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oh lovely Ravin.......and I love the word rut....

wooby, I will take the scarlet madman, my favorite facet of the's so odd that you posted the Tom T.Hall, which I absolutely loved. I was thinking of the pagan practice, and how cleansed I would feel if I participated. Do you think perhaps babtism echoes this? After all, paganism and mother religion came first, and Ireland converted St.Brigid from a celtic goddess.....

Jer If you sneak in, we'll just tell you stories. Unless you let us dress you up..... Jarod Leto looks mighty nice in eyeliner.......I saw him on MTV ....... Seriously, thanks for the poem.....

borrowed finery 12/19/2006

She hastily gathers up
the beautiful lent feathers
pheasant, peacock, phoenix and
bird of paradise
fixes them with wax
and soars
but not so high
as to melt the wax
by eclipsing
the sun

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To bathe in morning dew
Posted: 3/11/2007 12:15:13 PM
To bathe in morning dew
and dress in hollyhock and heart's ease
comb clover into hair
and berry lips
step out to larksong and bee buzz

watch the fire eye
circle the sky
and dip just at
the witch's hour

light chips paled out
crickets chorus rising
the hand of the unknown lover
reaching, reaching

Will you let him find you
~~ this time?

Old memories
soul memories

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To bathe in morning dew
Posted: 3/11/2007 4:28:59 PM
Thanks, Ravin

Wooby I'm skeered, but Ima trying to stand still.....that poem is simply gorgeous....

this is from Tob's thread, after he lost someone...

Old Ones

Old ones are never really lost
they are still with us
in shape of eye
and set of chin
and odd mannerisms
reflected in children
and grandchildren
and deeds are passed down
in family tales
and so they live on in gene, blood
bone and sinew
and mettle
and love.........

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To bathe in morning dew
Posted: 3/12/2007 2:05:29 AM
This was posted in first, last......the thread had been dead for over a day, maybe two, I don't remember.....I kept looking at that last line and daunted, left....but I was jonesing for my playground........

Old Tar

Come me hardys grab your roosters
tavern wenches, bring me brewsters
wooden bowls of steaming stew
have another round of brew

tavern closing
feeling dizzy
almost dozing
where's that huzzy
over here ye little trollop
else I'll give you quite a wallop

morning after sun's too bright
teeth are furry
sore from fight
not to worry
sleep some more
till twilight comes
then out the door

LS 12/21/06
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To bathe in morning dew
Posted: 3/12/2007 2:40:58 AM

can't sleep again
where is the moon tonight?
that enigmatic lady
whose subtle pull
rules the tides
of seas and blood

hot cocoa with whiskey
my sleep so broken
from so many shifts
in schedule
I fear becoming
chemically dependant

legal problems
occupying my mind
apparently even in sleep
and my unemployment
the elephant
in the room

I would read about Roland, but I'm afraid Oy will be killed throw away, it makes me furious.....the bumbler has been nothing but loyal, and killing off the pet is a cheap literary trick....please don't anyone be a spoiler, I like to read and experience it myself, I never look at the last page...

maybe I'm just getting old, sleep for five or six hours and wide awake.....thought that stuff came in twenty, thirty years.....yar....
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A break
Posted: 3/12/2007 3:35:19 AM
Thanks Erik, you're right.......I know people have it harder than me, just so frustrated by this insomnia, and don't really want to start taking sleeping pills. It just seems like a slippery slope I would begin sliding down. I know things will get better, this is just a fallow time for job hunting.....later on this summer I'll be so busy working I'll look back on this time off with nostalgia....I have a part time job, I just need another one to get off unemployment. It's amazing how defined we are by our work, even drone work like I do....they say it's an American mind set.....thanks for stopping by friend, and for your write! One thing is for sure, I'm not meeting my dreams, I never dreamed of working in a factory ..... The odd thing is, I meet so many really interesting and intelligent people there, and their talents are so overlooked and underused....


