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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?Page 3 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
On a more practical note what do you put on the door? His, hers, not sure, or maybe ????.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 3/28/2007 6:46:44 PM
On a side note, I see women leaving the lineups in the womens washrooms and walking into the stalls in the men's washrooms. I think that is total BS. How is that fair? If a man did the same thing women would be screaming about it. So if you ladies out there want to use the boys toilet, don't whine when they start going into our bathrooms if the men's is out of order, dirty beyond belief, or has lineups.
Double Standards like this are very problematic.

On topic: just pick a bathroom, male or female.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 3/28/2007 11:24:11 PM
AND saying the use of the word "empathy" alludes to an expansive vocabulary
speaks for itself.
Obviously if they do go ahead with having seperate washrooms it will happen
only in certain places like airports and larger public places. Personally I don't think
it will happen. Instead they will just set a precedent legally to address any issues that
may come up.
Reading these posts has been very educational in what is wrong with our society
in general. It's not just opinions on gender and tax payer money but a simple lack of love
for our fellow man that shows itself blatantly. If you were born with a utterus AND
testicals we'd see a HUGE difference in these replies.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 3/31/2007 9:13:49 AM
This is all down to what we are taught at school, the need for seperate loos / toilets / washrooms. Back home when your transgender cousin comes round they have to use the same" John / wc / bog" as you as it`s the only one in the house /apartment / flat etc.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 4/1/2007 6:42:53 AM

I would prefer you put the seat UP and even forget to put it down, to having someone pee on the seat!!!!!!

How the heck can a guy pee on the seat? Don't you look where you spray? Now for girls, it's different. We aren't facing the damn thing when we use it, so there's the risk of falling in!

But to the topic at hand, why not use whichever bathroom you CURRENTLY belong in? (Ie: whichever gender you have chosen). I don't have an issue with a guy in the next stall. It's not like they're going to be making any physical contact with me! Screw making yet another bathroom.....people change their gender's to feel more comfortable (mentally), so why not use ALL the facilities that the other gender uses? That's how we come about acceptance, by not making waves.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 5/2/2007 9:12:56 PM

I don't think the separation is for the comfort of the transgendered, but rather for the discomfort of heterosexuals who don't want to share their public bathroom space.

You are exactly right. The idea of transgender bathrooms isn't because transgendered people can't 'figure out' what bathroom to use. It is because of the 'normal' people that get upset seeing a transgender person in 'their' bathroom.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 5/3/2007 6:36:44 AM
I still like the idea of the virgin/non-virgin bathrooms.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 5/4/2007 7:48:49 AM
In California, they not needed. If your feeling fem one day, you use the ladies room. If the next, your feeling masculine, you use the dudes room. It's the law here, and I'm not making that one up.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 5/4/2007 8:11:30 AM
There are men's,....women's,.... men's w/change area's,....(women'susually do anyway)
there are family bathrooms,....handicapped,...both men's and wome's,...

isn't that enough?

The only comunial area's are the urinals in men's every other style have cubicals,..

who cares behid your cubical door what you have to pull up or down, get the job done?,...

doesn't it seem that sometimes we are looking for problems where none exist????,....
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 5/19/2007 8:37:22 AM
Of all the posts I've read so far this one makes the most sense . Thank you Ooli for maybe giving more clarity to this entire issue.
" I don't think the separation is for the comfort of the transgendered, but rather for the discomfort of heterosexuals who don't want to share their public bathroom space. It has a lot to do with misinformation and bigotry, as far as I'm concerned. Education might go a long way to promoting tolerance and understanding.

There was a big hoopla around a transgendered member of the Italian parliament who fought this kind of discrimination last year and won. Some of the women who shared the public bathroom with her didn't accept her as a woman and felt that a man was encroaching on their space. This brought up the whole debate about what makes a woman a woman and a man a man. If you have to have full breasts and a uterus to use a woman's washroom, then that is going to disqualify a lot of women who have had these items removed during surgery. lol I just find the whole issue silly.

