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Joined: 10/5/2006
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Hey Butterfly, I like your stuff. It's like you can still seethte world thru the eyes of a child, Even when talkin'bout scroggin'! Wish I could still see like that.
 Black Mary
Joined: 1/22/2006
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Hendrix Poem
Posted: 1/30/2007 6:28:04 PM
(Jimi Hendrix)
For Britain

May this be love or just confusion
Born out of frustration
Wracked feelings of not being able
To make true physical love
To the Universal Gypsy Queen
Of true, free expressed music
My darling guitar
Please rest in peace

* The above poem was dedicated to all of Britain, the first place to truly take Hendrix to their hearts. It was written on the back of his guitar-a guitar he later lovingly smashed to bits at the end of his set. I thought it might fit this thread.
 Black Mary
Joined: 1/22/2006
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Salt Kiss
Posted: 1/30/2007 8:12:08 PM
Salt Kiss
( For J…)

There is an agony that sleeps here
In this basin of grey hills
Among these corpse trees
That have no birds and
Whose leaves have fallen over
A horizon’s edge

Give me bread
And I will live
As some sort of thing
Made of dark metal
But I will not live
Until I see

The centuries yet to appear
Climb the staircase
Of your body
Where the sun
Like a white orchid
Like a city of gold jade
Before your breasts

Give me liquids to drink
And I will live
As a thing that breathes
The distant dead air
But I will not live
Until I taste
The velvet joy
Of your salt kiss
Upon my lips
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/30/2007 8:59:57 PM
Beautiful Black Mary. Gives one hope.

Walking in the store tonight I happened upon
a Body Pillow.
How interesting I thought. A pillow in exchange for the body
I no longer hold next to me.
A pillow to replace you. Odd. The Pillow.
But there were no arms nor legs to wrap around
me. Though I could wrap myself around it. The Pillow.
There was no shoulder for my head. Though I could hold my head
on it. The Pillow.
There was no face to trace the outline of nose, eyes, lips. But I
could place my face to it. The Pillow.
No hand to hold. But I could hold it. The Pillow.
No manhood to touch, feel, smell or taste. But I could touch, feel, smell The Pillow.
But no taste. Whatsoever. No taste to The Pillow.
There was no heart or soul to divine from The Pillow. Just as there
has been no heart or soul from you. Now, The Pillow.
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shared; this F realm
Posted: 1/30/2007 9:39:50 PM
witty thank you for a write so you; yes it is sometimes as a communion methinks
buttrfly thank you good to see you back again; welcome!
bm, great hendrix lines, but loved salt kiss even more; thank you for sharing them here.
lucid, another ironic gem from you; thank you!

you are
as a God
to be cherished
to be bowed before
to please
to tease
to honor
to gently brush
your temples
to adore
for you just
being you
doing it
pulling it off
so very well
thanking you
for this my
fantasy realm
Joined: 11/13/2006
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 7:32:42 AM

Walking in the store tonight I happened upon
a Body Pillow.

Holy cow! Did you write that? I mean the whole of it? Or did some magical being stop by and press a magic pen into your hand? It is immensely moving of course because of the feelings expressed in it (expressed, may I say, but never for one moment indulged in); and it is moving and beautiful because the spontaneity with which it is laid out is so appropriate to the content!

Bless you!
Joined: 6/7/2006
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 8:06:39 AM
Yup. What he said. The guy above me. ;)

The "heart and soul" line at the end did me in. Exceptional job, LM.
Joined: 12/13/2006
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 8:36:29 AM
Lucid~~ Awesome stuff, indeed. Inspiring (see below, lol!) Thank you!


They washed the sheets

Good friends
who watched the cats
while I was gone
helping you die

Cleaned up and made
the bed sparkling
fresh --with us
no longer in it

For weeks I lay
curled around your
pillow hurled to sleep in the
fresh air of meadows

For long, I still
put on the linen shirt
hanging on the door
when you left


A love so wholly new
it is, as yet, without ritual
or memory

Not true:
you take my hand and
lead me to the stair

We fall into a bed
never shared
without memory

And take the new
make the new
and wake to new

stronger and stronger
each dawn
and riverrun

After all
our own

Joined: 2/19/2006
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 9:23:52 AM
the missing theme got me thinking.....especially how we keep clothing for the smell. After all is said and done, we are still animals, instinctual and visceral....

Vox 1/31/07

your granddaughter
your message
the one
that made
me smile
you addressing
the machine
as me
forty-one messages
she said
while I ran
toward the
to avert
I tried
to hide
my intent
but she knew
and I could not
spare her
the sorrow
than I could
you would
the pain

Joined: 12/15/2006
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 10:36:20 AM
good job lucid!
when I was young
I used to fuck my pillow

it didn't care


One Hot Summer Night

My foot got heavy when she gave me head
Traveling at a 100 kilometres an hour
On the over pass

We stopped and made love on the hood of my car
In the food bank parking lot
Under the over pass
Deep in the heart of the city
That hot summer night

It’s wasn’t the big dent in the hood
That reminds me

It was the spontaneous passion
That still lingers
Deep in the heart of the city
 Black Mary
Joined: 1/22/2006
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 10:50:22 AM
when I was young
I used to fuck my pillow

it didn't care

so how young Om...say like maybe last week? maybe last Tuesday? say about that young?
Joined: 12/15/2006
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 10:58:16 AM
lol, smart ass, yeah, and I can't wash the lipstick out now
Joined: 11/13/2006
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The Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 11:43:18 AM

when I was young
I used to **** my pillow

it didn't care

I’d give it my best shot
(so to speak)
but nothing moved it

which is why
I am now so appreciative
of women who
talk dirty to me
Joined: 6/12/2005
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Om's Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 11:43:55 AM
lucid, see how provacative
and inspiring you are?!
please forgive me
for playing now...

