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Autumn , how nice it is to have a soul that knows the things you like sometimes more than you could express yourself! I bet I know who the lovely lady was! Wish her well for me! Same for you my friend! hugs :)

Shared like a flower
grown within the heart
Sent to another
although you're apart
Deepest heartfelt smiles
sent for nothing more
Sent from a Sistah
one whom you Adore!

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Shelter me ...HOME
Posted: 2/22/2009 2:29:26 PM
There's time today to walk and talk, some time for poetry;
there's time I know, but still I balk, not time quite yet for me.
missing friends that I adore, who lift me from my mind;
such things I wish for even more than those who treat me kind.
Upon the lines that hold the vines where grapes will grow to yield
are knots that tie these lines and lift the grape vines from the field.
There's time to walk and talk today, but rain keeps me inside;
too chilly yet to go and play, it pains me so to hide.
I beg the warmth of spring to shine with every petal seen,
every tulip, daffodil to grow where frost has been.
I looked outside the window on the concrete walk outside,
soaking wet with rain, not snow, outside the place where I reside.

Miss ya, always dreaming 2 - hope all is well.
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Shelter me ...HOME
Posted: 2/22/2009 4:33:21 PM

you ask
what are sparks
a certain symmetry
an empathy
a delicious chemical
the uphill climb
in an arc
of desire
the tinder for
a tender fire
a secret smile
upon a name
the beginning round
of the oldest game
come warm your soul
against my flame

LS 02/21/09
Daily Poet
Joined: 11/7/2008
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Shelter me ...HOME
Posted: 2/23/2009 12:01:06 PM

Brizo , loved those words!
Copulation of thing s , never dead! :)


you ask
what are sparks
a certain symmetry
an empathy
a delicious chemical
the uphill climb
in an arc
of desire
the tinder for
a tender fire
a secret smile
upon a name
the beginning round
of the oldest game
come warm your soul
against my flame never ends! :( '
Loved that one :)
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Shelter me ...HOME
Posted: 2/24/2009 5:38:00 PM
Where can I borrow dignity, indignant as I get;
it isn't in profanity, or tear stained clothes all wet.
Is dignity any part of me? Perhaps I'm just confused?
Perhaps when I wake up I'll see, and then become amused.
I didn't see a thing at all, I'm just a boorish snob;
another vagrant come to call, alas, another slob!
It's not the life I live at all, but life that wrestles me;
no shelter from this storm at all, where is my dignity?
A stranger told me once to smile, and smile I did indeed;
I did, at least for just a while, and then I noticed greed.
I miss my smile, I know I do when talking thus with you;
I miss my smile, and think of you, delightful when I do.
I'm waiting for my eyes to see, as yet they're still asleep;
I know, I try, but they're not free, how long does cold hope keep?
And where can I find dignity, when blind I see today?
Blinded by some memory that just won't go away.

- "I've been down so god damned long that it looks like up to me" - some damned blues singer or another, maybe Jim Morrison
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Shelter me ...HOME
Posted: 3/22/2009 6:37:55 PM
HUMMINGBIRDDANCING…thank you and always welcome home, your Orphism of life is a beautiful hue *hugs*

AUTUMN FANTASY…thank you and always welcome home

Mail has been sent again
Excuse me if it is used
I had to make sure the goods
Were tried and tested

Smallest rug rat insisted
I did not need to keep refilling
Otherwise I might wear out the shot glasses
I do recommend anything alcoholic

The pleasure is continually mine
So not another word
Thanks is feeling your smile
Cheers my sister xxx

NOTHIN2IT…thank you and always welcome home

There’s so much I need to ask
More than I need to say but I rarely promise
Yet you never accuse me of being typical
Gender aside
And over the moon
I can say he’s my friend
Doubt we’ll ever meet
You’re the boy that lives in my mind
Making the man in my life real

BRIZO…thank you and always welcome home

You are the essence of woman
With a dab of devil’s perfume
The scent is enough
To make you appear perfect

I am tired of visiting
It always needs explaining
Where I am coming from
So I’d rather stay at home

You know how much I adore your company
So you start strumming your guitar
Don’t complain
I’m trying to play the drums
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Shelter me ...HOME
Posted: 3/22/2009 7:35:14 PM
He coloured the paintings
The squaw does not complain where she is hung
He demands to be chief
No hanging
Or being beside
The opposite
Always off course
Just so he can stare

