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Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?Page 5 of 69    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41)
I was perfectly seething when I wrote my previous post!
I do not have enough testosterone to understand the adolescent mentality of many of the men with whom I work.
The things that keep me on my job are job security, benefits, and all of the thank yous I get from the citizens on the outside.
One woman that I work with, she barely talks to me. However, she is an animal lover, and always approaches me warmly when she is trying to find a home for a stray, homeless animal. Ironic, that any other time I try to initiate any friendly conversation she blows me off. She only talks to me when she is trying to use me.
Maybe they have won, because I am tired of my blood pressure rising every year, just because I always try to do the right thing. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to quit this job. As I said, the thank yous from the outside keep me going. Also, I really need the benefits!!!
I need the benefits, and I am still not sure whether or not to get vested or to take the money and run. Every day of my life I contemplate my options. I am not afraid of the dangers, per se, because they come with the territory.
Regarding the officer that was driving a two man car and refused to pursue the shooting suspect vehicle, this is true: He told the Sarge, "They had a gun, and that is dangerous!" DUH! Yah think???
Again, I am fortunate, as a one-person, primarily a report car, I have a lot of discretion. I made the traffic stop the other night because it was a blatant red light violation right in front of me. iIf this young man had had a license, I would have warned him. However, when one drives without a license and insurance (driving is a privilege and not a right) they are potentially jeopardizing other drivers on the roadway. What is the difference between stealing $500 from another, or wrecking their vehicle where they have to pay the deductible to get it fixed. Intent may not have been there, but the end result to the Victim is the same.
I was so ticked off that I took a mental health day from work, had a glass of wine, and pulled the covers over my head, cried if you must know, and went to bed.
I woke up with revenge on my mind!!!
I cannot prove defamation of character, so I am lost there. I do not have enough testosterone to relish in the games the fraternity plays, but I am on the sidelines.
I told my friend that I had a couple of things stored on my computer...that I am too nice to actually attack another with who is sensitive about his weight. But I am really p*ssed, too!
I told my friend that I would print out these things and he could do with them whatever he saw fit.
I hate to hurt anybody, but again WTF??? Paybacks are a biotch! Pesonally, I would not try to hurt another in this way, because I could imagine how much I would hurt myself, which is about as much as I hurt right now.
If anyone wants a preview of the paybacks, feel free to email me, and I will send the downloads to your email.
It is really disheartening when you are a team player and would do almost anything for anybody, to learn that they are making stuff up about you, and for what reason?
Right now, I am a cop and I am hating a majority of cops! But don't hate me, please!
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/30/2007 12:58:11 PM
I have the Job, and I do not want it!
There is stupidity to deal with on the inside and the outside.
The Job only requires a GED, so the college educated person is an outsider.
Thanks for the kind words!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/31/2007 8:29:10 AM
The cops here in australia are really cool, i almost always stop and have a chat or give them a wave as they go past. I have also seen some cops do stuff off the record for families in distres, like i know a family who's daughter was raped. THe cop went over and poked and prodded him until the guy took a knife and tried to stab the cop, then the cop's partner burst in and beat the hell out of the guy and arrested him for assualt on a police officer - that was kind of wrong, but funny in a way too. But generally i really like cops, i feel safer with them around, and i always have time for them.
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 3/31/2007 10:48:18 PM
In a "big city" like mine, we have two man cars and SR cars (special response, i.e., report cars), and per Union regulations SR cars do not respond to the Projects or any call where there is a suspect on scene, unless they are paired with another SR car.I am glad that you were cleared of any wrongdoing and that people in the community stuck up for you. There is too much stress on the inside and on the outside, so the thank yous from the citizens truly mean a lot, ya know.
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/5/2007 6:08:03 PM
I was offered to be third man on a car. I mentioned about two-man versus SR cars. It could be an interesting formula. My partners would both be really big guys and I am a squirt who can talk my way out of a paper bag, but step up to the plate if it comes to that. We all like and trust each other.
I talked to my sarge, and the crap that was spread about me was posted on the wall, which I tore down and slipped into the roll call folder.
He told me that if I quit fighting then I let them win. I have been fighting for 11 years. Nobody should have to fight this hard and for this long, because of some really, really stupid people!
When these sneaky people are given authority, a badge and a gun, well then this becomes disturbing. There are a lot of really crummy people on the streets, and a lot of good people on the job, but how do you know who to trust on either side?
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/10/2007 9:31:04 AM
You misunderstood. We still only ride as a two person car, but I would have two regular partners. When both of them are working, I would then essentially be on General Duty, filling whatever gap needed to be filled. When either of them were off, I would work with one or the other. Since we would all have different days off, then I would have regular partners nearly every day.

