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I have experienced enough bad guys in my 20's and early 30's to say even that gets old as time goes on to a woman. Maybe dating pricks and abandoning our nice guys is a right of passage for women. Maybe we must experience enough heartbreaking handsome bad boys in our early life's to really appreciate a good man later in life.
I am sure , I speak for many women when I say," We want a nice guy ".
Being nice is not the only reason for a woman to be attracted to a man, there must be chemistry and common interest. Without those 2 things, it will not matter if your nice or not.
There will always be someone that she finds more interesting, if you don't peak her interest.
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/15/2006 7:21:23 PM
I think all women would agree that they want a nice guy. But here's the tricky part. Nice does not mean needy!!! Some guys are very sweet and sincere and they know how to ask you out like a true gentleman but then once you go out with them, they want to marry you on the spot. Now I'm like the next girl. I love flattery, but that just goes too far. I say a guy should be a gentleman but then you've got to have common interests to take it to the second date, not the altar!! Guys make sure that you have a life and some hobbies and interests other than trying to find Mrs. Right. It's not flattering at all!!!!
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/15/2006 8:17:54 PM
It used to be not until they were about 30 years old, now I think it's about 40...
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/15/2006 8:18:16 PM
It used to be not until they were about 30 years old, now I think it's about 40...
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/16/2006 12:14:48 PM
Coming from another womans opinion yes we do want a nice guy. I dont want Mr. Perfect, Just Mr. Perfect for me. Comparable likes/dislikes and common interests and goals. I am wondering though are most of us willing to look for it long distance? Even if it means overseas and intense strategizing to get together? I know that I sure am, why limit oneself to just here. I believe the world is full of possibilities, lets run with em and see where we end up.
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/16/2006 12:18:46 PM
Little add-note, NOT all women want the money, the cars, the fancy restaurants. A select few of us just want that handsome smile, that gentle touch on the arm when you walk in the room and that cute smile at the beginning of the day. I would take a hard-workin, money concientous (know i didnt spell that right lol), pays his bills kind-of-guy over mr big spender anyday!!
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/17/2006 8:58:40 AM
Smitten, nice guys need more like you around. :-)
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/17/2006 9:29:25 AM
by Dovestreasure: Darn yuletide .. your a serial killer , i never would have suspected.

Time for my nice guys are sexy speech. Pull up a chair and get cozy.

Nice guys are a major turn on for me. A man who treats a woman with respect and are willing to give of themselves from the heart are deliciously appealing. Nice guys are not self centered , self absorbed morons. Nice guys are tender and romantic. Nice guys are willing to compromise and go out of their way to express kindness. Nice guys who are able to give of themselves and not only think of their own needs are by far amazing in bed. Nice guys will make sure you are satisfied before they take care of themselves. I would rather have a nice guy in my bed over any bad boy any day of the week.

See, this is why older women get more respect these days than younger ones because they know what a 'nice' guy is. Most of the time, when us guys spout that we are nice, women automatically think that the person is weak, boring, strange, etc, etc. God forbid he is actually a decent man with manners and respects women when they return the same.

I really and truely believe it's all about moral values. If a person is brought up with little or no morals and has no idea what a 'decent'(not nice) person is, then they will be suspect to anyone who seems to be, or is a well rounded individual.

Me personally, Im a sinner. I know that I am a bad person that has been redeemed from my wicked ways. Doesn't mean Im perfect, because Im far from that. When younger women wake up and realize that daddy spoiling them, did them no good to prepare them for the real world, the sooner they will open their eyes and see folks for who they truely are.(I know theirs some spoiled older women too ;) ) Guys, contrary to popular belief, arent your personal sugar daddys for life. ;)
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/23/2006 9:58:47 AM
x soldat, your an attorney so your a born natural jerk, bad boy, whatever, its funny cause when i treat a woman with respect, i see it comin, the big axe, but when i act like a****they dont stop callin, they may **** but they wont stop, i hate ****ing and drama, i think most of these woman are insecure and think getting beat, black eyes, broken bones is their conviluted way of thinking "he loves me", ha, he just knows how to keep u down, the more and longer this happens, the more the case is proven that women are still 2nd class and inferior, ladies, u can blame them for your set back in society, i have no respect or pity for these women, if u ladies want a man who is fun, honest, caring, doesnt beat his woman to a pulp, downgrade them, make fun, treat their dog better then you, im not pertfect, and can be a jerk sometimes, male pms, lol, but granted, we cant be happy all the time, shit happens, but if you want to be treated right, im your man, i dont ride a white horse or have lots of jewels but i know i can make life fun, interesting and ful-filling, im not some babys daddy, thats got to be the worst, when i hear that come from a girls mouth, i think trash right off the bat. ladies, if keep tryin to obtain something u cant have, you'll never get what u really need, and die an old maid, just like my ex, she's 34 no kids, and she aint gettin any younger, also ladies, your no saint either, stop lookin for mr perfect and start lookin for the man u wanna wake up to every morning when your 60 or 70, looks fade, personality doesn't, my poor mother is miserable, she married a good lookin, built, ***hole 20 yrs ago and now he's fat, old, ugly, blind and cant walk, while she's fit but miserable and stuck, well guess i could go on and on but i think my eyes are gonna fall out of my head and ill just end up not makin sense, u know what to do ladies. jason

