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Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?Page 3 of 69    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41)
Cleveland is getting pretty bad. Heroin is making a resurgence as a new epidemic.
Actually, I only got halfway to work, and turned around to get the rest of my uniform.

Shooting someone is not actually on my top ten list of things I hope to accomplish in this lifetime, but I am prepared for the possibility.

Every guy I work with says that if that dog had latched onto their ankle, they would have shot it. Pepper spray worked immediately, so I just do not accept or understand that component of the guy mentality.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/30/2006 3:49:18 AM
Even though I am employed as a police officer, I am going to venture out on the side of John Q. Public.
On September 18, 2006, there was a story in the New York Post about a Poodle that had its teeth knocked out by a NYPD Officer.
Hell, I got attacked by a 40-lb. Chow mix and was able to neutralize the threat with pepper spray. Believe it or not, the owner was still pissed off that I sprayed hs dog, while I am still nursing my ankle injury! DUH!
The word I got from all of my peers is that every one of them would have shot the dog, and I personally disagree with that because there are means of lesser force.
A couple of nights ago, I guarded a woman that was around 5-04 that was drunk and disorderly, and had a monster shiner on her left eye. An off-duty working part-time arrested her, but not before beating her like a man. I have trouble believing that the officer had to throttle her face with his fists to subdue this young gal, though I was not there, and the smaller ones can be the most squirrely. I saw what she was arrrested for, and saw her eye, and her knees, and asked her, "What in the world happened to you?!"
I only know her version.
I asked her if she had seen how pretty she looked, and then took her to the bathroom mirror. "Holy Shit!" she said. She only knew that she hurt.
On the cops' side, we are supposed to play by a book of rules, while the criminals have none.
I do not know what the answers are! I believe this girl could have been subdued without a solid beating. I believe that the poodle that got his teeth knocked out, while his owner was in ER for 5 hours (what were they doing there anyway?) could have been subdued by lesser means.
Bottom line: there are some cops that are just ***holes. But do not judge any of us by the uniform, and give us each a chance before rendering judgement.
I actually got in an argument tonight with a 19-year veterean over the aforementioned two incidents, because he took the side of the cops, and I took the side of the Victims. I told him that we must agree to disagree, and that if we bring it up again we will still disagree!
I do not agree with police brutality, nor public brutality towards the police. The public is not required to play by the same rules, and I realize that. However, in both of the aforementioned cases, I think the police involved were excessive.
Perhaps I am the exception, but give me a chance before you condemn me because of the patch on my shoulder!
Happy New Year to ALL!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/30/2006 11:17:16 AM
Hate is just such an overreaction to the minority of cops who are bad eggs. I know many cops, and they are the epitome of class. They helped me in times of need, and for that I am grateful.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/30/2006 3:39:57 PM
Granted, we expect more from our police officers, because of the authority they are given. With authority comes responsibility, as well. We are held to a higher standard. But we are still human.

If you think about any field, there are good workers and bad workers. There are dedicated persons and scammers just out for themselves. There are honorable persons, and there are some people that cross boundaries. It makes it worse when it is someone that you are turning to because they are supposed to be there to protect and serve.

Have you ever been to an enterprise where one representative was knowledgeable and helpful, and another was rude, inept, or dumb as a rock? Police are no different, sad to say, and sometimes it is the luck of the draw in the police officer lottery, as to which officer you get.

I recall doing a police report for a woman who was shocked when I asked her, "May I come inside?" The last time she needed a report, the officer stood at her door, took about 90 seconds to get some information, and then returned a couple of minutes later pissed off because not all of her information was in the computer. He took no time to listen to her story, and I have seen him work like this before, so I can surmise that he cannot write quality reports.

After nearly eleven years on the Job, I have developed my own style of police work, and I figure that by spending a half an hour now in listening, advising, and locating resources, that it may be many hours saved in the future. I try to help people devise solutions. I have called people back with phone numbers of agencies to assist them.
I have offered to people that have been burglarized to call me when they have done a complete inventory, and I will come to do the supplemental report without them having to call radio and wait for hours. I am the Queen of long narratives, which means that I write detailed and thorough reports. That works well for me in cases that do wind up in court, because while I may have little or no recollection of the incident, if I wrote it or quoted it, then that is what happened or what was said.

