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the F realmPage 3 of 18    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)
thanks to all
taking their time
to read and more
for those daring
to post herein
their thoughts

bm, thank you; next time maybe you'll leave more of your own?
pf, while i know not the many different styles, tanka being one; thank you for melding eros and tanka; very nice indeed!

thinking now
more deeply
of many of
within each of us
we have our own
f realm if you will
a place of longing
fantasy unleashed
in that a holy place
where we can go
at whim at will
i will ponder and
roll around more
and come back
here later to
more deeply
explore some
new ways
hidden deep inside
brought out
to fruition

i bid you all
now a good day
and the daring too
to come here n play
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Fucking to love you
Posted: 1/26/2007 8:00:39 AM
I've had my ass tickled by a feather, and yes, I've whipped a couple of pus*ies with a rider's crop.
I've licked chocolate syrup off of tits and sucked candy canes drenched in vaginal fluids... Never too fond of ice cubes, they just make the nipples hurt when I bite them. Temperature sensitive always, I want the p*ssy that I claim to lay warm in my bed always ready to open wider for me. Ice gets in the way... relax fvck slave, relaxxx....

I think so often of making her my captive slave. So difficult to articulate the madness I feel inside. If I indulge in my fantasy turned reality I risk scaring her off... Her never knowing of my sexual electricity for being lost in the fear of who I am, I never make her mine. But I can't live in that. I need to tell her how I wish to tie her tight to my bed and to my life. Holding her under my spell I'll fvck her over and over. Never mind the first time where romance flies and and hearts are in play... I'm talking about after that. When I'm so tired I can't stay awake, in the middle of the night... my demon comes out and plays with her body and mind. My sexual powertrip one filled with deception and mystery... comes alive when my senses sleep.

She lays in my bed for only a brief weekend,
I need to be inside her. If she's only here for a while
I can't waste time.................................................


I'll tie you to a big brass bed, and leave you begging to not go
wanting to stay in my grasp, never returning to your senses
lost hopelessly in my my lust, my c*ck inside you, never soft
I'll f*ck you until I'm raw and blended with you
my flesh mixed with yours, blood siblings for life....

So deep in you now, we will never separate
I'll keep a piece of your ass for my trophy collection...

Now only stanza's and rhymes, when I finally touch you... we will both feel all the rhymes thrown at each other, unleashed finally upon innocent flesh... that of ours forever....

Joined: 1/18/2007
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open shirt
Posted: 1/26/2007 8:05:17 AM
just wanna play with you
and make you feel touched
on your hand, and your breast
on your hips in a slow dance
on your thigh with razor burn
to your knees, so weak in turn
your feet walking in the world
your face, caressing
your lips engrossed in mine
your neck inviting to bite
picking you up, setting you
on the desk...

unbuttoning your shirt
opening it up, two buttercup
clasp in front, black lace
popped open
you, exposed in front of me
warm and inviting
I move to you
and settle my face gently
on your chest in an embrace
tonguing in circles around your
tits, settling in and making you

enough to make you crazy with
something that burns in you
feeling the animal passion unleashed
you pull my head up away from your breast
and kiss me strong on the mouth
lost in a kiss, we forget time
and spend a moment lost in us.....

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open shirt
Posted: 1/26/2007 8:46:51 AM
Re 54: One of your best if not your VERY best, Tenzo-chan!
Joined: 12/15/2006
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open shirt
Posted: 1/26/2007 10:25:25 AM
hey great reading here soft. tenz, dug the last two.

Yes, I want the whore, too,
so I can say,
what can I make you for dinner?

gee, I think that's open ended, non?
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Eating Pussy In Threads
Posted: 1/26/2007 10:56:47 AM
Eating Pusssy In Threads

You fill my life with dreams of sweat...
Will you be my sexually safety net?
If I promised to make you feel care
Would you relax and allow me to dare?

Wait and see what my powers can do
Just lay back and open wide and let me chew
I’ll start at your bud lapping and sucking
Then back to your belly I’ll move
Taking sweet time to tease your navel
Making you pant now just kinda dishevel
You’ll lay back eyes glossing over
Knowing that as my woman, you can’t cover
Pleasure you feel makes you want to be nakee
All the time just waiting for me to do my takee <<humor

As I stick my tongue in your hole...
Do you think you could take such a toll?
To have my mouth in your snatch
Until I say I’m full
Do you know why I’m so bold?
Or so I’ve been told...

