes with whatever topping you wish. The rest of their Italian food is excellent too.
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/5/2007 8:35:15 AM
Best Pizza is Charlie's
Hands down the best.
I have been eating thier pizza since I was a little girl.
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/5/2007 6:30:12 PM
The best pizza place in my hometown is whichever one will still deliver to my neighborhood after dark.
Geez....the pizza guys are getting wimpy, they oughta carry a gun or something if they have a problem getting robbed.
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/5/2007 7:58:11 PM
Lou Malnati's in Chicago is really nice. It's actually a chain, with many location in the city and suburbs, but it sure doesn't taste like it. Even spinach pizza, usually not my favorite, is really good there. Although sometimes, you have to eat it with a fork and knife, and Lou Malnati's restaurants actually provide them when you order a pizza. (They also have other things, like pasta, calzones, etc.)
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/23/2007 7:08:21 AM
Is anyone from Buffalo, NY? My family moved from there when I was 10, but till the day he died my dad always said Bocci's in Buffalo was the best ever - I'd be curious to know if it's even still there, or if anyone else can concur? I do remember going there when I was very young, but I don't think I knew good pizza from bad at that point in my life!
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/24/2007 11:18:52 PM
I worked in a pizzeria when I was a kid and have made pizzas at home all my life. There's not many I like better than mine frankly. And although time consuming they're pretty easy.

Preheat the oveen to 550.

You can buy frozen dough in most markets, or just buy some from a pizzeria. They're more than happy to sell you dough. Or make it in a breakmaker using any decent recipe you find on the net. Note that the dough must sit for an hour in a warm place after the breadmaker says its done of you'll have cracker-pizza. Note also the yeast must be fresh. The package will have instructions for a how to test it.

Sauce can be quite variable. Although you can put a lot of effort into it there is something to be said for just plain crushed tomatos out of a can. The next step up is to chop 3 or 4 cloves of garlic, saute it till it's aromatic, add a can of crushed tomatos and can of tomato paste. Add a decent amout of salt and pepper, a T of dried basil. I add 10 drops of oregano oil (medicinal grade - I find it easier and stronger, fresher and cheaper than dried oregano, plus it's way good for you.

The next step up from that is so dice a small onion and one jalapeno and saute with the garlic, add the tomato goop and stuff and add fennel seeds you've smashed in a morter. A SMALL bit of rosemary is good too.

Roll the dough out. Press it down with your fingers first, keep turning if over and roll roll roll till it'll fit the pizza pan you have. A pizza stone is best. I use a giant aluminum thing with lots of holes in it. The least good is the solid metal ones.

You need to get the right cheese. Regular mozzeralla you use in, say, lasagna is high fat low moisture and us white. Pizza cheese is low fat high moisture and cream colored. Around here some No Frills dell Kraft's "Delicioso" brand in 2 kilo chunks for about $22 that makes about 8 pizzas. Grate about a 1.5" chuck, about a pound or so.

The most common mistake is to use too muc cheese and not enough sauce. You can do this and it'll work but you end up with a rubbery layer of cheese on top not the nice melding of sauce and cheese. Use a fair bit of sauce and not enough cheese to cover it so you can still see some sauce.

Properly you should finely grate a 1" square piece of parmasian and half that of romano on first.

One variation at this point if you like things spicey is to very finely chop 4-6 cloves of garlic, one japapeno and a quarter of an onion and mix them in with the sauce on the dough before you add cheese.

Now add 2/3 of the mozzeralla.

Now you ad ingrediends. My kids like plain cheese pizza so I put ingredients on half. First pepperoni, sliced fairly thick and for gods sake read the label. If it says chicken or turkey get some other kind. You don't want to overdo it, space them out so there's like a piece of peperoni then a space for one. Repeat.

Now the mushrooms - sliced fairly thick but not as thick as the presliced ones which do not seem to work well. These shrink a LOT when cooking so you can literally cover the entire surface.

Nex is olives. The cheap ones in jars just don't have enough taste. Get the deli packed giant ones. Don't add to many one every 3" or so is about right.

Next the jalapenos. Some people use bell pepper but I think they're vile. You do need some pepper flavour and 4 jalapenos per extra large pizza, deseeded and sliced very thin is about right.

Now slice a small onion thinly and put pieces of it everywhere.

Now you can put the remaining 1/3 of the grated mozzeralla on.

Stick it in the over and turn it down to 450. You do this so the element doesn't come on as much.

You can't tell if it's done by the top you have to look at the crust. Golden brown is perfect. Brown is oevrcooked and will be too crunchy. If it's golden brown it should be soft and chewy.

It'll take about 13-15 minutes to be done. Take it out, shake it off the pan. Iinvert the holy pan and let it cool on that. You want it very warm but not too hot to eat.

After a few minutes it's cool enough to cut with a proper pizza cutter or a cleaver. Cutting it with a knife or scissors is messy.

