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one can see the numerous threads of reason
as mere metaphors

I was always floored by the thought that scientific theory was just some guy's idea at one time...and then we begin to construct around it...

60to70, that' s beautiful...I'd highlight the stuff I liked, but it's the whole thing. I've often thought how lucky I was to be female...I tried to write and thank you personally, because that's just about the best thing I've ever read. But the restrictions are preventing me. So, thanks.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 1/31/2010 7:03:31 PM
You are welcome, big time. I also appreciate and welcome many of your words. For sure. How do you relax restrictions?
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 1/31/2010 8:28:24 PM
If you click on mail/profile, on the second line beginning with inbox and my matches should be a link to mail settings. I changed mine to any gender or country, any age and the biggest mileage. My profile is hidden and I'm really just doing forums right now, so that's where most of my mail comes from.

The only real limits I have are other relationship and intimate encounter.

If you like you can make your first contact message be a certain length to discourage spammers and cut and pasters. You can also allow or disallow someone the ability to see that you viewed their profile. I like to cruise in stealth myself...don't forget to click update mail settings when you're done tweaking.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/2/2010 7:43:40 AM

When our brains at last
become iBrains
and we walk around with iSmiles
on our iFaces, thinking our own
iThoughts, reliving our

then the concepts of “I”
and “me” will be replaced
by iMe and iI!

Me and My Shadow
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/5/2010 1:08:45 PM

There’s a deep-felt community
of those who never meet
except by accident, across the counter
at a neighbourhood café
or in line at the supermarket.

They have no secret rituals
of recognition other than a smile
that lingers longer
than it might otherwise do, eyes
open in surprise, an eagerness
to hear each other’s opinion
on the weather, on the decline
of global civility, the prospects
for our survival.

They will meet again, they know, soon
or never.
Me and My Shadow
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/5/2010 8:06:24 PM

on the decline
of global civility, the prospects
for our survival.

err, prepare for a RANT....

As I'm in customer service, I see the decline in civility on a daily basis. Really people, is it so hard to actually get out of your pajamas, shower, and brush your hair and teeth before you come in? Some of you are obviously really ill, and I quite understand you simply don't have the energy. But many more able bodied smell. There's a certain terrible yeasty smell people get after a couple days of not bathing. Combine that with neglecting to brush your teeth and it's just awful. Certainly not civil.

Another on God's green earth can you NOT see the line or the several people you just cut off on your way to the counter? There are times I'm afraid I'll have to pull a client over the counter by the back of the shirt to avoid being hit by you in your speeding cart! Some of these people are taking medications for brittle bones. They would not survive an encounter with your cart!

And get off the dam*n phone! I'm not serving you hamburgers attention to what's being said...after all, it's YOUR health....

The prospects of our survival are not good, due precisely to the lack of civility...take it from me, sometimes we're a snarling, selfish bunch of tasmanian devils...

Thanks for the poetic gift, Jer... sorry about the rant...
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/5/2010 9:04:34 PM
Hi Brizo, this is a neat thread, but it's so long... LOL! I have a really short attention span, so it'll take me forever to read through it, but I expect to really dig in this weekend, since I'm pretty much snowed in where I work. That's the nice thing about working at a hotel... if it snows I can sleep over. Anyway, I dig your poetry, and am looking forward to reading more :) -Daniel
 Autumn Fantasy
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/5/2010 10:48:05 PM
ipoem revisited

Woodpeckers in baggy pants
Hummingbirds in Mexx
Bright minds that appear awake
In their universe

Fingers emo jiving to the pulse
Of an expanding world
On a microscopic keyboard

Change turn around
The circle is
A mechanical sidewalk
The pulse the beat
Inside us

Brave New World?
It could be still light years away
On a dying star
Another civilization
With a new karma

The blue phone in my hand
Signals once
And as I open it up
I am greeted with “I love you Mom”
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/6/2010 8:35:02 AM
I had NO problem with your "rant," Brizo. Excuse my immodestly if I mention my "90 second love affairs" when I respond to someone serving me with at very least civility and sometimes a polite question as to her first name or something to do with her interests and I get in return a more than dutiful smile as if in recognition of someone who sees her as............. a person!
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/6/2010 3:21:48 PM
Frybreadpower, thank you and welcome! I've gotten really boring lately, and don't leave a whole lot. My muse is starved or something. I tend to work better bouncing ideas off other people. Many of those people have left. If you go back in time you'll be more entertained, especially when a few of us go back and forth with the barbs and limericks...