I start to squeeze your ass as I suck
Am I putting you in tune to fvck?
Almost there I can hear you strum
"Harder damnit, I'm gonna cum!"

Now take just a second lay right there...
My eyes are fixed on you still caught in my stare
I’m on top of you now with my weight bearing down
Don’t look that way, it’s not time to frown...

I’ll finish quick just pounding away
Darling, you are really a hot little lay
I’m just about to empty my load in your belly
Shooting way up inside like warm butter and jelly....

 Black Mary
Joined: 1/22/2006
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The Botany Student's Amazing Discovery
Posted: 1/26/2007 11:49:43 AM
The Botany Student’s Amazing Discovery

It was mid-morning and the sun was shy but willing to make promises. I stood outside and watched the Botany Student performing his latest experiment in Audio-dendrochronologous anthropology. He motioned me over for he was quite full of himself these days and we had become friends of a sort. He said “Look here my brother, new and exciting developments in science. They will surely give me my Ph.D for my latest discoveries which I am willing to impart to you free of charge because you are my friend and I trust you.”

I blinked, remembering how earlier, much earlier that morning I had seen a huddle of brown rabbits like furred statues in the frosty grass. The memory induced a sly smile on my lips, similar in effect to sly smiles that stem from sly memories of secrets of the warm kind.

He lifted his stethoscope from the tree, a conifer of some sort, and said “I’ve been listening down into the heart of this tree, deep into its roots, far below the bedrock, past the granite shelf. There was once an ancient sea below this very spot. It’s vibrations are rising to the surface now as we speak. Creatures of a hominid persuasion lived in the sea, ever so slowly their evolution progressed until one day part of the future broke off and fell on their wet heads. It was only for a moment, an infinitesimal moment that opened like a bird’s eye. A mere moment that lasted for eons while time stopped and went to the circus. In that short curly hair of transcendence the sea became a beautiful desert with skies drenched in crimson-blue light. Two of the creatures became am image within the eye of the bird, which might have been a sparrow or a crow or perhaps a scarlet ibis. Yes, I’m pretty sure it was a scarlet ibis. Somehow within that moment the concept of Love was invented or perhaps it suddenly just arrived from somewhere else in the cosmos like a strange light. I haven’t exactly been able to work that part out yet. Before that time there wasn’t really any love, there was only procreation and urge, just the usual DNA driven scheme. Here listen for yourself. “

I took the stethoscope to my ear. I listened very carefully for I had learned that the Botany Student was often correct in his discoveries, though until that moment they had been of a relatively minor nature, more along the lines of simple observations such as scientifically determining that a young coed on our campus tended to find a gift of a rose more pleasing than that of an embalmed fetal pig. I heard the sound of the sea transforming into a soft wind. A wind that began to sing like a bird pleased to be awake in the early morning. This was enough to convince me. I gave him back his instrument, smiled slyly, and said

“Science is most fortunate to have you sir. I am indeed in the presence of greatness”
 Autumn Fantasy
Joined: 8/14/2006
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Being Yourself
Posted: 1/26/2007 12:18:02 PM
you straddling work
as I let myself drown in the oils on a canvas
a musical interlude lost in space
taking the time
to create the rhyme
let the waters heal you
inside and out
it’s not about the world
it’s about me
and you
and what you do
when you climb the stairs
two at a time
hear the music playing
from behind the closed bedroom door
vanilla passion
candles lit from here to eternity
heating the darkness
with vapors of devilish incensical thoughts
my innocence has been forgotten
curled up beside the cat
release that sigh
let me feel your expectations
smile that evil grin of yours
visions of what lies inside
imprinted on your anticipation
grab your guitar
strum my body on fire
with your gentle harmony
words of love
tease me with your songs
let them slide ever so slowly inside my mind
a taste of honey
be whom you wish tonight for me
in fantasy
and I shall be your queen
of passion
anoint you with freedom
challenge you beyond control
the music leaps with the images on the wall
candelight unleashed upon
the four-poster bed
your hands
and my imagination
all that is needed
before the door closes behind you.
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dedicated to my naughty new friend
Posted: 1/26/2007 2:27:21 PM
Moved thi over fro another thread. I think I should have posted here origanily, seems a better fit. I hope you have as much fun reading as I did writing!

