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~Gather the Shadows~

"Gather the shadows and sing them the woe,
Drive off the ilness and rend deep the foe,
Gather the sunlight and slip it inside,
Burn off the sadness and fill her with pride.

Heal all her troubles and leave them behind,
One day my friend, then a wife I remind,
For I will take you away from the cold,
To warmth and sunshine and fortunes untold.

I will soon gather you deep in my arms,
Warding off evil and keep you from harm,
Always know that I will be there for you,
And that my love is quite strong and true!"
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/28/2007 11:18:16 AM
~Brown Eyes So Blu~

As I sit here thinking of you
My brown eyes so blu...
My heart longing to hear your song
How could this have gone so wrong...

The stars were for us to find
I was your's and you were mine...
In love so grand
Together we would take a stand...

My heart I gave to you
Only to be broken in two...
Many nights I wished upon a star
Why miles and miles so far...

Missing you everyday
I want you, I need you, you would say...
With miles and mountains between
So far I just wanted to scream...

We use to talk about forever
Not today, not tommorrow, not never...
How your heart I did lose
Love, hurt, no one wishes to choose...

Tears have turned to stone
Knowing I will be alone...
For a heart I have to give
A life I need to live...

Your heart now takes an other
A kind lady and a mother...
With a heart and hair of gold
A kindered soul to behold...

Some things are ment to be
It's all in life's little plan don't you see...
For love lifts us to an other
For no one to put asunder...

Blood is the only tie that binds
But a good friend is hard to find...
I will stand by you to the end
Today and always as your friend...

I would rather love and lost
but not at this cost...
To remain your friend
Is the message I wish to send...

Good luck Mr. H.B.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/28/2007 12:29:41 PM

Lost in my thoughts
Blind in my soul
Screaming at self
Out of control

Never a wish
Of saddness brought
Always the best
My will had thought

There is no pain
Ever like this
Feeling so low
Life is amiss

How will I fix
What I dont know?
How will I help
My Orchid grow?

I would give all
To make you smile
You are my one
Been for a while

I know you're wrath
And know your pain
I want your laugh
Not your disdain

How will I walk
Deep in the black?
How will I find
All that I lack?

Please understand
You drive me wild
If I seem off
Or like a child

You are my light
Rainbow you bring
Reign as your Queen
You'll be my King!
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/28/2007 1:29:35 PM
Thanks Swanlake for inspiring me to write this...

For today
I see the color
for which has been
so long too gray.


With sparkles of silver filling the night
As crystal blue fills the sky in daylight

Prisims of color fall with rain drops
To a brilliant rainbow that never stops

Red and orange as the sun set
The union of aqua as the sky and sea met

Trees dusted with soft white snow
Splenders of green grass grow

Yellow, pink tulips begin to spring
I love all the colors...but purple is still my thing

The colors of life light my way
This is what inspired this poem today.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/28/2007 9:02:01 PM
- I AM -

I am the one who will open your door
Pull back your seat and lead on the floor
I am the one who will take your hand
Share with you secrets that few understand
I am the one who will hold you tight
Ward off your demons and keep you from fright
I am the one who sings long to you
Writing you poems and sharing verse too
I am the one who'll bow his head
Listen and learn from all that you've said
I am the one who'll never flee
One who understands what's eternity
I am the one who'll never strike
Never get mean or just take a hike
I am the one who makes you feel shy
Giggly and youthfull for I am that guy
I am the one who'll do anything
To be your hero, your servant, and king
I am the one who keeps you in mind
Alone I'm empty and seem flying blind
I am the one who you so miss
Voice and touch and wit and kiss
I am the one always for you
Like the days sun I'm always true

Thanks my friend...I love it!
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/29/2007 8:13:41 AM
~Love is...~

Love is patient, Love is kind,
It does not envy, it does not boast,
It is not proud, It is not rude,
It is not self-seeking,
It is not easily angered,
It keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil,
but rejoices with the truth.

Love always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.

Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends.

