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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?Page 4 of 69    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41)
I will confess that I was just gifted with a flashilight charger, after mine broke, from a fellow officer that had TWO expensive full-sized Mag Lights stolen from fellow officers.

On the other hand, last night at work, I was assisting in the office answering the phones, before I went out on the road. (Radio Dispatch had no impending assignments for a one-person car.) I took a call from a woman who had secured a very friendly, loose dog in her rear yard, but she needed to let her own two dogs out, couldn't keep the dog and was asking for assistance.

I had to get permission from a road boss, so I went back to the Lieutenants" Office, and had to do a little schmoozing: "This lady needs to get her own dogs out, as she just got home from work, and she cannot wait for the random assignment of Kennels (1 truck to handle the entire city), and Radio isn't holding any assignments (fortunately, slow start to the night). Oh, yeah, and I got bit by a dog last month checking on his welfare, and bosses hate injury reports! Finally, my boss said, "GO! Just get out of here! GO!"

I met with the caller, and we got the dog into the back of my police car. Every time I tried to read his collar, I could not, because he kept giving me kisses. I did not want this dog to have to go to the Kennels, because though they do the best they can, there are too many critters.

Whilst I was making phone calls for alternatives (actually, I wanted to run the dog license and return him home), I received a tap on the window of the police car.

It was the dog's owner's, and he got loose, and they had spent the last hour and a half looking for him! I reunited them, and the critter didn't have to go to the kennels, just because I am an Idiot. I don't know what would have happened if anyone else would have answered the phone, but I know I was where I needed to be right then and there. It took me ten minutes, and I reunited the dog with his family, and everyone was smiling. I wish work could always be like that!

I took this job for many reasons, but one of them was to help vindicate True Victims. In that time, I have learned that there are more Victims of their own bad choices, rather than True Victims.

Today, I talked with a detective about a report that I had filed for a Grand Theft, because the Victim felt more comfortable talking to me. I cannot always do this on my own time without compensation, as I did today, but sometimes I connect with people as a "People Person."

Bottom line: I am certain that I am not the only schmuck like me wearing the Uniform. If I can help you I will, and I know many grand-spirited cops that are still on the job to help people.

We get calls for a person trying to buy drugs that gets robbed, and for persons selling drugs that get robbed, in all seriousness. How can one not get jaded???
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/9/2007 9:43:23 PM
When I called the other day 5 in the morning for this burgulary this officer got out of his car and looked at me like I woke him up, he was pissed off

A few nights ago, I had a Burglary/Grand Theft. Unfortunately, they had to wait and wait for a police car (no suspects on scene low priority in an understaffed city). Fortunately, I suppose, they got me.
I did the report for them, requested dusting for fingerprints, and gave them a card (which I had printed at my own expense) and wrote on the back all info they would need regarding the report.
One of the Victims phoned me because she felt more comfortable with me, and I shared that information with the detective handling the case, on my own time.
Do I do that all the time? Heavens no! Else I would never get any sleep, as I did not that day.

I cannot say I am typical, but I cannot fathom that I am the only one out there that treats others with decency and respect, until they give us reason not to.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/14/2007 10:12:50 PM
I have evolved into my own niche of law enforcement. Especially in a large department, there are many niches that need to be filled, rather than one needing to wear all hats.

I am what is called an SR Car, which means I handle reports with no suspects on scene.
Within reason, I get to work at my own pace. I take reports, and I provide every single person with a written "receipt" that includes the date, their report title, the report number, and my name and badge number. To my knowledge, I am the only officer that does this, but it just makes sense. I advise them how to obtain a copy of the report, and also advise them that if they need to make a supplement in the event of a theft report, to call the District (equivalent of a Precinct) and if I am available, I will respond without them having to wait.

There are a lot of good cops out there, and there are a lot of cops that will go above and beyond that counterbalance the complete buttheads on the Job.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/18/2007 6:52:07 PM
Besides domestics, a large majority of police calls involve intoxicated people and the mentally ill. The most disheartening thing about these calls is when they involve children.