A couple of days ago, I was in the zone car and got stuck in the snow. Five men came to my assistance and pushed me out before I could even call for assistance on radio. I guess not all people hate cops?
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/12/2007 12:21:13 PM
At least for now, I am in a different niche, so no one chooses to HATE me.
I am on a 1-man car, whereas most of our officers are 2-man cars. I respond to situations where you have been violated and need a report. I do the report, I provide you with your report number, and I give you any and all advice I can give.
I have told people with "Place Entered" reports that if they notice any additional items missing, to call me at the District and leave a message, and I will respond to do their supplemental report (for insurance) without them having to call radio and play the waiting game. Of course, I know I am the exception.
If I get a call for a parking violator in front of a home, I run the plate, and if it belongs to a resident on the street, I make every effort to bang on the door of the listed owner before writing a ticket, to get them to move the car instead. If I get no response, I have no choice but to write the ticket, and if the violation is particularly flagrant (blocking another's driveway), then I have to tow the vehicle.
Where has common courtesy gone?
I hear tell of the Old Days, where people borrowed cups of sugar, and now so many people have no respect for one another, and then they call the police, and everyone winds up hating us, no matter what we do!
For the people that are ranting about getting tickets, well, I am not a ticket writer. However, did you commit the violation(s) for which you were cited? Think about it!
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/12/2007 1:11:37 PM
If she was drunk, then that is Firearms Under Disability. That would be enough for her to lose her job.
I am only 5-04, on a good day, and I think I weigh @ 125 now since some recent life stresses, and I do not treat people in a bad way.
A couple of nights ago, I got called, as a female, to assist with a narcotics raid and search the females in the house, where the pulled something like 51 guns out of a house. The situation had been going on for quite a while before I was called up. I had no idea to what I was responding and only that they needed a female officer, and I happened to be the only female working.
When I walked in the house, I looked at the carpeting. "Is that blood?!" Earlier, I had heard the call for a dog shot, but did not put the two together.
I looked around and asked who shot the dog. The guys executing the warrant stated that the dog attacked them when they entered, and sadly, I am inclined to agree with them. Apparently, it was a large dog, and there is no guarantee that pepper spray will stop the threat.
I searched the two young women in the house, and helped monitor the suspects, until they were done with their inventory and ready to take the suspects to jail.
The mother of the Prime Player came home to her home to find all of this chaos. Apparently, the dog had been her pet for 20 years, and he did what a dog is supposed to do: Protect his Home!
She looked at her 20 year-old son, that had already been in and out of prison, and said, "I knew better than to let you back in!"
I was the last person out, and I mumbled to her so that only she could hear, "I'm really sorry." Her home was tossed, her kid was on his way back to jail, and her dog was shot dead, and there was her dog's blood on her carpeting.
Regarding Rodney King, he was high on wet when he was arrested. I must take some middle ground on this one. Until you have had to try to subdue someone high on wet, it must look like brutality. Now they call it ED (Excited Delirium). Try fighting Superman with no Kryptonite! It is insane and crazy. Even cuffed, they still seem to keep fighting.
I do think that at some point these officers' adrenelin did get the best of them, and they probably did carry it to the next (unnecessary) level. However, some of what was perceived as brutality was merely a desperate attempt to subdue a subject with superhuman strength.
Do I think the cops got excessive? Well, yeah? Do I think their initial seemingly brutal actions were excessive? No, I do not, and that comment is based upon experience.
There is no describing trying to restrain/subdue someone that is high on wet, as they have superhuman strength, feel no pain, and are completely out of control.
Am I justifying Rodney King? No. I am just offering a different perspective. I am not out there to hurt anybody, but I do want to go home at the end of my shift!
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/12/2007 8:54:48 PM
I got tasered, voluntarily, a couple of weeks ago. Tasers are newly being introduced into our Department. I was completely immobilized, and that SH*T hurt! If I knew what it felt like, as I now do, and I used that intermediate tool to subdue a Suspect, I would resort to "By Whatever Means Necessary" if not "Deadly Force."
I wasn't a TomBoy growing up, and I am still far from it, though a lot more durable through Life's lessons. I do not understand women wanting to play tackle football, but I do understand women wanting equal job opportunities. I never got in a fight in my life growing up, because my Mother raised me that ladies do not fight.
Then I got on this job. The very first and second fights in which I was ever involved (and most of them in hindsight) involved people high on wet. The first time, I was a rookie, within my first year on the Job. Guy was fighting, and I barely knew what was going on. We called for back up, which fortunately got there speedily, but it seemed like a long time.
I pepper sprayed the subject. In my terror, I sprayed him again, and then again, and it had absolutely no effect...on him. It ricocheted off him onto me, and blinded me. By that time, the Calvary arrived and pushed the blind squirt out of the way (me).
As they finally had him cuffed, the squirt (me) who could barely see, crawled into the zone car and began to pull on the cuffs and his arms to try to get him in the police car, while it took eight large men to get the cuffs on him in the first place, and they were on the other side. He would not get in the car, and all he kept saying was, "Ow! You're hurting my hands!"
This was my first fight. Had I not experienced this first-hand, from the outside I would have most certainly thought it looked like brutality.
"MS1970", This is the 21st Century. If there is corruption in your police department, there are mechanisms of control. The conduct of that female officer of which you speak is inexcuseable, although I am sure her victim was not entirely innocent, but still did not deserve to be pistol whipped. I am in the City and not a small town, but there are avenues bigger than local politics to address corruption.
Joined: 8/26/2006
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/14/2007 8:48:06 AM
It is a thankless job, and I feel like an outsider even though I am on the inside. I hate knowing much about humanity or lack thereof that I know.
Before I babble, that is all I can say for now.
Rtdhry, we are also just getting computers in our cars. Yep, we are just now getting Tasers.
Joined: 2/28/2007
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/14/2007 10:17:03 PM
Generally most cops are people like us. You have a bad apple that can't spoil for the rest of the good cops. It's a high stress and thankless job and they do deserve some credit for trying to protect our communities. But there are some cops who have no sense of fair play.

