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Men who live in Trailers, Buses and RVsPage 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Living in an upscale RV or motor home these days is similar to living in a small apartment these days. Most have queen size beds in a separate bedroom. All the amenities one needs. And on top of that, flexibility. I know of an eighty year old gentleman who lives in his very nice motorhome. He is Canadian but never sees snow anymore. From May to November he lives in Canada. Come the beginning of November he is a snowbird living at a couple of different sites in Florida. He really enjoys the life, with friends in many places.

It is just a style of living. Right for some. Not desirable for others. In some cases, simply because it is affordable. We all make a decision on how and where and in what we live (for the most part).
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Men who live in Trailers, Buses and RVs
Posted: 5/10/2013 9:10:05 PM

I've discovered that there are a ton of men who choose to live in trailers, Buses and RVs.

Well, at least you didn't include a van down by the river.

That might make people uneasy.
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Men who live in Trailers, Buses and RVs
Posted: 5/15/2013 2:06:47 PM


I've discovered that there are a ton of men who choose to live in trailers, Buses and RVs.

Well, at least you didn't include a van down by the river.

That might make people uneasy.

lmao^^^ almost forgot about that 1..

i had a guy once who messaged me wanting me to come to his RV to meet him
I PASSED on that offer,,"chills down the spine" didnt help that he had the whole ol creepy man down by the river look an vibe either,,he even offered out beer ok ya that was totally gonna change my mind..NOT

like a few posters have said I couldnt see having anything stable with a person who could drive/move away at anytime an be in another say good night an go to your home an they take off across the state line cause everything they have is already on board..

sure anybody can up an vanish out of your life,,

but if your house is on wheels an unless were gypies/travelers im not uprooting out of my place with all my stuff to go live on a bus or RV or try an track down an follow a man from state to state unless it was a emergency case an i had to track the guy down.thats different..

your house is on wheels what about the other persons furniture an belongings what about thier life too..

of course for the guys who do live on wheels i could see the upside as a man who was on the prowl for pssy

A) you can never really be tied down just hookup with random women an then off in your rolling house you go on to the next woman an next state.

B) you can be cheap as hell never paying for a real date or room,,plus even if they have the woman inside thier rv its not like its a apartment or house that she could come back too to find you all you gotta do is zip up an leave an she is left behind..
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Men who live in Trailers, Buses and RVs
Posted: 5/16/2013 5:25:31 PM
anutherchance- There are valid reasons for someone (male or female) to live in a trailer, bus or RV.
It could be about finances and that's what they can afford.
Maybe they like living in a smaller space (less upkeep).
I am far more concerned about how a person treats me and the type of person they are than what they live in, jmo.
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Men who live in Trailers, Buses and RVs
Posted: 5/16/2013 7:58:27 PM
WOW, some of these narrow views have really floored me! At one time, I was reading as many RVing magazines as I could get my hands on because I'd thought that I'd love to do that (full time RV) for about 20 years after retirement. Before the internet, it was difficult to do mainly because of banking....and having a permanent physical address. Now, with direct deposits, online banking it's much easier to do. I've read articles written by younger folks....who RV full time even with their children (who are "home schooled") Most parks nowadays have Wi-Fi and I was impressed with the curriculum which offered their children a much enriched, hands on, education. Primarily though, most full time RVers I've known have been either retired and taking the opportunity to experience our vast country before they're too old to travel.....or construction workers who spend months at a time away from their "homes". Whether these men (some women) are married or single, it's cheaper and more convenient to live in an apartment on wheels than it is a fixed one. First of all....when your work has you moving every 8-12 weeks, it's foolish to take on the liability of 1 year lease....and the places which are available for rent without a lease are not fit to live in usually. When you work out of a GO where the work is and it's financially foolish to trying to put down roots in every city that has a building going up. You can take a job with a company (if you can find one) and earn $40K a year....or you can travel...and earn $120K a year.

In addition, many people who live full time in trailers or RVs do not consider it a permanent way of life, and often they've considered the "marginal costs" of living....realized that X amount of time cutting back on their MAJOR expense is the fastest way to obtain the funding for a future goal.

I'm sure there are some for whom it IS a way of life, but I for one would NOT stereotype every man who drives his house to work as a bum who isn't capable of a lasting relationship.
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