In the 1970's, they used to simply institutionalize mentally ill people, but since that time whomever they are have determined that with meds, the mentally ill can survive outside an institution and have fairly normal lives, in Group Homes or with family, or are supposed to have case workers assigned to them.

I just read an article on the difficulty of getting the mentally ill to take their meds, even in a Group Home scenario.

The problem with highly intoxicated people is that they often suffer from situaltional A$$holeism.
A few nights ago, I got paired up with another officer to investigate a female tenant that was banging upon doors and running around the hallways naked, to the dismay of the upstairs tenants with a three year-old child. Fortunately, Rich is a very large man, so things did not get too combative with this 5-07 mental female. She called me a Blonde Devil, and attempted to spit on me, as well as the hospital staff, when we arrived for Pshych Eval. She had been off her meds, and had to be placed in restraints at the hospital.

The next night, I assisted a 2-person car with a domestic, involving a mentally ill female. Perhaps because I am the same size, I am pretty good at interviewing kids. While the two guys were handling the situation, I took the 11 year-old upstairs and asked him what was going on, and he cried. He said his Mom was just not acting right, and that he did not want to stay there, and that the man involved was only looking out for all of the kids on scene. It turns out, the woman had not been taking her psych meds, and he was concerned for the children. Ultimately, she left to stay with family for the evening, and they were advised to get her meds filled, and the man stayed to see to the welfare of the children.

During the rest of their investigation, I pretty much made myself useful to occupy all of the kids so that they were not subjected to all of that drama. There was a little girl that had been crying, maybe 3 or 4 years-old. I sat on the floor and dealt with 3 toddlers while other officers handled figuring out what to do. These situations leave me with a heavy and sad feeling.

Then, last night, I had an assignment for a fresh GTMV. At first I was irritated, because this was one of those cases where someone leaves their car running unattended with keys, and that is a gold-plated invitation. By the time I arrived to take the report, I had gotten over the urge to tell this woman she was stupid for leaving her car running, and I got the information for the report. It was within my jurisdiction to write her a citation, but I chose not to do so.

Approximately 45 minutes later, a zone car located the stolen vehicle parked on a street, intact. I could have told them to tow it or whatever, but instead, I called the victim (27 year-old female) and asked her if she had a spare set of keys. I was on my lunch break! She was able to recover her car in one piece.

I did not submit any overtime for working during my lunch break, but my reward came later. I gave this woman permission to call me on my personal cell phone after we located her car, and spoke to her three times during my lunch break, and also to the other officers. I provided them with directions and advice.

Just as I was leaving the police station, I received another phone call from this young woman. She was so grateful! She thanked me. I suppose a lot of other officers would not have phoned her, and dumped the supplemental report on the other zone car, but that is not my way. I thought she was going to cry on the phone.

I counseled, "I guess you learned a valuable lesson, with minimal consequences."

Three officers asked me if I cited her for her error in judgement.

In sum, I had a mentally ill woman that wanted to spit on me, another mentally ill woman whose daughter sat in my lap to protect her from the investigation in the other room. I then had a woman that was so thankful, ecstatic, and nearly in tears because she had some police that were able to gift her with the best case scenario in an unfortunate situation, by recovering her car. She had just made the final car payment in December, and it was the first thing she has ever owned in full (not the bank or her parents). I didn't mind doing a freebie for her, because people like her keep you going.

It is always easy to be an armchair quarterback.
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 1/28/2007 11:17:25 AM
I am rather an outsider on the inside, for the most part. After 11 years, I have some friends, but not a fan club.
A bunch of us ran into a burning buliding, which was scary as hell, when there was no time to wait for fire, and get everyone in the building out. These things happen, too.
There are bad people and good people in this world, and within the police culture, it is a cross-section of society.
We try to keep our dirty laundry within, and address it from within, when there is dirty laundry~~internal mechanisms of control.
Unfortunately, some reek so badly that the stench cannot be contained. BUT that is not the majority, I do believe. Also, for the record, I am glad when these dirty scoundrels get caught, and I lament the ones that do not receive their just desserts.
I will go again on the defensive, and say that the dirty ones are in the minority.

