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You breathe fire into the small of my back
And glisten my skin with your touch
Musicians hands cup me
And your body plays me a love song
Long into midnight
 autumn fantasy
Joined: 2/6/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/1/2007 9:37:47 PM
I use to get love songs
Long into midnight
But they faded into the soft warmth
Of contentment
The cat purrs on the bed
A magical lull
Like spring peepers
Or the waves
Perhaps the steady breathing
Is a love song in the making.
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/3/2007 10:34:08 AM
mtyh of no myth at all i see
woman full of heart and empathy
thank you foryour words so dear

but it was just prime
inside yourself right time
your soul to rebirth and grow
pushing past behind you
taking chances ya never
even knew you had
and now look, see and feel
you've only just really
become more of who
you're meant to be
truly all along, you see?

yourself a shining star
leads you to your choices
quieting self allowing you
to hear sweetest inner voice
so much yet to share and receive
gifts within bestowed upon so many
opening doors of growth and learning
and finally to the truest love
aceptance of your very self

thank you always for your words
your smiles and encouragment
contagious spirit springs above
never forget to thine self
always be honest and true
therein lays best parts of you


rc so nice to see you again too
aura beaming and glowing
thanks for taking your sweet time
for herein lines bestowing
reminders of what can be
musician's symphony healing
with simplest depth of touch
whether of heart of of tacticity
your beauty radiates through all
and anyone encountering your beautific soul
so happy for you as you're such a dear
your lines exact and perfectly clear
making us all smile for you in your bliss
reminding so many of the wonder of a kiss


autumn dear thank you too
for your kindred encouragement
always in the inbox and herein too
methinks i agree with you
contentment is only
the precursor
of what dreams a
re yet to become reality
life ebbs and flows as
tides wash clean
our own shores
breathlessly we await
yet the purest deepest beauty
each of us of all have in store
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/6/2007 9:47:15 PM
i received an email
subject line reads
a single simple word

mmhmm, okkkk
curious, about what?

i peek at the profile
not much of a dossier
not even much of anything there

so i opened the email
a splendid gift of be mine roses
with an i love you
sprung forth
but huh, wha...

love me?
i hardly think so
you don't know me
you don't KNOW me
YOU know ME
get it?

few people love me
and those that do
love my insides
my heart
my mind
my soul
but thank you
for the gift
of inspiring this


but nope
you don't love me
you simply cannot
you see
Joined: 9/5/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/6/2007 10:35:54 PM
Angel...freind! Just to say, I can see one loving you just for your insides , your heart, your soul, that is all I know of you my friend! Never underestimate the love that one can find from one souls words, heart, poetry! I know what you say, I have been there too! Just saying that anyone that reads you ....imagines and men do!
lolll....they could very well.....think they are in love with you! lol...although to us women that is unimaginable and ridiculous...loll...For MEn? not always! loll hugs sweets!

A Kinder Angel....hasn't landed yet........
Maybe this one is my heart?
Lovely is the face....
the heart!
More imaginable the soul!
Words that just make my heart...sigh........
She is like something in a movie!
Softer words...never heard...
heart of lovely...surely her!
Lovlier words of one true heart....
I could die for.....
Just to kiss an angels hand...
never leave...
forever land!

Angel friend just have that effect! loll hugs jules
Joined: 7/24/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/6/2007 11:24:34 PM
sounds egotistical to the nth degree ...

love me?
i hardly think so
you don't know me
you don't KNOW me
YOU know ME
get it?
but nope
you don't love me
you simply cannot
you see

Arrogance of Egotistical Soul

Do not tell me what I feel
My feelings are mine to own
Protecting yourself sure and true
This is not about me it is about you
In words we converse
And share and are known
In light of night
The talk is shown
It shows me the parts I saw in you
Your words tell me
The words guiding the essence of you
And still you say
To me you are unknown
For we have not glanced
Each others way
And seen in a second
All there is to say
In a glance you profess to see
All you know is all of me
So it is true I do not know you friend
Your words hold no meaning
Trivial, frugal and without an end
Stay locked in your world
Your vision is all you see
Base lifetimes on fleeting glances
And seek and wonder why.