I'm grateful for you and me
I'd like to believe that
the best is yet to be
I pick out the past
as I spin the future
could you and I last?
let me be the author
and write my own tale
of twilight years
and rocking chairs
and happy trails

LS 12/24/2006

Sorry people, lack of sleep has made me maudlin.....perhaps I should make a rule never to post with insomnia....
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Who has stolen Skjoldhus’ identity?
Posted: 3/12/2007 4:43:11 AM
wow, Jer, that's a nice tribute to Erik, who is such a nice man, and found such a nice love....he has many facets to his personality, and just when we think we've got him figured out, he shape shifts....but his love poems to a certain someone gave me a glimpse of his depth......

honestly our president is one of the things that keeps me up at night......and just what the hell is he up to now? Is he truly interested in the Guatemalans, or just trying to get back at Chavez for that hilarious "devil" speech at the UN half a year ago? Between this and the bullcrap going on about Cuba.......why can't we ever just mind our own business?

what a nice thing to say about me Jer....thanks guys, for nudging me out of a blue mood....posted in first,last.....


the love that might be death - or resurrection!
I enter into it with trepidation
alertly scouting loves new revelation
to taste you fully is my prediliction

Is suffering to be my destination
or falling somehow into satisfaction?
pulled every which way by my premonitions
I can't concentrate because of my distraction

LS 12/27/2006
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Who has stolen Skjoldhus’ identity?
Posted: 3/12/2007 10:03:03 AM
haha, turned out I wasn't even his first choice.... And, to be honest, I was relieved.....there were indications we were not suited.........

another first, last.....

To Poets

For all the others to come and share
we rhyme our thoughts
and brave the dare

we open ourselves to critique
naked of mystique
we bare ourselves
and show unique

Thank you for your kindness friends
and for the thread that never ends
to hone our most poetic skill
and loosen words
our minds to till

LS 12/29/06
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/12/2007 12:48:21 PM
~What I Learned~

I learn to hate at an early age
Grew up with such pain...I raged
Innocent's taken from a child
As a teen I grew even more wild

Beaten till I could no longer see
Deep in my soul, I locked away me
Many a time, I knocked at Death's door
To wake in this day more

One day God did shine on me
I was gifted an Angel baby
To have, hold, cherish and love
Only to be given wings, to soar above

More angry with pain I grew...
To the bottom of a bottle, I drew
Knocking at the Devil's gate
Fill with more hurt and hate

I didn't care to live anymore
From this earth, I wish to soar
Left alone at a young age...
Now a women fulled with rage

Two more life's lessons to learn
Two more Angels to God, I return
How much more could I go through
Such heartache...God, what did I do?

He whispered to me...Dear Child
I still love you even when your wild
But you have to learn and understand
All your hardship, is your life's plan

I give you a special Angel, a sick lil man
You teach this child with tender hand
For my child you've learned to be a mother
These children I lend to other

You will learn to give your heart, to love again
I promise you a kind soul, to take you within
For everyday there is a lesson to learn
Why my child this is not for you to discern

So what have I Love again!

Thank-you for your kind words...
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/12/2007 1:26:19 PM
It's not hard Cyn, you're a sweetheart....if the childhood sexual abuse thread ever comes up, you will see that I am a survivor as well.....anyone who wants to let it out in here, have at it.....I haven't written anything about that in a long far as the babies go, no, I only had one miscarriage. My sister lost her twelve year old son in January, 2005. It has been devastating to heart goes out to you, and all the mourning mothers. Truly, I cannot imagine......

bgirl2 life isn't all sweetness and light, and don't we know it.......I have some dark stuff too, I have to work on it and whittle away until it's post ready. One day in 1992 I just started crying and didn't stop, all day and well into the night. I think perhaps I had a nervous breakdown. Shortly after I went into counseling to try and address some of the physical and sexual abuse, the rape in 1989, and breaking the bad pattern of unavailable men I'd been choosing....writing helps, so keep on letting it out....

Posted: 12/29/2006 First,last....

A Woman's Worth

those girls know what to do
darwinian peacemakers
reading emotions as
the deaf read lips
sensing ripples on the surface calm
is ego coming up to feed
on sycophantic compliments
like a gaudy tropical fish
or could violence materialize
vortexing and gaining strength
in the downward spiral
those girls know what to do
their smile breaks
the momentum
forcing a

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/12/2007 1:38:02 PM
If my memory serves me right...we meet durning that thread or the one of my son and abuse from the neighbor...
You have a heart of gold...This I remember!
Thank goodness we servived Hell
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/12/2007 7:01:13 PM
Cyn there are still weird things I do because of it, especially my sleep posture.....