I march to the beat of my own drum. When I interview children, I sit on the floor with them. I wear purple socks under my uniform, not of disrespect, but because I do not think the socks make the officer, and that is my subtle way of rebellion.

On the other hand, the criminals really do have more rights than the Victims or the police. This is a really hard tightrope to navigate!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 2/5/2007 12:22:56 AM
I have met some descent officers. They never seemed to get past the rank constable though.

However most of them are the most arrogant power hoogging, abusive people I have ever met. Is taught that the everyday citizen that are infact your employers are really the enemy.

I worked in a homeless shelter we were directed by the detachement commander to call the police if we ever encountered problems. Good advice right. Not The police 9 times out of 10 were more of a hassle then person I was originally having problems.

I even had one tell me to do my job. I looked at him and said law abiding citizens pay your salery now as a law abiding citizen that makes me one of your many bosses now do your dam job. He did not like it at all and started to yell at me about disrespecting him and police officers.

I had my life threatened the officer arrived listened to what I said and told me it was the hazards of my job and walked away.

Don't ever tell me if i have a problem with the police then chances are that I am on there wanted list.

My friend had 3 finger broke because he refused to give finger prints. I might be abit more sympathetic to the police butr he was 12 years old.

Cops need to remember they are public servants and are employed to protect and serve not serve and protect their own.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 2/5/2007 3:42:49 AM
There are good people in life, and their are evil $hits in life.
They come in all shapes and forms.
Every profession has their bad seeds.
Every profession has some form of corruption.
To hate a whole group that you don't even personally know is STUPID!
Joined: 3/1/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 2/5/2007 1:43:33 PM
i've recently realized how much corruption we have, not only the cops, but the entire criminal justice system. i'd like to see them all behind bars. vigilante justice looks better all the time.
Joined: 11/11/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 2/9/2007 12:42:11 PM
I don't hate them...I think alot of people fear them though. The only cop I ever really came across was an ***hole. So I didn't like THAT cop. He accused me of having drugs when I didn't. My ex had a rental car and he was going waaaaaaay too fast so we got pulled over, and I guess some idiot who had used the car before us had drugs on my side of the car or something. Kinda pissed me off. And scared me, I thought he was going to take me to jail or something for something I didn't do. And I had just met my ex at the time so I thought maybe he really DID have drugs in there or never know.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 2/12/2007 11:55:55 PM
I honestly believe that there are more Good Cops than Bad Cops. The corrupt ones just stand out.
One of the guys that I came out of the Academy with just had his expensive leather jacket stolen by another cop, and many have said that their $100 flashlights have been stolen.
I find it tragic that the "enforcers" of the laws are no better than the people they arrest, and are often given oppotunities to steal, on so many levels.
I know of so many very good cops. Then again, I know of a guy that just quietly resigned rather than facing criminal charges for having his hand in the evidenciary till. The Department let that be the resolution rather than the negative publicity.
All I know is that I do the best I can to help people, and I get many smiles and thank yous, and I have a clean conscience.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/10/2007 5:13:20 AM
mudflap2, exactly right, there are the good and the bad.
Sadly, a lot of cops forget that they were once civilians before they were cops, and I will be honest that I really don't hang out with cops during my off time. The job does change one, though, because you experience a more desolate side of humanity on a day-to-day basis, and there is a certain futility in the work that you do or try to do. The job ages you and burns you out, and for caring people like me, it makes you ache for the Victims, when no matter how well you do your job, the Offender is going to be back out on the street before the ink is dry on your report.
I believe that most of us that come on the job enter with stars in our eyes.
We get abused on a regular basis, and every day we go out on the street, there is a risk of not going home. We are exposed to diseases such as TB, Hepatitis, HIV, and the lastest is a lethal epidemic so-called "Skid-row Staph". We go to the same houses again and again, and recognize the same dirtbags on sight.
In NE Ohio we have had a brutal winter this year. On my way to an assignment, I stumbled upon a woman that had run out of gas on the exit ramp of the freeway. I turned on my overheads, assessed the problem, and she said help was on the way. I asked her if she would like to sit in my warm car, while I protected her from being rear-ended. Her thank you validated my night at work.
Later that night, I reunited a family with a missing nine year-old, and to see the family rejoice was really a good feeling.
If I were not a police officer, I would not recognize that these warm and fuzzies are also a part of police work. The job is wearing me down, but the thank yous really do keep me going.
For everyone that has ever thanked me, thank you for thanking me.
On the other hand, I will admit that there are plenty of cops that are just plain A$$HOLES, terminally and not just situationally.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/10/2007 11:02:20 PM
The answer is simple. They represent everything that is soulless and wrong.

