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I am always fair and honest, normally with my heart on my sleeve. One f my sort of partners does remeind me, though, of the time I threw a young woman against the car, called her a C-word, patted her down and made arragements for her to go to jail, after giving her every opportunity that existed. NOBODY ever hears me swear, especially the C-word amongst others.
I was tellling an educated coworker who is studying for his Masters (I am very much of a slacker, myself, but very much thinking about changing that) about the Stanford Prison Study.
If anyone involved in this debate can track down this 1970's study that was cut short, I think they would have greater understanding, that some cops are buttheads, no doubt, but that is not all of us, and Institutionalism Mentality can give some of these buttheads a lot of power to play with!
Yeah, I am a dope with a lot of clutter in my brain. I am too smart and too genuine for my own good, and I am consistently let down by other people. I have a temper and will not hesitate to illuminate a false-doer, but though I do not always do things right, I always try to do the right thing.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/26/2006 8:48:51 AM
Corruption has always been a part of the Political Machine. Now is no different.

In fairness to what appears to be brutality to the naked eye, trying to subdue a person that is high on PCP or high on Wet and suffering from Excited Delirium is pretty overwhelming, and even if they are cuffed they are still fighting and getting them into the police car is another challenge. I would not have believed it if I had not experienced it. There is no way to explain it.

On the other hand, there are some cops that are just A**holes, and I will not dispute that. That does not mean that all of us deserve to be called PIGS.

Oh, yeah. both men I dated named Jim turned out to be bad relationships, so now I hate all Jims and will never date a Jim again. All Jims certainly must be bad, because of what they call themselves, eh?
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/27/2006 9:07:02 AM
You produced good answers!

Drugs and Domestic Violence do not know any demographics though. The hoops to go through to justify getting a search warrant and making certain that the evidence will not be suppressed are pretty intensive, lest the evidence becomes "fruit of the poisonous tree."

The laws protecting our Constitutional Rights protect the criminals more than the victims. Good criminal attorneys get quite a lot of money to find loopholes to get the evidence suppressed, although the evicence, the smoking gun, was very much there. Due to some minor procedural error it is not admissable in court.

No matter what your problem is, police are expected to wear many hats and solve that problem. Some is easy, some is not so easy.

I work in an urban department, and right now I am primarily a report car, which means there is no suspect on scene, or another officer would be dispatched along with me.

A few weeks ago, I called the police at 10 AM about a car that had been dumped in front of my home two weeks previously. I needed police services and to tow the car myself places my vehicle at risk of getting keyed. At 7:30 PM our radio dispatcher assigned the call to me! Talk about giving empathy to the citizens that call and wait and wait and wait? Different crises have different priority levels, but for any of us in crisis, our individual crisis is our priority.
Rather than tow it, I issued a warning and the car was moved that day, but that is because I am fair.

You are going to find good and bad everywhere, in any industry, in any neighborhood, and in any community, and also within any political machine or any police department. That is the Sad Reality.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/28/2006 5:15:30 AM
I was not trained to beat the snot out of people, but I was trained to Survive and go home at the end of my Tour of Duty.
I wish every liberal could experience five minutes alone with a six foot man high on PCP!
That being said, I am often accused of being liberal myself. It changes ones' perspective.
Are there cops that love the opportunity to flex? Most certainly. Are there cops that take it to far? Most certainly?
Are the majority with whom I work fair and honest? Most definitely! Are there quite a few people that I would rather not associate with? Most, most definitely!
So, I just do the best job that I can, and I strive to go home at the end of my shift.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/28/2006 10:01:10 AM
In regard to being a "low level tax collector", how much money do you think is made on traffic fines, it's substantial, but not astronomical. Cops don't just go out looking for speeders all the time, we just happen to be there when they come by, so as a part of our job, we stop them.

It's substantial AND astronomical. Especially to the poor segment of the population who gets by on GAU and social security disability. Outragous fines at 12 percent interest.

Our newspaper is chock full of drivers cited for operating without a license. They can't afford to pay off the fines and live off of what they get.

It's not just speeders. I know many people in town angry as hell for getting ticketed for "failure to come to a complete stop" in the middle of nowhere. ESPECIALLY when you came to a complete stop.

We just happen to be there.... yup, especially when there are only two roads leading in and out of town and you pull over dozens of people a day checking seat belts and insurance.

You've turned a rural area into checkpoint charlie where poor people live and cops make a fortune for the state. The fines are substantial and astronomical and they hurt the most vulnerable.....

