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obviously this is just about "attraction" on a superficial level, but it's fascinating to me. i'm such a numbers/patterns nerd.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 6/14/2009 5:27:59 PM
Very wrong my friend Prashant has a Masters degree from a school In USA. All of his sisters also hold a Masters degree. As for only marring a girl your parents like? Whose life is it? They had their choice to make in love and marriage, now its yours. Any parent who loved you would also not want to see you hurt by not liking your choice.

Well, Again it depend upon person to person....The thing is in our country we love our parents like any thing, our culture give them respect and status more than the god. so generally we dont go against their wishes, And most of the times they are always agree with the son's choice. Its not about we need to always follow their instructions, its all about respect and love we have for them.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 6/16/2009 2:54:11 PM
Hmm and you think that beacuse my skin is white that I do not love and respect my parenta as much as you do? Very big misconception, I talk to my parents almost everyday and value their viewpoints on any decisions that I make in life, but the difference there is my family would never stop treating me like their daughter if I made a decision they do not like.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 6/19/2009 1:54:24 PM
Now when i said ur white skin u dont respect your parents, Indian parents never interfere with dating stuff but if you taking a big decision like marriage they would obviously express their views
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 6/19/2009 3:21:12 PM
My parents with a big decision like marriage express their views also, they also think I am an intelligent adult and will tell me what they think and say the decision is mine to make. When I told my parents Prashant asked me to marry him, my parents said great when can we meet him? When they met Prashant they hugged him and welcomed him and said to me later he seems to really love you and is very sincere. Prashant's parents on the other hand said to him when he asked what if he married a lady from USA, his mother said- How can I live without my only son? No we do not want that. Never asked can we meet her, what is she like, ect. I do not know you or your family, but I can go only on my own personal experience and to other women's experiences. I also have a friend who is married to an Indian guy and they lived toghter for 5 years and he took her to India with him to his sisters wedding and said she is a coworker. They loved her and his mom told her that she feels like she is her daughter. When Sachin told them he wants to marry her a year or so later, all hell broke loose. Told him to immediately break it off with her, told his friends to get him away from her. lHe ended up marrying her and they have a baby girl now. He went to India to visit, bought them a new car. Then he told them he had gotten married and they yelled for hours and said they dont beleive him and he left next day back home . Since then- Nov 2008 they have not spoken to him. Anyways what Im saying is these things do happen and women need to know that the culture is completely differnt before dating a man born in India.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 6/21/2009 9:05:30 PM
I felt really sorry for you,well again it depend upon family to family..if i tell my mom and dad about a white gal whos in love with me, they will be happy to meet her, and of course in first meeting if they like her they will tell me ok, if they dont, they will tell me what they dont like ..thats it. They wont interfere if i want to marry her. Its simple, they will feel happy if i involve them in major decisions of my life :)


Luv ua Mom N Dad
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 8/20/2009 5:09:12 PM
The plural of anecdote is not data.

<div class="quote">
I don't think I could date an East Indian guy because I'd be too afraid that his parents or grandparents would have me murdered for being an African (Habesha) dating their East Indian son.

Did you hear about the story where an Indian man's father had his son's African-American fiance killed?

Yeah no thanks.
Joined: 5/29/2009
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 10/20/2009 8:31:08 PM
Being a girl ,I was always put first in my family .That applied to all the girls whether they were younger or the west or in India.Today or 30 years ago. Girls came first. Everything was given to us first and thats kind of made it a difficult act to follow for any ordinary man.

If anything women have the upper hand in most Indian families.

This made me want to vomit. How disgusting.

And you see why so many indian men want to date outside the race? II don't blame them if so many indian women like you are nothing but spoiled princesses. you don't want an ordinary man. you want a prince right?
Joined: 8/15/2009
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 10/25/2009 9:41:48 AM
I have been asked out by quite a few indian guys.. I think because i tend to hang out at the library computer lab too much(lol) but i exclusively dated one for some time.He was quite older but was childless and had never been married srilankan guy. He was awesome, intelligent (i love nerds and he was ONE) and he was very expressive and sensitive to my feelings. He definitely could pick on my energy, and he was a very kindred soul. We were both pretty quiet, non confrontational, and affectionate. Needless to say it ended because his parents whom lived in the UK got sick and he wanted me to just pack up everything, and go with him to get my life at that time i couldnt, but now since im older i do regret not taking the chance....but he was a great guy plus he loved me for who i was and didnt ever try to change me.
Joined: 5/29/2009
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 10/25/2009 8:04:11 PM
Its not digusting that women come first and are treated better. If a man wrote that the men in his family came first and that indian men have the upper hand in most familes and no ordinary women could compare to the woman who gave him everything first we would be saying that he is a douchebag and pig.