I have never beaten anybody, though I have been in the pile with persons high on Wet and feeling no pain, which is a very scary thing to experience, like trying to subdue Superman. Over eleven years, once I "****-slapped" a young girl in our jail who was giving our jailers a hard time; they were twice the size of her and, though she had a major attitude, nobody wanted to hurt her. I was about the same size as her, so I smacked her on the side of the head, not too hard, and from that moment on, she was not a problem. Am I proud of that? Absolutely not! But sometimes you have to speak the only language that other people will understand, and it spared an escalation of circumstances that was on the path to happening. I personally believe that once they are cuffed, the battle is over, and so do most of my peers.

Another thing about being a cop, especially an urban cop, that people do not realize is our exposure to diseases: Hepatitus, HIV (contact with blood), and TB (which is airborne). We learn the dance called the****oach Shuffle, which concludes with stomping your feet when you leave the premises. Have you ever been inside a residence where the walls move? We do not want to take these things home to our families.

I have seen some pretty terrible things over the years, and a lot of death. Last week, a 90 year-old woman got robbed by three young thugs. The same police that you hate, and the ones that have a tendency to be a bit heavy handed, would definitely put a boot to these pieces of garbage when they catch people like this. It may not be right, but it does send a message to these types of thugs in a court system that coddles the criminals. That is their brand of caring, in trying to put the monsters of Society in check. The fine line is where do you draw the line?

Have a happy new year!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/30/2006 6:04:04 PM
It was a isolated incident. I have seen some of our jailers really hurt combative prisoners, and I know it sounds hypocritical, but the attention getter actually saved her from getting hurt, and it was a light smack. She was saying, "Bring it on!" and the night shift most definitely would have. I did not feel at all good about that incident, for what it is worth, and that is why I still remember it. It was wrong to do, agreed, but it solved the problem, and you cannot allow the inmates to run the asylum.
Are there people that abuse their power and authority? Absolutely.
Are there arrestees that insist on doing things the hard way? Absolutely.

Before getting on the job, I had never been in a fight in my life. I am not a violent person.
Joined: 5/20/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 12/30/2006 6:35:59 PM
I lived with one for 8 years and he and his friends were the nastiest power trippers, hard fisted opionated, hard drinking, sobs walking and yes the brotherhood does cover for each other with their us vs them mentality, but I agree we do need them to help enforce the law to bad they become something less than human as the cretins remain longer in the pd.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/1/2007 9:26:34 PM
I like cops...they have helped me when I needed it...unfortunately here there are two that are**** is just a rude ass and very disrespectful...I learned that from working with him. The other was nice enough to yell at me one night in front of all the other officers when I asked what I should do about my dad, who was in trouble at the time. You could tell the others were embarrassed. I was told the next time, just refuse to speak with that person and ask for someone else.

So I try not to hold the actions of those two against the rest of the force. Respect is needed on both sides.
Joined: 12/27/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/1/2007 11:32:05 PM
Ben, first, it's encouraging to hear that you're providing some sage counseling to younger officers. Good on 'ya.

As for people 'hating cops'...I suspect the more accurate term is 'wary'. And for good reason. A police culture is only as good as the enveloping cultural (political / civilian) context that supports it. If civilian and political oversight is good, then the power that is invested in police will likely not be abused, or not abused too much. Unfortunately, that overseeing culture is very often deficient to one degree or another. Case examples: I know personally of a number of activist friends in Vancouver who have been targeted, beaten up, jailed, and run for years through the courts on trumped up charges. In Toronto, I know, again personally, of defense lawyers who have told me of hair raising stories of the likes of Palestinian activists who have been picked up and guns put to their heads. These sorts of 'terrorist' activities may be confined to a 'few bad apples', but if they are placed in context with the kinds of brutalities that are a matter of public knowledge in Saskatchewan (where men were driven to the outskirts of town and left to freeze to death by the police)..then no one should be too surprised.

There is another aspect to 'policing, Ben, which I doubt you will have considered (not meaning this as a putdown, just by way of info) and that is the *institutional* role of police vs their individual role. The institutional role of police has, then, always been twofold: First, the defense of the status quo, meaning power and privelege and property. Second, law and order and justice. I cite the two in this order consciously, for if one looks historically and cross-culturally at times of social 'crisis' (i.e. protests, general strikes etc) the police will invariably jettison the second principle in favour of defending the first. This is an axiom amongst social and political activists who know it instinctively and at 'fist' hand so to speak. Amongst the general working class, such explicit political awareness is rare...but that doesn't mean there aren't deep, more or less subconcious eddies tending in that direction.

