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I have 2 very beautiful Indian friends and they are very much into keeping their girls with Indian guys. They also party and have clubs here totally for the Indian culture.

Some do date white guys but many keep it within their culture.
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indian women
Posted: 10/16/2008 10:15:35 PM
in response to northern lights message quoting and, i find, making some personal attacks at me without admitting to doing so (page 4 of those paying attention)

whoa. first off, i qualified all my statements with "my experience"...which is just that. from the indian men i have met, interacted with, seen, heard from, been personally involved with in some way, shape or form - these are the men i base my opinions on and from which i derive my sense of preference. regardless of how "western" i may have found an indian man, they still come with traditional families. i am not saying that ALL indian men are as i've described - just the ones i've had the misfortune to know.

i can understand why it might make you feel better to think of me as bigoted or racist or whatever it is you wish to call me. i get that. you feel personally attacked b/c you identify yourself as an indian man. but you are not one of the indian men i know.

i would ask you to take a moment to consider this - why are there so many documentaries, films, novels, plays, etc depicting the cultural prevalence of violence against women in indian society? why does indian culture still ascribe to a dowry system? why do we even have a moniker as the "burning brides" linked to our culture!?!!? why do we hear of honour killings in our culture? because it exists and it's widespread.

does that mean ALL indian men engage in such activity? of course not. but if i choose not to roll the dice and play in that pool, i'm labeled a racist. so be it. but i would ask you to consider the idea, the notion, that perhaps our cultural norms do play a part in how indian women are supposed to be seen by indian men. sometimes it is hard to overcome the nurture and environment you are brought up in - i'm not saying impossible to overcome but difficult. it is easier to go with the status quo.

btw, my experience is related to a fairly conservative population of indians in the lower mainland of bc. i hear that the indian populations in, say, toronto and montreal are much more liberal but i don't know b/c i haven't met indian families from those cities.
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indian women
Posted: 10/17/2008 1:46:55 AM
Maybe not too many white guys are attracted to indian women?
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indian women
Posted: 10/18/2008 3:18:55 PM
I have known two Indian women and both were married to Indian men. I always felt that Indian men are controlling and demanding....therefore the g/f/wife follow him...never walk in front of him but behind him . The men appear to be somewhat of a Master. One of these women were getting beatings regularly by her Indian husband and I intervened as I think this is uncalled for. The police hauled him off and made him stay away from the dwelling for up to 2 weeks...needless to say she took him back and I always noticed that she wore long sleeves in the dead of summer too....guessing it was to hide the bruises. Maybe this is common ...not sure but I don't want to find out either.
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indian women
Posted: 9/8/2009 1:18:25 AM

Anywhere you have a man thinking "our women" (of any race at all), you have the greatest level of sexist hypocrisy.

Men of every race think like this. As do women of every race. You've never seen an indian or black women say that "white women are taking our men". Seriously?
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indian women
Posted: 9/8/2009 1:18:38 PM

I love Indian woman, I've always been attracted to unconventional beauty. It's a shame they for the large part arn't aloud to like Westerners due to their traditions and religion.

Most people prefer their own race. The number of interracial relationships are exaggerated. Indian men/white women is a bit more common though but in general men are more open to dating outside their race.
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indian women
Posted: 9/9/2009 9:53:41 PM
I see a bit of this now that I am living around my father's side of the family, which are Afghan. I just had a conversation with one female cousin of mine who is 20 years old and tells me she must, as a girl, marry another Muslim, and he has to be Afghan, or it brings shame to the family or something like that.

My mom was American and my dad married her and it didn't work well for them, as the cultural differences between how Americans are individualists and Muslim culture tends to be more collective just doesn't jel well. I sided with my mom on all counts as I was born and raised here. I also turned agnostic because I didn't want religion telling me what kind of person I am. If I become spiritual someday, that's my personal journey to make.

I can tell I have very Americanized views because I don't want to do things that will affect me every day for the sake of some "family" or family members. I feel that is selfish on their part, but then again, that is the different cultures speaking. I would think it is selfish cause I lived with my mom (after they divorced) for 20 years and learned if you want to succeed, you go out there (on your own) and you work hard for it. The reward is the success, and if you are lucky, you may find love as well with it. But don't expect that. Very diferent view to a Muslim way of thinking which would say your success is the family's success and they will ensure you have a mate for life. That's why I feel it's very unfair at times for other cultures to keep instilling their culture on someone who is raised here with this culture. But again, that's just my personal opinion.

I also have found I tend to always shoot for or want to date anyone except a Muslim type man. Not purposefully trying to do so, but someone pointed out once, "all your boyfriends have been blond, what is up with that?" LOL Well, they all haven't been, but I definitely considered that maybe seeing a muslim man psychologically makes me think of my traumatic past with my father and how I don't want to be anywhere near that way of thinking or constrictivenesss.

I am curious if anyone else on here is from Arab-American parents like that and had these same culture challenges? It would be interesting to hear! And please note, above I was being totally honest, and mean no disrespect. In fact, I hope this helps enlighten me and help me change for the future. It's always good to confront your problems sometimes.

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indian women
Posted: 9/10/2009 9:13:33 AM

I am curious if anyone else on here is from Arab-American parents like that and had these same culture challenges? It would be interesting to hear! And please note, above I was being totally honest, and mean no disrespect. In fact, I hope this helps enlighten me and help me change for the future. It's always good to confront your problems sometimes.

