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One little purple winter circus
Peeks it's head through snow
When all others have perished
Showing in death life can grow
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/4/2018 12:02:02 AM
Brought home from other threads:

On the edge of old year
Put to past yesterday's fear
Shifting life into high gear
New Year brings love n cheer


Nameless faces
Empty places
Lost yesterday
Found today


Dancing thru sunflower fields
Our sun-kissed skin glistening
Dipping ten lil piggies in the ocean
Basking on the warm white sands


Soul dancing with touch
Heart beats with new song
Chance for hope, golden
Cradled, lost in love


You cant out run the darkness.
Hide and it shell seek you out.
Darkest before the dawn's bless
Another day filled with doubt


Spring in like a lion
April rain tears cryin
May flowers drownin
So cold I'm frownin


Lines been drawn in sand
Dismissed slight of hand
Tried of your grandstand 
Forever in no man's land


Never undone
Ever changing 
Driven forward
Life rearanging


Show me shiny things
Gold and diamonds all from store 
Rather have my dogs


More refined with age
As they say of a lady
And bottle of wine


And bottle of wine
To celebrate this new love
Of the coming year


Place of confession 
Deep within my aching heart
Love only habit


Dreaming of past lives
Unable to move forward
Thank God for new year


Totally alone
Lost within a broken heart
Sold my soul for love


Rethink rebating 
Cut in half one lives one dies
Two birds with one stone


Life's simple pleasures
Faith love trust of a good man
Or a faithful dog


Dumb name
Come all the same
Honey love dear dumbass
I just won't be late for supper
Call me


Can't call
Two cans and string
Used one can to kick and run
Now I'm hiding no one can find
Next time


No soul
Winter's death grip
Summer's warmth sealed fate
Waiting for world's half way turn
Body heat


Need snow shovel
White stuff is still falling
One foot of snow and two cool feet


Snow covered walk
Slipping each step I take
Mother Nature pucked up all white
Need skies


Break free
The bonds of hate
Embrace love deep within
Open gates to the waiting heart
Love flows


Not seen
Turn a blind eye
Can't help not my problem
Wake up now and smell the coffee
Too late


I prefer tea
Good strong cup of licorice
A scone with jam and clotted cheese
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/5/2018 3:59:47 AM
A little poem from the past

~Inncent Hands, Pure Heart~

Innocent hands, pure heart
in infentcy we all start
with wonderment anew
curiosity with little ado

Inexplicable honesty, n trust
uncontrolable laughter, a must
inspiring hope, promising love
marvellous miracles from above

Guileless free of evil and sin
in life a journey to begin
daintiness of the delicate touch
refined elegance, beauty and such

Impurities of sin, straining the soul
piercing the heart, no longer whole
hate taught, love lost, falseness
innocent hands, pure heart...I miss
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/8/2018 10:06:55 PM
~ Angel's Thread ~

Angel's thread spun
Threaded man to soul
Soul to heaven undone
Woven together whole

Angel's thread cloaked
Covering all man's sin
Devil's pattern revoked
Truth n light woven within

Angel's thread designs
Fashioned faith and love
Darkness to light shines
With care woven above

Angel's thread links us all
In the silken fabric of life
Draping those never befall
Woven the family of Christ
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 2:50:47 AM
~ Ode to the Past ~

Reread the poet's words of hate
From your prison of hell no excape
Stepping on one's soul to degrade
Dancing in the dark throwing shade

Pure light shines shadows retreat
Sugar nice spice oh not so sweet

Upon the heart shackled utter hate
Believing fate of death none excape
Calling the Queen of Hearts a spade
Only themselves do they disintegrate

Soul crippled holding other hostage
Two pieces of a heart one bondage

Yesterday is gone future of rotted hate
Lost mind on the edge jump to escape
Your soul even the devil wouldn't trade
Words of forked tounge fear or afraid

A lonely path the bumpy road to hell
Then again it's your soul wish to sell
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 3:09:00 AM
~ Two Year's ~

Moments lost tears flow
Wishing time would slow
Remembering your touch
Missing our special lunch

Hard to believe two years
Of darkness endless tears
Have come n gone by fast
It's like yesterday you past

I miss you my son so much
Without you I have no crutch
You were my wind my wings
Grounded to pain death brings

I hold you in my heart close
Where the pain hurts most
Each step without you alone
Wait till the day I come home

I will hold you never to let go
This moment my heart whole
I love you my dearest son Ben
Watch over our family till then