Jer each man is responsible for his own deeds. There is no reason for you to be ashamed to be a man....pedophilia is usually passed down, and rape is a control thing.....

ravin see, told you how talented you were. You have a lot to say and say it well, for all of us. We need to get back to our roots.

this is from first, last....

I'm just too weary to keep
my eyes open this late at night
I want to lie down and sleep
forget the aura of disquiet

sometimes we get a flash
of ideas that foster unease
not really trying to bash
generally trying to please.....

We don't belong to one another
like property bought and sold
we lend our hearts to one another
but reaching the end of loves road

It's better to smile and let go
living well to be the revenge
the creator owns life and so
to dwell is to become unhinged

most people have said goodbye
to a love they'd rather have not
but to wish another to die
will cause your soul to rot
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 10:16:51 AM
good grief, I certainly made up for the insomnia.....slept till almost noon.....

for Christmas I made a poem for each of my grandkids, I have five of them, so the next five submittals will be name poems of my'll see I didn't make it by Christmas...which echoes my life's theme of always being late.....these were posted in Eye's thread.....


mother to all your brothers
you deliver love
and shrill justice
surrounded by males
you retain the eternal female

first of your generation
sharing a bed with the brother
who was thought to be sister
you transformed disappointment
into nurture

Our long limbed
thoroughbred beauty
with your silky mane
and delicate mouth
men will one day drown
in the calm of your eyes

poised to leave sugar mountain
linger here sweetheart
before you cast your pearls
to the teenage wolves
who will be too young
to understand your beautiful soul

LS 12/23/2006
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 10:33:46 AM

You are unabashed in your emotions
affection, resentment and compassion
flash across your mobile face
clouds or sudden storms
skate across the sky in your eyes

you look at me with
my mother's eyes
which are my own and
our gift to you
in a different shade
and lavish fringe
you have her genius
for numbers

How long will you enthusiastically
greet me
before you relinquish
tenderness for the toughness
of boys
please don't harden
into the male machine

you are a whole new breed
of an evolving world
my own power ranger
power up into change
never forget your heart
and you will always be able
to find yourself

LS 1/03/07
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 10:36:33 AM

middle child
you appreciate
and new clothing

you're so gorgeous
your coloring a surprise
the light blond hair
and warm brown eyes
the dimple that will
make girls sigh....

an animal lover
always wanting to feed
the biggest dog
you manage to fascinate
the cat

you long to be
cooking, gardening
you dissemble
to discover process
but forget to ask

sometimes I see
your hunched shoulders
want to shield you
from the world
so you stand straight

Jake, you are so loved
just learn to
reassemble :)

LS 1/20/07
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 11:00:38 AM

Hopelessly in love with
your apricot skin
your platinum hair

Your sturdy body
smooth and unblemished
the tiny moons of fingernails
and perfect chiclet teeth

your unbounded potential
your unfailing generosity
your ferocious rivalry

your joy and freshness
your guileless mind
your simplicity
your complexity

my nepotistic heart
shouts mine
embrace the bones and flesh I've made
one step removed
my little dandelion spore
to conquer worlds
I'll never see
I gently set you free

LS 12/06/06
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 11:03:50 AM

You were almost not to be
mama reluctantly
said goodbye
to holding babies

but the universe
gave one last gift
grandpas twin
you came to us singing songs
of the starry cosmos
and fluid womb

you sang almost from birth
you greet the ducks
others never notice
you beguile
your wonder is contagious

you infect me with exuberance
your quirkiness delights
you claim me proudly
call me grandma

LS 12/18/2006
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 7:34:32 PM
bringing it home from first,last and wooby's

madame crocus comes 1/25/07

It whispers quiet coming
muffled by snow
the whipping wind
is a fishwife scolding
restorative sleep
another moon cycle
and madame crocus
in her upright way
will greet madame forsythia
Miss Snowdrop will bow
her droopy head
while Mr.Robin
listens for earthworms
my heart awakens too
I begin my new

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 8:41:47 PM
do my dogs count? They smile when I feed them.... Last week I didn't have to pick up my grandson Gage from Headstart, but I missed it....I missed his smile and his chatter while I drove him matter what kind of mood I'm in, he always makes it better.....thanks for dropping by Erik, it's always nice to see you, and I think WWACD will be my theme, I like that!


for my presence is the cure
what ails you hon
what troubles your heart
my golden one
my lovely one
my pride and joy
at the thought of you
at the sight of you
in all your jumbled flaws
and graces
the beauty I see
unknown to you
am I your mirror
you shine nearby
and I
reflect you back
as you could be
if only you could see
the treasure you are
to me