Query addressed...

the giggleparts <-- represents all things hairy and wrong
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/11/2007 1:15:39 AM
Hello, Byrd!
I hate donuts.
I have a soul.
Corruption weighs heavy on me, too. The only thing I can do for me is not be any part of it!
Many departments do offer ride-a-longs, so long as one survives a background check. Walk a half mile in the moccassins of a police officer before you judge so harshly. All of us want to go home at the end of our shifts. We run towards the gunfire, not away from it. I ran into a burning apartment building and helped carry an invalid woman (that it turns out started the fire with her cigarette) down three flights of stairs to safety. Our police shift got everyone out to safety, because the building was ablaze and there was no time to wait for Fire.
It was scary as Hell, and a part of me wanted to drop this woman and run to safety, but we also took an oath to Protect and Serve. I am sorry for everyone that has encountered A$$hole cops, because there are a lot of good ones out there right alongside the Idiots.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/11/2007 1:10:18 PM
There is a system of accountability in place. I am going to suggest that perhaps the officers fleeing may have been trying to establish a perimeter and waiting for back up, because they are of no use to anyone dead, and there is power in numbers. Although it is possible they were scared as hell, and running like hell. I do not know.
For the person that said that cops trick people out of their rights, I am not so sure I agree. If you were not doing anything wrong, then you would not have anything to worry about. Nevertheless, my brother is a criminal defense attorney (ironic, huh?) and he told me that there are some vice detectives that he doesn't even know why they bother to raise their hands and swear them in.
For everyone, if you are placed under arrest and your car is towed, then that is legal justification to search your vehicle, called an inventory. Anything found under those circumstances is admissable. If you are not placed under arrest, or are in your own home, and the police ask for a consent search, you do have a full-fledged legal right to say no, even though they will probably try to intimidate you into saying yes, when they do not have a search warrant.
There is a concept known as exigent circumstances, whereupon standards can be bypassed. For example, if someone shot three people with a sawed off shotgun and was observed running into a location, the police would be allowed to invade that premise without a warrant for the public safety. Exigent Circumstances are a fine line, though, because evidence can be supressed for being "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" if rights are found to be violated.
Though I work in law enforcement, I am a proponent for the legalization of marijuana, which doesn't bode well with the majority of my peers. I do not smoke myself.
I heard a news broadcast many years ago. Some college kids that were hydroponic gardeners consented to a search. The evidence was suppressed in court, because the judge ruled that they were too stoned at the time to be legally competent to consent to the search!
Somehow, IMHO, I do not think that "I-was-so-stoned-I-didn't-know-what-I-was-doing" is the most legitmate of defenses. If it worked for this, then why not for DUIs? Oh, that defense also works for rape Victims: "I made myself drunk, and then he took advantage of me."
I subscribe to personal accountability, and that is with the people I work with, and the people who need police services.
Finally, recently two White police officers were acquitted of criminal charges for severely beating up a Black male (who incidentally is designing a sophisticasted piece of medical machinery) for having the nerve to have a Caucasian girlfriend, and take her and her cousin out for****ails.