....and people wonder why so many people seem to hate the cops?
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/29/2006 1:17:51 AM
I want to address this subject from a different angle, or maybe angles.
After five or ten years on the Job, one develops their instincts which is really greater than profiling. Also, we have regular customers, just like Cheers, where everyone knows your name. When they get to jail, the jailers say, JJ what did you do this time?
The very first time I tried to book a prisoner, he actually helped me, because he knew the process better than I. "Um, Ma'am, you need my belt and my laces and then you have to get my fingerprints."
There was another story about a man whose last remaining tooth fell out at the booking window, and he wanted it with his property which was allowed. It might not mean all that much to Outsiders, but it meant a lot to him, and while we laughed about the irony, he was entitled.There was one time when I was a rookie, and my training officer got into a p*ssing match with a young man on the street. Our initial call was because someone complained about guys playing football in the street at 3 AM. General policy is for us to tell them that someone complained so to just call it quits, but this was in a high drug area, so the villain confronted us, more or less, and said they were not doing anything wrong. I tended to agree with his outlook, but my training officer felt disrespected.
Yes, there is always an easy way and a hard way, and unfortunately I could see both sides.
We ran him for warrants, and he had some piddly contempt of court warrant, which means we must arrest, but my partner had the heart to not handcuff him in front of his children at least.
We got back to the station, and my partner consulted an anal-retentive supervisor and asked what can we write this guy for?
"We" wrote him for not playing on a designated play street, of which maybe there are ten in our entire city. I wrote the ticket because I was a rookie in training. A couple of years later, he got caught for a traffic violation and I got called in for the aforementioned.
Both the judge and the prosecutor were pretty much "What the F*CK is this?!" I told them exactly what I just admitted here, and the case was instantly thrown out.
I am glad that I do not have all of that testosterone, but please do not hear that I am saying that all male cops are****.
I write a solid police report.
I also remember writing a police report and calling the detective in the morning on my own time, because after the arrest while writing the report, I discovered impossibilities i the "victim's" story.
I am very meticulous in my writing as to specifics, and I care more about doing the right thing than going to court.
Perhaps I am really the exception and don't know it? Please do not judge me by my badge, my uniform, and my "authority" because I do not abuse it and am genuinely out here to make this corner of the universe a better place.
Furthermore, if someone gets pissed off at a police officer on a personal level, the first thing they want to do is report them to their supervisors and the media? We are held to a higher standard, as they say. What kind of BS is that to have a personal confrontation with another and have them threaten to report you to your boss and threaten your career? That probably goes back to other threads on whether to blame the other woman or the cheating, lying spouse, but I am too over that subject to have tge energy to post a thread on it.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/29/2006 8:35:48 PM
Twice I have been hit by uninsured motorists, at $500 deductible each time. That is $1000 out of my pocket because they made mistakes. What is really the difference between that an outright stealing $500 from another person?
Driving is a privilege and not a right!
I give breaks for observed traffic violations all of the time. But only if one has a valid license and proof of insurance! If one is driving without insurance, then they are potentially victimizing others, because when they cause damage to someone else's property, the victim slinks away and the victim pays.
If I stole $500 from you that would be an outrage for me to just get away with it, but really is the difference. I followed up with my insurance company and they said that it wasn't worth their time and trouble to pursue, because the perpetrator "didn't have a pot to piss in" so I was just out of luck.
I understand that I am not perfect, and nobody likes to be pulled over. If I pull you over and you have not caused an accident, have insurance, have a valid license, and did not M-F me because I pulled you over, I am not writing you a ticket. But if you do not have insurance, I perceive you as a potential victimizer on the roadways, and your victim will be left to pay for your discretions.
In an Urban community, perhaps not the suburbs, traffic is a way to find the Bigger Fish.
If one breaks traffic laws, has no license, and gets arrested, often a lot of drugs are discovered during the lawful inventory of the car for the tow.
I cannot speak for everyone out there in a uniform, and I have said that there are some cops that are just jerks (but there are some people out there that are just jerks, too). If I make a traffic stop, I usually get unrequested backup because I am not a Traffic Nazi, and I am very fair. Traffic is one of the easiest ways to get killed on this job.
For the record, when we do the Barney Fife thing and hoist our gun belts, it is not to look tough, but because the thing weighs 20 pounds and it is rather uncomfortable.
Most of my co-workers wonder why I even bother to make traffic stops because I advise, warn and send almost everybody.
For a cop, it is the reverse, almost, because if you start out too nice with a "NO PERSON" then you have been read as soft, and it is more difficult to go the other way. But if you are stopped by a cop, my recommendation is to be compliant, and be polite. Some of us are kewl and some of us aren't, but if you start by M-F-ing the kewl ones they are going to turn into unkewl, if that makes any sense.
I am more tolerent than most, and I have been called Sir by nervous young men on many occassions. A couple of months ago, I pulled a young man over that almost collided with my police car. I asked for backup, because I have a dog that depends upon me.
Three young black men in a car at 2 AM. The car pulled over right away. Driver produced paperwork that he has "work" driving privileges, on the other side of town. He was polite and respectful and not intoxicated, and showed he had insurance for driving his Momma's car.
After working too many years on the bad side of town (of which our side is becoming no better), I told him, "C'mon now! Driving privileges for work? Don't even try to play me like that! Do I have stoopid written on my forehead? You know you are not doing right! You were given a break and you are totally abusing it Don't even try to play me!!!"
Everyone said I should have written the kid. The reasons I didn't were because he was polite, and respectful, he pretty much told the truth, and he had a job. If I took away his ability to be able to go to work, that would just give him more time to hang out with his knucklehead cousins and really get into trouble.
I am hoping that the kid embraced the lesson that went with his break. Hard to say, but I still had to take that chance. I do not take that chance with everyone though, mu gut told me that he had potential.
I saw a movie, "Pay It Forward" and I can only hope that every person that I push along pays it forward, and what a better world this could be!
Some communities require officers to "produce revenue." Some officers think of law enforcement as primarily a business.
I know a lot of good cops, and many that still love the game and the chase. I also know some that are mostly just in it for the money, but even a lot of them will surprise you in their goodness.
Me? I am pretty much of a dork. I am fair, genuine, and honest. So many people lie to the police or tell only the part of the story they want you to know. I try to track down the entire story if possible, so that spending two hours now doesn't spend eight hours later. The detectives appreciate it, but my peers often have a tendency to ridicule me. Further, if I had chosen to sleep around, I would probably have a wonderfully cushy job right now. But I have clawed tooth and nail to get to where I am at, and that has earned me the respect of quite a few of my peers! It has taken a long time though.
Plus, they tried to make me a Chosen One, with all of the benefits, but I refused to sell out to politics. Very long story, but I have somewhat clawed myself into the respect of the rank and file by not succombing to politics, when they tried to mold me.
Politics are very powerful!
I chose not to participate in the thievery!
Maybe there is a reason that many people hate cops, but please do not hate me for how I earn my income, because I am one of the "good guys" and there are quite a few of us out there!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/29/2006 11:46:40 PM
In watching this thread grow the common theme is a lack of respect for local law enforcement. I've personally never met a state trooper that didn't deserve more than a little respect. Maybe the lack of enthusiasm and lack professionalism dwells therein. Bottom rung of the food chain syndrome. I do think someone hit upon an excellent point also about certain agencies not letting officers work in their home towns. That to me makes very good sense.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/29/2006 11:51:02 PM
if one is hit by an uninsured motorists,then any repairs to their own vehicles must be paid, meaning thier deducticble.
To say I sound wimpy makes me think that maybe I should begin to write every single person for every minor thing, because it is the law?