L o v e N e v e r F a i l s.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/29/2007 8:29:34 AM
"Happiness Is"

And you once asked me...
What is happiness anyway?
I answered...
Happiness is different things to each of us and I can speak only from my heart.
Happiness is the first bloom of life on a tree in spring
and happiness is a slow evening stroll down a quiet country lane with large snowflakes softly drifting down.
Happiness is laying outside in the beauty that is summer with the warm breath of the sun caressing your very soul
and happiness is seeing the leaves fall and rejoicing in the life cycle and the rebirth that will come with spring.
Happiness is family and friends and the joy that comes from sharing your deepest thoughts and dreams
and happiness is watching the stars in the deepest darkest time of the night and glorifing in the splendor and depth of the universe.
Happiness is the feeling of joy that comes from simply being close to you
and happiness is the knowledge that whatever happens, our lives have been changed for the better for having loved and been loved.
Happiness is loving and knowing that you are loved
and happiness is watching your children grow, knowing that you are helping to define who they will become and what they will believe to be important.
Happiness is the silly grin that magically appears on my face
whenever I think of you
and happiness is waking up in your arms each and every morning and wanting nothing more than to make each hour of every day happier for you
the hour before.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/29/2007 6:59:15 PM
~Finding the power to break free~

In my darkest hour
I feel I have lost my power
Night so breathless and dark
Hearing the last beat of my heart
Feeling so tiny, so scared
Living life I only faired
You stomped my heart into the ground
To rip out my soul without a sound
Leaving me here to bleed
Lust for women, drugs and greed
To take a love so pure
To fill a soul full of fear

In my darkest hour
I found my power
Never to see the dark
I put the light back in my heart
Brave and don't scare
What goes around comes that's fair
I picked myself right up off the ground
Dusted myself without a mumble, not even a sound
For I no longer bleed
You can have your women, drugs and greed
My heart is still pure
And you, I no longer fear
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/29/2007 8:11:17 PM
~An Angel~

I once meet an Angel he reached out and took my hand
I had gotten so lost in life's little plan
I knew I was losing my last stand
Then came this Angel, disguised as a man

Long ago my world turned so dark
My heart had been torn piece by piece apart
The grim reality was so stark
From this world I wished to depart

He took my hand and helped me to my feet
A man...No an Angel I did meet
He said: Search your soul deep...
For a kind heart you do reap

From darkness towards the light
Feeling sorrow taking flight
Losing the wicked fright
No longer dreading the night

How he found me I will never know
All I know, I was at an all time low
A kind heart he did show
For he truly touched my soul...

~Thanks to my Angel I now see the light~
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 8:03:53 AM

As I look upon you,
I see your soul,
So filled with love,
It maintains it's flow.

Within your presence,
Or by hearing your voice,
Your love is felt,
I embrace it by choice.

Love is reflective,
As is with light,
Accept it always,
Day and Night.

Love is joyous,
That can heal,
It lasts forever,
And it's real.

Love doesn't begin or end in time,
This is the beauty of this rhyme.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 8:32:29 AM
~Beauty within~

I am the ugly duck
Just wait till you grow-up
No one understands how I feel
Beauty is such a big deal

All the kids would call me names
In just wanting to join the games
How could kids be so mean
All to hurt the ugly ducklin it seems

The tears were so real
My fate seemed to be sealed
Things changed as I grew
I turned into a swan, I never knew

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Childhood pain I did shoulder
To look in the mirror and see the swan
Always to remember a childhood long gone

We are all beautiful in God's eyes
Don't listen to all the lies
Look deep into your hearts
Where beauty truly never departs
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 9:51:03 AM
~Let me count the Ways~

One heart is how it begun
Two souls intwined through and through
Three for this is mean to be
Four you opened heart's door
Five to make me feel so alive
Six I can't wait to touch your lips
Seven it would take me to heaven
Eight for you are my soulmate
Nine A past life left behind
Ten To Love again
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 11:34:34 AM
The angel, came before I woke.
A gentle breeze I felt it,,brush my face.
The pictures, flashed in my mind like a movie.
I forever wanted to stay here, in this place!
They come and go, little do we know.
A sign they leave, a reminder will show..
It may be a feather, a butterfly, a bird..
It may just be a thought, that we have...
Angels are floating about ,,,,is for sure...
I know one brought you to me!
The little things in life,,,so rare...
The angels,,know,,,they watch, they stare.
If only we could be more like them....
if we could see through their eyes....we would'nt have a care.
I will try to see the little things....
the lovely beautiful,,memories..
My angel , watches over me....
Forever in my will always be.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 12:58:54 PM
Thanks Jules for sharing such a beautiful poem...
We are blessed with Angels even when we can't see them.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 1:38:47 PM
~One of my favorite Quotes~