I don't apply different standards to men and women. Sorry I'm not an woman worshiping wimp like you.

Caring family? Obviously the men aren't very cared about or they wouldn't come second in the family.
Joined: 5/29/2009
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 11/1/2009 6:38:01 AM

Oh really ? Maybe you are that "wimp" instead that wants all women to look after him first and foremost.I can look after myself since I am acturally an adult rather than a inmature windbag. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder and I wonder why that is.

That poster is talking about HER family and her life.Seems like she appreciates her family.That illustrates care.Caring family includes men and women in it.You don't know nothing about that individual apart from her saying that she is treated so well that she would like the same type of guy as she knows.Thats something for the people in her circle to be proud.End result seems that care is all around in that family .

Now normally its like they say Indian families mistreat girls....maybe thats what you wanted to hear and was disappointed ? Yet I know loads of Indian girls and guys treated just normal like everybody else.I rarely see or hear of Indian guys wanting to go out with white women if at all. All the guys I know are westernised and born over here .

You have personal issues of loathing or something ? Keep them to yourself.

I never stated I wanted women to look after me first. I said it should be equal. Learn to read before acting like a douchebag. Your the insecure idiot who has nothing better to do than attack people for using common sense. How insecure do you have to be to think this makes you tough?

How would you what an Indian family is like? Families are diverse. But if the guys ever came first in a family wimpy worms like you would scream patriarchy. If the women come first suck ups like you are ok with it.

**** off loser.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 6/12/2011 4:39:53 PM
I love Indian men,they looks very sexy for me i was dating with two indian guys and i had good experiences with them, handsome,smart ,affectionate and gentleman.
I think i was lucky
Joined: 5/27/2011
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 8/7/2011 3:23:26 PM
Not our fault that our food actually has flavour Sunny.

Given that you are from Texas i'm not surprised by your ignorance
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 8/8/2011 12:51:42 PM
I think most women won't date east indian men. Not because they are not a major minority race, because in Vancouver they are THE major minority. But because they have a very bad reputation. Surrey and Abbotsford have the highest domestic crime rates in the area, AND highest east indian populations. This is because so many beat their significant others. It's in the paper daily. One just hacked his wife to death with an axe at her workplace. Another set his pregnant wife on fire. In my experience most of them have a drinking problem and when they drink they are violent. Groups of males aren't welcome in many establishments like night clubs because they start fights.

So to answer your question, I would NOT date an east indian male (I also do not find them physically attractive). I don't know anyone who would, not even east indian women. Many of the guys actually go back to India to find wives because Canadian girls won't go near them.
Joined: 5/22/2009
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 8/8/2011 4:28:00 PM
I have dated a few Indian men. I prefer them. I find them very attractive. I also like Italian and Hispanic men ;)
Joined: 7/29/2011
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 8/8/2011 7:23:16 PM
I honestly don't know any women who have dated men of East Indian descent and I don't think it is because we would not. I think it is more an opportunity thing. If you never encounter people or socialize with them, how would you know if you are compatible? Plus you have to look at people on an individual basis because if your not you could eliminate an really good person. There are people who prefer not to date anyone of a certain race/ethnicity and that is their right, it just means they may not be the one for you.
Joined: 12/28/2011
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/20/2012 5:27:14 PM
I don't get it what has race got to do with dating men? I'm an East-Indian man and I'm not born and brought up in America, I don't care about the caste system, well groomed, not a criminal, surely won't marry a girl my parents ask me to, surely know how to treat women, don't own a convenience store. Don't know where these stereotypes come from. I do have an accent and like to cook curry though.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/23/2012 3:52:25 PM
Anecdotal evidence, but most of the Indian guys I know are fairly progressive, polite, handsome, and well-dressed. Not to mention, they're in good careers or career paths (graduate and medical school, mostly).
Joined: 1/30/2012
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 2/10/2012 1:46:10 AM
Who cares what non-Indian people think about India or Indians, reality is far different from your perception. (Just watch any of the recent bollywood movie and you will see the change. Don't just count on the lies of media who prints all but negative things, not a single positive thing. Or better visit any of the metros in India and trust your eyes.)
Joined: 3/4/2012
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 3/31/2012 8:13:26 PM
There are good and bad in every race. My only experience dating a man from India wasn't that great....but why discount an entire race based on one experience, right?
Joined: 10/19/2011
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 3/31/2012 8:50:59 PM
All I can say is be careful! Make sure the guy has an understanding of American culture and that he does not expect you to be a traditional wife. I have a friend who let her parents arrange a marriage. She is a second generation American and was working on her masters (she's Punjab). He was a working class fellow. He assaulted her and dshe finally realized that "either she was going to kill him or he was going to kill her." She filed for divorce and moved back in with her parents. Her culture is ery important to her; but the last time i spoke with her she was looking at dating white men. Why? Because the cultural issues were just too dire. She would never recluse herself to being a "traditional Indian wife." Another friend of mine is Brahma caste, so she and her husband (again arranged marraige) were both accustomed to being cared for by servants. Both have great jobs and they have a comfortable living. But she makes sure her husband knows that the home is HER place to make decisions and the outside stuff is his. They get along beautifully. But again, they are bot first generation Americans (both immergrated) and when her hubby started feeling the stress of it and the pressure from his family to move back to India, she stepped up and said NO WAY BUSTER!! She was not going to raise her kids there. She wanted the American lifestyle. Her husband is a wonderful man however, so he was not makign it an issue (his family was, they wanted him to return and run their business). So you have to look at a lot of factors.