The same cop who runs around writing traffic tickets all day is probably the same cop who has his friends and family's tickets squashed because he knows the cop who wrote them or someone in traffic court that can make them disappear. If you're going to be a cop don't be a hypocrite is all i'm saying. Upholding the law applies to everyone including the police and their families themselves
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/20/2007 6:50:26 PM
I began my police career working in the toughest District in the city.
I remember a woman had found her stolen car on a street not far from where she lived, and the column had been peeled. This is a very impoverished area. Neither the woman nor I had any clue how to get the car running and back into her driveway.
There so happened a young gangbanger on the street, who probably should been in school. In my desperation, I asked him if he knew how to start the car. I told him that I didn't care how he knew and I wasn't trying to jackpot him, but I was really just trying to help this woman. The kid was leery, but I plead, "What if this was your Mom?"
I have taken children into stores and bought them soda pop, chips, and cookies.
No, I am not Holy, but I am human.
I try to be cognizant of my behaviour towards others, and very often am accused of being too nice.
Granted, there are many police officers that seem to have forgotten that they were Civilians before they got on the Job.
On the other hand, there are also a lot of people that spit on us and disrespect us daily, so where does it begin and where does it end?
My reality is that if you have a license and insurance and have not caused an accident (violated anyone else) you are most likely going to say goodbye with a warning. However, if you begin to M-F me, then I am probably going to write you a ticket, because courtesy goes both ways.
I know of a guy that received an award, because he heard a woman screaming and thwarted a rape. A bunch of us ran into a burning building and Stan and I carried a woman out down three flights of stairs.
"S"got involved in a pursuit chasing some felons with guns. The felons got apprehended, but not until their car rolled and he was pulled out unconscious right before the vehicle caught on fire, trying to protect the public from these pieces of garbage.
Yes, we have arrest authority, and a responsibility to articulate probable cause in our reports. Are there people that take advantage of their positions? Look at all of our politicians? Corruption is everywhere, and temptation is the lure.
I can honestly say that I have a clean conscience. But I also wear my heart on my sleeve.
And for the record, when I get out of the zone car and tug at my Duty Belt, I am really not trying to look like Barney Fife, but the belt weighs about twenty pounds. LOL
We have to make decisions on a dime and then be judged by them after hours of deliberating.
There is a book called "Fixing Broken Windows" which has the premise that if you fix the one broken window, the rest will not wind up broken, figuratively speaking.
I try really hard not to be a butthead, but I can be if those are the rules you start by which you start the game.
I remember another time, once again the wrong place at the right time, there was this big fight in the parking lot of a bar. Guy did not resist at all, and admitted he was being a knucklehead. We had the call, so I had to do something. I had him in the back seat of the car. I basically told him that he F*ed up, and I had to write him for something: Public Intox or DCI. He chose the former. He had ID, so I plead with my Sarge, gave him his ticket and was given permission to drop him off at home.
All I am saying is that even though there may be as many butthead cops as there are in the general population, please give us all a chance to be fair before you judge us by the uniform we wear, and the car we drive, just like the chance I try to give everyone that I encounter.