Driving is a privilege and not a right, and because I give breaks on the road to people with valid licenses and insurance to be called a wimp? That is just hostile!
If you have to pay your deductible to fix yoour own car because someone victimized you, well from now own I will have no pity for you!
In fact, from now on I will no longer give anyone any consideration nor any breaks, and if they ask why I will tell them that you enlightened my judgement!
No more cop stories here! No more discretition offered to the people that make traffic violations. Just merely Black or White~~you broke the law and here is your ticket. Thanks for illuminating what I was apparently too human or wimpy to see!
Sure, some cops have done criminal things, but there are more criminals than criminal cops!!!
But from now on, thanks to you, I will just be a by the book cop that writes everybody for every minor infraction, lest I be called a wimp, rather than a person that sees a baby in acar seat in the back, that does not want to take finances away from the child.
\Thanks so much for putting me back on the right track, chinua!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/30/2006 12:22:44 AM
^^ and what would the deductible have been if they had been insured?? how about getting a different insurance company

The deductible would have been that they would have paid rather than the victim paying for their own personal error!
Accident is defined as an unintentional act, but when you F*CK up someone else's property, then should they have to pay, or should you?
The deductible would have been paid by them if they had insurance!
I will not degrade myself into any name calling, except to say that you are very ignorant! Ignorant is different from stupid, because it implies a lack of education rather than a lack of intelligence.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 11/30/2006 7:57:50 AM
I had totally forgotten about this, yep another dreaded cop story.
A car stumbled upon a burning apartment building, called for Fire and asked for assistance and we were about 30 seconds away. A dozen police, without the gear nor the training of fire charged into that building and saved a lot of lives, banging on doors and getting people out.
On the third floor there was a sickly woman that could not walk on her own, and Stan and I carried her down the stairs, though it was slow going. I was scared as hell, and it was getting hot in there and she wasn't helping one bit. Dead weight is very heavy weight, but we saved her, and everyone else in the building!
Don't make summations when you do not know all of the facts! You are still entitled to think I am a wimp, or any other cop for that matter. Just do not be a hypocrite, and don't call us when you need us, if you hate us that much! But if you were to call us, we would serve you just the same as anyone else, whether or not you are a taxpayer, because that is our job.
Next time you get a ticket, tell yourself, well at least the cop wasn't a wimp and didn't give me a break!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/1/2006 7:45:45 PM
"We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws."
~ Hunter S. Thompson ~

I don't "hate cops". I don't hate anyone. I despise cops!!! Hate is too much energy to put into anyone that I personally don't give a flyin' F about!!!