The judge ruled that because all of the witnesses were inticated at the time of their crime, their testimonies were insuffiicient to establish "beyond a resonable doubt." Whatever your views on interracial relationships, this is not 1960 Alabama where lynching was an acceptable behavior. To this day, these "officers" do not think they did anything wrong, and by being acquitted, they get to keep their badges and guns and power to enforce. I do not think the job needs people like this. At least they are likely to lose the civil lawsuits, where the standard of proof is merely a preponderance of evidence. Though their actions were criminal, they were acquitted. The scary part is that these people are still on the job as enforcers. I do not know them, nor do I work with them.
I have witnessed copkillers snicker while being questioned. A man in NYC who gunned down two cops stuck his tongue out at the families when he was sentenced to death.
I am on the side of Correct, whichever side that happens to fall on.
Oh, yes, and regarding using the flashers and going through a red times you get a broadcast for a crime in progress, and you happen to be close, so you do not want to alert the criminals with lights and sirens, so that you can catch them. It happens very often.
On that note, while I am ranting, when an emergency vehicle is going lights and sirens, PULL OVER AND STOP, and do not try to get your turns in before they get to where you are, because this is a safety issue for everyone involved. Just pull over, and lose the 30 seconds out of your precious life, please!.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/12/2007 1:05:02 AM
There is bad and good in all groups. What cops deal with day to day I have a lot of respect for them. When its your loved one or friend there helping I don't think you would hate them at that point of time.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/27/2007 3:33:50 AM
Thanks for sharing.
Somehow, people that sport prison tattoos and teardrops (which purportedly represent every person that they have killed) seem to resent being recognized by cops.
I had In-Service Training last week, which is an annual requirement in which we update our skills and requalify with our weapons. If you had told me twenty years ago that I would be proficient with a shotgun, I would have told you that you are out of your mind!
That is where I saw the "real" Columbine tapes. Since there is no time to wait for SWAT, they now want Basic Patrol to be prepared to enter and hunt down the killers. Y'all LOVE the cops then, dontcha, when we risk not going home to save the lives of you and/or your families? Yes, this is the job we took on, so for the minority of @ssholes, it seems unfair to condemn the whole lot of us.
The house next door to me is filledl of criminals, but I have opted for peaceful co-existance in lieu of a better solution, though many people on the street complain about them to me. Last week, the oldest kid knocked on my door and said that his uncle needed to call the police on someone but was concerned because he had warrants himself, and they wanted to know if the uncle with warrants would be arrested if the police were called. Go figure?About a month or so ago, my former neighbor called me. His car had broken down on the freeway and a certain sergeant happened to be passing by, and the weather was just brutal. He had Ken get into his car (front seat) and helped him out with a tow, securing his safety and warmth until the situation was resolved. Ken called me to see if I could find out his home address, to send him a fruit basket. I got in touch with that officer, who said that it was totally unnecessary to thank him but gave up his home address for his friend, suggesting a charitable donation on his behalf instead.
Ironically, I met this sergeant at in-service training last week, and when we got to talking, he remembered me because of my unique name. Really. really nice man!

