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Msg. 143, 144 & 145: CL, it would appear that your the post button on your keyboard is rather sticky, hence the duplicate posts. May I suggest that you start typing with both hands instead of just one hand?
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life altering books
Posted: 5/7/2008 11:46:35 PM
The Four Agreements - Don Miguel, Sidhartha - Herman Hess
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life altering books
Posted: 5/8/2008 1:06:13 PM
A friend of mine bought "New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" by Eckhart Tolle (yes the one that made it to Oprah's book club) and my friend has commented on her outlook on life has changed. Her husband is pretty quiet anyway and didn't comment.

I am not one to buy self-help or self-discovery books but I figured what the heck, I could use some enlightenment and bought the book. Alas I didn't get past the first two pages where he talks about flowers.

I do hope to read it though. Seriously.

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life altering books
Posted: 5/8/2008 8:19:16 PM
I read the Power of Now by Eckhart and I didn't quite understand what he was getting at. Some people claim to understand it, but I think they understand it even less than I do. He seems to repeat a lot of the same ideas. Be in the moment, moment, moment, moment............ If you go to the Oprah website, you can do tutorials that go with this book according to my hairdresser.
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life altering books
Posted: 5/8/2008 9:05:29 PM
Xavery - I had the same opinion when I read the Power of Now and have heard several people say the same thing. However the Oprah website might shed some light for me.
Thanks for the tip. And the new photo is fabulous!
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life altering books
Posted: 5/8/2008 10:05:39 PM
I find acting out Lear or Hamlet - all roles - extremely cathartic. Today, I played Gloucester and fell to the floor howling when Cornwall gouged out my eyes. However, I am open to being helped by self-help books, even though I am probably beyond help.
 Scooby Dee
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life altering books
Posted: 5/8/2008 10:31:20 PM
He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
by Greg Behrendt

It helped me understand men better.
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life altering books
Posted: 7/3/2008 5:15:04 AM
I bought "New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" by Eckhart Tolle

I didn't get past page 3 and it sits on my headboard untouched for over a month.... SIGH
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life altering books
Posted: 7/3/2008 9:08:10 AM
The Power of Now and A New Earth have the same basic treatise, to paraphrase:

Human beings talk to themselves all the time. A lot of that self talk is negative and has to do with replaying events of our past and scripting a better response for ourselves, or projecting future interactions and how we will respond.

Tolle suggests that neither of these are particularly healthy. Instead of having a focus that is in the past, or in the future, being fully present is where true joy lies.

A good exercise on this one is to become aware of your 'self talk' and what it is saying.
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life altering books
Posted: 7/3/2008 11:46:29 AM
Dr Suess, Green eggs and ham. It always reminds me of the crap that we were fed in the orphanage. I swear to gawd that to this day I can’t eat bacon or eggs cuz of that book!
Did it alter my life? Dam rights it did cause it made me understand that my parents dumped me for a bottle and that no matter what happens in the journey of life I will never have to eat green eggs and ham again!
But I will eat a green pickle!
Joined: 2/12/2009
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life altering books
Posted: 12/8/2009 10:30:08 PM
from Msg 138

"Descent into Madness, the Diary of a Killer"by Vernon Frolick.
ISBN is 0-88839-321-0.
Published by Hancock House. 1993

To my surprise I learned that Oros also recorded in his diaries his relationship with a hunting guide and his son. I went to school with and played with the son when we were kids.

While the book may not have been deeply life-altering for me, it has been a noteworthy and very compelling read.

Mr. Fletcher Day, the hunting guide, passed away today.

Rest In Peace.
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life altering books
Posted: 12/10/2009 10:45:22 AM
The Game -Neil Strauss
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life altering books
Posted: 10/31/2010 8:25:13 AM
women who run with the wolves......"Clarissa Pinkola"
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life altering books
Posted: 11/13/2010 8:54:25 PM
eat pray love a recent read and just when i needed it.
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life altering books
Posted: 11/14/2010 11:42:15 AM
I have had more life altering moments than I have books!
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life altering books
Posted: 11/15/2010 8:10:34 PM
While not "life-altering"...a really enchanting book about dogs(well...about life and so much more...)))and their relationship with a young man who could not speak is
*the story of EDGAR SAWTELLE*
BY David Wroblewski
it is an Oprah's Book Club book...
and for anyone who loves the *pictures*(visuals) the written word is able to capture, by an excellent author...
this one will *do it* for you.
happy reading
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life altering books
Posted: 11/30/2010 1:56:36 AM
2 I just read recently,

"Intuition" and "Compassion"

Both by OSHO

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life altering books
Posted: 12/15/2010 7:08:26 PM
Long ago, in a time almost forgotten ( high school ) I read a book called "The Afghan Horsemen" it opened my inexperienced eyes to the richness of cultures outside my own. More recently in a time of personal crisis I read Eckhart Tolle "A New Earth". It lead me out of my culture of ego generated insanity to a new life of awareness. What a relief.

Other books to enjoy...

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins -- the importance of breathing
Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert Heinlein -- the necessity of laughter
Ringworld by Larry Niven -- the beauty of science combined with imagination
The Sinbad Voyage by Tim Severin -- the wonder of high - story

So many books to read so little time.
Joined: 2/8/2010
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life altering books
Posted: 1/4/2012 9:53:41 PM
i'm glad this thread was resurrected, by accident it seems,
but I find it odd....I have read quite a few of the recommendations
but the book I would choose, if I had to choose only one, is Steinbeck's Cannery Row, I re-read it every once in a while when I need it.
I will certainly be looking into the books recommended herein however

I LOVED Steinbeck when I was younger. Read and reread all of his novels so many times. East of Eden was my fave. I also do the self help thing now but can't help krislitten with any dating ones.

I have thought about doing some research and writing one myself: Dating with dignity. I would have to do lots of interviews though...which may be helpful even if I don't write the book.
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life altering books
Posted: 1/12/2012 4:26:17 AM
Johnathan Livingston Seagull
Joined: 5/15/2013
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life altering books
Posted: 7/30/2013 8:48:24 PM

Hasn't altered my life yet......Just bought the book "The Power of Now". Heard excellent reviews.
Just starting it... : )
Joined: 2/7/2011
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life altering books
Posted: 8/1/2013 8:53:29 AM
not life altering, but:
"Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

by Susan Cain

Crown Publishing Group | January 24, 2012 | "

It was a good book for people who hate self help books.

Made me lose the guilt for feeling some of the ways that i do about people close to me.
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life altering books
Posted: 8/4/2013 10:25:38 PM
This book more than altered my life...

I was 16 and big on true crime mom gifted me a book, I couldn't even tell you the name of the book.
It was the picture on the book...Clifford Olson. He killed 11 children in B.C in the early 80's.
My sister and I excepted a ride from him...thankful to be alive.
Joined: 11/13/2012
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life altering books
Posted: 9/9/2013 4:30:00 PM
My life altering book was "Cujo" by Stephen King. I was 11 years old. It was the first book I read without pictures and have been addicted to reading since.
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life altering books
Posted: 10/2/2013 12:17:08 AM
would like to second, a little tough to me but still useful for girls
He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
Greg Behrendt (Author), Liz Tuccillo (Author)
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