In Loving Memory of: My Daughter, first born, only daughter ~ 7/16/1975 - 12/24/2002 . Her crime, not loving someone whom insisted he loved her!!! My Daughter was stalked for a minimum of 2 full months, by a spoiled narcissistic brat co-worker...The off spring of 2 cops (2 diff' counties). Rejection gave him the privilege to murder My Daughter 12-24-2002??? When both of ya' parents are cops, "Someone is getting away with murder"...Our motto for an unknown, until ya' need it, organization FOHVAMP*!!! Which I am now a member/advocate to/for!!! Add a BIG gun advocate!!! My Daughter's murder is a cold case, number, TOTAL attempted cover up. Falling...
... "Under Color of Law"* = When a person acts or purports to act in the performance of official duties under any law, ordinance, or regulation.

I have filed this lawsuit. I am My Daughter's ONLY voice, now!!! I refuse to allow ignorant people to attempt to change my opinion, or insult my intelligence, IE: The heroic cops!!! I was raised by a cop. Not just a cop, but a Lieutenant!!! Whom decided the brotherhood was far too corrupt for him to be a bro' of, any longer!!! I have been on The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Court TV, (To name a few), speaking freely for My Daughter's rights. Last I knew this was the "good ole' U.S.A./America, home of the free, the brave, and most of all, freedom of speech???". Why even ask such a bias question is beyond me. I am mentally stable, confident, in my job performance, add myself, to ask such a narcissistic question...All the while patting ya' self, and ya' bros' on the back!!!

And NO, neither My Daughter, nor I, EVER have/had ANY criminal record!!! As a private live-in hospice RN for very high $$$ clients, I am required to pass a C.B.I. for every/any job I choose!!! Just as My Daughter was required to do in her profession!!! I have struggled deeply ALL day with this question!!! Each time deleting my entry. The FACTS!!! The fact list is very lengthy. Last count was 67 violations against the brotherhood!!!

This is not my first despise for cops...Just the finality!!!

Finality is watching ya' child's crypt close, NEVER to see ya' child again...Failed by the system whom is sworn, trusted, and paid by us the citizens, taxpayers to: "Serve and Protect"...Yet the same system turns their backs on whom they are sworn, trusted, and paid to "Serve and Protect"...To protect their own, the brotherhood!!!

Adding insult to the most heart-wrenching experience EVER!!! The brotherhood destroyed ALL of My Daughter's cold case file...From the restraining order, My Daughter's cell phone, which appears in ALL the coroner's photos, her recorded 911 calls pleading for HELP, ironically answered by a High School friend whom now refuses my phone calls, her clothing, to her last ER visit. Which according to the coroner, "There was never an ER visit, just DOA!!!" My Daughter's last ER visit was witnessed ironically again, add sadly, by my best friend since 1st. grade!!! Whom was just 31 minutes shy of her shift ending that P.M.!!! The brotherhood attempted to leave NO physical evidence!!! LMFAOOL!!!

Flame me...Can't flame me any worse than life has!!!

I give 2 factual search keys, followed by an asterisk*...Educate ya' self, I had to!!!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/2/2006 12:08:44 AM
Your post broke my heart. It completely broke my heart.

Perhaps because I am not a golden child, and just a grunt who

Several years ago, a fifteen year-old girl was murdered by a stalker here in a suburb called Shaker Heights. The police dropped the ball, the county dropped the ball, and the System dropped the ball! Her father was Dr. Chang, the best math teacher I have ever had, and his daughter was torn between her heritage values and trying to be a normal American.They summoned the police on numerous occasions, but our lenient System failed this family at the cost of their daughter's life.

I genuinely feel for you, and I sincerely hope you win your lawsuit. Of course that will not bring your daughter back.

I have to wonder if the police involved hadn't written more solid police reports than BS two sentence reports, if the System might have had more severe actions taken against this man, but I do not know.

All I know is that I am a part of this world, and I really do care about people, I get ridiculed on the inside for taking the amount of time I do to talk to people and the time I take to write a "bullshit" misdemeanor report.

I was almost raped by a police officer when I was a youngster, and GSI'd by the family doctor.

If I show up at your door, I am going to identify myself as Police. In average cases I will ask you if I may come in, and most of the time people say yes.

In a situation involving domestic violence, I try to interview the children first, because they are the most truthful.

Just like all departments, we have officers that really make you wonder.

Maybe I am an Alien, but I know I do the best I can to help people, and I know plenty of others like me, even if we may be in the minority, we are still out there.
One very Old Timer loved his job in the Accident Investigation Unit. Handled an accident where a young white girl ran into an unsupervised black toddler that darted into the street, and the child died. He honestly reported that the driver was not at fault, and even after the driver's house got shot up, he refused to change his report. The Department reassigned him for adhering to his integrity.

That was a tragedy for all of the individuals involved.

