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Shot to death.... for a PS3?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Damn shame for a game that these kids will find boring within 2 months. dying over videogames.
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Shot to death.... for a PS3?
Posted: 1/16/2007 2:36:57 AM
I put all of the blame on the giant corporations, the media (owned lock stock and barrel by the big corporations) for all of the BS, they are telling us we are nobody, have no worth if we dont consume the latest product. Beanie babies? tickle me elmo, cabbage patch and any other hyped up product all with "limited" supply, better get one and be successful, dont eat over six hundred calories or gain weight or you are worthless, be like us, have what we have (although most of the people hawking it get it free), people fight, steal, lie, give up a newborn????? for something that will be a piece of crap in a year. Why do we fall for it time after time?

The dumbing down of america, the deliberate credit scams, to steal our homes, farms in the eighties... leave us owning nothing, thinking we are so cool, because we are working our butts off being taxed almost 64%!!! (all together), jobs going over seas, is erasing the middle class. It is a crying shame that we are so trusting, that we believe the hype. The system is about to get far worse.. worse than your wildest nightmare... by may of 08... there will be no borders between canada adn mexico...

did you know that bush signed a bill making it ok for the government to spy on all of you? to arrest you for no cause, take all of your belongings, freeze your assets so you cant hire legal help and not have to charge you with anything? Did you know that in that same bill, the gov can give you an innoculation with out your permission? Against your will? YES! it is true! The oceans will be empty by est 2050? from over fishing,, more info like this in the documentary... America Freedom to fascism... by Aaron Russo,, google it and watch it for free on line. YOu have to hunt for it a bit but it is there. I would post the link but I thought the rules on POF say not to, but I have seen others do it. But I wont...

I know lots of people that cashed in their retirement accounts to buy beanie babies and now have a bunch of worthless stuff toys... pretty sad...

I am glad I am not in my twenties, so that I dont have to see the end come,
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