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Joined: 9/15/2008
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DRIVING IN THE SNOW......Page 6 of 6    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
For gosh sakes...whether you drive a standard or an automatic transmission...just freaking Gear Down to say... 2nd Gear...and take it slow....stop spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

slow down...don't drive if you don't have decent tires.
Park your car on a cleared road...and walk to your destination.
Don't get onto a road that is not cleared of snow.

I don't own my lil VW anymore..but that lil car could get me up the steepest hills and thru the heaviest snow ....all I did was shift to a lower gear and take it slow.
Joined: 1/16/2007
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Posted: 12/23/2008 11:37:51 PM
ive read through most of the posts and have found some good tips ( ie. using your gears to aide in control ) and some just horrid ( pumping your breaks? most cars manufactured past 1995 have abs. they dont stay fully engaged and bacically pump the breaks for you. pumping the beaks negates the safety feature )
with this cold snap use winter tires. they have a softer rubber compound and mantain traction at a much lower tempatuer than all season ( loose traction below -7. the rubber in the tires goes rock hard and the treads cant flex to give you traction. )
the best tip i can give anyone is to act like a goof for the sake of learnig. go to a slightly snow covered, deserted parking lot. makeing yourself lose control and then practiseing regaining it will help you understand what you need to do when you loose control on the road. it is far better to slip and slide around a parking lot for a few hours and get fusturated, trying to get the feel for how your car reacts in the snow than to find yourself out of control on the road and in the path of oncomeing traffic.
p.s if you skimp on your tires for your car it is just as bad as skimping on your health.
both can kill you.
drive defensive, safely and prepared.
Joined: 10/19/2007
Msg: 117
Posted: 12/24/2008 8:40:00 AM
Here is the best advice I can give people about driving in the snow today


There is too much accumulating too quickly and the roads are treacherous as hell. Stay home. Be with family. Be happy that it will be white for CHristmas and for those of you who havent finished shopping..... Write some I O U' S

I called all my staff this morning and told them to have a Merry Christmas and stay home. Not worth it
Joined: 4/22/2007
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Posted: 12/26/2008 11:00:15 AM
There are some really good driving tips here. I liked what messanger 109 said.

I am afraid that if my car/suv slides that I will automatically hit the breaks. It is almost reflexive. Therefore, I am very careful to avoid situations where I slide.

I hate it when a driver is behind me - almost tailing me and I can sense he/she wants to go faster. I just hold my ground for the most part, but it is hard not to feel pressured. It is important to drive at speeds we feel comfortable with.

My brother does a lot of highway driving and he always makes sure he has a full tank of gas so if he gets stuck, he can stay warm. I think this a good idea.
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