A Corporal Trilogy, come share the delight

Act I
A Prelude to Punishment
My lover lays trembeling o're me knee
I caress the softness of her bottom
as it rises in graceful, sloping curves
laying quivering before me.

She squirms in eager anticipation
and so I take the time to stroke her softly
and pinch and prod the supple flesh
and marvel in great admiration.

Those globes before me are beautiful
Twin mounds of perfection and proportion
The up turned bottom of my love
awaits me eager and dutifull

She had stood before me and confessed
the burning desire that brought her here tonight
She felt a need, a driving need
to be punished for some imaginary mess

She told me she needed this
and begged me to relent
and bare her bottom,bend her low
and give her the punishment that she missed

I had listened to her made up tale
of bad behavior and naughty deeds
But with the proper punishment
her obedience might prevail

I ushered her to a corner to stand
and lifted her skirt high above her waiste
I petted her ass and could feel her panties
of soft white cotton in my hand

I told her not to move from there
and old that skirt up high
as i went to retrieve from he dresser
the brush she used for her hair

When I returned I gave a gentle slap
and bid her come to me
to remove the pure white cotton
And lay upon my lap

So now lays across my my thigh
her alabaster orbs thrusting up
Aquiver in eager anticipation
as I raise the brush up high

Act II
The Spanking

Late last night
by the fire light
I spanked my lovers ass

Now before you wail
Hear out the tale
It's really not that crass

To feel that fire
is her desire
It is her only weakness

So with each slap
she raised off my lap
and showed no sign of meakness

Her cheeks burned red
My hand felt dead
and I knew she must be sore

Yet with every blow
she'ld moan low
And beg me give her more

The slaps did mount
and I lost count
as I listened to her sighs

I turned it crimson
the bottom of the vixen
that lay draped across my thighs

I would not relent
so on it went
until my strength began to wane

It was her desire
to feel that fire
and get pleasure from her pain

At last I heard
our secret word
That told me she was done

so with one last blow
I put a glow
on the ass of my sweet one

She had reached her peak
and did not speak
As she bathed in Eros' embrace

And just so you know
she wore the glow
of extasy on her face

I did caress
that crimson mess
and ran my fingers in between

I found her wet
and knew,sure bet
the best was still unseen

Epilogue in Extasy

Upon my thigh in bright crimson heat
in extasy sweet
My love, she lays a'glowing

With a smile on her face
In Eros' embrace
Her love of punishment showing

As I caress it soft
she thrusts it aloft
and moans in sweet delight

Hot brush marks on flesh
burning fresh
Her bottoms a lovely sight

But now that it's done
she says I've won
and she'll fullfil my every desire

To this red bottomed wench
I give a pinch
and she raises her ass up higher

Then I gently touch her
listen to the purr
as I tease her tender behind

My hand feels the heat
from her seat
and slowly, I each between

her soft silky thighs
I hear her sigh
and my fingers return with a sheen

her sexy legs she parts
and so I start
to soothe her swollen moist mound

I slide in to fingers
let them there linger
and now her clit my thumb has found

Softly I rub
that sensetive nub
as she lifts her ass even higher

I give it a light slap
she squirms in my lap
And clentches her **** tighter

I know she wants more
so I find her back door
and tickle that lovely pink flower

Her moans are comming low
her excitment grows
as I tease the core of her ass

When she lets out a sigh
I push my finger inside
and sh exhales an extatic gasp

Inhabitions now abandon
she humps my hand oo
wildly as she rides my thumb

Then she throws back her head
5 words coarsly said
"OH GOD! I'm gonna cum!"

and she does in great waves
endless wet waves
'Til she sinks back down on my knee

And I hope you came to
caus' my story is thru
about how sweet a spanking can be!

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What is it about a Woman's skin?
Posted: 1/26/2007 4:43:59 PM
At the risk of being called a sexist, I think its a caveman thing. Some thing to make us want to come back to the cave! I don't know if I could adiquitly describe the sensation of gently caressing the female body. It's not just a visual thing. Its warmth ,it's texture, it's scent,it's they way electricity flows out of it and into our fingertips and makes the edges of our neandertal minds glow. We are rough, we arescruffy, we are hairy and generaly smell bad. You are soft, your are smooth, There is nothing about you that reminds us the world shits on us.
You are our first best escape to a better place,and we get there thru a simple touch.