I have Indian men (first generation... usually Hindis) who think American women are what they want. But in fact, they would not be happy with me!! I am too headstrong (very much like my first friend I mentioned). So my answer is no. But culturally many push and push because they think they can win my heart. Finally I cannot even be friends with them!

Besides, many Indian men are too skinny for my taste. And they do not want to hear that. Except the Sikh men, they're ususally pretty good looking.. but then there are the religious differences and well.. that bloody beard! (yeah go find a grizzly bear to kiss why don't cha?) LOL!

Anyway.... get to know the guy and be really frank about your goals and who you are. Some thing, especially major disagreements in gender roles will destroy any relationship in the long run. If you are educated, a higher caste man, or at least a man who is educated himself will be best. Just realize, if you are lower caste than him, it will be a nightmare for you with his family, unless they've left that stupid crap behind in India!!! And if you are higher caste and he resents it, then you will just have to do with the "insecure man" drama! YECH!!! Run screaming from that sister! Anyway, great luck to you! There are a lot of decent Indian men in the USA.... it is the problem only that their family may be a bit too involved... too many Indian men act like mama's boys. They change their opinion of who they love and want because their family feels this way or that. If a man cannot have his own opiinion and stand by it, to me he is not worth being with. You find one who isn't and has his own opinions, yet understand that you want more than just to be the "cook and cleaning lady who has his kids" and can cut the skirt strings, then go for it! If he's in the USA, he's got a high liklihood of being intelligent and competent and having pretty good morals!
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/2/2013 6:22:08 PM
Wow. lol now that's what I call a hardcore generalization.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/2/2013 6:31:36 PM
I have dated an east indian man one time b4. And I have to say I would never date another east indian guy again.

It has nothing to do with the fact that we're a minority. It has to do with how east indian men are labelled. I have heard from many friends that they drink like a fish, are a problematic guys in the sense they like to cause fights.

Majority of the guys I have met in my life who were of east indian decent, fit in that catergory. So I can say that i would never date them again.

But to each their own!
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/26/2013 4:19:35 PM
your a loser that thinks you know 'culture.' fix your ****ing redlight district 'minded' women first. what the **** do you know about india or the culture of subcontinent? its a superior culture to yours when it comes to marriage retention, raising kids intellectually, caring for extended family... i can go on. your one of those jackasses that reads off the headlines of the news and conjure up your own opinion. go date your own women( whores in most cases)
Joined: 5/31/2012
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/26/2013 8:34:05 PM
Jamex. I don't put people into categories. It seems you do though. You do not help the reputation of your culture when you claim to be superior (in marriage retention, raising kids intellectually, caring for extended family) When you add in you think women outside your culture are whores I most cases, wow. You just fit the stereotype of the angry and sexist man. Way to go. Was there really a reason for talking like that?
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