I am not trying to say I am that great, but I am genuine, honest, and fair. So are a lot of other cops!

It is an outrage and an atrocity what happened to your daughter, but that was just another one of the many dysfunctional individuals that slipped through the cracks.

A Sociopath is a person that understands the difference between right and wrong, but it doesn't matter, so long as the means justify the ends. These are people that pass lie detector tests. They are devoid of consciences! They slip through the cracks.

It makes me feel good when people say thank you for being human and taking the time to give them the information they need. I do not know if I am the exception or the rule, but I do know that there are a lot of good ones out there, and many that I do not like so much.
Please at least give me a chance when I come to your door, before you choose to hate me, is all that I ask.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/2/2006 12:21:45 AM
I have had arrestees with crack in their pockets that claimed they borrowed their dude's pants and didn't know it was in there.
Birds of a feather???
Personally, from what I have read in your comments, I like you, and you seem fair and like a very decent person!
i may not be the typical cop, and I rarely go to the Union Hall to soiree, but if a cop is in trouble I will jump into the melee, and if a citizen is in trouble I will respond to my oath to protect and serve.
Are there cops I do not care for? Absolutely!
Are there citizens that seem hopeless? No Doubt!
It is a stressful job, most definitely. I accept the responsibilty, and always try to be fair.
I argue with some of the ticket writers, but that is more of a what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas type issue, so I cannot elaborate.
You didn't, but someone else did. Do not call me a wimp because I do not write you a ticket! I saw a traffic violation and I pulled over in search of a bigger fish, not court time. traffic violations are Probable Cause for further investigation. But that is just me.
Thank you for understanding, Bloodless!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/2/2006 11:27:05 AM
Hey darkangelofdeath, and TY for ya' understanding compassion!!!
I STILL have deep sincere concern for ya' G/F!!! I was also again let down by the cops in 1995!!! I had a stalker. He stalked me on, and off for almost 5 years!!! I had numerous police reports in 3 diff' counties. According to the cops, EVERY county he was stalking me in, I had to file a report in each county??? In such modern days, IE: PCs, etc.??? IF, the cops had arrived immediately when I called 911, I never would have been stalked!!! As I was "only" reporting my car attempted to be stolen...The cops did not arrive for over an hour!!! Allowing a tow truck driver to arrive first. By the time the cops finally showed up, my car had been towed away by the man whom became my stalker!!! The cops having ALL info' on this man, yet claimed until he psychically touched me, all good!!! Finally, after almost 5 years of pure hell, this man appeared where my ole' man (At the time) worked...I just happened to be at his job for lunch that day. My ex ole' man being a clubber biker...Enough said, done!!!
As stated in my prior post...I replied numerous times to this question ALL day...Only to delete. This subject is very painful, add very near, and dear to/for me. I have many more horror stories, IE: "Why do so many people seem to hate cops?". I deleted all the other incidents, as the importance became sooo unimportant after losing My Daughter.
I didn't mention, I also speak at High Schools, Colleges, etc., IE: Stalking...The seriousness of what most find a LOL!!! Stalking is a pursue stealthily deliberate fearful act of intimidation...Usually dubbed love...Which can very easily turn violent, resulting in death!!!
I read ya' pro'...Being a mortician, I know ya' can relate to what its like to attempt to reconstruct some one's whole left side of their face, head, etc.!!! I asked the mortician/funeral director (Whom by the way was a very sincere compassionate human being, a mother also), if I personally could plz apply My Daughter's make-up, jewelry, and her regular hairdresser was there to do her hair...Dawn, the mortician/funeral director was more than obliging. As I was putting My Daughter's earrings in, a real reality check awoke me from the haze that had over taken me...Dawn asked if I would allow her to put My Daughter's earrings in on her left ear...Hazed, RX'd (Every emotion poss'), puzzled I questioned her request...Dawn "had" to inform me that My Daughter's left ear, plus, was wax/fake!!!
Being an RN, I have served my time in the largest city hospital in CO. Thinking I had seen ALL...Nothing will ever compare to seeing, holding ya' own deceased child for the very last time EVER!!!
TY again, boys in blue for ya' sworn, trusted, and paid to "Serve and Protect"!!!
TC darkangelofdeath!!! Until...Yes, Angels Do Fly , mamamugg
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/3/2006 8:44:23 PM
It only took me ten years on the Job to get to that point, of often dreading going in.
I am lucky to not have much family to bring the stress home to, but unlucky in that I lack a support system at home, of course besides my big goofy still growing Rottweiler, that has no sent me to ER twice for dog-related injuries (and just think where he would be without Obedience Training?).
Another person on this thread posted that I am too SENSITIVE for the Job. The post was deleted, because of a little extra heated banter going on. However, I think in a lot of ways she was correct. The job is taking its toll on my health, and aging me at a rate that I do not appreciate.
Seeing some extra difficult situations have had me come home crying into my pillow, because sometimes it is just too much.
Knowing there are ***holes and Hypocrites on the Job, when we should be held to a higher standard is frustrating and infuriating, but I cannot elaborate any more that that. Ever see "Serpico". I have told people that I may not snitch on you, but do never ask me to lie for you! Unfortunately, that is what you have to do while still walking the streets, because if you cross that Blue Line, then you have no backup, and just like Society, there are some bad seeds, and in a perfect world, they get caught and wind up in prison. Ever see The Sheild, where they cold-heartedly assassinated one of their own?
On that note, MOST of the people that I work with are very fine, dedicated, hard-working officers, although caring goes out the window after about five years, because no matter how hard we work, it is just the same nonsense and the same criminals day after day. Before the ink is dry on our reports, the criminal is back out.
I can think of four that I knew personally that wound up in prison, and all of them actually shocked me.
Regarding Police Brutality, some people embrace the rules of the streets, after seeing so much, and this is no justification for the police to act the same as street thugs, only with a badge and a gun, only to take them to jail afterwards.
On the other hand, it are those same heavy handed cops that also help to keep me alive. If I screamed for backup, they would come, and the criminals know backup is on the way, and they might subscribe to the same street values as the criminals.
Do I hold myself to a higher standard? Yes. Do I try to avoid seeing anything dirty? Yes.
If there are dirty people out there, then I do not want to see it or know about it! There are more GOOD COPS out there though, IMHO, that really want to make this a better place, support their families, and go home every day after work.
I partnered on several occasions with one of the men who went to prison. He never did anything dirty around me, and in fact, I had thought he was an effective police officer. We chased down people in stolen cars and made some good arrests together. It turns out that he was shaking down the dope boyz, with thousands in their pockets. He would take their money and kick them free, and eventually they started to complain, and he got caught by the FBI.
That made him a criminal, robbing other criminals of their dirty money, and I am sure he and many others are able to justify that to themselves. But that is not me.
I have told people that have gone to jail that not every one is arrested is a terrible person, just someone that made a bad choice, some worse than others.
Cops need to be held to a higher standard, I agree. But some of the best cops are those that are able to think like criminals, and that makes for a very blurry line.
Let's just say, nobody does anything dirty in front of me, and that is the most I can hope for, right now.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/6/2006 6:16:51 AM

