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34. At least one of a pair of identical twins is born evil.

Hey, I have an evil twin! Proof that there is a modicum of truth in the movies!
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 2/1/2007 10:07:07 AM
-The store clerks at the 7-11 will be drop dead beautiful blonds or skinny and scary foregn guys

-Guns that never get cleaned work perfectly every time you pull the trigger, unless there is an innocent person that will get killed if you do not act.

-Sniper scopes can zoom in miles, and are perfectly in focus

-Laser sights will hit exactly where they are pointed at, never mind other ballistic things such as wind, weight, trajectory and the other things that snipers have to think about.

-and I really want to find a super magazine that those movie cops use, never would have to reload
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 2/4/2007 9:39:15 AM

Too funny...
 Wry Guy
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 2/4/2007 10:44:02 AM

Hey, we can add:

>Car tires always squeal when cornering, even when it's raining, snowing, or on a dirt road.
>Only bad guys ever get sucked out of airliners flying with huge gaping holes in the side of them.

What a great thread!
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 2/6/2007 4:46:23 PM
-You can always outrun an explosion no matter how large.

-Every automobile will explode like it had about 100 pounds of dynamite in the trunk.

-Shrapnel from explosions will only wound or kill people that aren't important.

-When being chased by someone cars will always refuse to start until the last possible second, even if it sounds like the battery is dead.

-Any and every part of a car is perfectly clean.

-When babies are delivered they are perfectly clean and look far older than they should.

-Using the sights on a gun is only for people who don't know how to use firearms.

-Anyone that wants to look inconspicuous wears Black trench coats, as well as black and/or mirrored sunglasses.

-Villains are required by law to be ugly, wear a lot of black and almost always have a scar on their face.

-Kissing is always mind blowingly romantic and intense.

-Sex is always incredible, no matter the partner or how slowly or clumsily he moves.

-Only sailors wear condoms.

-Villains will, without fail reveal the entirety of their nefarious plans to the hero before he is supposed to be killed. This is especially true for heroes that have an uncanny talent for escaping from certain death.

-Blunt trauma, such as getting thrown into a wall and hit on the head with various objects is always survivable and usually has no consequences.

-Kevlar vest will stop all bullets and getting shot while wearing one only hurts for a moment, there are of course no serious consequences.

-training yourself from beginner to pro for any kind of sport will take a few weeks at most, usually less if you do a montage.

Can't think of anything else at the moment.
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 2/6/2007 9:39:08 PM

2. Sex is always wonderful.

How dare you steal from me woman?! hehe.
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 3/2/2007 2:27:21 PM
what about you can get out of any jam with ducktape bublegum and a hairpin
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 3/11/2007 8:28:50 AM
#645 > When being chased by the bad guy(s), never hide in the crowded public areas. Always run down the dark deserted alleyway.
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 6/18/2007 3:45:30 PM
The ABC's of Film Clichés