LS 2/3/07
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 9:40:33 PM
hi ink, took me awhile to find what you were talking about.....I figured I probably knew, but wanted to be sure......I don't have much I can find that I wrote about that, but when I find it I'll post it on your Ravin said, there are sooo many people who share the history of being molested, and it causes so much shame and pain. I've been to counseling, and I'm a lot better now, making better choices......I remember what my counselor said when I saw a drawing on her wall obviously made by a young child. I asked her how she could take listening to their pain .....she said she listened, and then sometimes, she went out and smashed her cup against the wall.....

This is for my best friend, I met her when I was nine, shortly after the second person..........37 years and going strong.......

Linda 12/10/07

and you helped me find
that I still had worth
and it wasn't centered in my body
and honor was in the soul
and it wasn't centered in purity
and life was worth living
and it wasn't centered in pleasing others
we were nine
37 years later
I still thank god for you
and you didn't even know.........

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 11:16:03 PM
Ink, I posted something on your thread, kind of dark, but it came from after I was raped and the post traumatic shock....for a half year or so, nothing is safe anymore, your whole idea of "safety" has just been turned ass over teakettle...and you realize how easy it is to die......

Autumn, nice to see you here, you're in a playful mood tonight...I always wonder if my trees are going to bud and then happens every year, it's a wonder they even leaf....

Posted: 1/3/2007 somewhere...

Unseasonable Days

Thank you to the maker
for the beautiful two days
for blue skies and plentiful sun
instead of solid grays

This January seems like March
or even April with the wet
I only hope my trees don't bud
and leaves refuse to set

I wonder if my bulbs have got
the required amount of cold
I love the unseasonable warmth
but we need to return to the old

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 11:29:04 PM
brizo, I'm so glad you started your own thread.

I've been reading it the last two days, haven't had any time to post, but certainly will later. Really enjoying your brave and open writes.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/13/2007 11:37:03 PM
Thanks, Rory....I was just going to email you today, to see if you were okay, but I noticed you were posting, so figured you were just taking a break from writing....

First Line, Last Line
Posted: 12/31/2006 159 PM

Rutting Hour 12/31/06

Juniper of julys Angst
fresh water sluice the summers skankst
breasts rise in appreciation
core heats in anticipation

watching from beneath my lashes
tractor making endless passes
shirtless farmers gleaming muscles
daydream of erotic tussels

sweetheart, throw a glance my way
lay a blanket on the hay
your field can wait another hour
surrender to the rutting power

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/14/2007 10:28:55 AM
Ravin There was a farmer in Pioneer OH that would ride into town on his red tractor, shirt know that Canadian poem about the cherry pit in the throat? Yeah, like that....his faded jeans and workboots........ (I have a serious workboot and carhartt fetish) his wife must have thought so too, they had a passel of kids......

This is one I found last night when I was looking for something for Ink's thread....

Final Appeal

Old friend,
I have no admiration for the quality
of your rage---
only dismay and a
wary observation
of the return of violence
(a nodding recognition of that
which is in myself)
into a life
gently rebuilt
on the fine qualities
of tolerance
and restraint

Fire needs air to live----
don't let it up
to breathe
and it will die
of suffocation

LS 9/92
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 3/14/2007 6:32:14 PM
You're right, Erik, I am jealous.......but I owe you one for the made up word in the ode to salsa I left on your thread...."dotely" I think it was.....I have four jars of salsa in my pantry, and I'm happily eating myself into an ulcer and another size pants....well, happy about the eating, never happy about a wider bottom line...

bringing it home from first, last and Alyosha's anti-Bush thread

brothers 1/06/07

none knows of our essential unity
distancing themselves with impunity
makes me long for worldwide mutiny
just to spite Big Brothers scrutiny

pandered to by advertisers
talked down to by supervisors
underpaid by management
working hard won't make a dent

standing with their palms held out
they'll get paid without a doubt
if we don't have any left
after all their corporate theft
we can't depend on government
to help us out on paying rent

but many times a friendly neighbor
will do someone substantial favor
it's always met with stunned surprise
and thankfulness within their eyes

I love that we still help each other
accept the fact we all are brothers
held under by anothers hand
share cropping in our own land

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