I do use paragraphs, but on this site unless you double space between them, it comes off as a giant blur.

Yesterday, a woman with two infants, when it was under thirty dregrees outside, handling her babies alone, pulled into her driveway, and could only handle one baby at a time by herself. She took the one infant into the house, which took a moment and a half, and when she walked outside, she observed the vehicle with her 8 month-old child being driven down her driveway. She called 911, and the suspects abandoned the car with the baby, stole another car and a third vehicle.

The arrestees were a fourteen year-old, a sixteen year-old, and an "adult", on a car stealing spree! Fortunately the baby was recovered quickly and intact, due to the response of POLICE!

Yep, that is just another reason to hate us, huh?

AAARGH, I do not know what you have been through that makes you hate police so much, but please stop judging me, because I am one of the good guys!
Before I left work, I had a heart-to-heart with a veteran very close to retirement, about the job.

The Job has aged me. Kevin told me that the only way to not let that happen is to accept the internal politics and accept that there is nothing you can do to make a difference, more or less, and just come to work and do your job as it comes. I personally believe that most cops that come onto the job come to make a difference, and he is not the first boss to advise me that I cannot save the world or even a portion of it. Add in the internal politics, plus the hardships we see, plus the squashed ideals with a family to protect, and you have the other side of the Real World~~someone that just wants to go home and has become completely jaded.

I told him that I cannot live a life of ignorance and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have had many people say thank you, that they are glad they got me.

But yesterday, I talked to a different friend. She was making $25 an hour at a good job, but she is also fortunate to have a husband with a good job. So she is working at an animal rescue shelter, scooping poop, and mopping cages with bleach, but also exercising the animals and giving them love and helping to rehabilitate them for potential adoption. She said, "I am lucky, because I am able to live my dream, of working with animals!"
We have had many talks about whether or not Cop is my calling, and he has surprisingly encouraged me, while encouraging me to go my own way if that is what is best for me.

If I had the means to support myself, I would most defintely live the life Laura lives, and one way or another, devote myself to abandoned critters that are the result of ignorant aand inhumane humans.
For the meantime, I devote as much of my time and energy to Animal Rescue as I can!
And if you want to ask me about the needy children, well I already have an answer for you: I think I learned about birth control in 1980 or 1981, and the US is not a country that has no concept nor access to brith control. Critters are not educated to have that type of knowledge.

I think people should need a license to be parents and be screened before they are allowed to have a pet! But that is just my two cents.

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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/7/2006 8:54:31 AM
WOW! I am not going to get into some of the preceding friction, if I do not have to.