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

It inspired me the write this

~Stained Glass Windows~

Blue, brown and green
Colors of some of the eye's that I have seen
For the eyes are the windows to our soul
Where a rainbow of color does grow

For some, the darkness has set in
Through hurt, hate and sin
True beauty only love can reveale
With the light that no hurt can steal

People are like a stained-glass window
With life's love fire to kindle
They sparkle and shine
To feel this is so devine

True beauty is revealed from the light within
Fill your heart with love , where hate has been
Fill your soul with the light
So you will alway see...on your darkest night
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 4:02:33 PM
~Season's colors of Love~

The Fall's setting sun, kindled the sky with oranges and reds
As you warmed my heart with the words you said

Sea meets land with splenders of blue and greens
To know one day I will be with you, not only in my dreams

The trees first pink fragrant blossoms of Spring
To hear you whisper "You are my everything"

Soon Summer's day will be kissed with yellow
My soul tells me you are the fellow

As Winter's day turns to night as night turns to black
Together we have eachother's back

Mountains so high with peaks of crystal white
From my dreams a shining knight

Coastal fog so thick with gray
Taking all my fears and woes away

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet...a rainbow
Your heart and soul, you did show

Theses are all the colors, residing in my soul
For you, my dear are my rainbow!
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 5:35:22 PM
"Wine gets better with age."

A young man once said to me...
You are like a fine bottle of wine don't you see
It is as though the fruit had time to ripen on the vine,
and the temperature and humidity was perfect at the time,
they were taken off the vine. The vine dresser did not bruise the grapes,
and the master wine maker, made no mistakes,
in his wisdom, chose a perfect blend, of the finest balanced grapes.

And now that it is in the glasses,
how can one not be moved as it dances
on the palate and runs
smoothly over the tongue.
This is how you make me feel, he would say
I am soooo looking forward to you in every way.

A young man so wise way beyond his years
Being an older women is the least of my fears
He is so beautiful in every way
he did so inspired me on this day
To feel want, need and desire
the eternal flame becomes a raging fire
Upon your splender you make my heart dance
wondering if this is just lust or could there be romance
If it's in the be it
Please just pass the wine for I need a sip
 ~Lost Angel~
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 6:03:25 PM
~An Angel In The Eyes Of The Beholder~

I saw you and you saw me . . .
Then you touched me and never again have I been the same.
We joked, we teased while all the time bonding in our soul's.
We walked the beach and sat on the sand talking under a cover of clear stars.
We shared our pain, tears, laughter and dreams to come.
We held and embraced and sealed it with a kiss.

Pure and honest was our crossings . . .
a touch that was everlasting!!

You held me in my darkest moments.
You encouraged me when I saw no hope.
You saw potential when there was nothing to offer.
I stand STRONG on my own now without you my love . . .

Your brief embrace. . .A life-time effect . . .
For "YOU" set the standards to mentally and emotionally connect!!!
I live now only for the hope that someday I will connect . . . .
For to give up hope is to deny what we had!!!
Although short as it was . . . .
A life time effect!!!

I miss you sooooo for to connect is very rare indeed . . .
You called me your Angel . . . .
But you were my Angel when I was in need!!!!

Your Angel . . . . always I wish I could be!

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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 6:15:24 PM
Thanks ~Lost Angel~that was very heart felt!

Feel free to add your own twist to the story...

~E-mail Love letter~

Her: I read your profile today
and liked what you had to say
I have seen you many times
something happen when I seen your word rhymes

Words can touch the soul
For this I know
I have a heart of gold
and not bad to look at, so I'm told

Doesn't matter, nice guy or bad boy
I just don't want to be a toy
A true love I do want
To forget a past life that still haunts

Could I be the one for you
and you for me too
To take a chance to see
If this could be

"Maybe a coffee?"

