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I had a collection agency continually calling my phone # in search of a client.
Most of the calls were automated messages and when I did speak to a rep they must have thought that I was lying about the wrong # because the calls continued.
Finally I had to send them a registered letter with confirmation from the phone company as to whom the # belonged to, and threaten a harrassment claim to get them to stop calling me.

Call display is a marvelous invention.
If I don't recognize the caller, I'll let the machine answer.
I set the machine to answer on the 5th ring since I've discovered that most telemarketers will hang up after the 4th.

If I do get caught by a telemarketer I'll often lie, telling duct-cleaners that I have radiators or window replacement estimators that I bought new windows from them last year.
My girlfriend likes to answer telemarketers by pretending to be their business competitors.
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Wrong #'s, WHen they call you what do you do????
Posted: 7/8/2007 9:15:15 AM
I get wrong numbers all the time, evidently my number is one digit off from a pizza parlor. The other one I get often is from somebody looking for someone with the same sounding last name (but spelled differently.) I keep the pizza parlors correct # by the phone, and the number for those people with the similar last name. Usually they're thankful. I got one the other day from a guy looking for a Sam...I said there is no Sam here, you must have dialed the wrong number. He called back a total of 4 times looking for Sam! "But this is the number he gave me"...well, you must have dialed it wrong. 2nd call: I dialed it right this time. 3rd: "Do you have a blue truck?" What?! No, I don't have any truck..."4th: Well, he left the number for me under the seat of the blue truck so it HAS to be right" All I could say is what part of wrong number don't you understand. After that I just left the phone off the hook for a while since he obviously didn't get it.

shortorder...I do the same thing with telemarketers. Sometimes it's fun. For the ones that won't let you get a word in edgewise, I just lay the phone down, keep working, and say hmmmmmm, tell me more once in a while. Then I just leave the phone there till I hear dial tone. Hey, it's their dime, if they would have let me speak I would have told them I'm not interested. It's the pushy ones I don't like.
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