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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/23/2006 11:16:28 AM
I am a nice guy which seems to attract the "bad girls". It repeats itself over and over... I get the girls with "drama". Since the girls are used to the "jerks" which never treated a women like they are supposed to.. now they carry over all that drama from the past relationships.. they learn to lie.. cheat and much more.. last few relationships were terrible.. I would get a lot of compliments.. "you are so sweet".. "I like the way you stop everything just to listen to me". "aww you didn't have to do that".. well I was just being myself. Now the bad part , one told me she had two kids.. I was like mmmm ok no biggy I dated a women with kids before.. then a month later after we had sex and all... she tells me out of the blue.. "oh I have 5 kids".... the same girl brough in more drama she said she used to have a friend that was gay.. and she used to spend some time with him ... well all of a sudden he gets my phone number and starts to call harrassing me.. then she tells me that he "all of a sudden" wants to be straight and be with her. this is just one girl... the one prior to that would not leave me alone for one second.. she thought I was "GOD".. she would stalk me.. follow me even in the bathroom I had to tell her what I was doing in order for her to stop following me.. and again another girl was suicidal .. I had to deal with that for such a long time .. because I liked her.. or perhaps I petty her.. umm really don't know.... and finally the one that I though was true love.. came all the way from Holland .. I met her online.. we had such wonderfull moments together it was only 5 days but perhaps the best days of my life. Again on the 5th day she gives me an ultimatum "If you don't come to Holland then it's over". Well I did not know the launguage and would not be able to find work there either! So I told her "NO". .. that was the end of that spark of love. Concluding this topic .. all the girls I dated somehow were impacted by Jerks, Rapists, Verbal/Physical Abusers, attention lackers, guys that have been in Jail , and drug abusers. Even if I don't find the right girl.. or a beauty queen to show off to society I will not change for nothing... I will keep my dreams alive because I know that these "jerks offs" will NEVER find love, and even if they do.. they would not know what to do.
So If I ever have the chance to meet that special someone, I will take it follow through with my heart.
Joined: 7/10/2006
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/23/2006 5:01:34 PM
well im a nice guy and ive come to the understanding that it is easier for a woman to get a bad boy knowing she wont have to keep him.they also want us to just jump in to a relatoinship and then try to change us.nice guys take their time to get to know a woman so we know how to treat them better.ive had starts and stops .they will go out of their way to talk to me and then when i dont jump in they go dead quiet.the more woman we try for the better the chances.
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 12:34:58 AM
I AM THE NICE GUY.................... of many who always end up losing her to the jerks who'll treat her like crap.
I seem to be one of the guys who are "TOO GOOD OF A FRIEND" to date.
I'm the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams.
I'm the guy who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears.
I'm the guy who still thinks you're beautiful with no makeup on wearing sweats and a big t-shirt.
I'm the guy who won't pressure you to do things you don’t want to.
I'm the guy who will show up at your house with soup and a movie when you aren't feeling well.
I'm the guy who kisses you on the forehead.
I'm the guy who doesn’t kiss and tell.
I'm the guy who actually listens to you when you talk.
I'm the guy who's excited all day because I’m looking forward to our date that night.
I'm the guy who's just as happy holding your hand if you don't feel like kissing.
I'm the guy who is content to just be able to hold you and wants nothing more.
I'm the guy who can't help but smile when you walk into the room.
I'm the guy who's perfectly content with staying in and watching movies and cuddling.
I'm the guy who won't lie to you about where he's going or where he's been or who he's been with.
I'm the guy who gets butterflies when he hears your name.
I'm the guy who's not afraid to tell his friends he loves you.
I'm the guy who doesn't care about your imperfections and loves you more for them.
I'm the guy who will hold you while we watch the sunset.
Joined: 4/4/2006
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 9:08:05 AM
I doubt most woman know what they want if they are confronted with a man who is not stuck on himself and a real person they run and hide but it seems that if your a low life drug useing aids infected louse you have women all over you i just dont get it......... then women actually wake up after years of tourtue finding that they wasted their lives and ambition( not to mention self esteem) on a loser just to try to find another loser ......maybe they should look inside the wrapper instead of looking at the pretty ribbons and bows if you can see the guy is trouble why persue it your not going to change them ...time to wake up ladies .... i know this sounds angry and well maybe i am.......... i lost my wife of 17 yrs to a drug pushing ***hole she chose him over me and the kids (i have 2 ) i guess the drugs were better ...........anyway good luck
Joined: 6/21/2006
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 10:32:19 AM
Yes, women do want nice guys. From my experience on here there are men who do not want a nice woman -- they want a woman who gives sex freely and nothering else!
Joined: 7/31/2005
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 10:57:15 AM
Ok guys....remember there are two sides is women and the other is men. Yes, both have this habit of turning to find those that aren't secure, reliable, trustworthy,, myself, definitely a turn on for a guy to be a nice respectful....that does know where or what he sorta wants in life, that perfers to settle for one woman. Most of the time I run into the other types that is less desirable, and/or live far away, to where the effort is not meaningful, or it is too much trouble to travel. Or they are looking for the social butterfly, not a woman of average or little chunky. So you see guys, before questioning what women really want, have you ever thought might have put some of those actions they show or intentions come from? Maybe from some of the guys they have met or seen or dated? Yes I aren't like the wouldn't do make things right.....just think how many times we have heard these things....only to see the opposite be either said or done.....only if both sides that say what they mean, walk the talk......maybe we wouldn't be in a similar boat.