Joined: 6/12/2005
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/7/2007 1:14:50 AM
thanks jules
for understanding
what wasn't before
divulged between the lines
sending you best wishes
this and every night
true friends just
understand sometimes
even words left unread
or not even spoken
if darkness visits
it's not welcome long

i will not
get caught up
in any man's
of love for me
except if i feel
so inclined
we all ought be
as we best feel

when his profile
proclaims he is
"looking 4 love"
and kisses
prefer not to say

second email received
from same sender states
truly your smart
not caught up in the
state of words
your words are truly right
it's good to hear
what your heart truly feels


even he knows exactly
that which his heart holds
and what it does not
it's cool he more clearly sees
what others only claim to perceive

this man does not know me
this man never read my lines
he never took the time
to seek any sort of depth
beyond colored pixels

blathering about perception
was never the question
could care less of intention
trusting the gut serves one well
dare not ask nor beg
a testimonial from me
i prefer to believe
they're to be given freely

when we each ourselves only see
what we individually perceive
what we each choose to believe
don't stab me in the back
yet call me friend
i'm so not your trend

legally in my own home
in my own sanctuary haven
platonic room mate off his meds
agitated admittedly with his lies and more lies
so many he cannot keep em straight
in his poor overtaxed mind
bipolar disorder dangerously askew
dirty diaper on kitchen counter
ants trailing for me to clean up thrice
windows left wide open when no one's home
car lights and doors left open constantly
caused the running down his battery
after being reminded repeatedly
now i'm missing my henkels knife and cleaver
but not the pictures taken of so many
hidden wine bottles in closet, now empty
new carpet destroyed beyond belief
my chairs covered in dirt and leaves
he laughs on the phone about his child
doing his best to break my ceramics
his bedroom door now broken
and mine newly fitted with a lock
my pc networked to another
while im at work wrought cams bought
yes while surely disturbing to me
i know soon to be remedied

his irresponsibility now legally
has become mine you don't see
someone else's issues suddenly
became mine as he hasn't paid a dime
to live parasitically for free
formal eviction isn't free
in fact it's all downright costly
i work hard for what i have
to come to be glad not sad

so please i implore you
don't bother to preach to me
nor send me your silly
"test" results either please

my vision perhaps clouded to you
but meant for me to work through
my choices are my own indeed
i value honesty and integrity
holding them in great honor
despite life's current lies and deceit

it's easier simpler for me
to just agree to disagree
you don't know me either
yet are entitled to your ideas
and to espire to your ideals
as am i as well we both are free
and yes so right you are sir
right now especially
my own vision IS all i perceive
but it's assuredly not all i see

me, oh yes i'm healing
daring to dream while yet reeling
i'm taking my own sweet time
relaxing my mind after chaos' decline
keeping self safe sticking to those
more my own kind of more similar mind
Joined: 5/4/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/7/2007 1:41:29 AM
Soft Edge, I enjoy your forum a lot, you have an ethereal fluidic way with words...
this is a humble little offering for your thread, inspired by a soulmate yet to be met..

You Were Before I Knew

A man once described beauty as lacking nothing and
Needing nothing to be added; that you are to me - beautiful.
Yet with each day and every moment, you are more beautiful.

I’m lost in your eyes and
As I’m found somehow complete,
By the simple grace of your smile.
So glad it came we should meet.

In ways you know secret places of my heart and
Dreams and shadows of my soul and mind.
I don’t have to be ashamed.
I don’t have to be afraid.
You’ve loved me as I’ve been and
Believe in all that I might be.

Love is like a painting in a fluid kind of state,
Ever changing and evolving.
At any single moment imperfectly perfect,
Never too little or too late.
When two hearts beat out a rhythm and,
Their minds exchange like rhyme.
Like a song that’s singing without doubt,
You’re the one; we’re this love, my soul mate.

We may have passed each other once or even twice.
There’s been so much to learn and so much more I know.
Somehow I knew that I’d find you when the time was right.
Were you some where waiting hidden away long ago?
I had to grieve the loss of you before your heart knew mine,
When I humbly asked the Universe how to seek you out,
I had to let go of expectations, fear and doubt inside,
Trust that you were out there and be content with you or without.

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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/7/2007 10:37:02 PM
ld, thank you for your kindest words and for placing such a beautiful write herein this thread, i'm honored you choose this place to post it. i've re read it several times and don't find it in the least a humble piece. the words and thoughts expressed are full of inspiration and hope to aspire to.

i especially liked these lines:
I don’t have to be ashamed.
I don’t have to be afraid.
You’ve loved me as I’ve been and
Believe in all that I might be.
again, thank you for gracing us here and please feel free to revisit anytime.
Joined: 5/4/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/8/2007 12:54:01 AM
a testimonial for you ... your writings have an igniting and quite inspiring affect on me
a soul truly poetic, words wrent from depths unknown, fluidic fragments glimpsed from a heaven, unveiled to far few below, a throaty voice raspy with emotion, rises up out of the lines, evoking a kinship and solace, sought and found in only these kind realms ....... Ode to the softEDGE
She is a faery sorceress, weaving wonders with words. I muddled into a warm current that led me to her in this big strange pond, anybody be more than fortunate to join her school of fish. much respect and admiration Soft, a friend Stef ...

thank you as well for very kind words, I am loving visiting, might jsut have to camp out now and again:)
Joined: 6/30/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/8/2007 6:57:31 AM
a bit more bravery.....

