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Joined: 6/10/2005
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How dumb am I?Page 3 of 6    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
How sad this whole post is and some of the replies... you are the victum girl... your pictures show a happy girl with lots of friends... I am sure the picture with your friends was a snap shot to capture a happy time and not just your breasts...Be proud hold your head up high... The guy was a jerk and yes they are out there... Should you give up? NO! You have the right for happiness... I agree that there should be a place to report married men or true jerks... I have even heard there are some married women and lady jerks looking for $$$... Girl keep the faith and I hope you find what you are looking for... and may that guy get what he deserves... You are Beautiful, do not listen to the judgemental people they are not happy with their own lives.... jacki
Joined: 2/14/2006
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 12/27/2006 4:01:53 PM
Unfortunately, it's just something you have to be on the lookout for. What he did was WRONG, don't beat yourself up over it, just live and learn. It speaks well of you that you ARE upset,rather than seeking some way to blame the guys wife, or treating the situation lightly.

I wish I could tell you some magic 'secret" test that would identify the married gameplayers, but I don't think there is one, other than awareness, caution, and a certain amount of skepticism.

Better luck next time, kid.
Cindy O
Joined: 10/21/2006
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 12/27/2006 5:36:27 PM
Your pictures are another issue....and regardless of the judgement used in posting them -- it's no excuse for a married man to lie to you.

As far as the married guy goes,'re young & inexperienced. Just take things a little slower in the future and be more observant & 'investigative'.
Wake Dan's comments were right on....

It will just take some time of learning about yourself and others to become a better judge.

Good luck in the future. Lesson learned... Forget about this creep and move on.
Joined: 1/12/2006
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 1/8/2007 4:11:27 PM
Strawberrysabs, This is a classic case of you making a horrible choce. There is no way a person can hide all that from someone who makes good choices...
Joined: 12/28/2006
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 1/8/2007 6:29:39 PM
What is up with married men whose wives are pregnant cheating on their wives? I have friend who have done it and I never got it. I even was seeing a girl who dropped my for this piece of trash, another thing I cannot understand is some women's attraction to worthless pieces of S#$%, and even stayed with him once she found out the truth.
Joined: 1/23/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/10/2007 10:27:02 AM
You want to know where you can post such warnings about men? There is one! It's called "don'" and it's pretty entertaining and educational to read too.
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can go back!!!!!!!
Posted: 9/10/2007 10:28:37 AM
Joined: 6/25/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/10/2007 1:26:27 PM
Your not dumb your YOUNG.

Some people on here Wish they could get into the life and pants of someone as attractive as yourself.

Mark Twain said "Youth is wasted on the young."

Just chalk it up to one of life's experiences.

Learn from your experiences try not to make the same error again.

Some men and woman here are real sneaky, that's how they live their lives.

Your real match will come along.

At 21 it's the time to play and learn what you want and don't want.

Good luck and happy fishing.

I have noticed a lot of bitter men and women on this site.

Many are in a hurry to kick people when they are down.

Makes them feel better. Ignore them you did nothing wrong.

Happy fishing.
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/10/2007 1:33:22 PM
well in response to ur post babe.. this is the internet its pretty easier for ppl to lie online and u not notice it.. so dont feel bad about that..
fyi ive met women who were just as slimey online
 WhyNot 14414
Joined: 8/5/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/10/2007 1:35:02 PM
Not sure why you are getting slammed about your pic....I also have been duped from married men... Please learn from your mistake and go out and find someone that is right for you.. He is out there,trust me and all the others that have told you the same. You are young,have fun and enjoy your life..

BTW...Love your kitty,mine new one looks just the same..
Joined: 9/6/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/10/2007 1:55:45 PM
well naw i wouldnt say ur dumb for that babe.... like what someone else said, obviously this guy has been doing that for a long time... the house may not have been his actualy place of residence...sometimes what u have to do is suprise the guy... ukno just drop in.. u dont even have to alert himn of ur presence... sometimes u gotta be alittle more cautious/stalkerish in order to make sure u arnt getting ran over... but saying how can men be so slimy is too much of a generalization, women tend to do that all the time when it comes to men.. personaly alot of u are always going for the same type of guy... a hot guy, and then u all complain there all doggs, when u havent been with a guy u wont normally go for.... personally.. this is the internet.. ive probly met just as many slimey girls on here as any girl-men
u just gotta be more careful, and try something different once
 Z Circle Snap
Joined: 6/23/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/10/2007 1:55:56 PM
Don't even worry about it... he lied, not you... and about your clothes... wear whatever makes you feel good... don't worry about what anyone else thinks, or says... I seriously doubt he lied, because of your clothes... that makes me laugh... gee... what would we do without the liars and the haters??? hmmm...
Joined: 8/18/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/10/2007 4:06:09 PM
Hey Strawberrysabs. Sorry you got hurt.Listen don't get down on yourself we have all been there and anyone who says they haven't well is lying girl.Hey talk to some guy friends next time maybe they will see it from another angle next time and be able to give you a thumbs up or down on a guy. Oh and your pic is beautifull not slutty girl.Hey the hurt will pass and you will be ok trust me hang tough.
Joined: 3/24/2006
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/10/2007 4:43:45 PM
If I had your body I wouldn't advertise it either, what you said was just mean and nasty. Are you jealous because she is pretty and you are not? I think what happened to her could happen to anyone, I have known MEN that dated women and found out later they were married. Who are you to judge? BTW No I have never dated a married man and yes I am sure.
Joined: 3/24/2006
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/20/2007 9:56:32 AM
Oh my God!! I am sorry Strawberry! I am so embarrassed.

