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Joined: 3/6/2006
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castro's death partyPage 3 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Fidal Castro came into power during the Eisenhower administration. He survived the adminstrations of

Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
GHW Bush
Bill Clinton
and maybe Dubya

They may bury him shooting us the bird. Amazing history.
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castro's death party
Posted: 1/30/2007 10:37:18 PM
If the city is involved you can bet they know and understand far more than any of us can hope to. Of course there is a method to their maddness. Your idea that it might be a stopgap measure to prevent riots is good. who knows. At any rate... it would be great to have cuba returned to its old pre castro greatness. If that were to happen... a lot of cubans may even want to return. I don't really see a huge flood of cubans coming here. but, I am not an expert. I think those of you who find this celebration distasteful are taking it too literally. The celebration is more about birth than death. Hopefully..the re=birth of old cuba. And...lets face it...Ol fidel wasn't a very Lovable guy.
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castro's death party
Posted: 1/31/2007 10:05:38 PM
I have no problem with people celebrating the death of a brutal dictator. It will be a happy occassion. Raul probably won't be any better, but he probably also won't be able to hold onto power. Fidel's death will be a sign of hope for Cubans.
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/1/2007 12:51:05 PM

he had an opportunity to give his country be the the "george washington" of cuba, instead he did what every other tin pan dictator has done, seizing total control and power for himself

In fairness, he did want to be the George Washington of Cuba and took his model from the American, not the Russian Revolution. In fact, he went to the US first for recognition and support, but since American economic interests had a lot to lose if he succeeded he was rebuffed. As many others did then, he turned to the other super power. Same thing happened with Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Soviet support came at a price though and he had to toe the Communist Party line. I have no idea what might have been, but I know things there are worse because of American actions. All of the economic hardship you complain of comes from American economic embargoes.

That said, it is pretty clear that even if his motives were good, he did quickly come to like power for its own sake an awful lot. His regime isn't on the same field as Pinochet, the Argentine junta, Papa or Baby Doc, or countless others in Latin America, but he is a ruthless dictator. I hope things will improve there. American foreign policy has been all stick, no carrot for 50 years now. A little bit of encouragement once he's dead will make a huge difference.
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/2/2007 12:01:31 AM
This is just sick and stupid. Yeah a lot of cuban exiles will be happy for a short time. There are a lot of cubans that fled in the early days of the revolution. They plan on returning to cuba to claim the property they left behind. Thing is it wont happen. There isnt a cuban alive in cuba that would welcome ANY of the exiled batista supporters back.

Last year when Castro first handed power to his brother the US flew an aircraft that broadcast Condolezza Rice giving a speach to the cuban people. Letting them know that once Castro is gone the US will come to their aid and bring them democracy and Pepsi. Bush even has a Cuba plan that has since been shelved when their own research showed that Cubans dont want america meddling in their country again EVER. They tossed out the Americans with Batista. They dont want America playing around with their country again. Amazingly bush actually understood it! Cuba is independant and wants nothing from the US. Americans and the US govt has hated Cuba and Castro for 50 years. Why? Initially because america lost a lot of cheap labour and resources. Corruption was curtailed and industries nationalized for cubas interest. Not american interests.
Basically the same thing that ticks off americans now when companies take the jobs out of the country. except it was the flow of money from cuban pockets into american ones.
Castro has outlasted every US administration since eisenhower. Countelss attempts at destabilizing Castro have failed. Decades of economic sanctions and still Cuba is free of american domination. Cubans have suffered a lot from american sanctions and they know the blame lies with america and not Castro. The US govt can brainwash their own citizens with anti Castro propaganda because americans have been brainwashed into believing their governtment for 60 years. Remember McCarthy in the 50s. labled everyoine as communist and claimed to have evidence against them. turned out they only found 2 communists. how many lives and carreers were ruined? How many blacklisted? all just lies like Iraq with WMDs and now Iran with nukes. not a single piece of evidence for any of the claims. Even now CNN is repeatedly broadcasting a story about the Iranians dressing up in US uniforms and sneaking through check points and killing americans then sneaking out again. Each time they tell the story they will mention only ONCE that there isnt any eveidence of this and that it is speculation. Tehy then spend 5 minutes telling us over and over that iran is behind it. Speculation...LIES.