If a transgendered person transitions (ie, lives life as the new gender...surgical status is irrelevant), they are entitled to be who they are without being "carded" for their birth certificate to prove legitimacy. I, myself, have never been asked to prove my gender for access to a public washroom before. I believe the transgendered deserve the same right to dignity that I have on this issue. They are not pretending to be another sex. They simply are that sex, regardless of whether nature gifted them with the right sexual organs. Gender is determined by so many more factors than your genitals."

I wonder when people will listen to themselves or read what they've written before hitting the 'post message' button. Some of the answers and/or comments posted here are quite silly and immature. Comments like "what about people who are short or drive expensive cars etc...." give me a break. The issue here has to do with the comfort levels of all parties directly involved at the time of occurance. I personally have had to deal with this issue.
I used to frequent the only gay bar in my city. I would go ther every now and then to hang out with a few friends, have a couple of drinks, dance to a few songs and if necessary , go to the washroom to do my business whether it be for a quick pee or other bodily function, maybe check my lipstick or other makeup in the mirror, wash my hands, (BTW, have you ever seen how many people don't wash their hands after using the public washroom? like eeew) and return to my table. I was dressed up in one of my favourite outfits, had my hair all coiffed, my nails painted. .. You get the picture. In my mind and in my eyes I am a total woman. The male part of me is buried not just under my clothes but in my psyche. The fact that I was born with plumbing different than what I prefer is unfortunate to say the least. I was at the bar one night after they had relocated and athe athmosphere had changed. I needed to use the washroom and no sooner had I walked in and I was told by the bouncer to leave. He even addressed me as "sir" how rude. I may not always be passable but I am presenting myself for all at the bar to see as a woman, nothing more, nothing less. Ther are very masculine looking women who dress as men and have the option of using either without hassle or incident. Hell some of them look more masculine than some body builders or men that work in the constructon or other once male dominated type of job. How is it that a place that is designed to accommodate people with alternative lifestyles be so intolerant of trans-type of people whatever they may choose to call themselves? I do NOT need to be remided by telling me to use the men's washroom that I am not that which I most desire to be. Surgery or other methoods are not always an option for a lot of people. The people who have cynical or immature views can't possibly understand the plight that we trans-type people go through. How is it that a woman can go into a store, go to the men's or boys' department, pick out a few articles of clothing including socks and underwear, proceed to the cash, pay for her purchases and leave without so much as a funny look or giggle? Yet if a man should do the same, especially when it comes to underwear they get strange looks.

The issue here is TOLERANCE. When people go to the washroom it is to do their business, hopefully wash their hands and get out. They are not there to get their jollies or to be pervs. I hink I'd be more concerned with the communal washrooms anyway. Since anyone can use them how secure can people be not knowing whether or not the next person entering isn't some kind of pedophile?

What of those people who look more androgynous. They featured something like this on the Rikki Lake show. If a person needs to use the public restroom why should anyone have to prove their gender identity to anyone especially if they are dressed in clothing that clearly identifies them as a man or a woman. Never mind if their facial features are a bit more obscure or unclear?

Everyone in life deserves to have happiness and contentment in their lives . So long as a person's lifestyle does not involves children or cause anyone to do things against their will or are a crime against humanity or cause an extreme danger to their health or well being. If a person is most happy dressing in the gender and portraying themsel as such opposite to the gender thanthey were born with, who has has the right to say to them "no you may not use this washroom because you don't look like what you say you are"
when all they want to do is relieve themselves.

Furthermore, how would the men out there feel, if for all sakes and purposes, a woman were to walk into the men's washroom while you wer standing at the urinal? The first thing you'd say is "this is the men's washroom"

Supposing the 'woman' walked in and you'd know right away that 'she' was a 'he'? Not everyone would react with indifference. Some might get quite upset and make derogatory comments whilst others might get violent. How many trans-type people out there have been beaten to death because of a society that still has to wakw up and just accept each other's lifestyle?

To have a separate washroom could alleviate a lot of trouble this way.