Autumn! wow, it's been awhile...I'm glad you got your phone call. yeah, things are different technologically, but still what's important? Those we love...always will be....

Jer, I actually know many of my clients by name and they me. It's pretty nice but when one of them dies I get pretty upset...


as you discover your grace

there you were
without hair
I recognized
your smiling eyes
still, a shock
we 'd only discussed it
last week
chemo - round two
I want you to win
I'm rooting for you
don't get meek
worn out, weak
fight for your life

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/7/2010 11:16:01 AM
wthf, what?
Is all the same..
just a differnt dame
lol, lol
Some have
big mountains
som all
the same! :)

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/7/2010 7:21:57 PM

Some have
big mountains
som all
the same!

boobies?? If that's what you're talking about, I'm sort of hillocks...he*ll, can't even call mine foothills...
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/7/2010 8:31:55 PM
he called me...because
there was a light in my eyes
he fondled me, he took great care
to seduce me. but this light in my eyes
reflected more than his empty gestures...
on leaving, I waved to him. farewell my empty prince.

then to be be fair, she had lips that never quit
I liked every hair on her seductive head. I loved the way she..
stroked my fateless back, I could never understand
why I left. Well, ...I don't need a mother.

he called me...I answered.
Today, nights have seen many a full moon.
I will weep when you leave. I am your other.
You are more than any mother, you are my reason
for the wings adorning my shoulder. I grew.
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/7/2010 9:19:41 PM

I am your other.
You are more than any mother, you are my reason
for the wings adorning my shoulder. I grew.

*sigh* I had that once...though I think I grew scar tissue...then again, I learned how to really, really love without holding anything back. You'd think I'd already have known how to do that at 30, but I was a pretty self protective young woman by then...

again, beautiful writing. Thank you.

The aftermath

the first time.
your hesitant fingers

I flinched at your diminution
through love of me
you, whose boldness
I cherished

fear in my throat
was it safe to respond?
was it you?

I opened my eyes
and wept
for our lost glory
stolen by the encroacher

LS 02/08/10
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/8/2010 9:34:07 AM

boobies?? If that's what you're talking about, I'm sort of hillocks...he*ll, can't even call mine foothills...

Nah, stead of "foothills" call them "hand-holds" or whatever one calls those things that mountain climbers grasp on to on their way to the top!
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/9/2010 5:52:41 PM
well Jer, I'd just as soon as they stayed in the valley, hrrmm hrmmm...

Today, the last day of my vacation, it starts snowing like crazy...we're supposed to get up to nine inches...I still owe my neighbor for the last plow so since I had the day off I decided to see if I could shovel it myself. Two and a half hours later ( I have a long drive) I'm done, and the steps and the pathetic excuse for a sidewalk are shoveled too...the car is brushed off.

So I looked back at it and I thought, you know, if I can shovel that damn thing by myself at almost 50 years old, I don't need to be scared that I'm incompetent for any task. Or that I don't have the will power to finish what I start...or any of the other self defeating, demeaning things a person can tell themselves because they feel small and inadequate.

So as soon as I can afford paint, I'm painting my bathroom. And maybe even figure out how to load pictures into that nifty digital frame I got for Christmas. And other stuff I feel intimidated about...


Scratch that

Pull not the wool over mine eye!
I'm not willing to hear you prophesy
yeah, get thee behind me, satan
the downfall that you're baiting me for
I try to skirt with integrity
haven't I dropped my soul before
and fetched it with alacrity?
I've no idea what you're waiting for
with that scorching smell
coming out your door
and dangling your invitations
to dabble in temptations
but turn around from where you came
with your wheedling and your cast of thousands

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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/10/2010 8:03:43 AM
well, most of that drifted over hero, my neighbor has his big tractor out and is plowing right now...woohoo!!

