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It Just Makes Sense

With the pure essence of being.
We are majestic souls.
Forever seeking.
A keen sense of likeness.
Captive within our souls.

Always spreading words
of magic unselfishly.
While attempting to reign
in the sweet elusive.
Barracaded behind walls
of simple pureness.

Through eyes of our insight.
Truth never left behind.
All worldly clues are
always answered in kind.
The magic understands.

Daring the temptation
of mighty indulgence.
Quenching the desire
When flavored with
the seduction of magic.

I forget smell so I had to add it....

Gravitates behind you
in the name of love.
Accepting the light
forgiving the dark.

by Rockin'
nov 29, 2009
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Awaken foolish minds
Posted: 10/9/2010 12:52:36 PM
Always You

Cycling deeper into dreams
Brings me through the destination
Where the realization resides —
This perfection of seeing you always
Forever at my side,
Along for the ride with me
Beyond tomorrow into history.

I didnt write this, dont know who did , but isnt it beautiful? I luv it! It describes exactly what I want , the rest of my life!
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