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Best Type of Volunteer Work?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Paul, You should volunteer because you want to help with that organization, NOT because you are out looking, so the advice is volunteer in something that interests you...besides if you do meet someone through that organization, then you already share a common interest.

People who volunteer, care about what they are volunteering for....they give their time, and dedication to make sure the need is met.

If you are truly looking to get involved, for the right reasons, there are tonnes of places to volunteer... (I will add that volunteering not only allows you to meet people you volunteer with but also meet people in the community, esp if the organization is one that provides a service to the public

If you are not that committed and want a short-term thing...pick an event and help with it...there are lots of events where they need runners, recorders, ticket takers etc....they are alot of fun to help with, and you will find very rewarding.

Some suggestions:

- Help with local town/city parade/local festivals/fairs/special events,(tree lighting ceremonies, candlelight walks etc....go to the town hall...they'll give you a list of contacts
- Big Brother and sisters, if you are not interested in the sibling part, they still need help in organizing events and in the running of the organization
- Canvasing for charities
- St. John's Ambulance has a brigades acoss the world, where you train and provide first aid for the public, they provide service for a variety of events such as parades, festivals, concerts etc...
- Community care offers services to people in your own area that are in need of help...
- help in a food line or in Christmas Food banks
- Toys for Tots
- Your local hospital
- Volunteer to help at POF don't have to organize...they need help with little things too!
Just open the phone book or your newspaper...and you will find!

Ok this is just a start of a never-ending don't have to look hard, you will find that there are tonnes of places that need volunteers.

My last thought is this, Don't think that in joining a group that has many married people (or that is involved primarily with children ie: hockey coach) that you won't meet single people...often they have friends that introduce you to others and as I said if you do things that service the community, you're out there and trust me, you will meet tonnes of single people!

I hope this is of help!
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/26/2006 6:42:10 AM

I have been thinking the same thing. This avenue would be an excellent way certainly to get beyond the internet and into the real world. It would be self fulfilling as well as allowing you to be more available to the opposite sex that perhaps shares the same interests and values which is so important in a relationship. I would find something that you can put your heart into and see what happens.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/26/2006 9:13:40 AM
This is a joke, right? You would volunteer for an organization as a way to meet women as opposed to doing it because it is the right thing to do? Volunteering -- giving of your time -- is to expect nothing in return. I don't know that I would want you volunteering for my organization because the goal of the organization is not your goal.

Please, go to a bar, a grocery store, a gym. Anywhere but a volunteer position.

Then again, if you do volunteer, you'll learn what life is really about.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/26/2006 9:22:24 AM
Living close to the beach and growing up with respect for our living environment, I've always liked to participate in clearing up parks, beaches etc - being out in the fresh air and do something positive for place/area that should matter to all of us.
You meet and mingle with people, hmm ... it could be an "avenue" to meet a potential friend / companion ...
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/26/2006 10:00:00 AM
You need to readjust your reasons for wanting to volunteer. I do extensive volunteer work and I, as well as the majority of people I volunteer with, do not tolerate others that are there with ulterior motives such as getting a date. Those of us that volunteer because we are passionate about a cause have little patience with others who simply are out to expand their social circle.

That being said, there are a million different places you could put in some time and energy.

I volunteer mainly at a shelter for street kids where I work as a mediator, mentor, sometimes cook and bottlewasher, lead GED prep classes, give out hugs and actually listen to the kids. I also put in time volunteering in a minor capacity with 4-H (resource leader, used to be a project leader), school and rec sports (bookkeeper, ref), holiday drives for the different organizations putting together Christmas baskets (putting out collection bins, assembling and delivering baskets), a women's shelter (ocasionally take a shift on the crisis line, help with fundraising), I help organize various dinner auctions to assist local individuals and families in crisis, I also step in as needed with a handful of other causes. There are days that I think every volunteer program in the area has my number on speed dial. ;-)

Check out the different volunteer organizations in your area, choose one that you can actually feel passionate about and go for it.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/26/2006 10:31:56 AM
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/26/2006 10:32:12 AM
Hi - I appreciate your sincerity in your intentions, and to go out and try to do volunteer work, just is a great side aspect.