This winter really sucks. The temps are in the teens and twenties, the wind is at 30mph, and it's dumping snow. Some say they hate January, but that isn't the worst month. I hate February, always have since I was young. It's just the suckiest month and you know spring is still two months away....*sigh*
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Brizo's poems
Posted: 2/10/2010 9:36:36 PM
One day in February
sun warmed the earth, melted snow.
left a space where you step on earth.
A different day in a short, extremely long month
a week of melting freed up some mud..
so I put both feet on succulent mud, squishing...
dancing up and down. Ground giving gave a taste of love.

It always ends.
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Posted: 2/11/2010 5:05:08 PM
wow, overnight visitors! Welcome and thanks to all for stopping in...

60to70, when I get the mower fixed I'll feel better about the coming squishy mud season. While I love it out in the country, it's a lot of work. Sometimes I dream about a short driveway and small yard. Then it turns to a nightmare when I realize someone lives right beside me... :) and they're looking in my windows...

jeryme, I've always felt like I'm a really plain writer. I wish I could be more lyrical, and nothing comes out but meat and potatoes...

dreamitliveitloveit, thanks for the write. Just in time for Valentines Day...
 Autumn Fantasy
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Posted: 2/11/2010 8:43:01 PM
The old mantel clock
Beating to the sounds of
My breath
It had stopped
And no one cared
So I moved him into the kitchen
To keep watch
His back open and vulnerable
The pendulum swinging now in harmony
A little oil and maybe
Those obscure sounds
In my milieu
I hibernate in that space
Black hole of the mind
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Posted: 2/12/2010 6:51:39 PM
thanks for the really good write....I enjoyed that. Sounds like astral projection...I like the end wraps and snippet rhymes....

Autumn, thanks for remembering me. I left you something from another site...

I got this in my email today:

Women are Angels
And when someone breaks our wings....
We simply continue to fly.........on a broomstick...

We are flexible like that ....

on a sadder note....

one of my favorite customers died this week. He was the first one whose name I memorized and was always unfailingly gracious and polite and smiling. He was easy to remember because he had such class.

He picked up scrips for a wife I'd never seen. I assumed she was bedridden or in a nursing home. I was worried about her without him, but they died within a week of each other, might even have been four or five days. What a blow for their children. On one hand I'm incredibly sad...on the other, it's very romantic in a Notebook sort of way...
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Posted: 2/12/2010 11:06:12 PM
The geriatric world is filled with all kinds of tragic romance, darlin.
I've just started getting a glimpse of their world the last couple of
years. Anybody who's been married for fifty years is co-dependent.
Or, it wouldn't have worked. yanno it?

sorry, was just out on a read..
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Posted: 2/13/2010 12:02:14 AM
There is nothing superficial
nothing funny, nothing sunny
nothing resembling trite
when sally died, joe cried.
You only could wish you had..
is a triumph, a salutation
to the years sally lived.
how does joe walk
the very next day?
he knew her too much,.
he has more than any touch she gave.
she is now half his blood.
hey joe, she is waiting.
sally and joe are beyond what is today.
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Posted: 2/13/2010 10:57:10 AM
well, since I'm almost 50 now I better get on it...if I live to 100 I might have 50...

there's a man who wrote a book on really good unions, David Snarch? something like that...

anyway, he called true mating "light socket sex". And even though I'm afraid of getting electrocuted, I'm ready to plug in...
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Posted: 2/13/2010 4:56:27 PM
I'm no expert on geriatics yet.. but, I don't think shock therapy is what you need.
I'll give it a try, though. (never can spell therapy right)

Brizo has a bowling type butt
she's not built to win the stanley cup
she's built to pick up the seven ten split
close your eyes and picture it

she's so cute the pinsetter falls over
into a bed of four leaf clovers
time to call up the boys from dover
yeah, whatever..

you know odes even have rules to go by, darlin?
Yeah.. I read up on odes. Go figure.
Turns out that I'm a whigger.
now, that explains the powder
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