I have pulled people over and pulled up alongside of them, which is a tactical nightmare, and asked, "Do your headlights work?" I have been fortunate to get thank yous and not been shot in the face, and hopefully prevented an accident. "Be safe, and have a good night!"
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/22/2007 2:46:52 AM
A lot of inner city children have negative opinions of police because they have seen the police take one of their parents to jail.
Another thing that is very common is for parents to tell their little ones that if they do not behave themselves that police officer over there is going to take them away to jail.
As I said in my previous post, I began my career in a very bad section of the City. When one is on Probation, they pretty much have to do whatever their Field Training Officer (FTO) tells them, so long as it is not illegal. I was on the Midnight Shift.
My FTO was driving, and as we rounded the corner, there were a few twenty-something guys tossing a football on the street. This was not a busy street, and it was a side street. My partner told them to get out of the street. The young man said that they were not bothering anybody, they were not being loud, and all they were doing was tossing around a football, and why doesn't he go after some of the drug dealers that stand on every corner?
Well, it turned into a P*SSING match, because my FTO ordered him out of the street, and he told my partner that he was being a jerk (which he was) so I guess my partner was feeling disrespected. I had to write the ticket, because part of his job was to teach me how to write tickets, so this man got arrested for Disorderly Conduct, in front of his wife and little kid. He wasn't intoxicated and he was employed, just tossing a ball around on a nice Saturday night..
At the police station, my FTO found an obscure code for "designated play streets," and "I" also had to cite him for playing football on the street. Obviously, this man thought it was a bunch of BS, so he did not pay the citation. After dictating the ticket to me, I had to go back into the jail and get this man to sign it.About two years later, I got a subpoena for the case, as they found the warrant when he was pulled over for a traffic offense. (Warrants never go away until you die, and the last thing you have to do for a DOA is to run them for warrants to get them out of the System.)
When I saw the man in court, I apologized to him. I told the Prosecutor exactly what happened, and the Judge thought it was ludicrous and threw it out. On the way out of the courtroom, I apologized to him again. I don't know what would have happened had my partner gotten the subpoena instead of me, but since "I" wrote the ticket, I was the one called to court.
In my mind, there was no reason that the aforementioned should have escalated like that, and no reason that man should have spent the night in jail, nor been in court on the day I saw him again.
I suppose one way of learning the Job is learning how NOT to do it?
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 4/28/2007 1:49:25 PM
Is THAT why nobody will date me?
Let me tell you a bit about myself.
The other day, I received tactical handcuffs in the mail that are HOT PINK, because they are in no way in violation of our uniform regulations, and I look forward to taking a monstrous Felon to jail in pink breacelets.
The last traffic stop I made, the guy pulled right over and had his license and insurance ready for me. I asked him if he knew why I pulled him over, and we had a discussion. I ended the discussion with, "I would not lie to you! But you have insurance, and that is a good thing. I saw what I saw, but just be careful!" To me, this is better education than writing tickets.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/1/2007 7:22:03 AM
I believe that your negative experience with a woman involved a person and not a uniform. Have you ever had mixed relationship results with a woman that, say, was a waitress. Was it because she was a waitress or because of who she was as a person?
 johnny prophet
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/1/2007 12:01:57 PM
I live in within the city limits of St. Louis, MO.