It is unfortunte that not all places can have just 2 unisex single tiolet facilities. I'm sure that theer are building codes and bylawys in place that state that large enough facilities must exist to accomodate x- number of people. And as for MY tax dollars. Yes believe it or not, Trans-type of people also pay taxes> I'd rather have MY Money go to a system that is beneficial to the good of the people rather than those government bigwigs taht feel they deserve a 20% raise in their annual salary because they "worked hard" for it.

Thank you

P.S, I think when KISSCGIRL told people to look up the word "empathy" I'm sure part of her was being properly sarcastic as well as encouraging people to be a little less ignorant and maybe even be a bit mre tolerant. Not everyone knopws the meanings to words especially 'empathy" and for the greater part "ignorant".
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 5/19/2007 8:51:24 AM
" I don't think the separation is for the comfort of the transgendered, but rather for the discomfort of heterosexuals who don't want to share their public bathroom space.

am I the only one to see the obvious,.....share their public bathroom space.

particular the,..... PUBLIC SPACE,...bit?,....
it's not like you have to share your cubicle,...

some places only have one and everyone has to take turns,....
this is a problem,....why agin?????

I could care less what sexual predisposition the person ahead of me has,....
my only issue is he/she/ or they, move it so I can go,....

why do some of you care again? I just don't get it,....

gee people if your that fussy,....cross your legs 'till you get home,....
Joined: 5/27/2007
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/5/2007 12:16:30 AM
You don't care? I don't care what you think either. So i gues you can go eat it. Transsexuals people who live their life according to their desired gender and is on hormones replacement therapy can go to the washroom that matches their desired gender? You don't like it? Too bad.
Joined: 5/27/2007
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/5/2007 12:28:01 AM
And the answer to this topic is NO, we wouldn't need transgender washroom if we don't have so many bigots who like to hate and laugh at the expense of other's misery and struggles.
Joined: 2/17/2007
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/5/2007 3:09:16 PM
Wow... just when I think I've heard the dumbest thing ever.. someone comes up and amazes me with something even dumber.

this falls under the "don't ask don't tell" mentality. let's say a woman is dressed as a man. she goes into the men's room and uses a stall. no harm done. a man dressed as a woman goes to the ladies room. do your business and get out. what the hell is so hard to understand about this?


The answer to the OP's original question.
NO, they don't need their own washrooms.
Matter of fact that could be considered DISCRIMINATORY couldn't it?
No different than if you made washrooms for different ethnic groups, or washrooms for gays/lesbians, etc.

Unisex washrooms I'm not too sure if I care for. Only for the fact that I've actually heard/read horror stories of how much more filthy many women (and their washrooms) are more then men and their washrooms.

Plus men are usually quicker when using the washroom, especially when it's just for urination. Unisex washrooms would just hold things up, especially if it was just made for 1 person at a time.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/5/2007 9:23:31 PM
Make a decision?

are you STUPID?

Transgender people have no confusion about which washroom they should use, thanks for showing your ignorance once again.

Building a transgender washroom is for PEOPLE LIKE YOU who are too ignorant and hateful and we don't want to have people like YOU to HURT or ATTACK or INSULT transgender people when they are using the washroom.

So don't ask transgender why they need a washroom for themselves, ASK yourself and OTHERS bigots why they want to seperate transgender people from others.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/5/2007 9:30:35 PM
And please learn to READ next time, many trans people have already stated that they are not confused about what gender they are, maybe you are confused about this whole subject and should think before you post instead of coming off as a complete moron.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/5/2007 11:10:55 PM
I used to use the single unit bathroom for the disabled people, but many places only have male and female washroom.

Now that I am 23 and have been on hormone for several years, I have always used the female washroom and if you don’t like it, you can report me to the police, but I have a medical record proving that I am taking a medical transition and I have the legal right to use the female bathroom. I never get “read” as a male , but anyways, I wouldn’t care, I would love to see the bigots get told in their faces that I can use the female washroom and that they can’t do crap about it.

