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Dating and ODSPPage 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Would you date someone who is on ODSP which means Ontario Disability Support Program, if so why ? Also if not why?

Wellllllllllll....... I actually had a child with the person I dated who is on ODSP. (I just realized how this may look to some people...... whatever).

I can't say I would "never" date someone who is on it.

But based on my experiences with my child's father, I'm not seeking such an individual.

I respect those who truly need to be on ODSP but when someone like my ex is abusing the system... well one has a jaded view of the system as a whole.
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 4/22/2008 6:15:25 PM
Don't judge people on ODSP too harshly. Many are there not of their own accord!
I dated a woman who was on it and she struggled and raised three kids on the few pennies they gave her each month.
She was on it because of her disorder - Bi-polar disease. She could be a great and passionate woman one minute and the antichrist the next. It was not her fault however as it was more the medication, so I hold no ill will toward her at all. I actually admire her somewhat still, even though we haven't been together for over four years now.

Don't judge people too fast just beacuse they have some disability or another. Get to know them first and let them tell you their story.

Go from there, then with caution...........................
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 4/23/2008 11:54:17 AM
Radars: well said! There is many people that really do try hard to get the most out of life even though they dont have a full time or part time job due to their disability. Due to my health issues I can't maintain a full time job but I make the most of my time.

I have always wanted to get into radio broadcasting and right now I am a DJ on the internet. It's just for fun at the moment but I have thought about getting a real job out of it. People say I have the voice for radio lol.

There is some people out there that look at me and others on ODSP and underestimate our abilities.

I really don't think that being on ODSP should be the deal breaker for a relationship.

Accept the person for who they are on the inside
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 4/23/2008 6:13:15 PM
On another note...I know a person who worked all his life in a factory and it closed down. He had to retire early as his eyesight was failing.......yes because of the job!
Now the factory is closed, he has no where to go except ODSP as he is now declared legally blind (he can only see a very little bit of light in one eye) and him and his wife live megerly in a small house he bought years ago while he was still working.

Someone else said that "people don't live...they exist."
How true. I have done many things for this friend of mine over the years as favours, as I know he has no money to hire anyone to do them.

Once again I say - do not judge too harshly until you get to know the person. ODSP has a stigma that is unjust. Many people are there not of their own choices.
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 5/11/2008 9:29:01 AM
Wow Steve!
I am stunned by your intolerance and downright disgust of people with disabilities receiving assistance. I have a very good friend that receives o.d.s.p. and struggles to make ends meet.
I really hope you never become disabled and require assitance, you have no idea what a struggle it is for some people that are unable to work.
I suppose in your world, if you ruled it, you might consider just shipping them off somewhere or God forbid, euthanizing them.
I thought you were a nice guy initially, when we began communicating some time ago. Since reading your posts in the forums, my opinion has changed drastically.
Talk about arrogant, self-centered, self-righteous and full of one's self.
Shame on you!
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 5/12/2008 11:07:17 AM
I am appalled by the prejudices the poor face. Those that "have" just don't get it. Should their lives change drastically one day through a series of unfortunate events, i.e. down-sizing, becoming disabled and unable to work, losing one's home and livelihood, whatever the individuals case may be... then and only then they just might get it. You have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes to understand.

You cannot reason with the self-righteous, the prejudiced, the unkind, it is a waste of energy. My friend experienced a life changing incident and the only thing she could do was apply for disability after all her options ran out. No more u.i., or job pension, its all gone. So where is one expected to turn? When they have worked hard all their lives , paid taxes and contributed, why should they be punished and forced to live below the poverty line? She had to use up all her personal assets that she worked hard for, before applying, she was not allowed to keep anything of value. She was forced into total poverty by the government to begin with, do to the loss of her job and yet they still sucked her dry right to the end. Now she has nothing.

I am not suggesting that these people be given fancy cars and oodles of money. What I am suggesting is that they be allowed to live more than hand to mouth, without all the restrictions and red tape that goes along with being on o.d.s.p.