I see police running red lights and stop signs almost daily, even when they don't have their sirens on, or appear to be in a particular hurry.

When I was younger, I drove a real piece of crap car. In fact, my first several cars were real junkers.

I got pulled over CONSTANTLY when I'd drive my car. But when I drove my girlfriend's (at that time) nice new car (her parent's bought) which I did almost as much as I drove my OWN car, I didn't get pulled over ONCE. I did not drive the car differently than I did my own.

Now that I have a "respectable" car (Honda Civic) I rarely get pulled over.

One of the guys who my old band used to keep around as a "bruiser" who was known for being a violent, aggressive alcoholic, is now a police officer.

I'd like to pose this question to all the people who are going to respond by saying "But there ARE good cops":

When a "good cop" sees one of his police bretheren breaking the law, does he report them? When he sees one of his police bretheren roughing up a detainee unnecessarily, does he say anything? Does he report the incident? Does he pull out the cuffs and slap them on his fellow officer for assault?

If he doesn't do this EACH AND EVERY TIME he sees another officer breaking the law, or if he EVER speeds without being on the way to an emergency or if he EVER runs a stop light in the middle of the night when nobody's around... If he lets pretty girls off the hook for speeding... etc. he should NOT be wearing that badge.

Last year in St. Louis, several officers were disciplined because they busted scalpers who were selling tickets to the World Series and then USED THOSE TICKETS THEMSELVES. (They were not fired for this.)

I could keep going.
 Lady Lucifera
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/1/2007 11:19:25 PM
They make me feel like even if I am being a law abiding ciizen they will still find a reason to give me a big fat ticket! And the uniform does nothing for me! OINK!OINK!
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/2/2007 2:45:11 AM
I do not find your sense of humor very amusing, but to each his own. Have you actually gotten "big fat tickets" while being a "law abiding citizen?" If so, you should have beaten them in court, though you should not have had to go to court in the first place, as you should not have received a ticket if you were completely law-abiding, as you say.. However, your "oink, oink" comment rather makes me believe that you were most likely uncooperative, and mouthy, and belligerent, and may have been arrested for Disorderly Conduct in the past.
Let's put it this way. If the neighbors complain about you being a nuisance, and we beg you half a dozen times to go inside, but you still insist upon being a nusiance, then you go to jail. Please define your definition of "law abiding" because there are enough people committing crimes that we do not need to trump up charges against innocent persons!
We have a job to do, and it isn't always an easy job, and your addendum was totally uncalled for.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/2/2007 10:20:23 PM

I’ve never been asked to permit a car search nor has anyone I know during a traffic violation stop. You don’t know what constitutes “probable cause”. I’m certain they had reason to want to search your car
Ok i read a few of your posts in this thread and i was going to keep my mouth shut but you are completely wrong in your judgement of the other posters on this thread. Just because you have'nt experienced it does'nt mean that everyone else is imagining things.

I don't think you read the papers that much do you? How many police departments across the country have been investigated and officers dismissed for violating the public 's rights by performing illegal searches of vehicles without probable cause or planting evidence on innocent people to boost their arrest records?

In my county a few officers were suspended for profiling black people on the highway, stopping them without probable cause and searching their cars. Some cops do think because they have authority they can do whatever they want whether it violates your rights or not.