(another repost of response I gave to a thread about wemen's skin. It also seemed to fit here.)
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Posted: 1/26/2007 8:33:10 PM
wow i am so smiling, beaming at all the amazing bold writes here found upon my return home! i thank each of you very sincerely, for your daring, your unfolding; thank you!

nuances mouthwatering
plums , peche, apricots
rose, iris, acacia n peonies
spices rich and fragrant i offer
palms outstretched to the skies
bracelets kissing my wrists
rings of rubies and silver
affixed to my fingers as if with glue
i feel naked whenever i dash out
if ever i forget them, i do
subtle woody heliotrope, amber
sandalwood, cardamom and yuzu
magnolia, jasmine, mandarin citrus
black tea notes finish off the symphony
heady feeling now am i
whirling drowning spinning happily
in twirling fantasy realms of you
for now the term f realm suffices
yes for now that is quite true
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Posted: 1/27/2007 8:39:03 AM
Wanton desire wraps around me
Tight against my skin
like cellophane…
I feel its pressure between my thighs
Causing me to throb mercilessly
Forcing me to touch again…and again
Here…and there….ohhhh yes….and here!
The sensations seemingly transferred
From my fingertips
to other screaming destinations.
It binds my breasts until they tingle
I squeeze them hard, as if to bring
Blood flow back
Pinching, pulling, biting my own
I feel the tautness of this cellophane
over my mouth
Nearly suffocating me…
My breathing becomes labored
Moans escape my throat as if trapped
One hand works diligently
At this constant pounding between my legs
And the other aggressively working my tits
I slip my fingers out of its moist home
And reach for my lips
Tracing them
Needing to feel something wet between them
Liquid lust…
That’s what I want to feel
YOUR liquid lust…but I pretend--
As I smear this fluid across my lips
Like lip gloss
Slowly licking it off
Savoring the flavor--
It is you I taste.
Both hands now exploring
This sopping wet cavern
Tracing the silky smooth exterior
Dipping into the hot springs…
Until she erupts...spilling her liquid lust
And again…
And …
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Posted: 1/27/2007 12:39:15 PM
******Oh my!*********
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Posted: 1/27/2007 2:11:52 PM
Kiss 1/27/07

kiss inside my mouth
breathy feathers

kiss inside my wrists
longing service

kiss inside my elbows
infant bent

kiss inside my knees
lover buckled

kiss inside my groin
sex tensed

kiss inside my womb
woman hearted

Joined: 9/5/2006
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Tuck Me In
Posted: 1/27/2007 6:35:57 PM
Tuck me in
i don't need covers
just your skin
will do for lovers
to rest against
listen to your
heart's insistent
you are my earth
you are my sky
keep me grounded
help me fly
look me straight
in my blue eyes
and say you love me
don't be shy
i just need tthis once
to hear it
when i can comprehend
the spirit
of your speaking lips
move against me
lift and kiss
the past away
my body opens
when you say
you love me
do you smile when
you think of me
for you are just
my everything
i had forgotten
the peace this brings
the immortal
beauty of it
hold me close
and don't forget
to say you love me
as you tuck me in tonight
wraped up in flesh
and faint starlight
asleep against
this home i've found
my love for you
is so profound
Joined: 9/5/2006
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Posted: 1/27/2007 6:52:04 PM
If i were a blonde
would you be more fond
of being seen with me
less likely to be free of me
more interested in this
a burning kiss
that leads to other fires
whips and chains and dark desires
would you be more convinced
that i would want it when you pinched
my skin...
would i be more likely to let you in
and let you have your way with me
rough passions when you play with me
dark rivers of desire
would you somehow lift me higher
than you do
if my eyes were never blue
would it matter in the night
would i put up more of a fight
would it make you want me more
want me til you make me sore
i promise i'd come back to you
and beg for all the thing you do
i'd be your slave the whole night long
but alas, i'm not a blonde