Moving into a new home…my kitchen has two paintings…of original Indians in typical head dress (feathers…I wish I knew my history more for those feathers have meanings)…but my “chief” refuses to be hung beside his squaw…even using superglue…HE refuses to stay put…unless he is staring opposite her…so when visitors arrive they always comment on the “Indians”…I can hear HIM growl…no one else has heard his voice…but why am I not surprised cause the first spirit that sat on the edge of my bed was an Indian with full head dress carrying an axe…my children are terrified of him…I tell them he is my guide…my family is not scared anymore…I’m tired of explaining to visitors

No ABC or anything in between
I don’t need your words nor your actions
I realize I am tied
No chains tie this female

Was clever since the dawn
Made the first career
Of being a whore
Man makes pay for eternity

I smile
Echoing your words
Walking around with your scent
For I have no idea when you will come again

I was never a whore in this present life…if I was one before???…I make no excuse…but last week I realized why “he (the policeman in charge) called me names…besides being illiterate and of a small mind…(BOTH of us) I did NOT forgive him..but wondered why this man could call me names (sure and regardless he has the law on his side)…but I spent TIME wondering…I came to the conclusion…since the beginning of eternity…regardless of love…woman has been ostracized for making the FIRST career
Joined: 5/13/2007
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a love poem...
Posted: 3/30/2009 10:08:35 PM
You are my hopes, my dreams and my fantasies…
My hope is to be with you, to hold you, caress you and to kiss your soft lips.
My dream is to spend all my days with you and all my nights in your arms.
My fantasy is lay beside you under the stars on warm, moonlight summer nights,
to snuggle into you on the chilly days and evenings during winter,
and to fall asleep knowing…when I awaken you’ll be right there beside me.
My hope is you’ll know whenever you need or want me…I’ll always be there for you.
My dream is to see that smile of yours every day, to hear your laughter, that we’ll tease and please each other, share positive passions and all the emotions together,
if troubled, you’ll know I may not sense it, but I’ll be there to help you see it through,
and that our love, respect and trust keeps growing deeper with every passing day.
My fantasy is to share every day with you, every night in your arms and to wake-up beside you every morning, that we share a loving mutual understanding, desire with some occasional lust, both feel…whole hearted love and a knowing we’ll always be here for each other to share a smile, warm spiritedness or comforting companionship.
Sweetheart…you are my hopes, my dreams and my fantasies…you are the one I love!
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a love poem...
Posted: 3/31/2009 11:55:51 PM
COULDWECLICK....thank you and always welcome home

She's an extremely lucky woman you write for
If she's only a fantasy
It makes my heart bleed
For you need that dream to become reality
I always question God's humour
Yet I am a believer

hence thanks for your words for they inspired me to write the following...

The ties that bind
Is a fantasy that he does not ask to come true?
He comes home with MY favourite ice cream
Sharing dreams and tears

Holding me in my nightmares
I don’t have to await a blue moon
The sunrise bursts every morning
Showing me shades of his never ending love

Today I give up
Unsuccessfully I could not scare him
I was frightened of his love
Going back to my roots

CaveWOMAN I am

No need to leave your boots outside the door
I was more than a twenty-first century ****
You had to park them on the left
For I always thought I was right

Just come home darling
Dishes are not done
Regardless dinner is cooked
Bed will only get messed up again x0x
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a love poem...
Posted: 4/3/2009 10:52:06 PM
Did you ever ask the grave digger?
Who sweats and toils
In all weathers
He weeps as he digs and refills
The man who comes home to me
I ask him to refrain from taking a Russian bride
For I am not that kind

Offering only once a year
A sweet wine
For he takes my garbage
Every faquing day
Yet I only acknolwedge him once a year
Santa and Easter Bunny HE is
Giving me smiles in life...too abstract for normality