Wake up!! Not all cops are saints...although i do think the majority of police officers practice within the law there are a few who should not be wearing a badge
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/3/2007 10:23:25 AM
First of all, Rodney King was high on "wet." There is no explaining their superhuman strength and feel no pain quality.. I think that was discussed a few pages ago. When their buzz wears off, they feel like they were hit by a truck, but while high, almost no means are effective in subduing them, and it certainly does look like brutality to the outside eye. I also agreed that I think those officers' adrenaline got the best of them; however, getting a suspect cuffed is only half of the battle, and you still have to get them in the car, get them to jail and get them booked.
They now call high on wet or in a "crisis" ED (Excited Delirium), and these are the people that smoke marijuana joints dipped in formalehyde or use PCP (elephant tranquillizer) and then go out of control and start running around naked.
There was one woman that was about 5-03, 125 lbs., and we got a third party call for a Domestic. We got to the door and heard the screaming. A five year-old little girl opened the door for us. There were used condoms on the windowsill next to the bed, and marijuana next to the bedstand, and neighbors reported that there had been men in and out (no pun intended) all day long.
The child was taken to her grandmother's.
The woman swung a punch at me and tried to push me off the rear upstairs porch steps.
We called for backup. The Calvary arrived. She was most definitely a NO PERSON and was high on wet.
It took six burly men to carry her down the stairs after she was cuffed and to place her in our zone car (two ath the front, two at the back, and two in the middle). Meanwhile, while she was in this state, she was responsible for caring for a small child!
We took her to the hospital rather than to jail, because of her ED. My partner, myself, three hospital security personnel, and every member of the ER staff was there trying to hold her down, even though we already had her in restraints, and one of the staff was a buff 230 lb. muscular body-builder. This woman spit on the doctor.
They gradually gave her sedatives, and the ER staff was astounded at how much they had to give her! It was enough to kill somebody, but she kept thrashing away. Everyone trying to hold her down worked up a sweat. When her buzz wore off, she wanted to sue the hospital and the police...go figure?
She wound up going to prison for homicide for a different offense in another juridiction.

Last night, I saw two cars run a red light right in front of me. I pulled over the second car, because he was "more guilty" and both of them pulled right over. He had his license and insurance ready for me, and he was from the suburbs whereas I work in the City. Really nice man.
I asked him if he knew why I pulled him over, and he did not. I asked him if he thought the suburban department would give him a break, and he hedged. Then, I said, "You have insurance. I can't write you a ticket. You both ran the light, but I could not pull BOTH of you over. Have a good night, and be safe!"
"Oink, Oink!" Yep, that's me.
 johnny prophet
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/3/2007 12:21:52 PM
Another story about the "glory" of police officers.

I got pulled over one night when I was about 18 on my way to a movie, because one of my tail lights had apparently burned out. I had my girlfriend and roommate with me in the car.

The officer ran my license and it came back with a traffic warrant (for an unpaid speeding ticket). The officer cuffed me, threw me in the back of the squad car, and then proceeded to tell me that he was going to search my car.

I told him there was nothing to find, but he went through the whole car, threw my possessions out in the street, even went through the trouble of removing my spare tire from it's compartment (and didn't put it back.) After he didn't find anything incriminating, he told my roommate and my girlfriend (both of whom had valid licenses and no warrants) that they could walk home, because he was going to have my car impounded.

This was NOT the nicest part of St. Louis that we happened to get pulled over in, and it was WELL after dark. (It was also bitterly cold.) My girlfriend was 110 lbs and 17 years old. He wouldn't let them take my car, even after they both produced proof of insurance and licenses and instructed them to walk home. (Home being about 15 miles away.)

When I complained politely to him (from the back of the squad car) that he was being unreasonable, he threatened to beat me if I wouldn't be quiet. (Keep in mind my hands were cuffed behind my back.) So I made a point to exercise my right to remain silent from thence forth.

When we got to the station, they asked me my name, and I didn't answer. They asked me all sorts of questions, and I remained mute. They then manhandled me into a holding cell (I didn't resist) and threw me into it, causing me to fall to the ground.

When I hit the ground, i decided I would just stay there. So I lay on the ground, refused to answer questions or to respond in any way to the torments, taunts and insults that were being directed at me.