I know of muslim women who have dated outside their race. I would think that most muslim parents would object more to dating a south asian hindus or sikhs?
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indian women
Posted: 11/6/2009 4:16:42 PM
It just depends where you live i guess, When I lived in chicago , I met this inian girl at a piano bar, She was the prettiest girl i have ever seen, She was with her brother and one of his friends, They were both douche bags! Any way, I ended up talking to her and bought her a couple drinks b4 i knew it we were on the way back to her place, she left her brother and his friend there with no ride, and well u can guess the reast. So All people are different. This is almost 2010.
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indian women
Posted: 11/6/2009 6:10:04 PM
For those people that choose not to date the opposite sex within their race because of cultural have clearly made your point about not favoring certain things about your culture. So why would they not think that there are people of the opposite sex that think the same way about the culture?

Some random Indian woman might go "I don't date Indian guys because they're too blah blah etc." I am referring to the type of Indian woman that is very "westernized". So it's not a stretch to say there's an Indian man that is also westernized and rebels against the cultural traits that the woman looks down upon. So that's what I have to say about that. Do not give up on your whole race, because not all of them follow the culture to the same extent.
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indian women
Posted: 11/8/2009 6:25:20 PM


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indian women
Posted: 11/8/2009 6:28:35 PM
find someone who grew up in america / canada / uk and preferably one that has at least one non-indian / non-south asian parent.

i myself was adopted : and though i'm 100 % indian BIOLOGICALLY, am american emotionally & psychologically..........

try searching online for "india adoptees"....theres thousands of us in the US alone......and you'll have the physical atttribues you desire w/ the emotional / mental outlook that an american would have
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indian women
Posted: 11/8/2009 6:31:47 PM
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indian women
Posted: 11/8/2009 7:14:54 PM
Are you referring to East Indians or Native American women?

Some of the most beautiful women I have seen are East Indian. Come to think of it, some were Native Americans, too. The few East Indian women I have met were reserved and cautious. My guess is it would take a long time to woo one. There are some real cultrual differences. I would love the opportunity to put that to work!

I live in New Mexico. There are many Native Americans here. I have never found any of them approachable. That could just be because we are seperate people who communicate differently. I do not know but would like to.
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indian women
Posted: 11/8/2009 8:25:51 PM
I dated and Indian woman in college and she was great. Her family hated me but we had lot's of fun. Maybe because it was taboo she went out of her way to be as wild with me as possible knowing that kind of behaviour would get her in trouble with the conservative guy her parents liked. Too bad we all just can't get along.
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indian women
Posted: 11/15/2009 1:35:23 PM
Are you talking India Indians, or Native Americans? I suppose the Native Americans may dislike hooking up with descendents of The White Devils who massacred their families for generations. Women from India know more about sex at age 5 than most American men know at age 55. It may bore them to associate with morons. Read The Kama Sutra Of Vatsyayana, and The Ananga Ranga, to touch up your sex skills. These Indian texts will enlighten you, and make you a more fitting sex partner for Indian women.
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indian women
Posted: 3/5/2012 5:29:58 PM
Well, I'm Indian, and I do date Caucasian men. I actually prefer dating Caucasian men and I don't go for Indian guys. There are lots of Indian guys I know who have married Caucasian women, and they are still married. And, the Indian family welcomed her with open arms. Not all of us are closed minded. I will say that it comes down to preference. There are some Christians who will only date Christians. I came across one profile and the guy clearly stated that he only dates Caucasian women and that Asian women are out for him. It's a preference for a racial group with respect to love/sexual interests. I don't really see that as a person being racist though. If a person is attracted to only Indian women, so be it. It doesn't make him a racist. It's a special liking for that particular ethnic background.
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indian women
Posted: 3/5/2012 6:50:17 PM
Namastee Saab
Learn few indian words and u re in
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indian women
Posted: 3/5/2012 8:39:31 PM
^^^me thinks the words are Hindu words...not Indian....
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indian women
Posted: 3/5/2012 8:48:17 PM
Depends on the language....meaning which State within India. The national language is Hindi. The word Hindu refers to a person who practices the Hindu religion (Hinduism). In Punjab, they speak Punjabi and Hindi. In Gujarat, they speak Gujarati, but are taught Hindi in the schools as well. In the South of India, some speak Telegu. Sanskrit is the equivalent to what Latin is to English. This is what the priests use during the wedding ceremonies at Hindu weddings.
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indian women
Posted: 4/30/2012 10:29:06 PM
Prefer to date an Indian that has grown up here or overseas. Nothing to do with family more of common ground
with someone that understands fundamentaly how I grew up... slim pickings here in Los Angeles.
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indian women
Posted: 5/1/2012 8:43:40 AM

Prefer to date an Indian that has grown up here or overseas.

That pretty much narrows it down to the planet Earth. So you wouldn't date an Indian from another planet? That's discriminatory.
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indian women
Posted: 5/1/2012 10:09:44 AM
lol..thanks ;)... ironically Indians from India discriminate against me for not being "authentic" enough ....
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indian women
Posted: 5/1/2012 4:02:01 PM
I date an Indian woman in college, and she was both gorgeous and brilliant.
I really screwed up because to this day I'm convinced that of all the ladies I have had,
she was THE ONE.
She looked like Kristin Kreuk and she was incredibly bright as well.
I often think about her....
Indian women will date whites guys.
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