Instead, let me tell you about my last night at work:

One of my assignments was for a vacant rental property that had been broken into, and all of the copper piping had been stolen, which is very common in this area. There was no heat and our temperatue was around 28 degrees F. She began jumping up and down and admitted that she needed to use the bathroom.

I live my life by the roll of the dice, by my instincts, by my Spirit Guide.

I told her that I had viewed enough for my report (I still needed her information) so why don't we go to a restaurant around the corner so she could relieve herself and we could proceed. She did not know the area, so she followed me. I took her to the nearest restaurant, and BOTH of their bathrooms were out of order...glad I didn't ask to see the kitchen! But there was a bar/night club next door that I took her into, mainly for her protection, because I had a gun, and I am not allowed into a bar except under official business. If she had sat there by herself, well there may have been greater official business. I then took he report under more comfortable circumstances. It are things like these that keep me being a cop, because every time I get a surprised thank you, it makes me stay another day.
So, thank you for thanking me!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/8/2006 3:53:19 AM
YIKES! I miss a couple of days and anarchy breaks loose.

Sounds to me like venom and animosity and hatred are key components to Society, and not just cops.

Can't we all just get along?

I will admit that there is a certain amount of double standards for cops in law enforcement, but I try to level the playing field by being equally decent to most everybody I encounter. Perhaps the title should be modified to"...MOST cops!"

Personally, I despise hypocrisy, and I strive not to be a hypocrite.

Last night, I was at a hospital, guarding a prisoner who had a bad case of Jailitis (someone who knows the system and wanted to get out of jail for a while). Once again, there was nothing wrong, but they gave her a prescription for Motrin, because our Jailers cannot administer ANY drugs without prescription, and that was my night at work. OUR tax dollars at work!

I am generally decent with the criminals I guard, and I have learned to tell the difference betwwen someone legitimately sick, and those that are just spending our tax dollars so they can get a bed in the hospital, over a cot in a cell. I will not elaborate on that, but let's just say that this woman was faking it, and she would not have been nominated for an Academy Award, either. I treat every body like a person, until they give me reason not to!

She had been in the hospital for over four hours and refused to give a urine specimin because she "couldn't go." That was all that was remaining.

The doctor, a very sweet, young Asian woman (who also was nearly done with her shift) told this woman that everything else was done, but they NEEDED a urine sample. The prisoner ignored her and kept her eyes shut. The doctor practically begged this woman, and she is obviously a young doctor that has not dealt with too many felons with Jailitis. She begged that if the woman did not get up then they would have to insert a catheter for what they needed to complete her evaluation.

The doctor thought this woman was really in that much pain, so she attempted to help the woman up, to avoid the catheter. The woman glared at her and cussed her out! At this moment, I told the doctor, just use the catheter! Frankly, this woman really was a piece of garbage, IMHO.

The doctor is a very sweet young woman. She gave the prisoner another chance, even after the earful she received. The somewhat older male doctor said that after seeing so many fakers (like her), if he asked her if she had to go yet and got cussed out the way she did, it would have been catheter time, for a prisoner male or female. Whatever you are trying to hide, you are interfering with my job, and I do not have time to waste on this nonsense!

That anecdote has nothing to do with anything here, except for that is how many of the people are that we encounter at least in my municipality.
HOWEVER...while I was there, one of the nurses approached me with a quesion (we develop a rapport) about DV. She asked that if a person was witnessed beating another person, why wouldn't they be arrested. I told her about how arrest is the preferred policy and about procedures and my successes in at least getting the case to go to court by getting papers issued. I forget what her exact words were, but something to the effect that the culprit was a person of authority.

She didn't say, but I got the impression that the person was a ranking police official. Let's just say that is a report that the supervisors would order someone besides me to write, and the writer would leave me out of the report. Further, if it was a person with a high rank, it is also a person of prominence, with a superb income AND a gun. The Boys Club wants to protect each other, and it is just a cycle of snakes eating each others tails, and rewarding each other for their loyalty. Thus, now we venture into Politics.


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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/11/2006 8:47:51 AM
Cops do a lot of good in a world that is getting worse and worse.

I do not agree with the attitudes that some of Us carry.

However, we are also the ones that run into burning buildings to save lives, and rush towards the man with the gun. Society is also flawed, and it just keeps getting worse.

When I was in school, kids did not carry guns to school, and now we have Columbine Syndrome. Crack did not exist when I was a kid, and the worst that anyone I knew did was some marijuana.

I feel like an old fogey, but it is a different world. The laws protect the criminals.

However, I still maintain my Humanity. I had two young girls, 18 and 21, in my car the other day. Here is my synopsis of the story:
Girl 21 had a fiancee that was a dirtbag, and her 18 year-old girlfriend and her male friend were hanging out. I do not know why they got pulled over, but everything got worse from there.
I was an assist car because one of my chief qualifications as a female officer is to check female prisoners. These were decent girls, especially the younger one.