A few weeks ago, en route to a report assignement, at the freeway exit ramp, I stumbled upon a disabled motorist. It turns out that she had run out of gas, and for the record, especially during inclement weather, please do not allow yourselves to get below a quarter of a tank.
I notified our radio dispatcher, turned on my pretty overhead lights, and stayed behind her to make sure no one crashed into her. Thinking about what Ken had told me, I approached her car in the brutal weather, and I asked if she had any heat in her car. She waited with me, in the front seat of my toasty warm car, while we waited for her friend to deliver some gas.
She told me that she had previously had a bad opinion of cops, until then.
I followed them to the gas station, which ironically was where I was headed before diverting my attention to her.
Maybe I am the exception, I don't know, because I am just me and who I am.
It is probably a bad thing when one's name is run across radio, and everyone working knows who you are and where you live, and it is no wonder that someone like that would hate the cops!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/28/2007 12:42:56 AM
Most cops are power trippers. They are rude and not very friendly or approachable at all. some try to make you feel stupid, very bad etc. they are not encouraging. some are stiff sh*ts.
the ones i have dealt with have been very unprofessional and i know of someone who didnt get help with being abused because the cops didnt think she had good enough or enough evidence as if she should have been sexuall abused a whole lot worse. so rediculous.
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Msg: 119
Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/28/2007 1:49:09 PM
Ahem, abener who.
Who are you calling old???
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/29/2007 3:12:12 AM
May I tell you about last night at work? Okay, then I will!
I began my shift by securing my crummy police car with 103,000+ miles, and the driver's window motor has been slowly dying for the last 6 months, but they refuse to fix it. I learned to not use the window, and anytime anyone would try to flag me down, I had to open the door and explain to them that the window didn't work, though repair had been requested half a dozen times.
We were without a chopper for a few years and finally reinstated the chopper last fall, which is instrumental and profoundly beneficial in pursuit of suspects, especially at night because of the infared lights. We needed chopper, and of course it was unavailable, after males bailed from a car and shots were fired at officers. Often, we need the Kennels truck for dangerous pit bulls, but the Kennels are not available either, due to budget cuts, and there were a few pit bull dog calls last night too.
Anyway, we have had a slew of rain in this region of late. I thought the window was cracked because a smoker had used "my" car, which may or may not be accurate. The motor finally completely died, so rain or no rain, the window was cracked three inches. I was going to order it for service at the end of my shift.
I was on my way to assist with a call for a male shot, which usually create chaotic scenes, but the suspects had already fled. On my way there, a car blasted through the red light right in front of me. My personal criteria for giving out traffic tickets (driving is a privilege and not a right!) is as follows:
If you caused an accident, I cite, to afford the other driver greater protection in litigation;
If you do not have a license then you have no business driving;
If you do not have insurance, then if you hit someone and they have to pay their dedcutible, then that is no different from stealing outright from them;
If you are a complete A$$hole, well, I am afraid you are probably going to get a ticket.
I had not written a ticket since last September!
I approached the vehicle, and this seventeen year-old man immediately confessed to not having a license nor insurance. Neither he nor his friend was wearing their seatbelts. But, still I was very impressed with this young man for his honesty, his courtesy, and I really felt bad for having to write him.
I did not write him for seat belt, and I did not tow the car. I just wrote him for the traffic offense which led to the discover that he did not have a license, for which I also wrote him.. He was bummed for getting the ticket, of course, but recognized that things could have been a lot worse. Had he been discourteous, I would have most likely towed the car. He was actually a really decent kid, and I wrote in the notes section that he had been extremely courteous, and told him if I go to court that I will ask them to give him some consideration because of his good character. I know this sounds like a small thing, but he is 17 and in the 11th grade instead of the 9th grade and was articulate, and that is a rarity in the area in which I patrol. I told this kid that I wished he had a license, because then I would have simply warned him to be more careful, but he knew he had no business driving.

After I wrote the tickets, the steering went out in my luxury City equipment, and I barely made it back to the Station. Fortunately, I was around the corner from the police station, and there was no traffic! It was a long short ride. For the record, if I had encountered a citizen with similar vehicle troubles, I would have offered to assiste them, follow them, and certainly not cite them.

The next assignment I went on was for a 14 year-old habitual female runaway that just got off probation for being unruly. After I finished the information for that report, the battery on my portable radio died, that is supposed to last for an entire shift. This girl is already on the fast track to nowhere. She had been AWOL for two days before her parents reported her, thinking that she was just taking a night out to party.

The two young men in the car thanked me, because they knew they got caught not doing right.