and i guess i
i heard he more
recently abused
his feather down
pillow only this
very morning
after reading this
git r done ro
any way ya wanna
be as bold as ya wanna
truth be told
we all have strange
*cough* i mean
really strange things
in our mind's inside
do we not?
i for one cannot deny
 Black Mary
Joined: 1/22/2006
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Om's Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 11:48:56 AM
well when it's all said and's my soap and i'll wash it as fast as I want.
Joined: 11/13/2006
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Variations on a theme by OMnivorous...
Posted: 1/31/2007 11:50:35 AM
My foot got heavy when she gave me head
driving in my twin-carbed
V-8 with that
inter-cooled super-charger

Man, I loved that beast!
(the car, I mean)

It was when she took the wheel
and said “My turn!”
and I was scrunched
under the dash
between her legs

that I decided to get
a Hummer.
Joined: 10/12/2006
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Variations on a theme by OMnivorous...
Posted: 1/31/2007 12:03:00 PM
Not tonight darling.
I have a knuckle ache.
Joined: 11/13/2006
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Variations on a theme by OMnivorous...
Posted: 1/31/2007 12:12:14 PM
Gotta respect a man who does it or gets it done in a ragtop with the top down.

Hey, you have one of those flags that pop up when whichever of you comes?
Joined: 12/13/2006
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Om's Pillow
Posted: 1/31/2007 12:39:01 PM
softedge, as for me, and *my* house, ahem . . . . think I'll just let them stay inside the brain case, lol!
Joined: 12/15/2006
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Variations on a theme by OMnivorous...LOL
Posted: 1/31/2007 12:44:11 PM
Poor Girl

She told me
She used to shove cucumbers up her ass
“Anything she could think of” she said
I believed her too
Once I saw her walking down the street
In high heels and a mini skirt
Her ass stuck out
Like a brain covered in saran wrap

And she never did get that boob job she always wanted
Hated being as flat as she was
The other girls used to tease her about it
Got so jealous of the other girl
She finally gave up and moved back home with her mother
Told me how disappointed she was cause even Her dresses didn’t fit her

Once I saw her down by the beach
Handing out fliers car to car
Guess it helped pay for her new outfits

She was married once
Has a daughter too
I felt sorry for her sometimes though
It must not be easy finding dresses
Or shoes
When your 6 foot 4
And 240 pounds

I hear she’s a handy-man now
Joined: 12/15/2006
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 1/31/2007 1:04:21 PM
sorry soft, got carried away with realities of life, forgot about the thread topic
barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
carry on folks...twas a few good laughs, mind you
Joined: 1/18/2007
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My Lover
Posted: 1/31/2007 1:25:49 PM
My Lover

You are most beautiful darling!
So beautiful....
your hair is that of silk cloth
woven with gems, glowing brightly

Your teeth are snow forced show
brilliance in their glint, like diamonds
all together in consort, showing your smile
no illusion to see the perfection

Your lips are scarlet dreams;
your mouth perfect, in form, in softness
eyes of risen dawn, with a washing from the sea
for me to look into and wonder, and wait

Your neck is the Eiffel tower
regal, alluring, distance to my touch
all of which is within grasp in front of heavens gate
as we walk, into the night...

Your breasts are two moons
illuminated by the sun, across the vast expanse
twin moons in celestial harmony
dancing across the sky for all to see

When morning comes
and the darkness unveils you
your radiance will light my days
for you are beautiful, and flawless

My heart is surrendered to thee, my lover, my bride
you took my heart for yours
with a simple look in your eyes, it was gone
your diamonds showing wide and rich in my heart

You are my delight, to know, my lover, my bride
your love is there and satiates my soul like immortal bread
quenches my thirst, so much more than red wine
fragrance from mint, fennel and cinnamon, spicy to taste

Your lips surrender to me a sweet honey, my lover
your mouth is filled with nourishment, my tongue alive
when I smell you, you are of wild flowers in spring
air from a fallen breeze, wind through my coastal dreams

You are my fountain of youth
my spring of desire
my loving embrace
you are my lover!

 Autumn Fantasy
Joined: 8/14/2006
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My Lover
Posted: 1/31/2007 1:31:59 PM
Tenz besides your beautiful tribute to the woman of your dreams the rest of you guys have gone crazy LOL and this has got to be the funniest thread I have read in days - thanks om
Joined: 12/15/2006
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 1/31/2007 1:55:51 PM
The Mission of a Virgin

God how I loved her
Still do in fact
Prettiest sexiest kindest virgin one could ever marry

But she’d lie there like a virgin
In her missionary position
Like it was her mission to lie there
In her mothers gown
Like a virgin

Like a virgin too
I use to put love poems in her lunch bag
I never knew if she read them
She preferred to hold on
To her title

encouraging words soft, thanks
it's safer to hide, not say too much
what with 'what will people think?'
Joined: 12/15/2006
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barest boldest deepest daring lines of love
Posted: 1/31/2007 2:52:03 PM
A Lion and Her Scarves

She used to tie me up with her numerous colourful scarves
Then open the curtains so the neighbours could see in

It wasn’t the feeling of vulnerability
Or the fact that the neighbours
Could see her proud gorgeous
Lioness figure
Dominating the love between us

It was that damn futon bed
That had no give

She still collects scarves
From what I hear
She’s a lawyer now
And probably can afford
A real bed
For sharing love
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