If people think I will go to male washroom , they are out of their freaking mind.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/5/2007 11:58:04 PM
man, the cost for a business to add a 3rd bathroom? especially a small business, like a gas station? Some of those barely have room for the 2 bathrooms they have. To add one space that will only get used a couple times a month....then see the cost of it being passed on to us through the products they thanks.

And i disagree with the line urinals are obsolete, lol. I got a chuckle from that one. urinals are the ONLY reason the men's lines are so short. And that fact has probably helped countless brave women over the years, as they ran into the empty stall, glared at by all the women in the long women's line.

I used to sneak my gf into the men's room at big events like football games and county fairs, where the women's line was unbelievable, I'm saying like 50 women in line. The guys would stroll right by the women, whistling Dixie, walk in to the men's room and walk out before the women's line had advance even one person. Man we got the evil eye. Well I sure wasn't going to stand for an hour while my gf suffered. So i escorted her in to the men's. No one would even look at her, since i was there. You should have heard the grumbling from the women when we came out. Oh well, THEIR problem. My gf was happy lol.

I notice the younger gals, in their 20s, have no problem using men's rooms at the dance clubs. The guys room at one club has 3 urinals, and a large handicap accessible stall. Almost everytime I go in there, I hear girl's voices in the stall. Two girls go in at once usually, sometimes one. I've even waved girls in that looked like they were in dire need...held the door open and said 'stalls open if you want to use it' 'THANK YOU!!' is the reply I get. The only people who object are the bouncers, if they happen to catch it, strictly for legal reasons. But if no bouncer, you will often see girls in the men's line up, the guys will willingly bypass the stall so the ladies can have it. And for all the years I've been going I have never seen a guy act perverted, or try to sneak a peak. It's probably because the doors to the mens and womens actually face each other. The womens door is propped open by the line up, and there is usually a small lineup at the mens, enough to prop their door open too. So, none of the guys is going to act like a creep, in front of 20 girls in the hallway....girls that they will be trying to dance with a little later. Keeps em honest so to speak.

Last time, two girls were at the mirror checking their makeup after they used the stall! That's getting REALLY comfortable.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/6/2007 4:40:56 AM
Any woman, or anyone who looks like a woman, who want's to use the Men's room while I'm there, is welcome to as far as I'm concerned.
For practical purposes, I'd say you should use the bathroom of the gender you're trying to be.
But, you can always use the Men's room when in doubt.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 6/6/2007 9:17:25 AM
From my own experience, some women do socialise in the public washroom, but not the men's.

And it is true , many transsexuals wouldn't even use the transgender washrooms because they might as well wear a sign that read “I am a transsexual.”

I know some transsexuals who can pass as females and it’s not just about “dressing up in woman’s clothes”, it’s about having a female face and body after being on estrogen for several years and some trans women who still looks like a a badly dressed drag queen and they face more danger when they enter the *wrong* washroom.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 1/12/2010 12:12:08 PM

"""The problem comes in when a woman in that
washroom "might" notice that the other "woman" is really a guy. THAT is where the
problem comes in. ""

That's one of the problems. Another is that a man dressed as a woman enters & uses the men's room because, as spiderham said in post # 8 :

I have trouble understanding why this is an issue... Your either Male or Female. I could care less what you think you might be.. It doesn't change what you are at that exact moment. When you decide to make the cross to the opposite gender, then your more then welcome to use the other washroom.

is confronted by a narrow minded a**hole ( or a narrowminded a**hole & his good buddies) and is beaten up because they're dressed as a woman. And as occasioianlly happens, the police figure the victim was to blame for putting themself in that situation
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 1/12/2010 12:18:38 PM

Are you serious? There is nothing wrong with male "ca ca" (as you put it). But my body is my body and I prefer to keep it private and not available to every Tom,**** and Harry. I would feel very uncomfortable having to literally share the same washroom as a man at the same time!

I'm curious, how often do you strip down & parade around the public washroom naked?