I know a lot of people do not like cops, but you have to establish boundaries to protect the public safety and we all want to go home at the end of our shifts.
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Msg: 121
Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/29/2007 3:40:31 AM
@NocturnalPrincess - How many police officers look like you and handle snakes and are not borderline bully/@sshole mentality? BTW: Yeah, funding is a bitch... that sucks. But, you're either driving a chevy impala or a crown vic I'm assuming so those cars are made to last.

There are only a few cops that I know of around here that are actually not jerks on the job (and cops can be jerks, because of the authority and power they have. Not to mention attitudes vary from state to state). I would also like to state I don't get into trouble. I'm not a drinker, nor a habitual drug user, or a rabble rouser.

The worst thing on my record is one speeding ticket from a few years ago. I was also cited for no insurance the better part of a year ago (which is a misdemeanor in this state, which is retarded. But, because I made the judge laugh I got it taken off my record, that's right folks I'm the motherf***ing giggleparts)

Point made.

the giggleparts - Cops speed on (not in pursuit or going responding to anything) and off duty, so I can too. Hell, I went to a movie recently with my brother and a few of his friends (one of which was a cop) and he and my brother were racing on the road after the movie.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/29/2007 4:29:05 AM
I have received two parking meter violations recently which I paid, and got caught by a speeding camera~~busted! I am stalling on paying the latter to wait for the outcome of the litigation on the cameras. Whoops!
The down side of having platinum hair is that I am really, really held to a higher standard! If I do anything wrong, I am most assuredly caught!
Last night, while I was dealing with the two males in the vehicle, issuing a citation, and determining what to do, I had a man approach me about an old crime for which he wanted a go-nowhere report. I am fortunate that these were two nice young men, because I was working alone.
I told him I would do his report when I was finished with the young men. He kept insisting on his report, when he had never even called the police, which created a safety hazard for me, because we cannot tell the good people from the bad people, and I already was dealing with the two young men in the car who had suspiciously pulled into the driveway of a boarded up house..
He got irritated with having to wait, but I am planning on going home at the end of my shift! He came up to me a last time and was clearly irritated, "Are you going to do my report or NOT???!!!"
Furthermore, I am really terrible at sugarcoating things. The latest thing is for crackheads and heroin addicts to kick in doors of vacant houses and steal all of the copper piping, to sell to unscrupoulous scrap yards. He bought some foreclosed property, was the rightful owner, and someone kicked in his door and stole the copper. I asked him if he had insurance, because the property is not traceable and an insurance claim would be the only legitimate reason for any police report. He stated that he had not procured insurance yet, but he wanted the police report so that the bank would refund a portion of his purchase price, even though the theft occurred after his purchase.. I was perfectly willing to do his go nowhere report for him, but not with two suspects on scene that I had to by myself monitor.
"Sir, I told you I would do your report if you would like, but right now I am dealing with this situation!"
He went off in a huff, about five minutes before I would have been able to accomodate his go nowhere report request.
Finally, I know everyone thinks that a police report is what you are supposed to do when you are the victim of a crime. However, if you have a window smashed, no witnesses, and even if you think you know who did it but cannot prove it, are not filing an insurance claim, the Reality is that there will be no follow up, no one will ever be apprehended, and all that police report is, is a piece of paper to make you feel better, or else to P*SS you off because no one is going to follow up on a simple misdemeanor criminal damaging.
I told him the reality, that without insurance, a report would be of no benefit to him. I told him if he was the legal owner, the bank no longer had any legal responsibility for the property. He was still adament, so I told he who had flagged me down that I would be with him just as soon as I finished with my current situation.
Because of my platinum hair, I can probably be identified for a complaint by the latter male. To do a report for him upon demand would have meant to divert my attention entirely from the two young men I had pulled over, and I am going home at the end of my shift, so I told him he could wait or call for a car, which very well might have even been me!
Thank you for the back-handed compliments though! If you read my profile, you realize the only reason I chose to pose with the snake is because I have always been afraid of them.
Warmest wishes!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/29/2007 9:40:58 AM
It wasn't backhanded.