And, of course, no doubt a significant amount of 'hatred' of police is mere projection of personal juandice onto the nearest / most salient authority figure. Still, the other considerations are always there.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/2/2007 7:24:31 PM
Here is a true story:

At least two years ago, we got a call for a vehicle going eastbound in the westbound lane of the freeway. Officers located the vehicle, and rather than it being a drunk, it was a severely disoriented elderly male, who was about an hour away from home and seriously lost.
A road boss gave the guys permission to drive this man home. One drove his car, and the other followed in the police car. They had to get on the Ohio Turnpike, and these guys dug into their own pockets to pay the tolls.

There was another time when my partner and I were flagged down by a concerned citizen who had discovered a lost motorist in a bad area of town. He was a WWII Veteran.
We did not have to go quite as far, but we gave him a ride home, to secure his safety.
Art drove him in his car, and I followed in the police car. Art said that he could have listened to this man's stories forever!
When we got him home, he invited us in, and showed us all of his photo memorabilia from his time in the Service, and every picture had a story. It wasn't a busy night, so we had the privilege of indulging him and ourselves. He was a widower. He was delighted to have someone with whom to talk.
Before we left, I gave him a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek, and you should have seen this man beam! I believe in the healing power of human touch. Such a small gesture on my part clearly meant the world to him! My partner teased me about that one for the rest of the week!
I wish I had held onto his address to send him Christmas cards, a very lonely time for many.

I know
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/2/2007 7:45:36 PM
I don't know where that "I know" came from at the bottom of the last comment!

I once had to arrest a twelve year-old girl, after she kicked her mother in the face.

I had to do some finagling, but I was able to release her to her aunt rather than take her to Juvenile Detention for Domestic Violence. The sad reality is that many kids actually wind up worse after a stint in DH, because they learn new bad skills. I tried to get permission to take this child on a tour of the jail, but it is against procedure, so my request was denied.

The women in the holding cell actually wanted to help this child not wind up where they were in life. After treating her "like a criminal" I took her back into the Sergeants' Office, took off my Biotch mask, and I talked to her. She cried, and cried. Her father died when she was seven, and as the eldest child, she was a pseudo mother to her younger siblings while her mother went to work. She was angry at the loss of her father and at the responsiblity that had been thrust upon her, and crumbling under the pressure of "motherhood" when she should still be allowed to be a child.

I told her that the reason that I had been so harsh with her was because I didn't want to see her wind up in our funky jail.

For the Haters:

I hear stories all of the time about officers that coerce sexual favors from prostitutes, in lieu of arresting them. I don't know if they are true or not, but I do know of a man that I went to the Academy with who lost his job after enough women got tired of giving out the freebies and lodged complaints.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/2/2007 10:29:06 PM
I agree with you.
But there are other means, other channels, other avenues.
Taking an elderly person to jail doesn't solve the problem. There are elder resources, and there is also a form that can be filed which requires a doctor's release before that person can retain their driving privileges. A privilege and not a right is so true.
I actually requested that an officer that found my Dad in his rolled over car after a diabetic incident file that form. Dad was furious, and he would probably never forgive me if he knew I had requested it.
I hate to take away an elder's mobility and independence, but at some point the deteriorization of motor skills becomes a safety hazard, to both the individual and the public.
Still, to place them in a cell with a bunch of crackheads isn't going to solve anything any more than taking them home and trying to learn more about their family and situation, where you might find a better avenue to help them not get behind the wheel.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/3/2007 1:10:07 PM
I commented earlier in this thread about the reasoning that certain people are using when posting their thoughts; specifically I commented on generalizations.

Stating all Cops are bad because those Cops 'you' have dealt with have been bad is weak reasoning and argument. Conversely, stating all Cops are good on the same basis is equally weak in terms of reasoning and argument.

It would seem that too many people hate all cops based on this type of reasoning.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/3/2007 2:44:21 PM
So you are suggesting that we should have cited them and sent them on their merry way? Cited and sent or arrested are our options, basically.
Also, for the record, one doesn't have to have a college degree to become a sergeant, lieutenant, nor captain.