They stated that if I didn't start responding, they were going to call an ambulance and have me taken to the hospital for observation. That sounded good to me, so I remained silent.

When the EMT crew arrived, they let them into the cell with me and I sat silently and allowed them to check my pulse, check my pupils for dilation, and other minor indignities. They even went so far as to put a LOT of pressure on my chest with an elbow, presumably to see if I would "react" to the pain. (I did. They laughed.)

They then strapped me (unresisting, not talking) face down on a stretcher and put me in the back of the ambulance. The officer who had arrested me in the first place was the only one in the back of the ambulance with me on the way to the hospital.

Because I would not respond to his continued jabs and taunts, he put his thumb just behind the spot where my jaw hinges and applied a great deal of pressure. This was the one and only time I spoke since arriving at the police station. I looked up and said "go ahead, break it."

I got to the hospital, they checked me in on an overnight suicide watch, and then released me to my own recognizance in the morning.

It cost me over a week's pay to get my car out of impound. I got a bill from the hospital for almost $1000, even though I never asked to be admitted, and indeed, nothing was wrong with me.

All of this because I exercised my "right to remain silent" after being caught on a traffic warrant (unpaid ticket, remember?) with no drugs, no criminal record and no violent or suspicious behavior (unless being young qualifies as suspicious behavior).

Also, nobody, including the police officer in this thread, responded to my earlier question about "Good Cops":

What do you do when you see another officer breaking the law (even in a minor way, like running a red light?) Do you arrest them? Turn them in? Mention it to your supervisor? Have you ever seen or suspected any infringement of a prisoner's rights? If you have (and of course you have) and you didn't do anything about it then you aren't a good cop, and don't deserve to wear the badge.

Yes, police are humans too, and they make mistakes. But they also CHOSE to take that kind of responsibility on FOR PAY. If you don't want that kind of responsibility or cannot handle it, go wait tables. If you cannot uphold the law impartially, every time, you ought not EVER try to enforce ANY of it.
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/3/2007 12:55:28 PM

Not very many I’m sure of that. So where’s your evidence of all that paranoia, they’re out to get us mentality? Please provide the sources. Boost arrest records by nailing innocents, come on, now you’re really being stupid. Haven’t you read any of the posts by the police officers on here? They don’t need to arrest innocents, we’ve loads of criminals; or haven’t you read about them in your newspapers?
Paranoia? Please lady you like to twist things to your liking. I was merely stating that not ALL cops are saints as you like to believe ...corruption does exist among SOME officers not ALL but you rather choose to believe ALL cops are model citizens and anyone who disagrees with you is either a criminal or paranoid.

Take your head out of the sand, it’s about time you learned how the world works and at least attempt to comprehend that most Police Officers are here to help, protect even you.
Protect EVEN me? No kidding and here i thought i did'nt deserve it}

FYI...i do agree with you that MOST officers are here to protect and that is exactly what i said in my previous statements of course you failed to read that part

Since you obviously can’t comprehend what you read you should have. I responded to a question
You responded to other posters REPLIES as i also did to your reply , it's ironic that you accuse me of lacking comprehension skills when yours are at a first grade level
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/4/2007 2:29:40 AM
If the officer asks, then it is a "consent search" and the person does have a right to say no.
Regarding the vehicle that was towed, I am sorry that you feel that you were mishandled. The officer has no duty or obligation to release the vehicle to anyone else, and you should have probably just paid your darned ticket. I wasn't looking for any glory, just fairness.
I am thinking that while you say you were wearing a halo, you very well might have been an eighteen year-old punk with an attitude.
In out City, if there is an unpaid ticket, it is Contempt of Court Warrant, and we are REQUIRED to arrest. Before towing a car, one inventories the car. This would justify the search of your vehicle.
Should the officer have removed property from the car? No.
Maybe the officer was being a butthead, too. It sounds to me like you two got into a P*SSING match, and he won.
Clearly, everything that you articulated makes you sound like you were being a total wind up for psych eval...c'mon, think about it? But you were young and dumb.
Word to the wise: You get more bees with honey than vinegar! Think about it.
Think about my last post. I mentioned that this gentleman was very nice, polite, prepared, and had all of his credentials. If he had had a C of C Warrant, I would have had to arrest him! Still, because he was so nice, I would have asked him if there was someone who could pick up his car so I did not have to tow it.
I am inclined to think that you were not as noble, considerate, and respectful as you describe. Honestly, from your description of the events, I think you were being a total butthead. John Doe people do not get to make phone calls, and you clearly sound as if you were a NO PERSON.
Officers' discretion, absolutely.
However, to answer your question, I warn and send everyone that has a license and insurance for minor infractions, so why wouldn't I warn and send an officer, too?
I guess that is just me looking for some more "glory", eh?
 johnny prophet
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/4/2007 10:04:25 AM
I am thinking that while you say you were wearing a halo, you very well might have been an eighteen year-old punk with an attitude.

