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Yikes, you two. I've had three (multi) millionaires in my life (briefly enough, thank God) ~~ and each was protective of his financial status until it was evident that I wasn't going to fall, and then it was like: how dare you NOT love me? *I'M RICH!!!" Goobers.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/19/2009 6:35:17 AM

Yikes, you two. I've had three (multi) millionaires in my life (briefly enough, thank God) ~~ and each was protective of his financial status until it was evident that I wasn't going to fall, and then it was like: how dare you NOT love me? *I'M RICH!!!" Goobers.

And one can imagine innumerable variants of this, e.g. I'm bald, toothless and without a sense of humour but I'm ME - how dare you not love me?
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/19/2009 1:25:57 PM
Yikes, you two. I've had three (multi) millionaires in my life (briefly enough, thank God) ~~ and each was protective of his financial status until it was evident that I wasn't going to fall, and then it was like: how dare you NOT love me? *I'M RICH!!!" Goobers. hit the nail on the head.....I don't see myself as anything other than an ordinary woman doing her best (like most of us) to live an honest kind life. The assumption that you must be gagging for "it" because you are 50+ and single gets so far up my nose that it hurts. And these arrogant a$$holes are the short balding overweight, gold wrapped gits that wear speedos because in their primitive pea brains...

don't get me started.......

brizo........we KNOW we've got it......and no lottery win is going to change that GF
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/19/2009 1:57:10 PM
It gives him an unfair advantage when he bugs me at work where I so clearly am unable to give him a piece of my mind and the sharp side of my tongue...and his inappropriate crush is so obvious to everyone that my coworkers will come up and wait on him if they have time.

He has irritated me so much that next time he's doing the small talk and asking me about my fiancee (the one I made up just for him) I'm going to inquire after his fiancee (the real, flesh and blood one he doesn't mind hurting)

Why wouldn't I want a man who can't even stay faithful to someone he supposedly loves enough to marry? Why wouldn't I want someone without enough integrity and courage to end something if it's clearly not working for him? *GAH!*

nothing, dear

he buys a sports car

but at night
she dreams
of a red suit
and the power
of wet wombs

LS 4/10/09
Om's Palms

Woobs, wouldn't he be surprised to know my ex husband's father was a millionaire? I left him, too...and for the record, neither I nor my children has ever seen any of that money...Some people are millionaires because they ignore the suffering of others, or worse yet, profit from it. And no, my father-in-law wasn't like that, he was a fine man...but his son, who is in a position to help, never lends a hand to his daughters. He leaves that to his trailer trash ex wife...
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/19/2009 6:52:03 PM
Oh Brizo...I can relate to that too......Stays in 350+ a night hotels but NEVER helps his only daughter out....I've carried that for years and don't regret any of it.

An empty life
voids filled with nothing
not even regret
lip service
when convention demands
even that
is smoke and mirrors

 Autumn Fantasy
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/19/2009 10:54:57 PM
It makes me angry inside
That some men think they are immortal
God’s gift to women
Invincible and immune to karma
But mark my words
Their time will come

In thinking back to the beginning
I am grateful that I had a smart Mother
Who saw the whole picture and
Dragged me off to a lawyer
To protect my children
From their father’s folly

The money does come with headaches
That you can't cut the umbilical cord
The constant whimpering
Insanity and audacity
To complain with fat paycheques in their hands
They don’t know what it is like to just make ends meet
With their almighty plastic

When anxiety closes in
I climb into a hot bath
And press the send button of a long formal email
Fully prepared to educated him
Regarding the laws of child support
And what his signature means when he signed them over to me

Staying up all night sweating about it
Isn’t worth the effort
Of petty arguments
Or wasted tears
Although, when I’m most vulnerable
The insecurities still seep in
When once again he sends the money late
Just late enough for my bills to bounce.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/20/2009 9:10:52 PM
AF....YOU are SO much better......

and in the end we are all accountable!

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/23/2009 5:22:29 PM
Briz ~~ *love* the new pic! ♥
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/23/2009 10:03:50 PM
when my mother raised us, she didn't get any child support at all....I don't know how she did it...we were the only kids in our neighborhood whose parents were divorced back in the mid sixties...

GM won't be trailblazing much, they're going to shut down for a few weeks. That will effect so many other businesses around here that make parts for them...

