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Skeptic, as I am not a Catholic, I cannot defend what goes on in the Catholic Church. I have no firsthand experience as I have never been a Catholic. I have different objections to Roman Catholic doctrine.

As far as homosexuals and lesbians go, if Christians are mistreating them, then the Christians are wrong. I have to go along with what is written in the Bible in regards to the practice of homosexuality but it is not a greater sin than any other. I admit I have heard Ministers speak out against gays yet says nothing to the gluttons who sit on the pews. A man I consider a mentor through his writings, Dr. Francis Schaeffer, not only welcomed gays to their Christian community in Switzerland, but welcomed them as brothers and sisters. Again this is not newsworthy as it has no conflict.

I have said many times on this forum that I too am a sceptic. I somtimes have bigger complaints against the Church than those outside of it. I too am concerned how closely the Church and the Conservative party are becoming. The commission that was given to the Church was to preach the good news not to go around pointing fingers and converting people to Conservative Politics. On the other hand, Christians have as much right to vote their conscience as anyone else. I personally think Jesus would not think very much of Republican economic ideas.

Criticism of the Church is probably deserved as it has strayed much from it's original intent. I can tell you that there are Christians out there who care very much about the sick, the hungry, the poor and the lonely. There should be a whole lot more of them than there is.

I am sorry if I offended you earlier, I was just reacting to what I considered strong statements on your part. I disagree with many of them, but understand many of them as well.

Peace to you also.
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