Artists: Temperamental people. Writers crumple typewritten sheets in anger; they don't use word-processors. Painters stand with bare torsos, hurling gallons of paint at the canvas.
Baths: Bubble baths hide everything. Bubbles never dissipate.
Bars: Troubled men gulp their drinks at one shot, and ask for another.
Birth: The trip to the hospital has endless problems and only by the sheerest luck does the woman get to deliver in a place that has doctors. Just a couple of hours after giving birth, she looks as if she'd never been through it.
Binoculars: Whenever someone looks through the binoculars, you see two joined circles instead of one.
Bombs: Bombs always have big, blinking, beeping timer displays when you cut the wire to the detonator, the timer will stop. You will not be able to do this, however, until only one second remains. All wires have different colors, so the hero can easily differentiate them when he has to cut the right one.
Cars: No one ever bothers to lock their cars when getting out.
Car chases: If you're trying to get away, the car won't start until you give it a few tries. It will inevitably get on the pavement and hit the vegetables of the Korean greengrocer. During chases, police cars will get battered more than the others will.
Cars and Driving: Movie characters driving in the city will get to park wherever they like when they get to their destination. When you are alone in the back seat of the car, make sure you sit in the middle. Sudden acceleration of a car (be it forwards, backwards, stopping, skidding, sliding, or whatever) causes a loud skid, even on dirt or wet roads. Be prepared. Each wheel is also fitted with a smoke device to let you know when this happens. Hollywood cars are also special: when you take off quickly, you always leave a skid mark for each drive wheel, regardless of whether you have a limited slip differential or not. Pedestrians in Hollywood have the world's best reactions; so don't worry if you have to drive down a sidewalk. Mr. Pappodopolus is quite used to having his fruit cart smashed, and despite his gesticulations and curses, he always manages to get out of the way in time. - There are always people carrying around large sheets of glass on the street during a car chase. The person behind the wheel is talking to and looking at their passenger for the entire journey without actually looking at the _road, changing gear, signaling etc. (ex. "When Harry Met Sally"). Cars chasing each other in the middle of a city will not suffer enough damage to stop the chase. People being chased by a car will keep running down the middle of the road instead of ducking in somewhere where a car cannot go. A car will always explode when shot at, unless the hero is driving it.
Clothes: When you steal clothes from a wash line, they will be a perfect fit.
Computers & Electronics: Word processors never display a cursor. You can gain access to any information you want by simply typing "ACCESS ALL OF THE SECRET FILES" on any keyboard all computers are connected. You can access the information on the villain's desktop computer, even if it's turned off.
Powerful computers beep whenever you press a key or whenever the screen changes. Some computers also slow down the output on the screen so that it doesn't go faster than you can read. The *really* advanced ones also emulate the sound of a dot-matrix printer.
All computer panels have thousands of volts and flash pots just underneath the surface. A bright flash, a puff of smoke, a shower of sparks, and an explosion that forces you backwards indicate malfunctions.
People typing away on a computer will turn it off without saving the data.
A hacker can get into the most sensitive computer in the world before intermission and guess the secret password in two tries.
Complex calculations and loading of huge amounts of data will be accomplished in less than three seconds. Movie modems usually appear to transmit data at the speed of two gigabytes per second
When the power plant/missile site/whatever overheats, all the control panels will explode, as will the entire building.
Eating breakfast: Mothers get up before the rest of the household and cook a hearty meal. The family sits at the table thirty seconds before going out on their daily business, and make do with a bit of toast and half a glass of juice. The father takes three sips of coffee, glances at his watch and says he has to leave, puts on his jacket while managing another sip.
Environment: Thunder and lightning always happen at the same time.
Evidence: Incriminating evidence can be found either as photograph number four in a stack, or in the next to bottom drawer.
Falling: Women fall when chased. If there's a man around, he'll pick her to her feet and help her run.
Falling in love: Love has many faces, in film too, but if the parties are opposites, success is assured: him serious, her fickle her serious, him wild. The first meeting involves a mishap, some confusion, a mistaken identity or perhaps a collision, be it in a corridor or in a motorcar.
Fights: If a character uses martial arts rather than a weapon, his opponents will always face him one-to-one. Spare bad guys may dance around the fight taunting our hero, but none will engage until his predecessor has been disposed of. Two guys or a bunch of guys go at it, repeatedly bashing each other in the face with massive blows, or hitting each other with chairs, sticks, refrigerators, whatever -- and they go one doing this, sometimes for minutes at a time.
Glasses: Glasses are a handicap. Men in glasses are, god forbid, "Philosophers", "Scientists", "Teachers", "Intellectuals". When a man becomes an active hero, his eyesight becomes 20-20 and he doesn't need glasses any more. Women who wear glasses are sexually repressed. When they loosen up the glasses disappear. If they wear contacts, one will fall to the ground and everyone will drop to the floor to look for it.
Health: Coughing is a symptom of a terminal disease.
Heroes: If the hero has a psychological/physical problem, which has prevented him from effectively dealing with problems, you can rest assured that this problem will disappear at an opportune time. The hero always misses the villain leaving the scene by seconds. Stripping to the waist makes you invulnerable. The hero's best friend/partner will usually be killed by the bad guy’s three days before retirement. The hero's new wife will be mowed down by 80 machine guns right after the wedding or during the honeymoon.