Woobs, thank you!

sun flowers

life is good in this garden
open hearted to the sun
and so we do not
we are joyful
to the radiant one

LS 3/27/09
first, last & Bicpen's
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/26/2009 10:15:39 AM
staked by steak

balls of fluff
feathers and tail
I lay grain for you
but fail to hide
my presence
you will linger
in my absence
carnivore scent stamp
I watch you
through the window
aching, rueful
in my carnivore heart
a thousand cows
can testify
I've done my part

LS 02/21/09

Om's, Age of Innocence
 Autumn Fantasy
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/26/2009 12:40:20 PM
I was choking on laughter
Breathless gasps
Panic as I tried to gulp air
Through restricted passageways of fear
And trepidation that no one would
Discover me before I withered and
Sank into humiliation

We tell our children to always chew slowly
And that laughter is good for the soul
But this was one of those times
Where wisdom is futile as
We swallow our words.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/26/2009 2:36:02 PM
Quick, the heiney lick maneuver....Autumn, not making fun...since obviously you are all right now, thank god...

I've lost nearly $10,000 on my 401K, very frightening. I try to remind myself a lot of that was inflated value in a bull rallied once after 9-11, though it took three years to reach the level it had been before...and just when it finally rebounded, this market failure...hopefully I might be okay by the time I retire, but what about the people who are in their late fifties or early sixties?

The part that makes me angriest is they act like most of us are in debt over our heads...indeed? And here I was, saving money for the future while the banks played fast and loose with it. Nah, I've always lived within my means...

I've just come in from outside where I picked up sticks and weeded...a bit later I have to move at least one wheelbarrow of dirt to low ground and pick up more sticks...

While I was out there I looked in on my dog Sue, she's been sleeping quite a bit lately and losing weight. I'm going to get some baby aspirin in case her bones are aching from arthritis, and she's got major cataracts. I think I might bring her inside and just put her out while I'm at work, she has a trolley between two trees. I think I'm losing her to old age, and I'd like to spend more time with her...
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/26/2009 11:55:54 PM
Brizo...I am in my late fifties. I do not covet security. At times I fail; but then I feel the great cold reality and I am not afraid. I will not fade into some description of anybody's hell. Life is sweet. Yeah. And Yeah again.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/27/2009 6:25:10 PM
lol.....I'm a Taurus, security is my middle name....for all that that's worth as we all know nothing is lasting...still, my little bull headed heart likes to feel safe...
 Autumn Fantasy
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/27/2009 8:16:20 PM
You got me with your story of Sue

We raise and nurture them
As we do our children
Furry creatures with eyes that see inside
Bookmarks in our life
They sense more than we realize
And sometimes we take them for granted
Their place in our world
No longer demanding a spot in the limelight
To gain our attention
From wee babes their span of life
Goes quickly by
In the corner of a picture
Or right in your face
I have never raised a dog
Too many puppies of my own to watch out for
But kittens I have loved unconditionally
I dread the day she will pass on
And I have to tell the kids
My heart goes out to you
And a dog named Sue.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/28/2009 6:04:05 PM
aww, thanks Autumn. It's odd, she'll seem to be doing poorly and then I'll go out and she'll be wagging her tail and visiting Truffle (my other dog). Still, something tells me this may be her last summer...


Is it ours to foresee?
who would want to know?
and tow the knowledge
it will end
we don't get out alive
start living, then
parse love
or cherish more?
knocks at the door
of the soul
glass half empty
or half full?

LS 1/08/09
Poetry Barn, Shelter Me Home
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/28/2009 9:18:39 PM
Hey Brizo....

I am also late 50's and thank heavens that I have a job that I enjoy and that has tenure....

Recently I have begun to let go of "things" and it has been is the house!

I wonder at myself
was it all so important
did it define me?
perhaps it did then
now I am defined
not by things
but those I cherish
including myself.

Hugs to all

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/29/2009 3:39:17 PM
Pickles, I'm trying to do the same, feng shui promotes it, and I have been a follower of flylady for years now (not that my house is organized completely yet - but there's lots of progress)

not sure about the mobile home in this market, and it is isn't like I'm paying for a bunch of empty space...though the yard is getting hard to take care of. It's been ten years now and I'm beginning to really resent the amount of time it takes (though I do love living in the country still)...what to do?


the daffodils have
broken the earth
by next moon
the world will be

the weakness of this
pale sun
may grow sufficient
to warm
this winter heart

I wish to break
the surface of my life
past the winter
of limitation

I wish to flourish
bloom jubilant

LS 3/29/09
Theirs, Mine, Yours
Joined: 7/28/2008
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 4/29/2009 10:55:05 PM
Gardeners live till forever. And sometimes, they blessedly die in their gardens at ummm 95. Not in any stupendous old age prison called a care home. Better a tent than that.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 5/1/2009 3:32:31 PM
Lucid, thanks for both compliments!