I myself is a simply basic person, that apparently my lifestyle is too boring or not exciting enough..... I am a one man woman....not matertialistic.....don't lie, steal, nor cheat.....treat others as I would want to be treated....excepts others kid(s)....loves to fish, do things together....takes things slow, not in any rush....might have a couple of beers every once in while, but definitely do not drink like a fish....don't mind getting my hands dirty....would love to find a man that can walk the talk.....
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 11:17:20 AM
I totally agree with this post. In my experience, nice guys seem so intent on making their woman happy they lose themselves. Its almost like they have no spine to stand up for themselves anymore. Thats where the bad boy comes in. I think women like a man to take charge alot of the time (I know I do) Trust me, when I was in my 20's it was all about the sexy bad boy. But now in my 30's I have matured and have learned there is much more to life than Firebirds and rock concerts. I want love, trust, respect, and honesty. But also you cant have that with out some physical attraction as well. Not saying the man has to be George Clooney but easy on the eyes certainly helps the equasion. And also as I get older I find it harder to find a man that wants "relationship". Most I meet have already been there and done that so all they are looking for is someone just to spend time with and essentially be a "friend with benefits" type situation. And the younger ones want that as well because they arent ready to "settle" down yet. But in the long run I refuse to give up because if you lose faith, you've lost it all.
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 11:17:26 AM
I feel u man its like take this story as an example I meet this girl we spend a whole week together she even brings me to her home to meet her parents so im thinking this chick wants something serious longterm right. Well its been more than a week now and she sent me a text the other day saying im not ready yet and i want my space and freedom bla bla bla. so whatever im thinkin that shes just not ready like she says she told me she was so in other words guys im paying for her ex's bf jealousy mistakes u get me lol. today she calls me but im not picking up anymore i think i should just move on and not waste my time anymore wat do u guys think?
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 2:21:47 PM
I agree with you, funeeface, there are men out there who seem nice but they are not sure of what they want so they don't have the spine to step forward and find out. It is not going to come to you. You have to step out and take charge of what it is you think you might like and then if it is not, then you change your perspective. That is how you learn and grow to find out exactly what it is you want in your life.

I, myself, prefer a nice man but I also want someone who is going to be honest and forward enough to tell me what it is that he wants. I have no qualms in stating what I want -- I have no problem with communication -- but I know there are men out there who do have a problem with speaking out. It will not hurt you to speak.

We do listen. ;) Darlene
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 3:12:21 PM
I have decided a long time ago that women do not want nice guys to date. They want to marry them. But being the nice guy friend does not get you the girl.
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 4:34:31 PM
No, why do nice guys feel like they have to be friends and meek? Don't get me wrong it is okay to be friends but if you are interested in someone don't keep it secret -- tell them to at least let them know. I have never understood why everything has to be such a deep dark secret!

So if you have someone that you are interested in and they are your friend -- don't hsitate to approach them, they are probably just as interested in you,too!

Take a risk!
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 6:43:24 PM
Here's the bottom line: If she is getting what she wants and you are not getting what you want, she is using you. Being a nice guy is not a problem, getting used is a big problem. Give and take is a win/win deal. All give with no take is a win/lose deal. It sucks... and not in a good way.
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 7:45:51 PM
Hey, greystone and reteach, not all women are like that. There are also men who say that they are looking for a good woman but don't know a good woman if she bit them in the .....!

Everyone complains and everyone keeps going after the same type of people that burned them the last time. Hey, why not change your technique -- why not go for someone totally oppostie of what you are looking for?

I have encountered many different types of men and yesterday and today I encountered two of them who have obviously not grown up and like to play head games! And I did not email them -- they emailed me! Oh, well, you have to have the faith and believe that there is one good egg in the batch! So do not give up!

There are some very nice women out there and I know that there are nice men here -- I have met a few. Don't let the bad ones ruin you for finding the woman of your dreams!

;) Darlene
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 8:03:09 PM
Oh no no nice guy I just want to be ravished! Uhm so hot! hard, long and steady for as long as you can do it umm!!!
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/25/2006 8:51:00 PM

Hey, greystone and reteach, not all women are like that.

I didn't say they were, nor do I think that.

There are men who use women as well as women who use men. Nobody likes being used. My point was that it is not about being nice, it is about recognizing when we are being used and moving on. That's true for both men and women.

I will not be a user, nor will I be used. I'll continue to look for the win/win.
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Do women really want a nice guy?
Posted: 7/26/2006 4:58:28 AM
Good for you, greystone. I like the win/win technique too -- however, it is not a easy task. Hope you find it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
;) Darlene
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