Well, I couldn't very well have done anything about the fact that I was 18 at the time. That often is enough to make you a "punk" in the eyes of the law, especially if you drive a late model car.

I don't remember painting myself as having had a halo. I said I exercised my *RIGHT* to remain silent. Surely you are not going to argue that I had such a right?

ALso, you've twice dodged my question about police brutality/impropriety.

This will be the third time (in as many days) that I ask this:

As an officer of the law, have you ever heard of or witnessed a fellow officer bending or breaking the law for *ANY* *REASON* and when you did, did you turn them in for it? I'm not talking about giving someone a warning on a stop-sign violation. I'm talking about things like confiscating (and using) drugs, confiscating (and keeping) property, brutality, intimidation, threats, lying, stealing, murder, etc.
No, of course you didn't, because if you did, you'd have had to turn in every cop on the force at one time or another (and of course, they'd probably have to do the same to you). Turning in all the cops who break the law in the course of their "duties" would NOT make you a popular person around the office, and you might even get passed over for promotion as not being a "team player."

But you'd rather assassinate my character than answer that question, wouldn't you?

I never claimed to be an angel, but that doesn't excuse what the officer did. There was no reason to put a 17 year old girl in harm's way just to flex his muscles.... especially when he was a middle aged OFFICER OF THE LAW and I was just a "punk" who was cuffed in the back of his squad car. Only a very, very petty middle aged person feels the need to "win" a pissing contest with a testosterone filled "punk."

My argument here (in the "why do some people hate cops?" thread) is that officers of the law ought to hold themselves to a HIGHER standard than the average joe on the street. If not, what's the point of them enforcing the laws that they themselves bend?

Also, at 18, I had been on my own for 2 years, and I was working for near minimum wage. Coming up with a few hundred dollars for court costs and fines was not always within my means when I was struggling just to keep a roof over my head and I regularly went days without eating. And before you chime in, we were on our way to a DOLLAR MOVIE. I wasn't out spending big bucks.

One St. Louis area police officer that was a friend of a friend's dad once told my friend that he had "never known an officer who didn't carry a 'throw-away piece'." (A throw-away piece for those who don't know is a gun with no registration marks on it, that an officer can toss on the corpse of a suspect that they just shot in order to make it look like that suspect deserved it. So that way if you shoot someone who's running away from you and they turn out to be a 14 year old, you can claim they aimed a gun at you.)
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Why do so many people seem to hate cops?
Posted: 5/4/2007 12:40:30 PM
To answer your question, I have not ever seen anyone brutalize an arrested person.
You see, because of a man in my Academy Class that disliked me, he spread rumors as if they were fact that I am a snitch.. The reputation was a false one, but it also has served a very good purpose, in hindsight. Nobody has ever dared do anything dirty or questionable around me. I would bet that some dirty stuff probably does go on, but in my eleven years on the job, I have never seen any. Would I turn them in? That is a really tough question, because if one crosses the line, then they find themselves without backup. Ever see the movie Serpico? I have not had to find out because I have never seen that happen!

When I mentioned your attitude problem, I was talking about before you began to exercise your right to remain silent. For the record, the right to remain silent generally applies to making a statement and not simply providing your name.
You wound up in the psych ward, so essentially you presented yourself as a nutcase! It wasn't because of your age, nor the car you drove, but because of the way you acted. DUH!
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