I assume you close the door of the stall when you use it, then leave the stall to wash your hands before exiting. Unless you do strip down while in there, any Tom,**** and Harry would see only what, you washing & drying your hands? Or maybe touching up your makeup?
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 1/13/2010 8:26:32 PM
This is all too funny. I can't tell you how many times I have simply gone into the men's room and used a stall ... rather than stand in line for a half hour for a stall in the lady's room.

I could care less who is using the stall next to me and could care less what they are doing in it.

I could care less if they know I am urinating or having a BM. I'm just there to relieve myself and get the hell back out of there ... no matter which restroom I'm in.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 1/15/2010 8:46:59 AM
Yeah, this is a strange thread. No one would know the difference between a transgendered person peeing sitting down from a woman sitting down unless they are looking. It will sound exactly the same. pee hitting the water.

I think gendered bathrooms are beyond puritanical as is. To make a separate bathroom for transgendered folk is beyond stupid. It makes it like they have some sort of disease and they cannot be in the restroom with other men and women. Which I would find more offensive by far.

I think some people in this thread have more issues about sexual orientation than most of the transgendered folk I have met. I have never heard a single one complain ever about which restroom they use when they have to go. They just go.

Yes it is true some people come mentally orientated as the opposite sex. It is also true that some people imitate it for attention as well and that still others only do it to shock others. In the end it does not really bother me what a person chooses or was born with when it comes to orientation.

To waste money and make bathrooms only suited for transgendered folk??

Well it would make sense for a lot of places to make a unisex bathroom for overflow. Especially a club that serves alcohol but, to waste money on a transgendered bathroom unless the population is high (gay bar, or area that has a lot of transgendered etc) is idiotic.

I bet if you asked most transgendered people what was highest on their list of things to change about society it would have nothing to do with bathrooms.

It would have more to do with all the people, tryin to kill them, beat them etc. simply because they are "different", or people's ignorance in the way they treat them.

In short no transgendered restrooms are not needed. In fact this is more like a troll post that, feeds to the conservative nonsense mentality that somehow there is a conspiracy of "all minority groups are trying to get special attention."

What these people whom think this way, do not understand is these groups are not asking for special treatment at all. They wish to be treated EQUALLY that is all.

It is not equal to give special privileges to men and women whom choose to make a commitment and not offer that same privilege to 2 men or 2 women whom choose to commit their lives together.

These are the things minorities are demanding from the public. This whole thread just plays into the hands of the other side whom wish to keep the status quo.

Same as it ever was.
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Transgender washrooms?? Are they needed?
Posted: 12/3/2010 11:09:40 PM

The issue, as I understand it, has to do with the way transgendered individuals are treated... it has been dangerous, particularly for these individuals, particularly in men's rooms.

It's great to see that no one in here supports the need for a separate rest room... because that could only mean that no one here would ever hassle anyone else in this situation... right?

I don't support transgendered restrooms per se, but I think something needs to be done. I don't "pass" as a woman. Not even close. I can't start hormones yet and as close as I shave I still can't eliminate stubble. I go out in jeans and a shirt and I look like a man wearing makeup with painted nails. I go out in a dress and I look like a man in a dress, and no amount of makeup and padding will keep me from getting spotted.

When I'm out and about my options are limited. Unisex restrooms are rare here, single occupancy restrooms are even more rare, I could be arrested for going into the ladies room (other than one particular store, but it's owned and run by a trans-man), and I could be beaten for going into a men's room.

We are an incredibly small minority so fiscally having a dedicated restroom wouldn't make sense. While I support single occupancy unisex restrooms, multiple occupancy unisex is dangerous, as is letting the way a person's dressed determine which restroom they can use. When I get to use the ladies room I do it for the same reason my nieces or sister-in-laws do. If we let it boil down to the way people are dressed a predator could throw on a skirt and put on some makeup and take advantage.

So while transgendered restrooms aren't practical, there needs to be something done for those who can't safely use one room, legally use another room, and don't want to inconvenience those who need the "family restrooms" or handicap accessible restrooms.
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