~ Six Months ~

Michael you traded life
To be with your brother
The hole left in my heart
Like darkness of no other

My life will never be whole
This was a hard year to bear
To loss both of my dear sons
Know the love we all share

Till I see you again I love you
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 3:13:03 AM
Glistening rainbows drip from roof eaves
Icicles fringing dangerously row upon row
Elongated tubes desend to pendant drops
From warmth to cold amazingly do grow
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 3:18:35 AM
~ Earth Angel ~

Harmony with the Divine
Loving energy of pure kind
To help guide to highest self
Puts own life on a lonely shelf
Trandsends a broken heartache
Highly sensitive for thy own sake
Spread kindness and compassion 
Grounded to earth Angel of Passion
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 4:05:29 AM
~ Too Late ~

Our eyes did meet
You took fast retreat
For she soon follows
Lump hard swallows

Watching as you
Watching me too
Seeking out a touch
My hand you clutch

Passing secret word
Only my heart heard
Saw eyes your sadness
With another madness

Hard to see me with other
Wondering is he my lover
Too late buffet last supper
No longer Mom Hubbard
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 4:48:11 AM
Monday all over again......

Never again
Porcelain God
Monday morning blues

Traumatic Tuesday
Just verge
Feel better

Not beginning
Nor the end
Middle of
Wednesday humpday

Thursday one day away
Tied up
Fit to be

Can't wait
To clock out
In a knot
Friday time let hair down

Dark shades of Saturday
Old school new
Three sheet
To the wind

One more drink
Drink two forget
Three to remember
Sunday go to church to repent

Monday all over again......
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 5:14:00 AM
Sleep escapes my worried mind
Justification of your hurt in kind
Couldn't see what you had blind
My love...lost never again to find
You walked away left me behind
Your choice her your fate signed
Till end of time can never rewind
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 5:34:36 AM
......... ) ` - . .> ' `( ....
........ / . . . .`\ . . \ ....
........ |. . . . . |. . .| ...
......... \ . . . ./ . ./ .....
........... `=(\ /.=` .......
............. `-;`.-' ........
............... `)| ... , .....
................. || _.-'| ...
............. , _|| \_, / ....
....... , ..... \|| .' ........
..... |\ |\ , . ||/ .........
.. , ..\` | /|., |Y\, .......
.... '-...'-._..\||/ .........
......... >_.-`Y| ..........
............. , _|| ..........
............... \|| ..........
................ || ..........
................ || ..........
................ |/ ..........
A red rose for love...
For all to have and to grow.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 6:44:08 PM
Just one, one more hit
Fit to be tied, tied to be fit
Do anyhing to get that high
So fucked up one could die
Huff cleaners, gas and glue
Eyes rolling, lips turning blue
Push the needle in, any hole
Every minute, taking it's toll
Popping pain meds, one flies
1 2 3 OD's greatest of highs
Families torn, kids left alone
Loss everything, even home
Always vacancy in a drug cel
Locked unto this endless hell
Morgue overflows, steel beds
Jail revolving door, more feds
Can't stop, won't stop till due
Hate life, love drugs, new view
The first rush, chasing after
Never again find it, thereafter
No control, drugs control you
Death or rehab, then through
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/9/2018 8:17:57 PM
we loose too many
for death gets plenty,

addictions to live
the blood left to give...
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/10/2018 4:35:50 AM
Thanks Whosmeow

Drugs have broken many lives
Left many with empty holes
I've walk within the shadows of pain
It's become the perfect murder

The war on drugs
We're losing battle
Dealers and thugs
Herding like cattle

Many to slaughter
The perfect murder
Sons and daughter
Lost to drug herder
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/10/2018 7:34:19 AM
We cannot help people that wont help themselves,
anything else enables their behaviors. I cant send money,
so I send clothes without the tags and her name
written someplace in marker so she cant return them.
If I send food I marker through the upc codes.
I cant send anything that could end up in the pawn shop.
She is doing well right now, but I never hold my breath.
Almost six years and counting, her longest stretch yet.
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/10/2018 5:04:26 PM
^^^Very smart for it's easy to enable.
We as mom's want to fix, take our children's pain.
Drugs have such control. Thank God 6 years clean.
I will say a prayer for the will and strength for you both.