Mrs Michie Oi will be
Without leaping one year
Joined: 12/26/2008
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a love poem...
Posted: 4/3/2009 11:36:26 PM
the moon was not enough
for folks like us
on my way to
even the digger needed a woman like me?
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nothing to do with love...I ONLY need shelter
Posted: 4/4/2009 12:42:48 AM
Poor Liz Taylor
Wanted to be like her
Almost make made my fingers smirk
My thumbs made the last laughs
When my own daughters
said they wanted to be like me
I needed no P R I C K to gag upon
They were only the sperm
This whale carries more than a tale
I need no shade nor sun
I beach and
B I A T C my youngest said
Mama we're all born B ****es
Using my last line makes me laugh
some are worse
As we grow grey
Then she asks what my "wicked" laugh means
I tell her Liz Taylor went through it before
Whilst the eyes keep sparkling
IS the greatest revenge upon life!
What more can I say
Than I love you
But you will NEVER believe me
I will sail upon the South
You will ask for the North
Truth only arrives when I am in your arms
MAGNETIC FIELDS can be decieved
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 4/8/2009 11:03:48 PM
Last night I walked towards the entrance
There was a crow dead on my doorstep
Walking past the flies, yelling at the boys to cleanup
This morning my sixth sense no scientist could predict

Last night I remembered
Drank copious amounts of red wine
To prepare me for the bloodshed
This morning I tried to hold hands

Tonight I struggle with my demons
And the sun has not set
No canyon is complete without a waterfall
This coming moon; I scream at my God

Something about crows and me
Something about the world and me
Something about one of the most beautiful people I know
She’s called Krow
I never said
I never voiced
I am screaming
God do you hear me?
Even if I wore a sign asking for help
People would only donate

A fortunate life with unfortunate events
Is what I call my time on earth
What I feel is denied
Just like the last chocolate bar I refused
My life is full of buts and I have a large one
Today I will not deny
Gorging myself on what is left of this life
 Autumn Fantasy
Joined: 3/15/2009
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 4/8/2009 11:27:31 PM
The crow is safe from harm
unlike the poor little devil at your doorstep
I spoke with her a few nights ago
she is building her life
around love and family
fondling the earth with her charm
eyes sparkling with laughter
and poetry
she is filled and living each word
and gathering it up
on her quilt of life.

As for me I wander from room to room
magically transforming it into some semblance of order
my mother thinks I need a maid
but she could never clean like I do
with the hands of love
awaiting the return of the children
it is almost time for this empty nest
to sing with happiness and girlish chatter
and when I go to bed at night
and cuddle up to the most wonderful man
I feel blessed
he is a good foot warmer too!
Joined: 11/7/2008
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 4/11/2009 3:34:28 PM
Sistah...Alwaysdreaming, a word from me! smile , grin~ :)

Packrat trailer trash
Shit, the Monster mash!
I wonder sometimes ...
do I live a dream
or a nitemare?
Sometimes work and life
drag me down
cause me strife~!
Landed in too much doodoo...
must be an occult voodoo~:)
I get my spells and candles out
dance around...
throw shit about ...
lmao...and wonder why
Sometimes wish I'd just get high!
Lmao...still I wonder...
if bein real is fate or blunder!

hugs my Angel~ Happy Easter weekend ~ muwahhh :) me
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 4/16/2009 5:43:49 AM
AUTUMN FANTASY...thank you and always wicom hom...ooosie...ooopsie...maust be a hungover from taste testing those glasses I sent everyone wants to shoot me...LOL XOX

HUMMINGBIRDDANCING....thank you and always welcome home...excuse ME; I have Elvis on and they think he's dead? *WINK*

Just when I think I have dialed correctly
I find it’s a silent number
Tuesday is a day of sorrow

Emotionally I’d rather be on my knees
Accepting everyday as a Sunday
Some religions won’t allow me to pray next to a man

They have it right
I wonder if that is his balls hanging
I should concentrate on the Bible?

Joined: 11/7/2008
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 4/16/2009 8:17:40 AM! lmao! ELVIS IS NOTTTT DEAD! :) hugs

Next you will tell me James Dean is too...
I swear sistah...I know it aint true!
The reAL
inside my head!!!!!!!
Shit next thang I know...
they will say
"jules , yur Dead!"
xo smile...its Thursday! :))))

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Shelter me...home
Posted: 4/20/2009 6:05:45 AM
HUMMINGBIRDDANCING...thank you and always welcome home, check out the better version of Sean Connery (within our own pond...he likes to play) *wink*

I swear I mingled heaven and hell before I turned forty
Then was shown the entrance to God’s waiting room
I got the man’s name that showed me the way

Now I have the Caveman
Making me climb the stairs
Building me a sparkling endless spiral staircase

But my dearest
I told you I already live in heaven
What can God possibly offer me?