Houses: The hero lives in New York City working at some okay, but not particularly high-paying job, and yet he or she has a roomy apartment filled with nice stuff, generally with a good view, and sometimes a nice, romantic rooftop to go to. People never get out of the house when there is obvious danger their (ghosts, murderers).
People who hear something weird outside will go OUT to look, even if they know there's a homicidal maniac on the loose. When an intruder is in the house, the occupant will sneak along a wall with his back pressed to it tightly and his arms out wide a bit from his body, palms flat against the wall. When there's an intruder somewhere in the house, the thing that jumps at the heroine in the dark turns out to be her cat, even if it comes from places cats wouldn't be, like inside a cupboard! As soon as she relaxes, the killer will show up and strangle her.
Hugging: American families like to hug. When hugging, one should say, "I love you, son".
Injuries: When the hero is knocked out, he won't get a concussion or brain damage.
People hit on the head will not throw up.
When a hero gets a bloody nose, he'll stop bleeding almost immediately.
When a hero suffers through car chases and crashes, he never has to worry about unfelt spinal injury from impact.
A slight blow to the head is usually enough to cause total amnesia
Characters that get shot will never go into shock.
The hero will always get shot in the shoulder, yet will be able to use his arm.
Locks: Any lock can be opened with a credit card, paper clip or a hairpin. Any safe can be opened in a few minutes with a stethoscope or some high-tech equipment with lots of blinking lights.
Money: In a restaurant, when the woman leaves after fighting with her man, he will toss a couple of notes on the table without checking the bill. Same thing in bars. There is never a problem with change. Same thing in hotels and taxis.
Panic: When in deep panic the woman screams, hands on cheeks.
Phones: All phone numbers begin with 555.
People speaking on the phone never introduce themselves, and never ever say "good-bye" at the end of a conversation.
A ringing phone is usually picked up within 3 seconds.
They remember a huge amount of phone numbers by heart: high school friends they haven't seen in years, government offices, every restaurant in town (they also remember the head waiter's name). They seldom need a phone book, an address book or operator assistance.
Don't give the person on the other end of the phone time to say what they have to.
When a phone line is broken or someone hangs up unexpectedly, communication channels can be restored by frantically beating the cradle and saying "Hello? Hello?"
Always knock over the phone if it wakes you up. If you are expecting a call, make sure that you pull the covers up completely over your head so that knocking it over becomes easier. All houses have phones next to the bed.
There's a dial tone to be heard on A's phone immediately after B has hung up on his/her end.
The Movie Telephone Time Vortex. How often have you seen something like this: Phone rings. Hero/Heroine picks it up. "Hello. Yes. O.k. Right. Thanks, Goodbye." (Total elapsed time on phone: 5 seconds.) Hero/Heroine turns to other character: "That was John. He says that the Marilyn left for the lawyer's office about an hour ago, and she should have been there by now. He's called the lawyer's office but Marilyn apparently never got there. He also called Bill's, thinking she'd stop by there, but Bill hasn't seen her. John says he's going to call Anne, as Marilyn said she and Ann were going to go shopping sometime today. If she's not at Anne's, he's going to call the police. He suggests that we drive over to Mario's and check with him as to whether or not Marilyn told Wally about the statue. However, he thinks this is unlikely, as Marilyn doesn't trust Wally, she only trusts Francisco and us. John also suggests we try to get in touch with Francisco." - On the subject of phones, how about variations of the Bob Newhart-style conversation where we only get to hear one side of the conversation, as in: Marilyn hasn't shown up at the lawyer's office yet? (PAUSE) And you already called Bill's? (PAUSE) What did he say? (PAUSE) He hasn't seen her either. (PAUSE) So, John's getting nervous? (PAUSE) He's going to call the police...
If I'm not mistaken, the conversation must have gone like this:
"Marilyn hasn't shown up at the lawyer's office yet."
"Marilyn hasn't shown up at the lawyer's office yet?"
"No, and I've already called Bill's."
"And you already called Bill's?"
"What did he say?"
"He hasn't seen her either."
"He hasn't seen her either."
"John's getting pretty nervous about this."
"So, John's getting nervous?"
"Yes, he's going to call the police."
"He's going to call the police..."
Police: Police Captains/lieutenants are always angry with their star detective and yell at him, threatening suspension if he doesn't drop the case. After they do, he manages to solve the crime single-handed. Police bosses are under pressure from the mayor, who threatens them that if they don't get the serial killer. And so on ad nausea
The police will never question the hero, even if he kills lots of bad guys
The cops never show up during massive gun battles in city streets that involve bystanders and exploding cars. After the fact, you might just a siren in the distance.
Pregnancy: If a woman has dizzy spells that means she is pregnant (and surprised). When she tells her man he is even more surprised. Radio/TV: When the hero wants to hear a newscast he turns it on exactly as the newsreader gets to the point and shuts it down right afterwards. If a friend calls you and tells you to watch for an interesting news item, you turn it on and the item starts right away.
Product Placement: Time will stand still when the hero is in the presence of a company logo.
When a character picks up a bottle of whiskey or a pack of cigarettes, the label will always be clearly visible.