Pirate, for the record, I have a BA, and graduated cum laude, and I am neither a hired thug nor a bully.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/4/2007 12:04:27 AM
I am not about to read all the replies to this post, far too many, but had to toss my 2 cents in anyway. I do not hate cops but I certainly don't trust them. The police force out here is corrupt enough as it is. But I have had experiences when I needed the police to protect me and they didn't. One situation where I was raped by an exboyfriend when I was 19, the officer flat out told me their was no point in pressing charges because it was my word against his. Another situation, my neighbor threatened to kill my children because one of my kids was swearing(the 3 year old who had heard the words but didn't yet understand they were wrong to say). We had witnesses, the officer came spoke to him and then told me to keep my kids indoors for now on. That was it! So as a result I am now moving to ensure my children are safe. I am sure there is good cops out there, I just have no experience with any.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/4/2007 4:09:28 AM
Oh, yes, that makes so much more sense! Thanks for clearing it up. Offenses are either waiverable or require court appearances. Let's give them a citation, and have them drive 50 miles either way to court and back!
Getting their information and requiring a doctor's release to allow them to continue to drive seems to be a more active solution, but you seem to seek to punish.
Oh, excuse me, there is my sarcasm again.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/4/2007 7:27:30 AM
I am sorry that you were mistreated.
IMHO, he should have been arrested for DCI, and you should have received a Criminal Damaging/Named Suspect report. I would have advised you to consult with the Prosecutor, and that would have also given you leverage in a civil lawsuit.
Personally, I would have probably lodged a complaint against the officers. We have a Civiian Review Board and an Office of Professional Standards. Most of the complaints are unfounded, but the ones that are legit are dealt with seriously, and it sounds to me as if you have a legitimate complaint!

I hate to sell out the "Brotherhood" but I have seen guys work soooooo hard to get out of writing a simple report, when they could have been done with the report by the time they were done getting out of it.

There was another time that I got stuck with a serious motor vehicle accident. It had been dispatched a half an hour previously, but the 2-man car assigned to handle it "couldn't find it! When I arrived, and I apologized to Fire for the delay, they said that they saw the police car that drove by, and couldn't find 3 fire trucks with flashing lights and a couple of smashed cars. Yes, that really happened, but you cannot rat out your peers if you expect to have backup when you need it~~sad reality.

That turned into a nightmare, because I never got to talk with one of the drivers, because he had already been conveyed, transferred to a Trauma Hospital, and the only information I could get was from triage info.

Wouldn'tchaknow, there would be two people with the same unique name, totally unrelated, and somehow they had the one's demographics with the other's address, and I had to figure out who he was. It took jumping through some hoops, and pissing off a firefighter at 4 AM when I woke him up, to find out who the driver was. I asked him if he could at least describe him for me physically, and he told me "he was a big guy" and fortunately the two had very different body types.

I had to type a supplemental form because of the seriousness of this MVA. I articulated why it took us so long to respond, that they couldn't find the accident. Months later, when I went back into the computer to use that form as a template, it had been replaced with: "Lick my balls, B*TCH!"
I could have half-stepped, but that is not my way. I was almost in tears at the irony of not being able to figure out which Mr. X my subject was. I pulled hairs to get accurate information. Am I trying to say I am better than most? No, but I do care more than most of the people around me. Is there room to learn and grown? Daily!

Different police officers have different styles, and it really is like a police lottery.
Some chase down bad guys, and that is there thing, and we do need people like that. Some talk down to everyone. Some squirm out of reports, and others do not squirm but they write shoddy reports. But many took this job to make a portion of the world a better place, and I hope that when you need the police, you are fortunate enough to get these sincere and dedicated people.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/5/2007 12:52:33 PM
That is a job for the fire department, not the police!