Cause the day after tomorrow I can only deal with the devil
I’ll suffer more, only; if the diagnosis is less than my expectations
I suppose only on Earth can I sell my soul
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 4/20/2009 6:21:02 AM
When you’re alone
Take a walk in the outback
Nothing but sand and flies
Sometimes the buggers are known as sandflies

You realize you’re only a grain of dust
So don’t be deceived
Running back to the city
Watch your character change to another devil
Making room with endless material possessions

Or sit on a rock watching God’s creation
With all the colours of the world
I have a calloused brain, shifting grains
Digging for the life I dreamt of…
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 4/30/2009 1:35:40 PM
Where was it my trust was lost …?

What I did to myself …?

No … ‘twas the assassination of dreams by lies of those in whom I believed, and to whom I had given my very being in a gesture of loyalty and love.

Oh, I’ve mended the wounds as best one can, but like a repaired broken vase, the traces of scaring still show in the lost original luster of offering oneself to another without equivocation or reservation.

The most skilled of craftsmen can not ever re-assemble broken dreams.
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 5/25/2009 7:30:58 AM
POSTERCHILD4BEAUTY...thank you and always welcome home

Let me reply
Am woman and have a nag in me
Skill is living life
Remembering nightmares
Dreams are anew
Always feel that way to me?
It's me who remembers nightmares
Last time he told me to hush
And wiped my tears away
I wanted to scream
For the dream
I did not want to end
Our love was in it

Now this one I bring home from the MOON thread...ALWAYS tied to my caveman

I’ve spent many hours driving
Guided by the moon
A few nights ago it summoned me
Promising the greatest swing

Many dream upon a full moon
I would have been content
On the crescent; but I have
His arms always around me

Now I travel
For and ever more
Always towards home
Sheltered is the amazing charm
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 5/25/2009 7:59:46 AM
To save a wretch like me
You know I needed you to call me Angel
So you were drunk at the time
Like all the men before who got the courage
To propose

I asked this time for a wedding
In Las Vegas with Elvis singing
Honeymoon could be your choice
Mexico my final destination

I wanted to celebrate my divorce
With a pina colada
The pineapple tasted bitter
When divorce was not in your vocabulary?
Joined: 5/19/2009
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 5/25/2009 8:49:45 AM
I danced over your rainbow
The one you said had a pot of gold
at its end;
I found only heartbreak
and disappointment
You promised gold ;
it only gathered dust
and blew away far from
within my reach!
In dancing over your rainbow
I found myself;
the me I always wanted to be
Not the me you proposed of me
Now I dance alone with grace;
I smile at the simple things;
I forgive and love with everything!
I am richer in my soul;
for that my friend
was well worth any gold you
could have given me!
Your empty soul has shown
me all that " I should be!"

Alwaysdreaming :)
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 6/16/2009 12:07:24 AM
HUMMINGIRDDANCING…thank you and always welcome home…I have noted…would be stupid not to note….you’ve gone on another journey…and I always hope with your dreams intact xxxx

from one of my favourite smiles

I almost started a new cord
Things that make me smile
Then I realized laughter
Was reading you and this thread

Now back to smiles
I said to him; I needed new garden utensils
Ones that never rusted
He replied my mother
Always cleaned and oiled her tackle

I tried to express my desires
That woman has evolved
No longer tied to the kitchen sink
Needing a dishwasher
He replied so you wanna marry me?

What’s a real redneck reply?

I wish and pray for an answer
He’s not the man I envisaged
Way beyond my dreams
But I live in illusions
Reality is that I have a pillow
I am more comfortable without one
(more combatable under his arm…yes tongue in cheek)
Vows are pledged
I know so many who break their declarations
At least I always get a free meal
At the wedding feast
I wrote in the card instead
Offering no pledge
Attending in reality
In my worst bridesmaid dress?
I do believe when divorce is declared
I receive my frying pan back
With all the dents
Makes burned steak easier to digest
Then I know a black hole
Angels exist?
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Shelter me...home
Posted: 6/16/2009 12:38:44 AM
I swear I am no human’s relief
But touch me once
I am forever an angel in disguise
Still trying to digest how my son
Got Cyril as his confirmation name
It has to be with being catholic?
May God forgive me
I detest…worse than hatred
All churches
I only believe in One
I’ll give the keys to the
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Or my Muslim scrabble player
NONE explain to me
I ask my son how he got Cyril
He smiles
I remember Grahame Kennedy
Then I laugh
May you always rest in peace
For you made my life bearable
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