He left for work this morning
With the scent of me
On his fingers
I hope he remembers the taste

As I forgot to pack his lunch
Truly his fault in awakening lust
Tonight I remember to cook his dinner
In the afterglow
Joined: 6/12/2005
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/8/2007 12:12:13 PM
smiling here now for you happily
dearest always dreaming content i see
you surely deserve that glow, sister
as well as that just right one mister
from what little i know so far of this
he's a treasure for you and i'd be remiss
to not mention i hope for you all the best
sincerely and with grace and ease
not even here will i you tease

as for dinner i'm sure you'll cook up fine
and too, others treats for him divine
perhaps he'll even forget to dine
if i know you as well as i think i do...
blessings love and light for you
to continue to shine in your eyes
and held within your heart so true
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/10/2007 12:45:17 PM
i just
put words down
everything i mean
yes which to some
mean absolutely nothing
that's more than fine
my inside comes outside
wrenchingly or easily
drivel boredom fatique
ire venom greed need
i am of caustic tongue
but it too can be softest
instrument of faith hope blessings
musings laughter sensuality
many gifts have we but see
depending upon many things
appreciation grace integrity
honesty loyalty trumps evil everyday
caring daring creativity love
i too, like you am my own muse
drivel scribbled onto cyber pages
but i really don't do it for anyone else
i do it for that part of me inside
that one that just must get out
demanding i do it's bidding

there is power in the letting go
as cool breezes tickle me
coming sweetly through windows
intentionally westerly and southerly
the sun hugs me good morning
as the unfolding day kisses me
whispering the time is right
as stars will play tonight

in the meantime ok i want a leafblower
it is autumn, after all
i awakened suprised to see
time keeps playing tricks on me
as i now really see
somehow multitudes
of fallen leaves
seem to have done
again their autumnal thing
all over my large back porch
so many in profusion
a mere broom
yes i admittedly
have a nice purple one
of unusual design
it makes me smile
if not not often used

which herein means
i live in an enclaves
a small pocket tucked
unto itself calm and serene
a corner unit cozy inside

today a day of the new first step
into the unknown here i fling myself
today is the day ive decided
to give up what's become
something bad making me undone

because i love myself more
than i like or choose to cling to this addiction
my oral fixation gone so singularly awry
one more demon i now cast out, nicotine

some people i understand just don't care to read
not even between my lines or their own mind's desire so here i sigh

what's going on with you, i've been waiting

another email recently received tells me he's been waiting
while i've been perhaps not so clear in my struggling here
i now see and realise he has no concept
when i say i'm ill he cannot possibly understand
i don't mean with a simple bug of cold or any flu
my body is fighting itself immunologically
i know he don't know what this means
truthfully i'm in learning stages too
awaiting next week's tests which will then
determine another clearer course of action
yet meanwhile i'll try to explain
it's in my blood it's in my brain
it's in my thoughts and wrapped in pain
but like brain ferry sang
more than this

i have choices to make
other choices to discard
and others to take
i'm putting myself first
i guess some think i'm selfish
i surmise they may think i'm blowing 'em off
please forgive the intended innuendo
but really let me please be clear
if i were; they'd know i was, clearly
impatience is sometimes a virtue
that a just go for it attitude
isn't a place i fling myself to
unless i'ts clear to me to do so

you see, that little email telling me
he want to meet me well let's see
i'll do my best to explain
doesn't mean right now it's what i choose
is his persistance different than insistance
he's not wanted to ask me anything
only made his waiting intention known
without asking me for mine
i'm not focused on meeting anyone right now
i'm busy untangling my life
so my future is right
i'm biding and taking my time

yes it's true right now lots is going on
within my me, wrangling itself free
dealing with things not read between my lines
this is how it is right this moment in time
he can send his digits if he wants to learn
about me instead of pushing to meet
like i just meet everyone who says they want to?
incredulous here really