Joined: 10/5/2006
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Missing her
Posted: 1/27/2007 7:43:48 PM
I miss her, all of her
I can still taste her on my lips
It's not been an hour
and I miss her
I can feel the heat of her
the soft folds of her womaness
where it had wrapped around me and held tight
She has not been gone an hour
and I miss her
The sound of her low soft moans
as they became the screams of wanton abandon
The shudder she gave as she threw her head back
and her love poured out on me
I miss her
The way she gracefully removed her self off of me
sliding down my body til her mouth had engulfed me
The way she gently stroked me while her tongue danced
around, tickeling, teasing, tasting me
The way she increased as I increased
The way she hungrily took in all that I gave.
Yes I miss her for all of this and more that I will not share
But what I miss the most is the way she cried
when I told her that I loved her.
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An assertive woman
Posted: 1/27/2007 8:06:23 PM
{I actually met a woman like this once. Her attitude toward men seemed a wee bit angry,and she told one night all she needed was a man to **** her then get the **** out! She must be in her 70's now and I bet she is still scariing the shit out men. To Briggsy, where ever you are, This is dedicated to you)

An asertive Woman,(stripped down,de-romantisized, and raw)

**** me hard in the ass
and make me ****in' feel it!
Stick that****in my ****
and bone me like a ****!
Let me suck your****and I'll let you come allover my tits!
****, I'm gonna make you ****in' scream!
I'm gonna suck on your balls
and stick my tongue up your ass!
And when the ****in' is done,
and you have blown your last load,
Get the **** Out!
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thanks yous
Posted: 1/28/2007 7:02:10 PM
niiiice stealin!
brizo, welcome, you've certainly gotten the essence the thread's hope, thank you!
thank you too POckets, very very nice and evocative writes; welcome to you too.
shark, thank you; i liked the first best.
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thanks yous
Posted: 1/28/2007 7:23:42 PM
Thanks for the kind words Soft. I thougt I had killed the thread there with the second. its just a rough story about a rough women I once Knew. She was realy like that!
The first, lets just say I was inspiered by a friend.
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thanks yous
Posted: 1/28/2007 7:58:30 PM
hey no problem shark; it is resurrected with hope!

the following all from peter murphy ~ love hysteria; they seems apropos here...

all night long

when the night is closing
eyes are running wild
othen i hear you humming
all night long

the sign i see it
tell me am i true
iall i need from you is
aall i see

this city's paved with cold
playboys buying fun
seems there is no hunter left
without his hunting gun

can you feel the light
the air is wild open
oh you see the light it's coming through
it's there in the distance
always offered to me
always coming over a hill

oh your see-saw smile
lasts me all night long
like a siren's curl
when the night is long

now come hold my hand
no bad vibe hearts
hold my hand you know
this journey could be long

yeah the seasons come in
all the nights are woven
all the nights we'll see them through
ahh no hundred men now
would dare cut into us
we'll go on and see it through

une rose qui a joue son role
mon miroir,
mon clef d'or
mon cheval
et mon gant sont les cinq secrets de ma puissance
jJ voulais livrer
il vous suffira de mettre ce gant
a votre main droite
il vous transportera ou vous desirez l'etre

when the night has come in
your eyes are running wild
then I hear you humming
all night long

yeah the sign iI see it
yeah the times iI see it
all iI need to know from you
is all iI see

can you feel the light
the air is wild, open
oh you see the light,
it's coming through
it's there in the distance
always offered to me
always coming over a hill
yeah the seasons come in
all the nights are woven
all the nights we'll see them through
ahh no hundred men now
would dare cut into us
we'll go on and see it through


his circle and hers meet

his circle and hers meet
as if afloat
as if afraid
the spirits meet
waited for an age
it was a lesson sent

abstract and numbed
abstract and bleak
patience lent
his test of patience lent

horizontal yet erect
yearning lying in wait
oneness floats about
unity served on his plate

circling round about
the lover he will meet
dripping mellow stains of long
mmmmmelting in her heat

the lover he must meet
circling round about
dripping mellow stains of long
melting in her heat

without a blink
without a sigh
his circle and hers meet
synchronised split
split seconds beat

she killed his past
with her kiss
all past was but a lie
she killed his head
she killed his mouth
and opened up the sky

she killed his past
with her kiss
all past was but a lie
she killed his head
she killed his mouth
the he-she joining
the moment now
would be the only sound
no front no back
no present tense
no milk from no holy cow