The one girl had a gun in her purse and the other girl was charged with possession of marijuana. While the girls were crying in the back seat of my car, I believed them. Ultimately, the guy who had the marijuana claimed it. Our suspicion is that the one male actually owned the gun, slid it into his Girl's purse. The best I could offer her was to advise her on how to get that expunged.
The girl with the marijuana needed to call long distance for a ride, so I let her use my cell phone. I advised her not to hang out with knuckleheads, because they will bring you down.

Often, I may be a little bit too blunt. But I really do mean well. I do not ever mean to scare people, but I want them to be wise and to be aware!

As an urban police officer, we do experience a lot of crap. I have seen and experienced things that no one should have to see, which are conditions in which many people live.

I do not want to know many of the things I know, and often wish I could have remained naive.

Don't hate all of us! We see death and evil and complete lack of humanity in humans. There is corruption in every corner of the Universe. We see children and elders abused, innocent people terrorized and shot and sliced. We fight with the evil-doers to protect Society. We are crucified by the citizenry and by the media and by the politicians, and there are also the internal politics that are much defined by the external politics.

Yet, we still keep running towards the man with the gun...???
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/12/2006 12:12:26 AM
I reread your post, and I stand you. But I did enjoy the chance to vent!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/12/2006 12:47:19 PM
i dont hate cops.. i hate getting arrested!
and do they have to use that phrase all the time?

"You in a heap O' Trouble Boy!"
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/12/2006 9:13:41 PM
sometimes when you get shot 60 times for pulling your wallet out it can be quite scary. Personally I have never called the cops for anything, I have been beaten, shot at, robbed, among other things and I am so scared cops will do something to me, I rather get justice on my own. personally about what you said about no law enforcement it would not bother me personlly because as I mention before people can do anything to me but I will never call the cops. I don't hate cops I just don't trust them alot of criminals hide behind their badges.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/15/2006 10:29:24 PM
perhaps this is another all to familliar reason why, at least it seems to happen quite a bit. Cops doing criminal things and the crown doesnt lay charges, instead, they do investigations under the police services act. To highlight some of the article

No charges against booze party officers
The Mississauga News
Dec 14, 2006

No criminal charges will be laid against a group of off-duty police officers who chased and roughed up two Mississauga men who filmed them at an outdoor summer booze party.

Criminal charges would have "no reasonable prospect of conviction," Crown lawyers decided.

Two Mississauga men filed a complaint with police after they videotaped officers drinking behind an Erin Mills business establishment in August.

Funny, if i did something similar, i dont think the crown would do that for me, or you, but for a cop, sure. You wonder why people hate them? Because of stupid crap like this. Protecting their own. And ya, I know they say they will be charged, so what, do you think they will lose their jobs? I doubt it, they're probably suspened with pay right now. Man, cops have it made.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/16/2006 8:14:25 AM

There was just an article in the paper about a sergeant that stole a million dollars in overtime, and he escaped jail and only had to pay back $20,000.

There was another article about a Chief of Police that was involved in a criminal scandal, resigned, and 9 years later, he is Chief of Police in another jurisdiction, smelling like a rose.

There are a LOT of hypocrites in this world, and thus, also in the police business.

Yes, it is criminal to allow someone to be a criminal with a badge, a gun, and arrest powers. It is downright offensive!

But that is not all of us!

Officer Dave has 30+ years on the job, and he uses the job to go out and feed all of the stray, starving, neglected dogs in his district, while handling the reports and assignments that are dispatched to him. In a way, he is a Mentor to me, though he leaves big shoes to fill. The other day, I experienced a dog bite to my ankle and was dragged until I activated my pepper spray, trying to make sure that a dog had food (who knew that his chain was 10 feet long, and he charged without notice!)

I am 5 for 5 in locating my last five missing juveniles. These kids out here today are so much worse than I remember ever being when we were kids.

I have bought hungry kids food, distributed food baskets, bought coats, gloves and hats for kids without, because the job let me know that they were in need.

Last week I forgot to bring my gun to work. I never even used to take it home, except for everything is just getting so bad around here. I joked and said that maybe I will just be like Andy Griffeth, but the response I got was that "this ain't Mayberry!"

Last week, I also had to go to court for VSDL (violation of state drug law) for crack cocaine. I got the subpeona the night before. The prosecutor said that no one could find the reports; I was subpeona'd by the defense. The defense "could not find" the reports, and the prosecutor apparently didn't take the time to look, and put it all on my shoulders.

This man that was stoned and driving nearly killed another driver, and himself. His lawyer was going for lack of evidence, but I jumped through last minute hoops, and they copped a plea, which still amounted to a conviction. If I did not care about trying to keep our roads safe, I would have not bothered to do the extra leg work.

I, personally, operate on conscience and right versus wrong, and a clean conscience makes a soft pillow. On that note, I do know some people that I wonder how they sleep at night!

Just as I give every individual a chance, please try to give each of us a chance before you condemn us, because of a rotten dozen.
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