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Miss©Page 6 of 6    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
On days which went not right
Then when evening came to be
I miss the hands and voice
That brought me normalcy

The remembered days of triumph
When laughter filled the air
Joy-tears welled my eyes … and
Her presence was always there

In sickness and in sorrow
Through all the thicks and thins
Standing there beside me
The woes she’d help me cleanse

When harsh words or arguments
Invaded tranquil scenes
Her understanding gentleness
Returned the good routines

Situation and circumstance
And twists that fate allow
Caused it all to go away
And oh … I miss her now.
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An Epitaph©
Posted: 4/10/2012 5:57:07 PM
Ah! You of Youth!
You can’t see me
But … where you are,
I used to be.

I’ve crossed over
And …you will, too
Birth and Death –
They’re nothing new.

But, what you do
While you’re alive
Governs if you will
Be deprived …

Entry to:
Heaven’s Gate
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Posted: 4/11/2012 6:11:31 AM
But now, the bond
Which we had spoke
Is no more
It’s gone. It’s broke.

The dreams contained
Within that trust
Have all spilled out …
They lie in dust

For the oath of comrades
You pledged to be
Is Crushed into
Just … reverie.

And I, betrayed,
Will trust no more
Unspoken pledges
That you’ve foreswore
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Won't Forget©
Posted: 4/13/2012 8:39:47 AM
They ring in ears for years to come
As chords of hurtfulness they strum
And resonate on mental strings:
All those spoken, hurtful things.

Those who spoke the hurtful words
Which roll like balls of billiards
Inside our heads eternally
Care not of damage they don’t see

But all the pain, their words have caused
Which haunts us every time we’ve paused
Will form our lives and mold our fate
And of our lives will educate

And of their words we can’t forget
No longer do we fear nor fret
For there are higher planes we see
On which to place our normalcy

They are nothing and will be gone
Even tho’ their hurtful words live on
Forgiveness we may one day let …
But hurtful words we won’t forget.
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Won't Forget©
Posted: 4/13/2012 9:06:33 AM
people forget
what they want to
I'm rubber
you're glue

People forget
the words they say
then hang the other
when they've had a bad day...
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Won't Forget©
Posted: 4/13/2012 8:23:29 PM
Sabetha ...

Yes ... true enough. I enjoyed your post, as I'm sure others will, who read your posts. You're welcome here anytime ... PC4U
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Won't Forget©
Posted: 4/13/2012 8:26:21 PM
you should write another poem and quit with this useless chatter...
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Won't Forget©
Posted: 4/14/2012 11:03:51 AM
As should you ...
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The To-Do List©
Posted: 4/14/2012 11:06:00 AM
So … what are the things
Which we must do
Before our journey here is through
Dare we then construct a list
Before our time here is dismissed?

We must pay heed unto the child
Whether orphaned or beguiled
To assure they know not prejudice
Which only feeds the villainous

Charity, too, must be addressed
And those in need be re-assessed
To ensure that they in their Life
Should have to face less pain and strife

We need to spread but joy and love
To where the eagle spares the dove
With “enemy” a word expelled
Where Peace in Life is then upheld

Famine then needs be decreed
As useless and without a need
No one ever should go to bed
Without consuming daily bread

And shelter, too, must make our list
Before our final breath is hissed
For Life’s storms can be damaging
Protection then does shelter bring.

Pursuits of dreams unfettered be
Those we seek so actively
To enhance the World – and then beyond
Of all these things we gave grown fond

The List remains but incomplete
For each of us must strive to meet
The inner calling that we hear
To help mankind to all adhere.
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The To-Do List©
Posted: 4/17/2012 6:11:51 AM
A casual observer without thought
I refuse to write words of hurt

Instead smiling in a tactless wound
Scared for eternity to see

Writing in your blood allowing you to curse
Only wisdom halts deficiencies

Which requires no words
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Posted: 4/18/2012 11:46:33 AM
Words I write are very, very rarely directed at an individual, and even more rarely do they criticize or condemn. Only do I pen such missives as clarifications or adulations. The rest of my writing is of a general scope and, if read and re-read without a personalization of any kind, can be seen as just that. I hold malice for no living soul – certainly not angels. “Won’t Forget” was penned for a fellow volunteer worker, who had been nearly spiritually devastated by thoughtless, intentionally hurtful comments from a third party – I just happened to also place it here in this forum – in two locations.
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Posted: 9/28/2012 9:21:23 PM

PosterChild4Ugly is not accepting messages from someone of your age or gender

I need clarification
you don't need nor want me as a friend?
Illumination is costly
Friendship has no bounds
I am only wondering

My Australian daughter went to another desert
Do you wander at all near Texas?
Or even play a round of golf
She's an Apache squaw now

I hope she listens to the spirits
I desire a guardian angel
To re assure me that
My life continues without me
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Then … Is it Lost?©
Posted: 1/22/2013 8:42:49 PM
The traveller reeked of weariness,
His companion was Fatigue
Wear upon his clothes suggest
He’d come a million league.

Gaunt were eyes deep set and brown
Above his cheekbones high
His being was pure somnolence
And I heard his silent cry.

Hard roads had been his travel
With pains chiselled on his face
In lines of furrows on his brow
Permanently enlaced

Around I saw no motion there, then …
His head began to rise
Finally he looked at me …
Suffering in his eyes.

So quietly I attended
And with a heavy heart
I wanted so to speak to him …
But knew not how to start

Within his laboured breathing
He then began to speak
His words, when finally spoken
Were truthful and unique

His lips began to form the words …
Then said; “My name is: Union Man,
I’m a father; I’ve worked hard;
… always done the best I can.”

“The road’s become uphill and steep with
Burdens I can’t propel
I’ve tried to move on and forward …
But, was struck here … and I fell.

“There are others on me
Who so do depend
I must keep moving forward,
This mustn’t be my end.

“So now I reach out to you
Together we’ve never failed
I’m turning now to you
‘Fore on hardships I’m impaled”.

A calloused hand then extended
Toward my outstretched hand
And I want to heed the call
For this Union Man

But, Greed and Avarice have won
And assistance can’t be lent …
Wall Street, you see, owns me now:
I’m Your Government.
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Posted: 3/3/2013 2:48:04 PM
We are forever joined, you and I. When one soul feels the pain – the other also sheds the tears. I believe our spirits were joined when our souls touched on the day we first communicated. The planes on which we wander are melded, not parallel, because they have crossed and re-crossed one another many times – in other lifetimes as well as this one. What we experience is beyond mere friendship – it transcends the physical and defies time or distance.
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