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Maps are your friend.

I went to a couple of events alone at the beginning. My plan was to introduce myself to as many people as I possibly could and see what happened. It was kinda hard but pretty cool too.
Just do it!

Thanks for the "couples are welcome" type comments, it is appreciated. I have never been made to feel unwelcome, so I misrepresented myself in that way. It wasnt the right terminology.

It's just different. When you are single people do treat you a bit differently AND you act differently too, it's just the way it is.

I know PS, an idea... COF, couples of fish(cough cough)
Whaddya think?
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POF Events
Posted: 4/6/2007 9:17:53 PM
I think it's cute Soulfishy! :) I like the idea of a couples-club, but I don't know if it would stop me from going to a singles event at POF... I mean, just cuz it's a singles event, isn't it more of a social event? And it's not like the singles are in danger of being outnumbered by couples... I dunno... I'm just throwing the net out and see what comes back... dialogue is good lol
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POF Events
Posted: 4/6/2007 9:36:24 PM
P.O.F should be about Folks hanging-out,having fun irregardless. The long-term goal should be more couples than singles. Maybe make the singles feel out of place. Social event...what's that? Always be more single folks anyway. Maybe just more that are better Friends though. Fish with nets and you snag more fish to throw back. dialoque is what really makes us think.
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POF Events
Posted: 4/6/2007 9:40:54 PM
Single or not,

Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Friends = Plenty of Fun!!!
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POF Events
Posted: 4/6/2007 10:22:49 PM
Well just my 2 cents worth...but to me the events have definelty been a way to meet new friends. I always go with the intention of seeing my old friends and making new ones. Generally the events do not have an air of being a meat market...rather a social get together where everyone is friendly, like family...and when you haven't seen someone for a while you ask them....where have you been ...we've missed you etc! Another pofer recently said to me.. "Isn't this great! Where else could you meet so many different types of people and have them all get a long?" So true my true!
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POF Events
Posted: 4/7/2007 9:01:09 AM
well I have to be honest here... I have tons of friends and they are all couples I joined POF to meet singles, when I go to an event now, I have to wonder, are they a couple?? so if I see a man I may be interested in I don't know if he is single and really that isn't why I am on a singles dating site. I am not saying this to be mean, but I am not looking forward to the day it is "more couples than single" if I have not met someone and become a couple that would totally suck!
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POF Events
Posted: 4/7/2007 11:40:21 AM
Doesn't that really suck? You join POF to meet single potential Friends to hang-out and have fun with. In the process,it's only natural for some folks to click and hook-up and so it goes. The men tend to look-out for the Ladies on here,so ne very,very careful about showing interest beyond hanging-out period. Couples no, better Friends,yes. Everyone should meet someone,if they so chose.
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POF Events
Posted: 4/7/2007 12:41:12 PM
When you consider that over 40 % of ladies over 25 are single and for the men it is about the same and the numbers are climbing, the day when "there are more couples than single" will not arrive!
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POF Events
Posted: 4/7/2007 3:23:02 PM
but I am not looking forward to the day it is "more couples than single" if I have not met someone and become a couple that would totally suck!

I meant at a singles event *grin*
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POF Events
Posted: 4/9/2007 12:35:35 AM

why do u want to hang with a group of single people if u r already involved in a relationship?

Apologies but this sounds discriminatory.... to segregate the singles from the couples altho they may be friends?

To answer the above quote: why? simply to meet new ppl... new friendships. Period.

I have never been treated badly whether I attended a function as a couple or with my girlfriends. Functions are again simply to meet new ppl in a fun relaxed setting... all are welcomed: both sexes, all varying ages, straight, bi, gay, singles AND couples...

I do hesitate to attend functions more so in the last year because, as its been already stated I "...don't appreciate some adults trying to relive their teen years..." whether that be thru alcohol, antics or hook ups.
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POF Events
Posted: 4/9/2007 1:43:54 PM
To teach them what it takes to deserve to click with someone. You got that right. Never be treated badly,just not understood. They should be fun and relaxed and for the purpose of just "meeting". Everybody is welcome but not comfortable. Then thier be those who need to really grow-up. Ahhh...the wonders of Alcohol and yuppers,people will be people and hook-ups can really suck.
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POF Events
Posted: 4/18/2007 10:48:18 AM
I'm interested to know if anyone feels that the events last weekend were any better since our lengthy discussions in this thread and the other thread where the issue of feeling welcome was discussed...
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POF Events
Posted: 4/18/2007 11:09:47 AM
^^^yes ^^^ when I was @ the one in N. Van not sure about urs OP as i wasn't there.
It's really important for the hosts and seasoned fish to make other feel comfortable.
Yes this requires alot of hard work and energy as well as banding together to fight off the negative energy some pple have experienced.
It's really hard for the seasoned one s to get around to everyone as we have many friends that haven't seen in a while whom for some reason stayed away from the pond.
I know that I got caught up with my old croonies.
They liked the idea of some of the name tags i had on me and wanted more.
I was shocked by all of this.
Glow bracelets r good but sometimes some pple genuienely want to know ur name or not.
BTW i like lemons and tartar sauce with some vinegar on my halibut :D
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POF Events
Posted: 4/18/2007 11:57:26 AM
Our karaoke event was successful and everyone said they had a great time! I think a great recipe for a successful event includes some key ingredients:

- When it's a smaller group of about 20 or 30, it is easy to mingle and meet everyone without needing ID.
- There were a handful of seasoned fishies that were able to introduce newbies around and everyone felt comfortable with each other.
- EVERYONE was willing to take a risk and be sociable - even if they didn't know anyone.

I think the smaller events work well for newbies as it's not quite so intimidating, and the host can easily greet each and every one of the fishies personally :) Once you've been swimming a while, you can head to the deep end of the pool where it might be more crowded but just as much fun!!! :)

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POF Events
Posted: 5/19/2012 6:14:16 PM
very true, its hard middle age dating, for me its finding someone with things in common, finding a man does doesnt raise the roof while sleeping with snoring, finding a guy that isnt totally a sports freak, or will at least watch some programming with u. we get set in out ways I say we just date and live in our own homes! :)
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POF Events
Posted: 5/19/2012 7:37:15 PM
I must say that I find things very different in here lately. Ten years ago, this was an amazing place to find women who wanted to go out. I could stop into an internet cafe downtown and meet someone for a drink that same evening. People came here because they wanted to date people. Now it seems more like folks expect to pick George Clooney out of a catalogue and have him show up at their door. Of course George would never make it past their filters, you know, too old, too short, smokes too much, drinks too much, etc.

With regard to the city of Vancouver in particular, why are the only events over in North Van? Perhaps there is only one, hard-working and dedicated person willing to host events? I doubt that is the case given how the OP and others have ideas. Wouldn't it make good sense to pick a venue right in the heart of the city, where every single one of us already knows how to get to? One that doesn't require ferry rides.

I happen to know of a perfect venue in East Vancouver at a private member's club where I was once a board member. I'm sure I could get us a deal there. Jean Chretien couldn't rent the hall for love or money but that's another story. I'll bet more than a few of you have already been to the W.I.S.E. Hall.

This is only one example. I guess I better send an email to our official event coordinator.
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POF Events
Posted: 5/19/2012 10:24:41 PM
I went to several events the first time I was on here. I found that they very quickly became "cliquey "that newer people were ignored. I stopped going.
 n-r-gizer bunny
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POF Events
Posted: 5/23/2012 5:27:29 PM
There used to be a variety of hosts/hostesses several years ago. Some activities were tailgate party/BBQ before a Canadians game, dinner at the Slocan Restaurant and a Giants game, salsa dancing at the Waldorf, dinner at the On-Lok Chinese Restaurant on Hastings - all accessible. Outdoor activities were also hosted - weekly climbs up the Grouse Grind, hiking the BCMC, hike to Stawamus Chief, walk in Central Park in Burnaby, visit to a Corn Maze, Monthly brunches at Fresgo's.

Remember anyone can volunteer to be a host but it requires meeting and greeting those that choose to attend the event and as a newbie to POF events introducing yourself to the host/hostess so they can make sure you are sitting in the same area as other attendees.

I stopped hosting because of the mail I would get - it ranged from outright nasty to threatening to report me because they didn't want to be notified via mass email. Change you email settings. I would also get people that would stalk me or not leave me alone. It wasn't a personal invite but many considered it such.

Instead of complaining, why not try hosting an event of your own if you think you have a great idea. People will come if it is posted.
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POF Events
Posted: 6/17/2013 7:03:37 PM
Could anyone tell me or direct me to information on how to set up a POF event? I asked a few ladies if there was a hike for a POF event, if they would be interested, and most said yes they would.

Thanks in advance!
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POF Events
Posted: 6/18/2013 5:42:05 AM
Could anyone tell me or direct me to information on how to set up a POF event?

Just above us^^^^^^, in red print, "BC single events" thingy. Go there, I think the "instructions" are in there somewhere.
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POF Events
Posted: 6/19/2013 8:28:06 AM
in red print, "BC single events"

Click on that and on the events page at the top left corner click on 'Create an event'...and... voila!
Be sure to include the date, time and location.
We used to have members who frequently hosted outdoorsy events with much success as well as meet-ups in restaurants instead of pubs/clubs. A great alternative to the party environment.
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