I was just thinking about you the other day. Happy New Year!!!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/5/2007 11:54:06 PM
We refer to that attire as the corner "uniform" and I was not going to say anything until you just did.
When we get a complaint, and the description is The Uniform, that gives us PC (probable cause) to check everyone on the corner matching that description.
If Suspects are compliant, then they get warned and sent, after getting run for warrants, if they are clean.
It kinda sucks for the person that has to get patted down, but there is a solution: Don't hang out on the corners, don't wear the Uniform, and most importantly, DO NOT get caught up in a life of crime!
I am more comfortable talking to criminals than I want to be. Still, I waste my breath trying to help them find another path. It might waste my breath, but in the outside chance it helps to save a soul, it was worth the effort.
It is strange, that the Thugs of my neighborhood and I communicate at times, though in hindsight, they have all wound up locked up. But they have never tried to harm me. There is little I can do for them, besides try to plant positive seeds.
I remember a Thug named Paris, who told me he wanted to be a lawyer or a judge, and then I asked him if he went to school. Of course he didn't! I think once he turned 18, he wound up locked up, probably for a drug offense. But he did intervene, when his older brother and I had a couple of confrontations.
I told his brother that he cannot use my doorstop to traffic drugs, and the brother started to cuss me out. "Just because I am a young Black man in America...I haven't sold drugs since I got out from being locked up...(contradictory?)...
I still took the time to learn this kid's name, and to try to tell him to go to school. What good did it do? NONE! I am fairly sure that when this kid disappeared, he got locked up as an adult.
In these cases, I say that it takes more than DNA to make a parent, and a lot of these children grow up with negative or absent role models...and the beat goes on as they reproduce.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/6/2007 9:02:50 AM
Kerry O.

Without a search warrant, the law requires a consent search. Of course they will try to bully and intimidate you to have you authorize consent. They might even try to articulate exigent circumstances.

You were not harboring a fugitive, I presume? You say they wanted to search your apartment, but you do not say whether they did or not.

The great thing about dirtbags is that even if you do not catch them this time, no one wakes up and decides to become a piece of garbage, and when you get them next time, you can also address the time they got away. Then it is up to the prosecutors and the judges, who are pressured by an overcrowded prison system, and are thus far too lenient, IMHO.

Punishment (jail time) is designed to be both an opportunity to rehabilitate and a deterrent for others. And considering the recidivism rate, it seems to me to be a whole lot of neither.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/6/2007 9:53:34 AM
of course there are good & bad people in every profession. But let's face it: a lot of cops tend to be on power trips; they have a high divorce rate; a lot of the male cops cheat on their wives; they see a lot of the "ugly" in society & have a difficult time letting the job stay at the job & take it home; a lot of them are heavy drinkers & partiers because it's one way to cope with the "ugly"; they tend not to trust humans because of all the nasty people they do come across & tend to be suspicious of even normal, law abiding citizens; some of their minds become twisted from all the garbage they see. Cops & firemen have their "brotherhood" & look out for each other. Eg. They don't give speeding tickets to family.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/7/2007 2:49:35 AM
Kerry O.,
I have partaken in the execution of search warrants. Some detectives are respectful of others' property, and others are downright despicable. It is extra-offensive when children are present, and their house is getting tossed. I am generally the one that is know as "too nice" but sometimes they have to have me because only females are supposed to pat down females.
I have been in Projects where people greeted me with a smile and a hello, because they remembered me. But I have also been driving down the street and have someone hock on the sidewalk as a form of disrespect.I recall when one house was being searched, and I was assigned as a uniformed officer to guard the people handcuffed in the living room, that when they knocked over the picture of the family's children, I picked it up and placed it back on top of the speaker. The man and the woman looked at me, in the eyes, and said a sincere thank you (for which I got ridiculed by officers and detectives later.)
The latest warrant that I had to assist on, I felt bad for the kids because it was 2 AM, and they had to be in school the next day, and they were kids that went to school. At least for the most part, this woman was raising her children in the dark, not to follow in her footsteps. But when SWAT busts into your home at 1AM, that is a tough pill to swallow. Those detectives, because of the kids, were pretty gentle and generous in how they conducted their search.
In the Academy, we were taught that there are two kinds of people in this world: Situational ***holes and Terminal ***holes. I guess that applies to cops as well as the general public, eh?
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/7/2007 1:38:13 PM
I hate people who hate cops.

And I hate people who hate teachers, social workers, geologists, nurses, farmers, priests, addiction counselors, Marines, bankers, dental hygienists, hookers, truck drivers, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs. To hate, or despise, an individual based upon their profession demonstrates a narrow-minded bigotry which is not too far removed from hating someone based upon their religion or skin color.