<div class="quote">I thought I found my heart today
I haven't heard it for so long.

^^^^^^Is that the swine flu of the over forty crowd? Because I have it too, and it seems to be contagious...well, I broke my heart today but not over romance, I had to put Sue down, she had lost all use of her back legs and bladder control, and she was in pain. She was a shelter dog so I'm not sure how old she was when I adopted her, but the vet said she was over ten years....I know I had her for eight and they said she was six when I adopted her...

60 to 70, I'm a gardener, for sure...however, the mowing of the three acres is beginning to be quite a chore...I had hoped one of the kids would want to settle here, but they're not country girls (I've always been a country girl). Anyhoo, the magnolias are in bloom beside the daffodils, and they look awesome together...the tiger lillies and day lillies have raised their heads, the astilbe and hosta are greening up, and the bleeding hearts and phlox are in bloom...

oh, and the peonies have shot up on one side, and poked their red heads out on the other...soon they'll be the focal point with the Irises...


home is in
your face

I served you supper
on the stump table
under the lilac bush
all those years

our child, Thumbelina
slumped bonelessly in place

we had plums
(Thumbelina didn't eat)

your side of the bed
lies smooth

and all these years,
I've been waiting

I want to come home

LS 4/10/09

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 5/1/2009 4:50:54 PM
the undertakers

Three vultures sit
in the road
facing my bay windows
I check my heart's beat
breathe a hitched sigh
sufficient to the day is the evil thereof
tomorrow I will dig a hole
yes, I'm still alive


deep hole

human indulgence
shadows me
bruise colored cloak

doesn't occur
to animals
weak are eaten
injured thump along
three legged
diseased live
each fresh day
they die

LS 3/30/07
 Autumn Fantasy
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 5/2/2009 9:31:55 PM
This happened today on an outing to a provincial park. I am such a suck when it comes to creepy crawly things!

Liquid gold
Filtering through glass
The seats of the car
Warm and inviting adventure
A journey devoid of thought
Or list of any assortment
First amazement, disbelief
Shock, retreat
Get it quick
Before I scream
Has it gone mad or have I?
No, it is clearly before my eye
A black jumping spider
Leaping about as an excited child
In between you and me
No form of restraint
No car seat or civil display of decorum
He is a quick little devil
Three tries and he was out.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 5/2/2009 9:36:12 PM
heh, jumping spiders are fun....not near your face, of course, but I like to poke at them to see how they will jump...

The kids are excited because they found three egg sacks, and I'm trying to keep an eye out for the garden spiders from last year's new kids...
 Autumn Fantasy
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 5/2/2009 9:59:03 PM
I have been on this planet how many years?
and not once have I encountered anything remotely close
to a black rounded little fellow with white spots
at first we thought cricket
but oh no it was too small for that
and it was in an all out attack
being closed in and cornered
he was in the tray between the front seats
of the car
so when I got home tonight I looked up spiders
and tried to find out what kind and if he bites
and it was a he from the distinct colouring
and yes if he feels threatened he will bite
I wasn't about to take any chances.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 5/3/2009 9:53:37 AM
Thanks Jules...she was very old, but the suddenness of her demise took me by surprise. Just this spring I had to put her back on the trolley because she was gone so much I was afraid she'd get hit by a she was getting around fine... Previous to that she had been staying with Truffle in her house.

So, I take it you don't live in this house, just grandma's house deteriorated very quickly. People shot out the windows and once the elements got in it didn't take long. I visited about ten years after when I moved back to Ohio and it was unsafe to use the stairs etc...and there were squatters there, mattresses on the floor and pentagrams and "We shall make sacrifice to the Beast" and "Long live Satan" on the walls....quite a shock....but I guess that allowed me to release my mind since it most certainly wasn't the place I knew in childhood! I called the sheriff.......

Autumn, from what I understand they will bite....I've never been bitten by one but I only tease them in spaces where we both can shouldn't even tease them but they're funny when they raise on their hind legs...
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