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Joined: 7/22/2006
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do you remember? ......childhood memoriesPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
okay since no one is posting in here then i'll start off......

i remember from what i was a little tot mom and pop were looking all over the house for me after mom put me up in my crib. i remember climbing out of it and crawling underneath a tall dresser. mom came upstairs to check in on me and i wasn't in my crib. she and pop were scavaging all over the house looking for me then pop found me curled up under the dresser .

i remember in kindergarten playing tag and falling over a bench, that's how i got the scar under my nose. i had a bloody nose . mom had to walk across the street to get me from school and take me to the hospital in pops caddy. i also remember in kindergarten being the star of the show. i played the lead role of "little red riding hood". i remember picking flowers for grandma and instead of me stooping down facing the audience i bent over with my butt to the audience . i remember giving everyone a laugh while they all seen my little white panties with red polkadots that went with my sizzler outfit.

to be continued...

now, you're
Joined: 7/22/2006
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 4/21/2007 8:23:36 AM

i remember in kindergarten playing post office....that's when i kissed my kindergarten sweetheart for the first time or shall i say he kissed me. his name was christopher fassel...i remember he had dirty blonde waivy hair and brown eyes. i thought that one day he will ask me to marry him. he was always a good daddy when it came to playing house. he used to handle the baby dolls just like they were real babies because i showed him how to handle them.

then there was 3rd grade...this one boy jimmy used to talk in the classroom all of the time. he would not shut up. he kept banging on his desk and pulling my hair (i sat in front of him). the teacher kept telling him to keep his hands to himself and be quiet. well she thought enough was enough. since she had talked to the boys parents she had their permission to wrap tape around his mouth and make him move to another seat away from everyone. she did just that, she took out a roll of maskin tape and wrapped it around jimmy's head and over his mouth to keep him quiet and moved his desk over to the corner.

i remember i was 10 yrs old being up my grandma's house with my family and playing with a golf club and ball over by the firehouse. i told my big brother....butch, mommy said it's time to go in so we can eat. with my big brother fighting with me he pushed me just as my baby brother swung the golf club. my baby brother (5 yrs old) yelled fourrrrr! and whack! he clobbered me in the head and put me in the hospital for 2 weeks with a concusion. that's okay cuz i made a lot of friends in there. there was this little black boy that had no family to visit him. his grandma took him to the hospital and left him there. he was wearing one of the hospital dresses that tied in the back with no underwear on. he went out of his room a few times and i was able to see his little black hiney. i used to go in his room and color with him. i was the only friend he had. the nurses used to tell me to leave him alone and stay out of his room and i told them when i stomped my foot! i want to go in and color with him. my mom was there and seen the whole thing and didn't say a word. she did tell the nurses that just because i was a patient that didn't mean that i had to stay in my room. i told my mom....mommy, there is a boy here that has no underwear can you buy him some and she did. i also met a girl that was in a car wreck, well she was hit by the car and had 2 broken legs. she looked funny at the time with how they had her legs and she wasn't able to walk around so i would go talk to her. i used to sit in the room with her, read story books, play dolls, and listen to her radio....she also wasn't able to talk right away then a few days later she started talking...then that's all she would do. i remember my mom giving my big brother a $10.00 bill so he can buy snacks for him and my 2 younger brothers and lost it. they were playing over the vent and watching it fly up and catching it. well it flew up too high and they couldn't catch it and it landed on the roof right by my bathroom window in my bedroom.

to be continued...................
Joined: 8/20/2006
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 4/21/2007 5:22:22 PM
Saturday morning cartoons: Deputy Dawg, Huckleberry Hound, Sky King.
Playing outside and only going home to get a jar because it was dark and the lightning bugs were coming out. My dad saving a little coffee in his thermos every day for me. Going roller skating Friday nights (Rainbow Gardens) and the dances on Saturday.
Going to Blue Dell swimming in the summer during the day and Maple Drive In at night.
Joined: 7/22/2006
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 4/26/2007 11:39:45 PM

my summertime memories when i was little was as a baby learning how to swim the hard way. pop threw my older brother in the pool, he sank, then my middle brother...he swam, then came me...there was just no getting me out of the pool. us kids learned how to swim the hard way all was called sink or swim. my swimming paid off since i used to go to the franklin playground in philly diving into the rec pool and picking up money that fell out of the pockets of the late nite swimmers. by the age of 14 i was a jr. lifeguard as well as the age of 15. i remember teaching swimming lessons. okay everyone...stand in the pool with your arms extended reaching to the sides, now take a breath...hold it in and put your face into the water and blow bubbles through your nose. now turn your head to the right, take a breath and blow more bubbles. great! i used to tell them. after that i had them extending their bodies out with holding onto the sides of the pool and kicking. once they got all of that down i would have them stand in the pool, put their face into the water blowing bubbles through their nose and act like they were swimming with bringing their arms around...with every 2nd pass with their right arm being in the air before going back into the water i would have them turn their face to the right, take a breath then put their face back into the water. since i was only a jr lifeguard and the smallest of everyone i wasn't able to take the people out to have them swim across the pool. i even tried to teach mom how to swim.

i also remember that from the age of 10, for 3 years i also used to sell fresh pretzels. i remember paying 5 cents for each pretzel and selling them for 10 cents each. by the end of the week i had almost $50.00 from walking all over the place for 5 hours a day. i used to cry (sing) out....."fresh pretzzzels...y'all ready for frrrresh pretzzzels".

i also used to baby sit 3 nites (4 hrs a nite) plus 8 hours a week making $250.00 while the girls mom and grandma went to a dance studio to learn disco dancing lessons then out to a club with their dates disco dancing. i learned the hustle, the soul city walk, the bump, and a few other dances that needed 2 people to dance.