A character turns on the radio just in time to hear a special announcement or some important news item. Then turns the radio off. Ex.: CLICK "Three escaped lunatics have been spotted in. blah blah blah." CLICK - The phone rings. Caller says, "You better check out what's on the news on Channel 13. He turns on channel 13 and gets the report from the beginning. # SPACE & VACUUM - Spaceships make noise! - Explosions in space make noise
Exposure to vacuum makes you horribly swell up and/or explodes within seconds (ex. "Total Recall", "Outland")
Ropes: Very easy to get out of, using supple fingers or rubbing against a sharp object. Still the hero will pretend to be tied up so he can jump at the appropriate moment.
Schools: Lessons are very short and the bell cuts the teacher in mid sentence.
Shootouts: Heroes are shot in the arm or leg; they improvise a bandage to restrict blood-flow and go on fighting evil.
Shopping: Put your purchases in a brown paper bag; it will fall apart before you reach the kitchen. If this happens in the street or the stairs it is an excellent way to meet someone of the opposite sex.
Soldiers: If a soldier shows his friend a photo of his small-town sweetheart, he will die soon. If he's about to go on a coveted leave, he will die soon. If he tells his friend about a dream he had -- well, you get the idea.
Tears: Women will cry in the bath or the shower. When crying in the shower, their back will slide down the wall slowly until they end up sitting on the floor. Men cry in the battlefield, especially when it rains.
Technology: From any computer you can - with the help of the wheelchair expert - infiltrate any large organization and access files on the laptop computer of any villain.
Travel: Transportation always arrives and leaves on time.
Characters arrive at the airport and get *right on the plane. They must have the best timing of any people on Earth
I always have wait around for a while before boarding. (Not to mention getting a boarding pass and the "arrive 15 minutes before departure or you lose your seat" clause of most airlines. Good thing movie airlines never overbook!
Movie characters' suitcases are always weightless when they have to carry them.
Toilets: Only men actually use toilets. Women just use the bathroom for their makeup.
Views: From any apartment in Paris you can see the Eiffel tower. From any apartment in New York you can see the Brooklyn Bridge / Empire State building.
Villains: The bad guy is the foreigner.
People can be rendered inoperative by bumping them on the head. Beware, though; after you have left the scene, this person will regain consciousness and is more determined to attack you.
The bad guy also has a sidekick muscleman, who has some sort of trademark gimmick that he/she uses to eliminate opponents. You must kill or decommission this muscleman by forcing a backfiring of this trademarked gimmick. If the muscleman dispatched by a different method, he/she is not dead. (For that matter, don't assume that anyone is dead unless his or her death was spectacular. Beware sequels.)
The bad guy usually kills his henchman for failing; yet don't seem to run out of loyal henchmen.
Bad guys lurk until a flash of lightning reveals their presence.
You can kill the bad guy by taking careful note of any object that the camera has lingered on for an unnecessarily length of time; typically this is something like a meat hook or a jagged bit of glass.
You will be involved in a mighty struggle, and at the appropriate time you can become inspired (usually by either an insult from the bad guy or a look of faith from your love interest). With strength enough to force the bad guy into/onto/under/in front of the aforementioned object. Actor's Equity (Hollywood) requires that within 15 seconds either side of the bad guy's demised, you utter your trademark phrase.
The bad guy, having finally gotten the good guy into his clutches, will usually spend a few megalomaniac minutes gloating over his victory and his opponent's downfall. This increment of time will prove just enough to allow the good guy to figure a way out of his predicament, or just long enough to allow a rescue attempt.
The bad guy, instead of simply offing the captured good guy on the spot, will devise some sort of drawn-out, fiendishly clever method of execution that will take enough time to allow the good guy to figure out his escape.
Weather: When the heroine says, "I think it's going to rain" it immediately does.
Weapons: Major characters never run out of ammunition, nor do they ever have to reload. (If the movie _does_ make them reload, they never have to actually carry any spare ammo until that scene)
Guns never run out of ammunition unless escape would be otherwise impossible.
The first shot or burst of fire from a bad guy _always_ misses, and is there just to announce that a fight will be taking place.
Bad-guy hand grenades make noise and smoke, but no real damage; good-guy hand grenades are devastating but selective; they will destroy tanks, but won't hurt the thrower, even if he drops one on his toe. Bad-guy grenades used by good guys become good-guy grenades, and _vice versa.
When the villain runs out of bullets, he'll throw away his gun. When the hero does so, he'll conveniently come across another.
Machine guns submerged underwater for a long time won't jam or misfire when the hero pops up to use them. (See any Rambo movie)
A cigarette case/lighter in the shirt pocket will always block the bullet.
When the hero faces a ridiculously large number of shooters with high-powered weapons, they will all miss after several shots. Then, the heroes will pull out this gun that looks like a toy and start picking off the bad guys from half a mile away, usually hitting them in the forehead.
Women: Women will always have shaved legs and armpits, even in caveman movies.
Women will be worrying about their nails or dresses while people are trying to kill them.
Woman falls to the ground whilst being chased by a bad guy, even when running over level, unobstructed terrain. Note that when a man and woman are being chased, usually the woman falls, and then the man pauses and helps her up.
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Things I Learned From Movies
Posted: 6/21/2007 7:44:12 PM
if you say a mobsters name and violin/guitar starts playing, that mobster will get whacked soon
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