Years ago, I was sitting around a room with girls and realized I was the only one that wasn't pregnant or had a child, I went out and adopted a little boy--since my last name is Jackson, just to show you how long ago it was, I named him Michael, but it's the best part of my life is being around this individual. He brought home a crippled guy for Thanksgiving last week, and although I've never met a good man to marry yet, the joy from my son is just as good, if not better than trying to compromise a life with someone else. To find a man that is interested in making my life better is, to me, an impossible dream. Good luck with the woman hunt, but I still like the guy overheard in the bookstore saying, "I'd rather be single and miserable, than married, and wish I were dead."
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/26/2006 4:30:28 PM
To the OP.

In my mid 20's I used exactly the strategy you are considering.

I shamlessly volunteered at the local animal shelter as a volunteer dog walker.

It was an excellent volunteer activity, as I genuinely like dogs, but could not own one and care for it properly at the time. It involved little responsability ( walking dogs is not rocket science) and it was quite took so little effort on my part to brighten the day of an animal stuck in a shelter.

But more importantly for the op it was an awesome way to meet women.

The shelter employees and my fellow volunteers were mostly the hairy armpit vegan types, so that did not work out so well...but I had a great routine where after taking the dog for a walk or run I would stop by Starbucks and have a coffee on the patio, accompanied by shelter animal.

People, including women of appropriate age, would come over and pet the dog and ask his which point I would introduce him as a homless animal who needed a home, and I am an uber sensitive volunteer dog walker who deeply cares, enjoys the outdoors, and drinks upscale coffee.

Well, as you can expect... this was an excellent introduction strategy.

I encourage you to give it a shot.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/27/2006 3:53:55 PM
Thanks Aphrodite. It worked well for me, hope it works well for the OP.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 11/27/2006 11:47:38 PM
OK, it's clear that many on here take volunteer work very seriously....and I never did.

There are degrees of committment involved in volunteering, and I would be the first to say that if you involved yourself in Big Brothers in order to meet single moms...that would make you a slimeball.

But volunteering does not have to involve huge committments and fanatical devotion to a social cause...walking dogs, rec league sports, community events, fundraising for worthy causes...these are altruistic, yet relitively lightweight low stress activities that create a whole new social network.

Don'tr let the fanatics ruin the idea of volunteering.
 Heart Bandit
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 12/5/2006 3:36:23 PM
I don't volunteer with any alterior motives such as looking for a woman. I volunteer with the Special Olympics and only do it because it's something that I like to do. I do it only for the kids. And seeing all those happy and smiling faces makes it all the worth while, regardless if I were to hook up with another volunteer or not.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 7/23/2007 12:59:36 PM
OK - where is the best place to volunteer and meet intelligent men?
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 7/23/2007 5:39:15 PM
If you're into more male dominated stuff (I tend to be too), try something in Emergency Services. Whether that's the local volunteer fire department (they're ALWAYS looking for new members), St. John's Ambulance (as someone already said), or your local police auxiliary department. Heck, even Scouts might be a good place, if there are single parents bringing their kids to meetings and camping events.

As everyone's said, do it for other reasons than looking for a mate. It's like watching the kettle boil...when you least expect it, you'll meet someone.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 7/24/2007 11:50:32 AM
Good luck Paul it's hard to be chosen as a volunteer these day's. I should know, as I've been volunteering for years now to be a towel boy at our local Y.W.C.A. and still recieving the same note from them saying they will get in touch.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 7/24/2007 5:45:34 PM
OP, I think your question is a fair one. First and foremost, pick an activity you have a sincere interest in; otherwise, you won't enjoy it. Secondarily, look for a volunteer position with people your age. There is nothing wrong with looking to meet people your own age when you volunteer your time. People volunteer their time for a variety of personal reasons.

I've volunteered at the hospital (boring), home for seniors (rewarding, lots of old people), Canadian Institute for the Blind (rewarding, but filled with mostly old people) and a local Search & Rescue Group (good times, good group of younger people.)

The dog walking idea is your best option that has been posted so far. Women love dogs and it is easy to get into conversations with other pet owners.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 7/24/2007 7:11:00 PM
I understand that this was originally posted several months ago. However, I don't think that my response is changed by that fact.

Consider those things which you have an interest, talent or a concern about. However, if you don't have some type of enthusiasm for it, it will quickly show. If you are there primarily to meet members of the opposite sex, then I would seriously reconsider doing it at all. Many organizations do appreciate the time and commitment from volunteers, but few have much time for a dilettante. Their resources are scarce enough.

Instead, try walking your dog in the park and try to pick up ladies that way.

