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Globalization: Myth and RealityPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
The base concept of globablization isn't a bad thing. We cannot have countries that are locked up markets within themselves. The spreading of wealth to other nations , poorer ones, isn't a bad thing either. That allows the standard of living to grow, and things like education to occur.

Now, with all that said, the essential problem with the way we are doing things today is that corporations are abusing their situation. Employees are seen as simply a cost. It's impossible for someone living in North America to compete on an economic level with someone living in a country like China.

That means that there is a loss of the best paying jobs, simply because they are the ones where corporations can save the most money. The end result of that is that workers , and their salaries, are being withdrawn from the North American market.

This lowers the standard of living here, as the tax base and dollars spent decline.

Instead of raising the level of foreigners lives, we are also shooting ourselves in the foot. As that level drops, then people stop buying products in the same way they once had.

The end effect is that the economy starts a slow spiral downwards, as the economy in places like China superheats. That means, in North America, we no longer can make the choices we once did in things like education and social services.

Even today, with globalization (in the way it's done), pretty much no one (except the corporate owners) can be sure of their future. Even doctors are facing a problem, as there exists today a booming trade in foreign surgery - especially cosmetic/dental. Automakers are going to face a huge problem, once China starts to produce cars. Pehaps the first ones might be primitive, but they will no doubt improve.

Even the job I do could be done by someone on another continent, and I think a great many people are in that same boat. Even the value of an education is somewhat lessened, as even many graduates are no longer sure of having a secure job.

The social contract with employees has been broken, and few people will spend a long time with a company anymore. Employee loyalty suffers, as people realize that they have no security.
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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 3/10/2007 10:11:34 AM
Hence, looking at all aspects of globalization and not merely the economic/trade one,
what are its pros and cons and what is missing?

I'm confused - your points 1 - 4 were economic/trade issues
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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 3/16/2007 2:25:09 AM
This whole debate hinges on one you wish to have all your civil liberties left to a global power? The UN is the closest thing we have seen to a global government and they suck at best. What do you propose?
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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 3/22/2007 11:01:43 PM
first off, i think montreal guy hit most of the points bang on, when it comes to the economic effects of globalization. trade wars and labour aside....

i happen to think that globalization was a natural evolutionary course for civilization. we have been moving towards a smaller world for centuries - mostly with the advent of better technology that moves us closer together. we can now cross the globe in hours instead of days or weeks or even months. we know more about other cultures than ever before...and in so doing, raise more conflicts, in addition to building bridges, than ever before.

the rise of islam - if you can call it that - is falling in direct conflict with the primarily christian west b/c of globalization. actually, the west is being introduced to so many new religions that christianity is taking a back seat to new theologies like buddhism and new age philosophies. this seems to be creating a backlash by the right to maintain their sense of christianity as part and parcel of western democracy - particularly evident in the us political system. this is all resulting from globalization.

our international relations can no longer follow the old models - countries can no longer appropriate other nations in the way they once did. the rise of "nationalism" while not a globalization phenomenon, seems to be helped along by the mechanics of globalization. foreign policy methods have changed - the very fact that we have a un is just another effect of globalization, not the other way around.

the idea that us/western pop culture and media have taken over the world as a result of globalization may only be a superficial one. what the west represents to the poorer regions of the world is success and riches. if one could only emulate american pop celebrity in clothes, make-up or music to somehow align oneself to that kind of success, seems at the root of why there's such a spread of west into africa, the east, etc. in the advent of globalization, the west is also embracing, albeit slowly, eastern traditions and philosophies - think about the literature, authors and movie directors that originate from outside of the us who are now commercially successful in the west?

there are both positives and negatives to globalization - capitalism and greed will always show globalization to be a negative, while the humanity of globalization has many positives. the more we embrace the regional differences, the closer we move to a world society that does not see colour, race, religion, or sex. of course, in following any great evolutionary process, there is a great deal of conflict (pain) before we achieve a sense of balance (gain).
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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 3/23/2007 7:56:54 AM
MG - Post have nailed it once again!!!!

Short term gain...for a very few....long term pain...for the many!

The slowdown is happening faster than many think too!

I work in transportation, we see it all, long before it is...News. We are seeing it now.

The debt bomb beginning to go off as well. Too many, too far in debt, to maintain a lifestyle that they cannot afford. Just look at the growth in "payday advance" centers.

REAL jobs disappearing and being replaced by permanent part-time and temp agency. Earning power being depressed more every day.
If ya don't make it ya can't spend it.

Even the wealthy will be scraping the bottom before too much longer trying to get more from less.

Once more "over financed" homes start to come on the market, coupled with the boomers deciding to downsize, the economic blood will really begin to flow.

It just goes on and on...verrrry scary!
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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 3/23/2007 8:47:59 AM
Two words........ "Flint Michigan"

Seriously. Watch Micheal Moore's first documentary "roger and me". It will both educate you, and make you want to run straight out and get a rabbit for a pet... or food. (you have to see the movie, the rabbit lady was just messed!!!)

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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 3/23/2007 10:18:46 AM
***walks in ... pokes around a bit ... tiptoes quietly back out***
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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 4/4/2007 11:24:17 PM

there is nothing wrong with globalization

So, what do you think about the globalization of healthcare? Isn't it just a corporatization and eroding of any public system to the point of leaving it with no other option but to turn to the profit-makers to have any type of care?
We here in Canada had a public healthcare system that was working fine until the feds decided that they had to pay the federal deficit by bleeding the health budget to do so. I am not convinced that the feds were not under some type of pressure to divert these funds. The logical recipients of any benefit of this are the private healthcare corporations of the world. Also, private healthcare corporations are forcing countries in South America to succumb to their policies in order to have any care at all available. Is that where we in Canada are headed as well?

So, does the globalization of the world really benefit the people? Or does it only reap more profits for the haves, once again?
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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 4/5/2007 1:54:03 AM
I'll try to address the salient points.

Although a strong proponent of free trade and low trade barriers, I do not believe that we should tie ourselves down with so many international trade agreements, treaties, and trade organizations, e.g., NAFTA, GATT, WTO, North American Union, and so forth. I believe in decentralized government and national sovereignty. People should have the right to set the economic and social policies that they live under. Sometimes, we find solutions to economic and social issues by looking at how other countries address them--to see what works and what doesn't.

I do not like seeing the westernization of everything. When I travel to Costa Rica, I want to see Costa Rica as it is. I don't like traveling to the Philippines and seeing McDonald's and KFC everywhere. I don't like visiting Thailand and seeing American stores and products everywhere. I want to see Thailand as it was before it was ruined by tourism.

I believe that each country should seek to maintain its sovereignty and individuality.

Free trade good, globalism bad.

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Globalization: Myth and Reality
Posted: 4/10/2007 11:20:52 PM

does the globalization of the world really benefit the people? Or does it only reap more profits for the haves, once again

Same point that I brought up and I still haven't figured out what the responses meant. Were they Greek? LOL Joke!
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