Its illegal for americans to visit cuba. Up until a couple of years ago tens of thousands of americans would fly to Canada and change flights to Cuba. Bush has made even this illigal. In fact if you are a US citizen and you go anywhere in the world and smoke a cuban cigar you are committing a crime!
Strange thing is you can walk into a 7-11 in Canada and buy cuban cigars. The US has been trying to prevent US owned companies outside of the US from having any connection to Cuba. I am amazed they havent gotten around to bringing the 7-11 corporation up on charges.

When Castro dies there will not be the drastic changes that many americans believe will happen. Cuba is free and they will not embrace the idea of becoming americanized.
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/2/2007 7:57:39 PM
No country in the world comes even close to the USA.
Castro should die a miserable death.

The root of all world problems are born out of liberalism.
Joined: 7/25/2006
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/3/2007 6:47:50 PM
Pete, I agree with everything you said. My Uncle lost everything in the Castro takeover, and it finally killed him. One doesn't have to look far to see the new "castro" emerging. Mr Chavez will just take over where Castro left off. Canadians seem to see what they want to see. They are critical of most things they have never experienced, or lived through. GW seems to be a popular target, although I don't agree will all his policies, you are least in 2008 we have a CHOICE, more then what they have in Cuba.
Joined: 5/29/2005
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/4/2007 11:01:21 AM

Truthfully, I don't want America to be the world super power and I am
routing for China but I don't want America harmed in anyway and wish
the people well. It's not that the world has issues with the people of the USA, it's the leadership
under the Republicans that abuse the responsibility of being the leader
of the freehold. We don't trust the Republicans and what they are
getting ready to do with Cuba...seen it been there.

Even though it's off topic, I've got to respond to that. China!?! Are you friggin's nuts? This is a totalitarian regime that is resonsible for more misery and suffering than the US could accompish if Pat Robertson was President.

The reason I criticize American policies today is that it has done so many amazing things in the past. If it were just another Great Power (like China) there wouldn't really be any point.
Joined: 7/25/2006
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/4/2007 12:32:44 PM
MGM, I'm sorry that I compared Chavez to Castro, although the result will be the same, dictator ship, the start was not the let me compare Chavez's rise to power, may I compare that part of his political history to Hitler's?
Joined: 5/29/2005
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/4/2007 6:33:37 PM
Just going to nitpick on consistency here.

First you complain that "this thread was supposed to be about castro... " , then state, "3rd time still haven't acknowledged or denied the existence of ghettos, crack houses, gangs, homeless people, poor people... or oh yeah and disenfranchised natives up there in utopia."

You and I don't disagree that much about Castro, and if I had your personal experience we'd be a lot closer (or if you had mine). But you can't complain about others hijacking a thread, then turn it into a Canada bashing thread.
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/5/2007 7:29:24 PM
Well, there are always going to be people divided over the death of a person like Castro. The people in Miami, who didn't like his policies, will celebrate of course.

Of course, this makes one wonder if George Bush were to kick the bucket tomorrow would there be the same kind of reaction in many places around the world... and even around the U.S. I know several people who would kick back a cold one in celebration of that.
Joined: 5/29/2005
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/5/2007 8:58:56 PM
Okay, I will address this one once as it's been brought up before.

Cubans get on rafts to get to America because they are granted citizenship if they get there. If Haitians were granted green cards, they'd be on rafts too. I remember in the 80's El Salvadorans and Guatamalans were fleeing brutal dictatorships that were operating death squads. If they could get to Canada they were safe. But they had to get through the States first, and under Reagan, it didn't matter how many were tortured and killed, they were sent back.

That's what seems so strange about this fixation on Cuba. You've supported all - and yes, I mean all - of the most brutal strongmen and dictatorships in this hemisphere over the last 50 years. You've sponsored terrorism wherever populism rose it's ugly head. But your government keeps pretending that Castro is some sort of different bad guy. He's different only that his body count is relatively low, and his people are relatively well cared for. Obviously not by North American standards, but certainly by Latin American standards.
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