When I lost my one son it was a shock for he (Ben) was not a drug user.
If I got the call for my other son (Jordan) saying he OD I wouldn't have been surprised.
Ben was a hard working young man, working on the rigs in Alberta.
He was out 3 weeks in one week. Being a big boy his back gives him grief.
He couldn't sleep was in pain. He went to a friend for a painkiller.
He trusted this friend but unbeknownst to both of them, he was give fentanyl.
The pill was marked as an Oxycontin not fentanyl. Murder in my book!
Died in his sleep.
My son Jordan changed his life after Ben died. He went cold turkey off drugs.
He moved away to not have the influences and now is raising his daughter on
his own with a great job.
My adopted son Michael went the other way he couldn't take the loss of Ben
and took his life.
I feel drugs took him too even thou he didn't do them.
Breaks my heart.💔
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/10/2018 6:11:11 PM
these forums have been a coping mechanism for loss
my late fiancé was a doctor- terminally ill
highly addicted to pain meds that quit working
went wacko one day and shot himself
couldn't stand to live anymore
it happens to the people we least expect

keeping you in my prayers too- thanks- peace always
funny how so many of us have so much in common
when we stop long enough to listen
I was a functioning alcoholic when the father of my kids passed
thought it was ok if the house was clean bills were paid
just so long as there wasn't any in the house

I get the pain perspective from all sides
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/13/2018 8:19:19 AM
of all the horror left inside my head
I might never find relief in my dreams,
the ghosts within will haunt me till I'm dead
while sewing myself again by the seams,

keeping it together is a sentence
for those who do not know devastation,
sometimes my smile is a false pretense
as I mask memory visitation,

it is through faith in God alone with might
I overcome these tribulations,
prayer to set down for a quiet night
through spirit spoken articulations,

may I wear my helmet of salvation
till home with the maker of creation~

(brought this here- found it more fitting to dedicate this write to you...)
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/18/2018 4:12:24 PM
Thank you Whosmeow
Words touch our souls....beautifully written.
I agree this thread/poems for me is therapy.
Pain brings kindred souls together.
You are always welcome here. 🤗
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/18/2018 4:12:50 PM
Fleeting moments darkening skies
Chill settling breath upon night air
Fighting weaken for survival lossing
Grip on reality desperation despair

Morning light approaching undaunted
Sleepless achingly despondent start
Today make or break mind bending
Loneliness gripping the longing heart

Days slipping into night time keeper
Starving soul seeking last redemption
Salvation of body sacredness naked
Mind body and soul lost connection

Scattered memories reveals drifting
Circles spin body floats no anchor
Clawing at normalcy going insane
Transaction withdrawal soul banker
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/22/2018 5:48:47 PM

You left me today so broken hearted
As you bound for the Rainbow bridge
My sweet little dog dearly departed
Ripping my soul as life sits on a ridge

Tears n emotions flow like torrent rain
Fifteen years you are/were my furbaby
My heart and soul are filled with pain
Just a white fluff ball such a pretty lady

I can't I don't want to ever say goodbye
I just wanted to tell you.......I love you
But all I can do now is sit here and cry
Thank you for loving me Sikira so true

You are gone now but never forgotten
Your footsteps will always walk with me
Birth to end looked like a ball of cotton
With our family in heaven to run free

RIP My Dearest Sikira
My lil Cherry Blossom
Nov 15 2002-Jan 22 2018
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/22/2018 7:51:28 PM
I had to crawl within the darkness
To be able to dance in the light
Had to welcome the hurt n pain
To know love felt amazingly right

I walked through hell to be with you
Losing you tore wide open my soul
Yet knowing you were heaven sent
You loving me made my spirit whole
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 1/24/2018 4:50:17 PM
Hell's fingerprint left upon my skin
Bitter taste of lies remain on my lips
Swallowed whole within the darkness
Insanity long has it's tightened grips
Good verses evil war of the suffering
Life's blood slips from my fingertips
Soul's spirit dance teetering on edge
True love from my heart one man rips
From knees to tall I take back my life
Darken shadows only love can eclipse
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On the Wings of an Angel...
Posted: 2/2/2018 2:14:17 PM

“Sunshine” I called her and she brought, I vow

God’s blessed sunshine to this life of mine

When did I see her first? Long had I lain

Groping my way through life’s foggy gloom

When suddenly the clouds of darkness lifted

And a velvet bar of sunshine pierced my heart

In the mellow glow that aureoled

You stood in golden sunlight

All radiant and alive

And so we drifted she and I

In silence that welded us true

So that when we stood and stared

All the wide world seemed to sing

As bravely she smiled and looked into my eyes

Laughed at their troubled longing

And gaily saw the proud dream they showed

That God had made a golden heart of sunshine

Shining sweet and true

He then blest it and called it you
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