In every profession there will be a few very bad apples who don't belong, and quite often it is those who we hear about. Unfortunately we do not notice the rest, who day in and day out are working hard and doing a good job. And so it is with peace officers.

Almost everyone who has contact with a police officer encounters that officer within the context of a bad situation. No one ever calls for the police when things are going great, we call for the police after something has gone wrong. And then we expect, or at least hope, that they will come to our aid and solve the problem or right the wrong. And we demand that they will be cheerful, polite, and professional while they are doing their job. It doesn't really matter to us that when they arrive to deal with our noisy neighbors they may have just come from handling a suicide or child abuse case. And when the cop stops us for speeding on an empty highway at 3:00 AM, we do not care that earlier in the evening he had to wake up a mother and father and inform them that their 17 year-old daughter had been killed in a car accident.

People go into police work for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted to the power that comes with the authority of the office, some are drawn to the excitement, and some want to be the White Knight who rides in to save the day. Most however, just want to help people and try to make the world just a little better than it was the day before. Most cops are honest and hard working people who are trying to do the best they can at a job which day after day puts them face to face with the worst that society has to offer.

Some cops are bad. There are those who use their badge as a cover for their own criminal operations. And there are some cops who are not corrupt, but they are bullies who use excessive force. And there are cops who are too lazy to do a good job.

But the good cops far out number the bad cops, and the good cops do not tolerate the bad cops. The public knows this, and year after year police officers are always ranked close to the top in the lists of most trusted professions. And each year one hundred and fifty or so are killed while trying to protect us.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/7/2007 4:32:10 PM
I don't hate cops, and for the most part I have rarely had problems with them.

Since I moved back here(small town in arkansas). I have seen plenty of "not so nice" cops.

Their behaviour gets stranger and stranger(this town is known for drugs and stds)....and I see some of them showing very strong signs of being users.

THAT makes me nervous, but most of the cops I have met have been decent, except for maybe one or two.

Example of strange behaviour.....see them in a group of four, parked with lights flashing...all of them outside of their cars smoking.....

Same night, one pulled out of a lane and almost hit me, then got behind me....followed me, turned on his I got ready to pull over, sped off then shut his lights down.

That has happened to me twice.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/9/2007 11:42:21 AM
As poster #195 my message still stands, and was re-quoted by another poster!!!

"We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws."
~ Hunter S. Thompson ~
I don't "hate cops". I don't hate anyone. I despise cops!!! Hate is too much energy to put into anyone that I personally don't give a flyin' F about!!!

OK, I kinda' sat back and just let others have their say on this subject because I really did want reasons. I got lots of negative and a few positive and a few that made absolutely NO sense at all, but thanks for ALL the input. In reference to msg#280, if you KNOW something is going to put you in a negative light, why do it? Fashion/fad/trend be damned, if I have a choice to wear something and I Know it's going to probably cause me problems then I'm not going to wear it, if you're going to paint a TARGET on yourself, don't complain when people shoot at you.

WOW, a pair of jeans, generally $150.00, and a white T-shirt, not just a plain ole' white Hanes, a min' of $50.00 for a Hundreds type brand, is a "TARGET" on my back, or God forbid, my 23 year old Vice President's List College Student, while holding a full time job, son's back??? Don't forget the Nikes which generally run a min' of a Grand...As a very proud mama, know the brands, and their prices!!! Really, really scary reality of, "A" typical racial profiling, and don't complain when people shoot at me, or my son??? WTF message does that send to our younger generation??? ALL generations had/have their
. People from ALL over the world once again, celebrated a BIG
yesterday 1~08, Elvis, his 72nd. Birthday!!!

Outta over 300+ posts,
OK, I kinda' sat back and just let others have their say on this subject because I really did want reasons.
Piss, piss poor reason, not "reasons", one post is not plural !!!

*Ponder to self again, hmmm

Why do so many people seem to hate cops?

In Loving Memory of Darrent Williams 9~24~1982 - 1~1~2007 #27 of The Denver Broncos. As his mother will most likely become a member of the sooo unknown, sooo unwanted membership of POMC - Parents of Murdered Children. The unwanted club I became a member, advocate to/for. In CO. alone, 1200+, dubbed "cold cases"!!! Wonder if, DWill knew a Hummer Limo would be a "TARGET" on his back???

Until...Yes, Angels Do Fly
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