she killed his past
with her kiss
all past was but a lie
she killed his head
she killed his mouth
and opened up the sky


dragnet drag

look at them now
look at them do
look they found the dove
their vastness too
whirlpools whirl
and dragnets drag

love me do oh love me do
love me find the dove
this vastness sings a pretty song
this vastness must be love
give me three the gift of one
whose science can't describe
whose eyes are peeled like atom bombs
their spirit is the prize

the sufi three winged flight they soar
all sacrals join all hearts
a cavern gasps a dragon screams
the jinn men smash the ark
four guides float four dots of God
realistic haqq is theirs
mystic men whose eyes are sore
from trials of bigger lairs

look at them now
look at them do
look they found the dove
their triad song too

a grey surprise
swirls below
they could be happy too
the ides of march
whirlpools whirl
and dragnets drag
whirlpools whirl
and dragnets drag

whirlpools whirl
dragnets drag
hell is not the fire
hell is your belief
in yourself as the higher

four guides afloat
four dots of God
look they found the dove
their triad song too

whirlpools whirl
dragnets drag
hell is not the fire
hell is your belief
in yourself as the higher


Socrates the Python
Today ...
Your problems are not
Of blind belief
That is or means
Belief ain't enough, belief ain't enough
The oracle of your age
Point towards the word

You may freeze
You may fear
You may wince
And not hear
You can sick at the heart
When I say
"God is one"
Does God the word
Make you reel
And I mean, real

But it isn't God the father son or holy one,
But the key to your age
Get it together, and listen
With all the books
On the shelf
All the wisdom
With all the books
On the shelf
All the wisdom

Socrates Pythagorus
Yin and bloody Yang
Hatha Yoga, Omm
Bennett, Gurdjieff, Jesus
Old Testament and New
Libraries full of keys
Libraries full of keys
Where's your lock?

Socrates Pythagorus
Yin and bloody Yang
Hatha Yoga, Omm
Bennett, Gurdjieff, Jesus
Old Testament and New
Libraries full of keys
Libraries full of keys

Bennett, Gurdjieff, Jesus
Bennett, Gurdjieff, Jesus ...


Indigo Eyes

Fire burning in a hill
The lines are rocky rough
Red angels wait to pick remains
The cindered shoulder
Of confused men
Seperate from their awe
With grey desire
He looks out mad
His soft grey indigo eyes
Indigo eyes ...

His heaven is uncovered not
A black tree blocks his way
His way is skating round a dome
(His way is in dismay)
The playmate sings
Like Orphee in some thunder world
Asking to be bathed in light
To be exemplified

With grey desire he looks out mad
His soft grey indigo eyes

Saw his past
He had dug for trust
With blind infected hands
And wondered as the hurt bit hard
Why the sacred weren't at hand
Only when his ears were deaf
To the angels light burst waves
Only when his ears were deaf
Did life turn from fog to fog
But not evil but estranged
But not evil but estranged

Indigo eyes, Indigo eyes
Indigo eyes, Indigo eyes

With grey desire
He looks out mad
His soft grey
Indigo eyes
Indigo eyes


Time Has Got Nothing to Do with it

Make me a mannered, a mannered thing
Carved of wood, a life force thing
Give it an arm, that points to the earth
And a hand, that points at me
No matter where I stand
No matter where I stand
And knows all that we can't see

The clock cannot be turned
With remorseful yearns
Time has nothing to do with it
You would see, you would see
If you were three again
And did it all the same
Fate drives you insane
Fate drives you insane

And did you throw you in the road
Put your face to shame
Did you think your mouth could teach
Make you think you think
It's got a lot to do with
It's got a lot to do
Let's get nothing, nothing askew

Time has got nothing to do with it
Time has got nothing to do with it

Change is insane with eyes that blame
And morals that blank the lines
Of transmissions new
If only we knew
It's not all happening here
There blanks are scarce
And blindness is forgot
Is forgot

The perfect plan
Is not the man
Who tells you
You are wrong

Time has got nothing to do with it
Time has got nothing to do with it

Disappear into the clear
And visions understood
Wrestle now and shout the vow
The illusion is the pain
The illusion is the pain