Him: You just made my morning my afternoon and my nite,
do u want to have coffee in the dark or by candle lite

Her: Coffee by candle light
Somehow feels so right
As you know I am so very shy
but you seem like a nice guy

I have been asked on many a date
Only been on three as of late
For it's a true heart I seek
Too many a frog, do I meet

Tired of kissing the frog
So I got myself a dog
But my heart misses a man
Who reaches out to hold my hand

So I would like to take a chance
In hopes to find...true romance!

"Maybe a dance?"

Him: I'LL give it a try but u i can't beat,
but somthing is 4 sure u i have 2 meet.
My days r all good but they still come up short in the end,
becouse iam looking 4 that someone who can share a little love even if it's only on lend.
i like 2 take it slow but i found 2 many that fall in love 2 soon,
iam now wondering am i that special or r they just all from the moon?
iam not a frog but as you know,
iam real careful so i take it slow.
I know with you i will not worry that you will fall in love,
becouse you have a good head on your shoulders and your pretty as a dove.

Her: Take it slow
Oh fast as I can go
Please no worry
I am in no hurry

To wait for love is grand
It will take time to find a good man
For love will find me
If it's meant to be

Love is not bought or sold, it grows
It may or may not happen, who knows
For this I understand
So coffee sounds like a good plan

"Maybe Dinner then?"

Him: your on tell me when and where,
and i'll change my plans to be there

Her: So now it's up to me
When and where lets see
Timmies has always been my thing
but if some thing else rings your bell...ding a ling

I live a little ways away
So the coffee I will pay
This week is a little busy
With life in a tissy

How about Friday night
Coffee by moon light
Perhaps we could take a walk
or just sit and talk

Please remember I am shy
I am not really sure why
So lets let our hair down
and maybe go out on the town (hehehe)

I don't have long distance
but if you wish to call
I won't put up much residence
In your court is the ball

"Maybe just a call?"

Him: Where oh where does my cynderella live,?
and how far do i have 2 go in order 4 coffee i want to give.
I'll know more about friday when i know where i have 2 go,
For me love has always been about timing and never about the show.
If you want me too call your number i will need,
i know it's only coffee but i feel the excitement indeed.

It's been a long time comming this day i didn't see,
I thought you were 2 busy with others 4 little old me.

But i didn't give up becouse we are the same sign,
and i new fate would have it that we would have coffee or go out and dine.

You'll remember me becouse for your heart i will always be care'in,
and no matter what i'll always be your friend named *________.(*name removed to protect the innocent)

Her: If its my number you need
I will give it indeed

I like the idea of dining out
I can't wait for you to give me a shout

Not too busy for little ole you
There was a broken heart, I had to work through

But now I'm on the mend
So a message, I needed to sent

For my heart is ready to soar
A key I hold to my heart's door

Now that it is open, please come on in
It's nice to meet you *______, My name is Cyn

"Thanks for being my friend"

To be continued...
 ~Lost Angel~
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/30/2007 11:06:45 PM
~ ~ ~ Tease or Teased ~ ~ ~

Oooooo . . . did you think you heard me pout . . .
Not so . . . for it was my heart crying out!!!

For the force of passion is very deep . . .
So deep . . . it makes my heart skip a beat!!!

I enjoyed the taunts and the teasing . . .
For they were very pleasing!!!!

But I feared your heart may not be ripe . . .
Thus I’ll only be a pleasant swipe!!!

Should I be guarded and direct . . .
For matters of the heart demand respect!!!

Yes! I shall hold on to my dreams . . .
As faded as they may seem!!

And shield my heart and all my passion . . .
For the “ripe” one worthy of my compassion!!

Life’s demands are mystical indeed . . .
And God only knows what will be!!!

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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/31/2007 8:15:06 AM
Thanks my friend...can't wait to see more!
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/31/2007 11:35:34 AM

After receiving a nasty letter
Putting down my poems
and telling me I'm a nasty speller

With feelings so hurt
I wanted to quit
You are nothing but a twerp

Sure, can't spell but I write from my heart
I try real hard to "Free Verse"
So go ahead and pick it apart

If you don't like what you read
I won't shed a tear
It's your own opinion indeed

I now set out some tea, wanna cup
You are more than welcome
to a cup of "Shut the F#$*-Up!"