The simple truth is; you have the more easy going cops and you have the not so easy going cops (this is not a reflection on how well they do their job, just their demeanor). Also, in many instances those who become cops have control/bully issues from back in high school that they carry on with them into that particular job(men more so than women). This isn't to say all are like that or have that problem, but a good number do. I know some people that went to my school around my age that became cops and they were not the kind of guys I would hang out with, mostly because of their horrible behavior towards who they perceived to be different and/or weak.

But, then you have the one guy who always helps out wherever he can and is great to talk to at the holiday station at 3 in the morning. It just depends on the person. All I'm saying is that what I've noticed is many of them are jerks. Does that mean that all of them are? No, of course not. Small towns around here are full of douche bag cops though and the worst of the bunch are the state troopers.

Part of the reason why cops have a bad rep in general is simply because they represent a limitation on personal freedom and they 'catch' people doing things... it's a psychological issue. I don't particularly trust anyone in authority and really, considering many people are sheep and just let things happen, it's no wonder I have that feeling. From the president all the way down to the city sweeper.... I have a healthy suspicion.

Understand, I'm not a shit starter or a 'problem person', so it's not like I have some kind of axe to grind. I guess I just call it like I see it. I would never state that all cops are douche bags... but, many are.

Again, I'm not trying to implicate/associate you in that group of douches NocturnalPrincess. I wish their were more female cops... mostly because I like women in uniform... But, then again, I like it when I see a woman holding a gun... especially an automatic weapon... a big one. I'm a sad and odd little monkey.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/29/2007 4:04:49 PM
Right now at this very moment, I am completely hating cops myself!
I have been a cop for eleven years, and set my physical standards to that of which a man my age would have had to achieve. I was awarded Top Academic Overall, and was one of the challengers for Top Gun, which one of the men won
During the Academy, I was on the fringes because a guy (note I cannot call him a man because that is too much credit) spread rumors about me that many of the small minded people with whom I was in class bought into. I survived all of that nonsense.
Thanks to him, I was labelled a snitch and a walking sexual harassment lawsuit, because of my hair, my makeup, my figure and my sense of humor.
I have had to prove myself every step of the way.
I was talking earlier tonight with a friend of mine on the Job. He informed me that while I was away for a week at training, this 300 lb stinky SOB began telling everyone that before I got on the job he "heard" I was a callgirl. WTF???? I saw some things postted on the bulletin boards about me, but untio my friend enlightened me, I had no idea why.
I met this man less than four years ago, and explain how I went fro, bonafide prostitute to Top Academic in the Academy. He spread the story an all of these small minded twits bought into it! Fortunately I have at least one friend that told him he was full of shit, but that did not stop the fraternity!
The really sad part of this rant is that I am treated more civilly by the people I encounter on the outside than by my coworkers, and I think that is largely because I am very decent to people as a rule.
I have done my best to be a decent and honest officer, but right this minute I am agreeing with the majority that accuse them of being power hungry, greedy, immature, A$$hole control freaks!
Okay, are you all happy? There are a LOT of piece of shit self-serving police officers. Further, the brother of the one that began to spread false rumors about me let a suspect vehicle of a shooting drive right past him, and when confronted by a supervisor basically said that they had a gun so he was afraid.
I am a dope that embraced my oath to protect and serve, and if that means risking my life, well, it happens. Mostly, I try to help people find solutions.
These pieces of shit defamed my character, though I cannot prove it. The killing part is that the are all cowards, and except for my friend, no one would ever tell me the bullshit they are saying. Further, if confronted, all of them would absolutely deny it.
I am starting to recognize fully why so many appreciate what I do as a police officer...I work with a LOT of Major League A$$holes!
I wish I could find a way out, truly, but I need my medical benefits.
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