Otherwise, I agree with the guy above me about the specifics.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 7/24/2007 9:18:22 PM
I was in this organization called Best buddies where you work with mentally challenged people. It wasn't all that I thought it would be, but not because of the premise of it, rather because it was so poorly put together and completely disorganized. I was one of 3 guys out of like 21 people in the group, so I thought that statistics would be on my side, but I just didn't have any luck. Oh well, I guess girls don't like guys who are caring. So if I were you, I'd just say find a group dynamic that's fun for you. Girls aren't worth the trouble of doing something you know you'll hate from the get go.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 8/1/2007 3:19:49 AM
go downtown and put up a kissing booth to raise funds or any charity you care to advertise for
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 8/1/2007 7:55:23 PM
I one thing that I do is a program at a nearby church that changes single parents' oil for free. As a single dad, I understand some of the difficulties that single moms can have and that's one of them. Since I've been a mechanic for over 20 years, well, it's a natural for me. So, us guys organize into crews and make a day of it every three months or so. I've done it a couple of times and it is very gratifying.

BUT, we do not hit on the ladies-that's a no-no. We don't even see them usually and none of us do it for that. If anyone did they wouldn't be welcome, I think. They park their cars, go inside for a coffee and we do our thing. Most of the guys are married anyway. If you're going to volunteer, do it for the right reason, please. Like it is something you believe in?

One note, while I did one lady's car, it had a bumper sticker in the back window-I forget exactly- that said something to the effect of how all men are dogs. We all just looked at each other and laughed. She still got her oil changed properly.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 8/2/2007 10:35:42 AM
See if there is a branch of this organization in your area:

In Kansas City (, I get to volunteer at fundraising walks, runs, benefits, etc. I get to volunteer at the Symphony, Opera, plays, musicals, etc. I get to volunteer at Harvesters food pantry. There are so many different opportunties so I'm not doing the same thing all the time.

I'm also a regular volunteer and part-time employee for Ronald McDonald House (and fundraisers) but it's not necessarily a place to meet other singles........
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 2/26/2012 12:57:23 PM
Revival of an old thread, but I believe it still has relevance today. Especially given the hardships that many people faced during the prolonged economic condition.

Is volunteer work a good way to meet people? Which organizations are recommended specifically for this purpose? I am somewhat young (26) and looking to meet someone within my age bracket.

I need to find a setting that will not put me to work alone, but rather in a small group of people who aren't all married.

The OP has since left and he made due note that some would have advised him to so something that interests him. but as another poster mentions:

If you are there to find dates with people who really care about their work, they'll see through you in a minute. Almost like someone that has no religion going to a church to find someone. Volunteer because you care and that would start any relationship off honestly at least, rather then starting one under false pretenses.

Tend to agree with this. While I understand there are many motivations for such efforts (not all of them purely selfless) for the most part you should contribute what you feel you ought to contribute to something that has meaning for you. It may not be all that much, but if you add up all the little efforts by many, then it can amount to quite a lot in the end.

In addition, many volunteer organizations do appreciate the effort. However, because so many are stretched so thin, especially after this long downturn in the economy, many that look to staff their organizations with volunteers tend to frown on this type of motivation.

Karma, or whatever label you want to affix to the idea, does work in strange ways sometimes.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 2/26/2012 1:34:27 PM
^^^Agree with this.

I thought about it because I help out at a place and many of the volunteers there are groups from various organizations (HS, church, etc) and a lot of the work given to them is structured around time consuming but necessary functions. Not glamorous but most of the people have a good time about it and understand why they are there helping out.

Which is good because demand for food bank and other services has increased substantially in the past few years. What was interesting was that many were in fact working people simply having trouble making ends meet.

Just as in the animal shelters you mentioned, I wouldn't be surprised if a percentage of people wanted to keep the animal but gave up the pet because it became too costly to keep.
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 2/27/2012 11:13:41 AM
Volunteer for the United Nations.

It's like a used furnature shop...all you're needs under one roof, and they've all been tried and tested!


And why do people keep bringing up these old posts and tricking us into replying to them!?!?!?!
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Best Type of Volunteer Work?
Posted: 2/27/2012 11:32:12 AM
To meet younger people volunteer at sports, music, and tourism events like festivals. They often have volunteer parties afterwards. To meet older people try more stable locales like health and charity organizations. Political campaigns are good. I got hit on by a girl I was paired with enumerating voters for an election. I also got to see a lot of single women in my area while knocking on doors enumerating, same as a polling clerk on election day. But the last two are not volunteer. I got paid.
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