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All I can say is be careful! Make sure the guy has an understanding of American culture and that he does not expect you to be a traditional wife. I have a friend who let her parents arrange a marriage. She is a second generation American and was working on her masters (she's Punjab). He was a working class fellow. He assaulted her and dshe finally realized that "either she was going to kill him or he was going to kill her." She filed for divorce and moved back in with her parents. Her culture is ery important to her; but the last time i spoke with her she was looking at dating white men. Why? Because the cultural issues were just too dire. She would never recluse herself to being a "traditional Indian wife." Another friend of mine is Brahma caste, so she and her husband (again arranged marraige) were both accustomed to being cared for by servants. Both have great jobs and they have a comfortable living. But she makes sure her husband knows that the home is HER place to make decisions and the outside stuff is his. They get along beautifully. But again, they are bot first generation Americans (both immergrated) and when her hubby started feeling the stress of it and the pressure from his family to move back to India, she stepped up and said NO WAY BUSTER!! She was not going to raise her kids there. She wanted the American lifestyle. Her husband is a wonderful man however, so he was not makign it an issue (his family was, they wanted him to return and run their business). So you have to look at a lot of factors.

I have Indian men (first generation... usually Hindis) who think American women are what they want. But in fact, they would not be happy with me!! I am too headstrong (very much like my first friend I mentioned). So my answer is no. But culturally many push and push because they think they can win my heart. Finally I cannot even be friends with them!

Besides, many Indian men are too skinny for my taste. And they do not want to hear that. Except the Sikh men, they're ususally pretty good looking.. but then there are the religious differences and well.. that bloody beard! (yeah go find a grizzly bear to kiss why don't cha?) LOL!

Anyway.... get to know the guy and be really frank about your goals and who you are. Some thing, especially major disagreements in gender roles will destroy any relationship in the long run. If you are educated, a higher caste man, or at least a man who is educated himself will be best. Just realize, if you are lower caste than him, it will be a nightmare for you with his family, unless they've left that stupid crap behind in India!!! And if you are higher caste and he resents it, then you will just have to do with the "insecure man" drama! YECH!!! Run screaming from that sister! Anyway, great luck to you! There are a lot of decent Indian men in the USA.... it is the problem only that their family may be a bit too involved... too many Indian men act like mama's boys. They change their opinion of who they love and want because their family feels this way or that. If a man cannot have his own opiinion and stand by it, to me he is not worth being with. You find one who isn't and has his own opinions, yet understand that you want more than just to be the "cook and cleaning lady who has his kids" and can cut the skirt strings, then go for it! If he's in the USA, he's got a high liklihood of being intelligent and competent and having pretty good morals!
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/2/2013 6:22:08 PM
Wow. lol now that's what I call a hardcore generalization.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/2/2013 6:31:36 PM
I have dated an east indian man one time b4. And I have to say I would never date another east indian guy again.

It has nothing to do with the fact that we're a minority. It has to do with how east indian men are labelled. I have heard from many friends that they drink like a fish, are a problematic guys in the sense they like to cause fights.

Majority of the guys I have met in my life who were of east indian decent, fit in that catergory. So I can say that i would never date them again.

But to each their own!
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/26/2013 4:19:35 PM
your a loser that thinks you know 'culture.' fix your ****ing redlight district 'minded' women first. what the **** do you know about india or the culture of subcontinent? its a superior culture to yours when it comes to marriage retention, raising kids intellectually, caring for extended family... i can go on. your one of those jackasses that reads off the headlines of the news and conjure up your own opinion. go date your own women( whores in most cases)
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/26/2013 8:34:05 PM
Jamex. I don't put people into categories. It seems you do though. You do not help the reputation of your culture when you claim to be superior (in marriage retention, raising kids intellectually, caring for extended family) When you add in you think women outside your culture are whores I most cases, wow. You just fit the stereotype of the angry and sexist man. Way to go. Was there really a reason for talking like that?
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