yeah i'm pushing for a connection
but it's within myself you see
physically emotionally and mentally
integration of my aptitudes with my attitude
making my home again a haven
getting myself well beginning
right now this very day
self love shoves itself
to the forefront of this
my current strife
my current failings
my current desire
my future
my life

and to those
that find me egotistical
i merely shrug because
quite likely methinks
your you and my me
really woudln't understand
one another properly
better to agree to disagree
unless you wanna walk a mile
in my new harley boots
so you might and i say might
wanna better understand
because right now honestly
and truly i won't let you
nor do i want to walk
in your shoes either
sorry my friends
understand me better

if you can touch my mind first
only then might you have a chance
at touching my heart
but i'm not just your
take a stab at kinda girl
hell yeah i'm demanding
in my own way
i want a special one
with staying power
sensiticity and strength
ohh and did i say patience too
i have this quirk you see
i do mean what i say
even if i give a little wink
the possibilities abound
sighing here now
inviting you
to think

but 'scuse me
as i wanna go steep
a nice hot cuppa tea
today methinks
i'll buy a good
brand new shiny
old fashioned

nice addition to
changes in this
life of mine
rearranging rooms
heavy wooden furniture again
seven frikken bookcases
laden still with books
to get moved as well
more books than that
to be unboxed and put away
new bed yet to be delivered
several plants to be repotted
before they get really angry with me
exhausting shopping to do
on the list too still rehanging artwork
and an antique intricately carved
by my great uncle from europa
although i never had the pleasure
of meeting nor thanking him
for my appreciation of receiving
such a thing of beauty
cleaning and shampooing carpet
and each room top to bottom
i still have much else to do
so much else yet
to do
 autumn fantasy
Joined: 2/6/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/10/2007 8:14:11 PM
Take the time to make it right
Enjoy the things you wish to do
Turn your life into the temple
Something creative the part that’s you
No need to explain we understand
Just write and express
As each of us has done
So many times before
Knock on our door if you need a hand
We are here to listen
And be a friend.
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/11/2007 9:38:16 AM
thank you, af,
for your kindness always
it means a lot to me
as well i hope for you
everything is going smoothly
and that you too know
i'm here for you too
hoping you're having
a lovely day full of
love light and blessings
Joined: 9/27/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/11/2007 12:33:49 PM
It is a kindness
to refuse.
That which you
intend to
eventually deny.
Joined: 9/5/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/11/2007 12:49:55 PM
lovely ambiance in here softedge...


i feel like
i like you

and your poems...

there is a hill
of me makes them
into mountains...

i have also need to untangle

i'm not used to this
new angle...

have a good day...

Joined: 5/4/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/12/2007 3:56:42 AM
elusive epiphanies

musing, meandering,
following a thread
sewing together
random thoughts
in my head
becoming aware of
sleepwalking, entranced
trying to push upward
to break the surface
wonder when I'll wake
find real was my dream state
wandering, weaving,
forth and back
in memories fuzzy and weak
paging through chapters in mind
dog-eared and fading to blank
faces out of focus
afterimages trick the eye
familiar voices echo
then cease to resonate
pictures hued in muted tones
details uncertain
if ever known
remind me how it feels
unconciousness disipating
clarity enters in to show
how far adrift I've been
can't claim to be lost
from where I've yet to be
frantic searches in vain
dwells within already
words seem to fail
so hard to define
difficult to describe
and harder to find...
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/12/2007 8:01:47 AM
smc indeed
methinks too
it a kindness
to refuse immediately
that to which
anyone chooses
to deny
or otherwise
and yes so on it goes
both ways for any two souls
much comes into play
timing first impressions
never ignoring gut instinct
may it serve us all well
should we choose
to heed it's signs and clues
no need to ruminate
or wonder why
nor need to waste
anyone's time
when there are so many
happenings in our lives
all we can do
is best avoid strife
all profiles are telling
very much so
some souls aren't meant
to be sympatico
yet others clearly are, too


seaville i know you!
how are you
i wondered when you'd decide
to come back to the pond
drop your line back in
float along the lazy ripples
enjoy all you can in life
discard anything of strife

i find within your lines
always you daring
always you sharing
always mutable
within the changing
reinventing resurfacing
reclaiming self
i sometimes see
you and other times
i recognise myself, me

many of us have
that need to detangle
our minds and lives
in the flotsam and jetsom
of our shorelines
take your time
emit your sighs
take a deep breath
begin again anew all refreshed
do any and all you must
to get to understanding
clarity and trust
whatever's right for you
we all choose
which truths work
and too which won't
welcome back you