Why shouldn't a person receiving benefits be able to afford better groceries or a somewhat nicer place to live, not a necessarily a penthouse as ridiculously suggested by someone. Why should they be forced to live in projects and rely on food banks? why shouldn't they have a little extra to go to a movie or out for a bite to eat with friends? Why should they have to stagnate, hidden from society and face intolerance?

"There but for the grace of God, go I."
Some people really need to take this to heart and become a little more compassionate.
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 5/17/2008 9:48:05 PM
Oh what the Duck !
I thought ODSP ment Ontario divison of sex providers !
Hell I could see an SP havin hard time finding a fulltime honest mate but not someone who's disabled ......................!!
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 5/18/2008 10:16:28 AM
Yes... EVERYONE no matter their financial situation is valid in wanting and receiving love.

I had expressed in my first post that yes there are people on disability through no fault of their own and I respect that.

I know quite a few people who can work and who do under the table and are on ODSP because it's easier for them to wait for a cheque and live their days high or drunk than be active members of society.

Perhaps my view of ODSP and people on it is a bit jaded, and I have blinders on... but when I see how much of my taxes are taken off my cheque that I work 44 hours a week to get, it angers me when I think of the people abusing the system who don't need to be on it.

I'm not saying that those in here with the courage to write in here about being on ODSP are abusing the system. I'm sure you are all very wonderful people. You need to understand where those of us with our guard up are coming from. We are merely attempting to justify why we will or will not date someone on ODSP as was asked in the OP. Yet when you read an answer that you are not happy with you argue it.
Joined: 11/12/2007
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 5/18/2008 8:49:30 PM
The ODSP is a program set up by the Ont govern. to help disabled people.As in any program set up by the govern. most adhere to it, some will take advantage, and some will feel guilty they receive anything from the govnt. This is a product of most govn't programs.For those truly disabled, what they are offering is a joke.Its not just the money but its the mentallity of being disabled.That in itself causes more pain then anyone not disabled can imagine.Anyone griping here will not change a thing, We just have to live with it
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 5/23/2008 8:17:18 PM
Oh God, isn't this a loaded forum! I have so many mixed feelings about it.
My ex received WSIB and Canada Pension. Alas, he could not work. However, the guy could go hunting, fishing, ride 4 wheelers. I knew while we were married that he was capable of a day job, the same as me. However, he had anger issues. No boss in their right mind would keep him on and they didn't when he worked. I have seen folks get out to do the daily grind with physical impairments, yet they still worked. I felt really guilty even though I was not the one on a disability pension. I see young kids on benefits as they have young children. Apparently it is the "in" thing to do these days with young ones. Just get preganant and you can get welfare. I look at these poor wee babes born into a lifestyle of poverty. God! I think the entire system needs to be revamped to be quite honest. Having said that? I donot mind our system helping those who truly cannot work and require assistance. And for those who have said that if you are on a disabillity and you shouldn't date? Get a grip! We are all entitled to love!
Joined: 7/25/2007
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 5/25/2008 5:43:18 AM

For those of you who complain about the amount of money someone who is in ODSP recieves: Why do you not write letters to your MPP? Get things changed!!!

What country do you live in??? In our sick society unfortunately those souls at a disadvantage are considered a burden in the governments eyes. They would rather spend the money on more important things like new furniture for their offices and making new tax loopholes so all their rich friends pay less.

These people don't need the added burden of being scorned because of source of income ... they aren't looking for a hand out... they are just looking for the most basic of all human needs... companionship.
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Dating and ODSP
Posted: 1/14/2012 8:55:52 AM
Your so right you never know when you can lose your health and end up as a bottom feeder. I've always had bad health but managed to struggle along and even had a two businesses up until the shit hit the fan back in 2005. My I.B.S was intolerable at that point and I went under the knife. I was under the impression that I was going for exploratory surgery but when I woke up I was cut from stem to stern ouch!!!! I returned to my construction business a couple weeks later and my legs got numb because of a compressed root nerve due to my Degenerative Disk Disease. At that point I gave up and it was all down hill after that and I lost everything. Anyway enough with the violin playing for today thanks for listening.

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