Time has got nothing to do with it
Time has got nothing to do with it


Blind Sublime

It looks a dream
And feels the same
I could conquer it
And still feel sane
The soft hills and shores
Beguiled and silent nights
The sun waits softly
We talk a lot
Too much to say
We're still too proud

It looks a dream
And feels the same
I could conquer it
And still feel sane

The people best
Are simple here
And thoughts escape me
No fear, no judge
No burning fear
Their eyes don't pierce
Slowly worked
Smoke ringed arms
It's too hot to mention
Slowly worked
Smoke ringed arms
Luck turned an ear

I shout to time that nothing stays
Nothing lasts and damn to change
Though then I read a book a line
Which says we sleep in blind sublime
Deaf and dumb in human lands
To break and free needs different hands
To pull us to a different space
Where things are wider, out of place

It looks a dream
And smells the same
I could conquer it
And still feel sane

It looks like a dream
And smells the same
I'd submit to it
And still feel sane
I'd submit to it
And still feel sane
I'd submit to it
And still feel sane


My Last Two Weeks

When I returned
You buried my last two weeks
My last two weeks
Of my new times
So it didn't seem like
A wasted mouthful
A wasted mouthful
Because of a trip
That was trapped inside you

I was trapped inside you
And always imagined
That I could
I always imagined
Imagined I would
Conjure you up
Conjure you up
So it didn't seem like
It didn't seem like

I was conditioned
I was conditioned about that
So it didn't seem like
A wasted mouthful
Am I untruthful
Am I untruthful
As a result of being
Maybe it was too soon

The red rose
I liken it to the flicker of the pure
Fleeting moments
Precede our actions
Light that's not burning
Light that's not burning
No more lost sinking feeling
Tethered to your shoe
Tethered to you

We ask the controller
He sends us flames
Our lying bodies sleep
His whispered word says
Ah this is how
This is how it looks
From where we weep
Tethered to red rose
Tethered to your shoe
To the seven of cups
Tethered to you
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We begin anew!
Posted: 1/28/2007 9:25:24 PM
We begin anew.

Shall I take initiative?
Shall I take initiative?
My heart jumped.
This was my confirmation.
Undress her gently
Her flesh is holy
Ravish her not
For she is holy!
The angels
They bless the union.
Lust is at a distance.
To be deep in her holy womb;
I’m consumed by her holy womb.
My thoughts change.
I want emphatically to see her flesh blush.
Intensity comes in waves…
I’m driven
To taste the waves;
Her odor is mild
Her moisture is wild
She takes me to trial
She takes me to trial.
Her tears fall
Her walls tighten
Her body shivers
Her body shivers
Her claws are in my flesh
She has become something new
We transformed into ecstasy.
The convulsions are rapid.
Our bodies pulsate as one.
We become energy.
We become energy.
Grip me ever so tightly.
In midst that third release
I collapse ever so violently.
She screams:
What have I done!
What have I done!
The sun is rising.
Thus, she must return to heaven.

We begin anew.


This is a great thread softedge.....................
You continue to amaze me.
Your poetry is very deep....
And your heart is very enchanting!
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Glowing in The Dark
Posted: 1/29/2007 5:40:23 AM
She glows in the dark
My Love upon her bed
She is a cat streching
and her claws flexing

Luminous she lays bare
Naked on sex soaked linens
Exhaling in lustful sighs
Hands busy between her thighs

Florescently aware of every touch
She writhes entangeled in the sheets
Till, spurred on by the driving phallus
Lust's sweet wine pours out her Chalice

Incandescent in loves leftovers
Like paint applied to canves
In hues vivid and bright
Sweat glistening in the night
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Posted: 1/29/2007 5:58:25 AM
Ahhh sex....such a little word
often mispronounced or
Making love
Scroggin'(navy days)
shaggin' says Austin Powers....
"doing the tango"
in April showers...
Lots of passions all aflame
intertwined bodies
all one in the same.
some are addicted
some could care less
I myself prefer it
with the one I love best!!
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Butterfly kisses
Posted: 1/29/2007 5:59:03 AM
To turn away the engraved frown.....
sharing secret smiles, heaven bound.
butterfly kisses, gentle and sweet
dancin' away on our own two feet.

delirious laughter, insanity we reach
mindless souls, hearts are breached.
caring not of heaven or hell
whispering nothings, I'll never tell.

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