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Blues guitaring... a musical challenge...Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Do you think they'd have an easier time doing blues if they had a fretless? Me personally that would be just the ticket I need to get a little further with some blues tracks.
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Blues guitaring... a musical challenge...
Posted: 6/5/2007 10:05:48 PM
Blues is priminal like a piraha to me you gotta show you soul playing the blues, and if you show expression with three notes that is better than 220 notes a mintues of noise. Albert king with them deep bends that go away beyond the rules of music to bring those feelings to the resolution nothing beats that. Robert Johnson I cant play like him, but sometimes I fiddle on the guitar, I end up making singing the lyrics or broken chords to 32 20 blues, or Me and the Devil hehe. John lee hooker is tricky with his strumming, but it like dancing, and strummin at the same time. Blues is personal expression, and love Jamming to blues because its about feeling then making sure the notes are within a Dorain, or Mixaeoylin scale pattern.
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