My previous post was not in response to you but to innateplanet's post to you. I think you look adorable and what happened to you could happen to anyone, I found it despicable what she said to you, my post was actually meant in your defence.

I completely messed up my post.

This is the one to was responding to.

Posted: 12/17/2006 406 PM
Maybe the picture of your breasts on your profile led him to believe that you were an easy slut.
I have a big chest too, but I don't advertise it, or the rest of my body for that matter.\
If you are selling meat, men will buy meat.
You get what you ask for. Have a little more respect for yourself, and maybe men will have a little more respect for you too.
Joined: 9/4/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/21/2007 11:45:33 PM
this one is easy he wanted what was between your legs more than what was between your ears . go back to when you first met him where you drunk? where you in a club? was you easy to get? If yes to any of these questions Im on his side because you where in the wrong places looking for the right thing. Which means your not alone it happens all the time.
Joined: 7/17/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/22/2007 7:17:36 AM
Not Dumb just young and naive, you made a mistake in trusting someone, thats just natural. Although I'm sure the experience will make you more cynical of your future dates.

Just be yourself and you never know whats around the corner.

I would have thought that the women on this forum wold be more sympathetic to a girl who has been lied to by a married man, not chastised by the way she looks or dresses.

And on an internet dating site everyone has to make themselves look their best just to get noticed.

Put the whole episode down to experience, and by the way the best way to get revenge on an idiot like that is to find a great new partner and live life to the full, and not take any notice of the Ex.
Joined: 3/18/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/22/2007 6:57:06 PM
In the can only go by what a person tells you and lets you know about their life.

Then in time, as nightcowboy says...

In the future If I were you I'd get his home number,place,see his place and talk to people who know him.

Joined: 6/4/2005
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/22/2007 7:06:19 PM
Maybe you ignored all of the obvious signs because you wanted it so much to be a happy-ending romance for you, strawberry?
Joined: 9/4/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/22/2007 8:21:48 PM
ok my spelling could use some brushing up on, fair enough but to be astonished at the fact does not want a relationship after a simple one not stand and he's got all the other to lose is not crazy to me it makes perfect sense. As far as crude is justice so Ill take that as a compliment. They need spell checker on this shit then You could shut up besides she knew she was messing with a married man and question how dumb am I I would have to on a scale between 1 and 10 shes a 12.
Joined: 9/4/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/22/2007 8:29:48 PM
And I wish it was a third world country **** then you could shut the hell up. I love being free but like you people abuse it and take it for granted not that Im condoneing what the married man did he just wanted some some strange and seems he did just that . If you dont like it dont spread you legs period end of story say what you want.
 Winter Sparkle
Joined: 9/14/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/22/2007 8:50:16 PM
Don't meet men from online!
They are all a joke! ;)

They will pick you out from the crowd, then will always be sitting on the fence ready to jump once the next piece of a.s.s comes along.
Joined: 3/28/2007
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 9/22/2007 9:53:32 PM
OP, I'm not sure you are even still reading the posts, but you look great and quite appropriate for the type of function it appears you are at. Your attire wasn't the reason why this happened. It happened because the guy is an as*hole and you and I and a whole lot of other people tend to believe what we are told until proven different. Some guys are great at lying - and women too, - don't feel foolish....hey it took me seven months to find out and that was only a year ago and I'm 53. I too went to his apartment, there was nothing there that even hinted at a seven year bf/gf relationship. His long time g/f told him of our conversation. I never called or emailed him after speaking to her. Then I get an email that said, "sorry you had to find out the hard way". And I'm thinking, "what there's an easy way?"...........anyway, my point is, you are not alone, there are a lot of us that have gone through the same hurtful experience and felt like the biggest fool of all. Oh, and don't pay attention to the fashion JUDGES on here, look darling!
Joined: 3/20/2009
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 4/14/2009 11:13:50 PM
If you are a trusting person, you are easy to fool. One who is trusting expects the same from others. Its not a reflection on your iq, but a reflection on your inherent good nature. Cherish this quality, but be a little more skeptical in the future, lol. All the best to you, you seem like a great woman.
Joined: 12/18/2008
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How dumb am I?
Posted: 4/16/2009 12:23:47 AM
This site, like everywhere else on the internet, is full of selfish creeps who think they can have whatever they want whenever they want. The kind of man who seems to anymore be the majority and makes as all look bad. You just need to be careful and try to pick out the good from the bad.
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