*All Opinions are more than welcome
Please don't be so bitter like some
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/31/2007 2:47:22 PM
for all I've done...
I cheated...
you're not the one...
I said I love you...
for I never did...
I left you too...
I'm an a**hole...
your a b*tch...
I had to go...

I am Sorry too
I am Sorry for loving you
I am Sorry for letting you hurt me
I am Sorry I did not see
I am Sorry is not enough
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/31/2007 6:12:15 PM
.............~E-Mail Love Letter~...............................Con't:

Part two

Him: Iam glad too hear your hearts ok,
becouse our signs get hurt easy that way.

I also like timmi's so timmi's it will be,
then we'll meet face to face and leave it up to fate to see.

in Cyn short for anything?

how long have you lived in the big city?,
and do you like it there or do you find it shity?

Her: Oh my dear coffee friend
it's nice to hear from you again

Thank you my heart is much better now
I now smile instead of scowl

Cynthia is my full name
Cyndi, Cyn it's all the same

Our sign, we wear our heart's on our sleeve
It's so hard for other to believe it's just a little town
If you listen quitly you will hear nature all around

A beach to the north and one to the south
Living in a 100 year old house

How has life been treating you?
For fun what do you like to do?

Him: Life been good other than a heart ache here and there which i guess is just fine,
it just prepares you more for that perminant partner that forever you will dine.

for fun i like to get out on my atv,
and see what new for me to see.

Or in the summer i grab my favorite cd's and on the Harley i go,
i fill the tank and where i end up i never know.

When i find my true love i do hope she loves to ride,
becouse riding is a passion that lies heavy deep inside.

was your relationship long that broke your heart?
or was it one of those that just didn't feel right from the start.

Her:Damn heartache, glad to get rid of mine
I knew it would take some time

Eighteen years I did spend
With my childhood boyfriend

We somehow grew up and apart
He really did break my heart

Nothing like a summer's ride
Love for the Harley dwells deep inside

I use to have a 55
What do you ride?

Him: I used to have a 02 deuce,
but on the 12hr rides it would make my but loose.

so now i ride an ultra and thats the only way to go,
it may not be the hard core chopper but after a long days ride your still fresh to go to the show.

Don't tell me you like to ride,
becouse if you do i'll be tickeled inside.

Her: Tickled you shall be
The ride is what sets us free

I have spent more time on the back
but one day someone will be holding my rack(hehehe)

There is nothing better than to go for a ride
It make me feel warm and fussy inside

I can't wait for summer days
Perhaps a ride to catch some rays?

Him: I hate so soon 4 me to think your one step above,
becouse your passion for rideing is what i love

oh what am i going to do 4 already you have captured my heart,
i think when we meet 4 coffee i'll pretend your a stranger and that moment is our start.

stop saying anything i'd like to hear,
or you'll drive me too drinking&i'll go buy some beer.

Her: A stranger I shall be
I will draw your spirit to me
You just wait and see
I will drive you crazy

You'll go buy some beer
Tired that would make me, oh dear
I much rather kahlua and milk
or I will be curled up with my blankie made of silk

So I was thinking
I don't want to drive you to drinking
Maybe we should just have milk and cookies?
So there's no weaking of the knees

Him: silk it is that iam ok,
if u want it your way.
u won't drive me to drinking so cookies we can skip,
but mabe in the summertime we'll grab the beer and go 4 a skinny dip.
i soon will have to go 2 check on my dad cause of his health,
its the most important possesion we have its definatley not our wealth.

Her: Skinny dip
Need many a sip
My knees now weak
Naked don't peek!
No cookie
Playing hooky
In summertime
Good health
No wealth
Extra mile
Parent child...

To be continued....
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 2/1/2007 8:42:40 AM
~Missing You~

This morning, hearing your voice
Missing you so, is not my choice
To hear the words I Love you
For I love you too

Pepper shawking so loud
Speaking of sea horses, you're so proud
All of your exotic pets
Together bet

No more midnight dip
Swimming with the sharks, not so hip
Ankle deep chasing brine
Wondering if you are in right mind

So busy, so little time
But to know you are mine
I can wait till then
To be with you again

Knowing one day we will cuddle
Melt my heart into a puddle
My strenght I will need
For Love making indeed

Till then All I have to say
I miss you more today
I love you so
For this I know!
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