again here another surprise
herein from you of truth
understanding completely
the ways of contemplation
revisit of reveries far away
from corners of our hearts
tucked safely there
to revisit their brilliance
sometimes darkness
echos resonate echos indeed
for their own meanings
or simply calling out
for a sort of reinvention
a revisiting of persons
places things once held dear
some cannot grasp
the simplest understanding of
the whys the wheres the whos
thank you for understanding
and your eloquent explanation
Joined: 6/23/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/12/2007 11:19:21 PM
I'm here, at the airport, waiting to get on the plane...
the one that will fly me to you, waiting at the other end...
I am nervous again now, but excited and the time drags,
I want to be there with you, seeing your smile as you see me.

Babe, neither of us are perfect, but I want to touch you...
more and more every time we talk, whisper in the dark,
your picture on my screen isn't as soft as your cheek,
I want to entwine my fingers in yours...feel your hand in mine.

Will it be real...this feeling I have when I hear your voice?
your words making my skin heart beat faster...
leaving me breathless...wanting to kiss your lips....
feel your hands on my body, as I lay beside you.

I want you for just who you are, that's your attraction
for me, warmth and wanting...running through lines....
making me want to be there with you, touch you, feel the tingle
electrify my so happy just to be with you...seeing no other.

My heart skips a beat as I board the plane....urging it to hurry,
and I don't even notice the sweaty guy beside me, all I can see is you...
waiting for me at the airport....feeling the excitement I am...
wanting me to be much as I want to be there too....
Joined: 6/1/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/21/2007 8:37:24 PM
~Day After Day~

May this write
Find you in good spirits tonight

May the stars
Always guide you whether near or far

And may each morning bring new hope
Even when you feel you cannot cope

For prays and love go your way
Not only on holidays, but day after day. . .


P.S. . . . . Best of wishes on Thanksgiving!
Joined: 11/12/2007
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/21/2007 8:43:21 PM
a moment shred when thoughts stray
beyound the life before us
while lives end
struggles merge
before the fall of sun....moon rise
carry away the sentiments of imagined glory
basking in moments of fantacy
that which makes us human
that which makes us love

hope all finds you well...Happy thanksgiving...
Joined: 2/19/2006
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 11/21/2007 9:13:20 PM
J...hang in there, darlin girl.....hope this thanksgiving you're surrounded by love......
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 12/2/2007 12:26:59 PM
thank you lacrymosa
for visiting before you flew
dunno why or where you went
but i trust the beauty and strength within you
will always fare you well, no matter what
for some have auras
brightly shown to others
even if they cannot
see or feel them themselves
despite their struggles
or in spite of them
or perhaps even because of them
amazing what our hearts and minds
can endure, isn't it?
wherever you may be
take good care and be well please

dearest myth
thank you for everything
your heart's words
have touched me
to the point i've not
been adequately been able
to reciprocate (yet)
but i'm waiting for that day
with full heart of hope
i can still pray
for you are one
of the brilliant stars
your heart shining brightly
a beacon through fog
helping to guide me
when i am tossed in this
a storm unlike any
i've been in before

shadow thank you
for reminding me
of that life
that exists
that one that extends
beyond our shells
and too, that indeed
sometimes it is fantasy
that sustains us
that we grasp for
tightly and gratefully
i now can see and feel
beauty and grace
in that itself

thank you dear brizo
for you just being so you
so splendidly
as we can all read
see, feel and believe
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 12/2/2007 12:45:53 PM
back home now...
I wrote this 48 hours ago
while resting atop a mountain in colorado
searching for some meaning...understanding

I am lost here
minut in all measure of things
surrounded by the beauty of untouched grace
I see all things in clear perspective
my skin kissed by the cold thin air
cutting wind bitting at me
sensations of life

loking down I see clouds below me
I feel their drifting dance
understanding now their nature
they twist through and change to great the obsticles bofore them
leaving pure trace of white in their passage

I see the eagle above me
so much vision and knowlege
strength above ...truely magestic
trees struggle below me
holding on in steadfast passion
unwilling to give up their grasp on life

rocks formed by millenia of turmoil
uplifted from the plains below
now the beauty the show me is unending
their age and strengh surely inspire

hard and weathered by elements of time
exposed rock home now to lychens
each holding memories of summers past
flowers now dormant
waiting for the spring

I am so much smaller than all that surround me
yet knowing within myself
that which has taken millions of years to come in its perfection
was done by the hand of god
to give me this moment
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