It may take a few pracice runs but once you get the hang of it you'd be hard pressed to want pizzeria pizza again. Plus it's stupid cheap by comparison.
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/25/2007 6:32:57 PM
Best pizza in Tampa is at the supermarket ... Freschettas lol. Sadly pizza is absolutely horrible in Florida .
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 6/26/2007 12:51:51 AM
I live in Dallas and this has to be the worst town to find a great pizza. The best I've had is from an old established place called Campisi's. They have a great thin crust pizza. Also, Angelo & Vito's has the most authentic Brooklyn stlye pizza i've found here.
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 7/19/2007 4:27:24 PM
I think most pizza parlors up north in the tri state area are better than the best pizza parlor in Florida , same can probably be said for bagels , sadly
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 7/27/2007 6:55:53 PM
Here in the Indianapolis area Pizza Pasta Etc. has phenomenal NY pizza, better than the pizza I had on a recent rip to NY! Now they have a pizzeria in Westfield (a northern suburb). The owner told me he closed his restaurant in Broad Ripple (an artsy/college neighborhood sort of like a microscopic Greenwich Village!) because you can only make money if you stay open all night to feed the kids leaving late rock concerts and
"last call" from the bars (Broad Ripple is becoming one big bar with retail shops leaving!)
Joined: 10/6/2007
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 11/10/2007 4:47:09 PM
When I still lived in PA prior to moving to Michigan, I lived in a town that did not have any of the big pizza places but we had Main Street pizza, who still, in my opinion is better than ANYTHING the big places have to offer. I lived three doors down from them and used to have them deliver my pizza (wasn't about to drag my kids down there!). Would you believe, they used to drive it over to my house just three doors away? It was amusing!
Joined: 5/1/2008
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 5/12/2008 9:46:14 AM
My kitchen. I don't go out for pizza or anything else for that matter.
 Green Eyes In Florida
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 5/12/2008 12:27:30 PM
I live in Boca Raton, Florida. I KNOW that Rotelli's is a chain, but they have fantastic pizza, not to mentione their garlic rolls are nice, fluffy and loaded with garlic and oil.

There is also Brooklyn Boys with real NY style pizza (I'm not from NY though, but many have told me that their pizza tastes authentic like REAL NY style pizza).

I just love a nice hot, cheesy pizza. Yummy...
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 5/13/2008 11:05:03 AM

I think most pizza parlors up north in the tri state area are better than the best pizza parlor in Florida , same can probably be said for bagels , sadly

The only place in Tampa I've had pizza was a hole in the wall on 7th ave in Ybor at 3 am coming out of the clubs. Satisfying at the time while drunk off my butt, but utterly lacking.
There is a place right down the road from me called Angelo's Pizza in my town of holiday. They've been around for over 25 years and it really is amazing ny style pizza. Angelo himself still works those ovens almost every day. It's a great little mom and pop joint that everyone in the neighborhood loves.
Joined: 1/16/2008
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 5/13/2008 6:59:20 PM
I'm going to have to put a vote in for one of those pizza chains - Pizzaville!

When I was working years ago for a newspaper in central Ontario, I would frequently go and buy pizza from them. I practically lived off it. Yum!
 Miss G
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 5/13/2008 7:30:23 PM
Mom's is best, of course. Houston's 2nd best: Fuzzy's Pizza - Antoine & Katy Fwy. Mysteriously and dangerously close to my home. Interesting coincidence?
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 5/13/2008 7:58:28 PM
The big Slice on Young Street in Toronto was a great place>>>
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 11/16/2008 9:15:47 PM
Napoli's Italian Restaurant - Enid, OK - Always good pizza, and awesome bread to get you started.
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 11/17/2008 4:24:18 AM
i moved recently, and discovered a little place called 'maria's,' right across the stream. they make an awesome pie with a thin, crispy crust and a tangy, herb-laden sauce. i like pizza plain, so a good sauce makes all the difference.
Joined: 11/11/2008
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 11/18/2008 12:24:43 AM
The best pizza place on the Gold Coast (QLD/Australia) in my opinion is Marie's Pizza. You pay a premium for a pizza however there are so many styles to choose from, including quality dough and ingredients. Their Chicken Satay pizza is my favourite.
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Best Pizza Place in Your Hometown
Posted: 11/24/2008 1:38:46 PM
...Just this last summer, our Chamber of Commerce had a fund raiser that featured all the local Pizzarias. They billed it as the Sandusky County Pizza Challenge. The competitors all donated pizzas for a hungry crowd that paid 7 dollars per ticket for the priviledge of sampling all the pizzas in one place. It was a smashing success, and I'm happy to report that a favourite pizza place of mine won the "Best Pizza" award. The name of the place is the "Depot" in Fremont, Ohio and it features a homemade crust...which is seldom seen in pizzarias any more. I've been told by several food service salespeople...that the majority of pizza in the country these days is produced with dough that is mixed off site. That's not to say the dough is all the same...because you can get it made to your specific recipe...but there is a certain quality that goes with a dough made in an old kitchen. There are yeasts present in the air that people don't think about...and that's where the "uniqueness" comes into the product. They don't make any pizza there that hasn't been done somewhere else...but it's served with pride in their quality and confidence you're getting a meal you'll enjoy. Hope you get a chance to stop by sometime, tell 'em Pup sent ya.. ;)
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