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You should find a way to let him know if you feel like it might be going somewhere just so he has an idea as to what might be going on. But as one that was married to a bi-polar woman, I think he'll know soon enough, if he doesn't already. There are many tell tale signs that are a give away. But good luck to you both.
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 2/3/2007 2:22:04 PM
It's much better to be honest with him right up front. And at least you know and recognize that you have a problem. Try living with someone who I (and my friends) KNEW was bipolar; however, HE didn't know it and refused to accept that there might be a problem and therefore refused to seek any help for the problem.

It was like living with two entirely different people -- a great guy when he was happy and an absolute disaster when he was in one of his paranoid, non-trusting, the world is out to get me moods.

I noticed the "signs" early in the relationship; however, I chose to ignore some of them (and that was MY bad). I didn't really learn for sure what was going on until his SON told me about it. He also told me that it was the reason his parents' marriage broke up after 20 years AND the reason his relationship with his father was such a disaster.

It was definitely the demise of our relationship. He got into another relationship very quickly after ours ended and, from what I hear, his new love interest is going through the same thing. Hopefully he will become the wise person you are and eventually seek help for his problem.
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 2/3/2007 2:29:37 PM
if your really serious about him and plan on working on being the same person every day, that's all you need to say. I have had the experience where one day (actually 7 years) then there was an interval where I could not do anything right. So I had to leave because I don't like living every xmas alone because the person decided no matter what I did I was wrong.
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/4/2007 8:06:04 PM
I f some one told me they were Bi polar, I think i would want to know how long they had been diagnosd with that condition. Also, how long they have been on their current drug regime, maybe any side effects that result from their medications. Can help you to understand that when person is not feeling well, it may be attributed to their medications.
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/4/2007 8:13:47 PM
i go into my purse and take out one of my 'Happy pills'. Well he saw this and guessed it right on the dot. But i think he was scared after he saw me handle that situation. He smiled and gave me a hug, but i think he doesn't know how to handle it.

well he is there for u hun just keep taking your meds when u notice the signs and good luck
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/5/2007 4:17:35 AM

i go into my purse and take out one of my 'Happy pills'. Well he saw this and guessed it right on the dot.

This too me sounds like he may already have had some contact with bipolar. I find that someone who has already known someone who has it is easier to talk to. Even if the person was totally *crazy* as it were you can tell him that you are on the right meds for you and you take them as you are supposed to. And although sometimes things my creep up you know how to handle yourself because you have been dealing with it for how ever long.
As far as anything AREALANGEL has said, don’t listen to it. I was diagnosed with childhood depression at young age (obviously) and from there we figured out that it was indeed bipolar. I see a nutritionalist (my meds have made it very hard for me to lose weight) I exercise all the time. And I am on my way to becoming a laser surgeon. Not too bad for someone with a crippling emotional condition (that was one of my first diagnosis’s)
As far as heaping you emotional problems on someone goes – isn’t that what half the post on this forum about? Someone has so emotional problem or another. We bipolars at least know that problems arise, we have to look at everything we do differently because of what we have going on. Personally I say make it work for you. Use this as one of the best chances you will ever have to learn about yourself.
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/5/2007 6:06:13 AM
Educate him about the disorder and what you have experienced with it and how your cycles work.

If he is able to withstand the stress it brings on from time to time, all the more power to him.

Hopefully he will see the person apart from the disorder and be given the strength to deal with it.

I wish you the best. I have a friend with it and I believe my sister may suffer with this and they are both in relationships and are very much loved.

Good luck.
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/5/2007 8:05:35 AM
I personally would go out with a bi-polar girl, if she was honest about her condition, was getting treated, taking medication and not extreme in her condition. I read somewhere that lithium orotate, which is a non-toxic form of lithium, unlike what psychologists give, help to significantly reduce the moodiness and improve intoxication. It is harmless to take, anyway. You are lucky that you are in an era where it can be treated. It is something very hard to deal with. Of course, it is not easy telling a guy you have that. I had a girl I was interested in telling me she sometimes deals with depression. It didn't really bother me. She was very sweet, smart, kind, and I thought she looked lovely, and she wasn't acting wicked and in denial like someone I once knew.
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/5/2007 8:00:08 PM
first of all if hes still with you, he must be a good man, my girlfriend at one time suffered from depression she told me she slit her wrists one time. i didnt know what to say either then support her i see your boyfriend in me i also think that this is a good sign for you too offer this man everything you can with out going overboard ... J
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/5/2007 8:10:03 PM
At Least you are willing to get treatment ......That is the BIG Issue. I tried to get my ex to get help for more years than I care to recollect and watching her personally and socially deteriorate was very difficult. I don't know what to tell my son when he comes home and is "why is mom always angry"

A guy worth his salt will hang around as long as you are trying to regain control
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/6/2007 9:49:02 AM
Honesty is the best thing to do, I also have the bi-polar disorder and plus I have Avoidant personality disorder, I would tell someone the truth if I was dating, if they don't like me because of that, they aren't worth dating.
 that sam i am
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 3/28/2007 10:31:32 AM
i dunno..crazy is hot, sometimes
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 7/14/2007 9:57:27 AM
All I can say here is that honesty is the best policy.... and if you like the person and feel you want to speak up then I admire you for that...

If the person has genuine feeling as you do then it will all come good. people always respect honesty... well I do... and if someone leaves you for being open and honest then they were not right for you in the 1st place...

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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 12/10/2007 4:40:19 AM
I went out with a lady who was schizophrenic and had not gotten sick in 5 years.I only found out after I saw the clozaril medication in her med. cabinet. She was a very quiet nice caring person. She did get sick and it was a nightmare ,For 7 days she kept me awake with chitter chatter, laughing crying you name it . It took about a month for her meds to kick in. Then i did the cowardly thing.I left. I want her back, What can I do?Yours Truly Charles
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 12/10/2007 6:48:06 AM
Erm, apparently this thread was pulled out of obscurity. (Look at the post dates.)

As for the people who don't know about Bi polar disorder, please make a trip to... Bi polar disorder and Schizophrenia are totally different mental disorders.

To Charles, I'd suggest getting back in contact with her and asking for her forgiveness, as a lot of people with disorders are much more willing to forgive than "normal" people, as they've been through things you wouldn't believe.

If she doesn't accept you back, then you'll need to deal with that, and move on with your life.

Alas, to Pizzagal, I wonder about whether you actually have Bi polar disorder, or whether or not you were mis-diagnosed (This is a diagnosis that is frequently misdiagnosed for other disorders.).

People with this disorder do not have pills they can just reach for to make them better (At a moments notice.).

People with this disorder generally are diagnosed, and get set on a medication schedule that they take regularly.

If you're referring to a medication like "Klonopin" which is a medication people just reach for to help with a momentary issue, that generally has more to do with a different disorder, one usually caused by something like social anxiety.

My knowledge on the subject, for anyone who'd like to question it, is a lifetime of dealing with Bi-polar disorder, as this disorder runs in my family.
 that sam i am
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Bi Polar, how do I tell him?
Posted: 12/12/2007 3:49:15 AM
it's always fun to spring it on him.
Bi Polar people can be a real hoot to be with. It's like one of those awesome box of chocolates with lumps of coal mixed in.
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