i remember mom taking me to the old mayfair movie theater (frankford & cottman) to see saturday nite fever. i told mom, "i know that dance, i learned that when i was babysitting debbie and lisa".

i also remember the radio station wfil and wolfman jack. i remember hearing on the radio station that the "bay city rollers" (erik, derik, woody, alan) were coming in at midnite at the phila international airport. mom and my aunt dawn gathered my cousins donna and karen and myself to go see them come in. i remember they autographed my album for me as well as had my picture taken with all of them together and woody gave me a big kiss and hug.

i also used to go roller skating every weekend at the kensington roller rink. joe allan was the manager/owner there. he didn't know me until mom came to pick me up one nite. here, joe and mom has known each other since they were growing up. joe remembers mom and pop having their wedding pictures done in front of the eagle at the harrogate park and all going roller skating....gowns and all and with the southern bells...but i call them things hulla hoops.

it was at kensington rink were i met my first boyfriend. that was the first time when i kissed a boy...i was 10 years old and his name was jody (robert joseph). he and i went skating as boyfriend and girlfriend for 5 years. jody was also the first guy i was engaged to at the age of 21 but that's going to be told at another time.

to be continued.............
Joined: 2/18/2007
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 4/27/2007 7:30:37 AM
I will never forget...

Walking out the back door of elementary school in fall. A slight chill in the air made breathing exciting. As I walked out of the alcove time slowed down. I will always remember my playmates that day. They danced around me playfully whipping one way and then the next. They were miniature tornados, the air wrapping around itself and even picking up the fall leaves to join in the fun. It was a magical moment.

I will never forget it.
Joined: 7/22/2006
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 6/12/2007 10:14:49 AM
hey, i remember them joe....i think some stations went to dead airtime around 2am just after the late late show.

i remember the pay phones having a nickel, dime, and quarter big brother and i went to the store for mom one nite and i used to stick my fingers in the coin return to see if there was change and i found 8 dimes, i picked up the receiver and hung it up again and it was like i hit the slot machine....i was rich. i was 8 and he was 10, mom stayed at home with my baby brother (3) and my middle brother (7). that nite i must have gotten over $5.00 in dimes...i gave it to my mom.

i remember when cigarettes were 50 cents a pack...

there used to be a steak shop on the corner of my old house (stan's steaks) that make the bestest cheese dogs around for 25 cents.

i also remember septa being 45 cents plus 5 cents for the transfer and my grandma driving the route 60 trolly.
 1Fish2Fish RedFishNewFish
Joined: 9/8/2006
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 6/21/2007 4:56:07 PM
- Fizzies!
- Colonel Bleep coming on right after Sunrise Semester
- Applegates Ice Cream in Montclair NJ
- Bonds Ice Cream Parlor in Montclair NJ, home of the Awful-Awful. "Awful big, Awful good." The contest - if you could drink 2, you got a 3rd free!
- Wizzers (tops)
- Mousetrap (the game)
- Creepy Crawlers (the real ones, and ending up with blisters!)
- Making lead soldiers (and ending up with BAD blisters! - Cooling the molds on an asbestos trivet)
- Copper Enamel (MORE blisters!!)
- Nana getting sliced tongue with the other coldcuts (Ewww, I don't eat food that tastes me back!)
- Nana's Limburger Cheese (yes, visiting Nana was an experience I did not relish!)
- Grandpa wiggling his ears!
- Dad's '72 Grand Prix with the big block 400. (I wanted that car!!!)
Joined: 7/22/2006
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 6/21/2007 8:20:21 PM
i remember greenwood dairies in bucks started out as a small shack until i fire demolished the building...they came back bigger and better than ever. is that place still around?

i remember going to longhornados all you can eat pizza and spagetti...that was also some place in bucks.

i remember over across the tacony/palmyra bridge had a cumberland farms that had the drive through dairy...we used to get the big 2 1/2 gallons of milk and it would only last us a week.

i remember when the sweedish fish were twice the size of what they are now.

i remember when we were all growing up we used to have a movie nite on emerald street in philly. mom and pop would supply the old black and white reel to reel movies of the 3 stooges, the original micky mouse, the origina popye...our next door neighbors would bring out their reel to reel projector, another would make cherry coolaid for us kids, another would bring the popcorn, another would bring the pizza. we used to all sit outside in front of our house with a sheet hanging out of the living room window and watching the movies.

i remember mrs. (beagle eyes) butterline peeking through her venetian blind directly into our house and calling the police telling them that pop was beating up on mom...he never laid a hand on mom but he did throw mashed potatos at fight! pop put a stop to that with beagle eyes butterline by holding my baby brother's bare a$$ up to the window....we never seen blinds close so fast.

i remember taking the fall for my brother's friends...they were throwing stones at the church windows breaking one. i went to the church yard to get my brothers in the house and i had a free ride home by an unmarked policeman....he drove me really far...100' to my front door.
Joined: 7/22/2006
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 7/4/2007 8:57:26 PM
hmmm, i remember cap guns, etch a sketch, poodle skirts (mom's), and i used to always build things with my brothers' lincoln logs.

i remember my first radio flyer wagon....the one with the metal wheels

my first pair of roller skates only made for the know, the ones that you put on over top of your shoes with the metal wheels.

i remember having this show n tell thing. it was like a tv that you would put a cartoon slide into it and play the record that went along with the story slide. the first one i had was "there was an old woman". does anyone remember that? there was an old woman who swallowed a fly....oh why oh why would she swallow a fly....i guess she'll die.

last summer when my younger son was here for the week for the first time i took him to cabella's....there he saw something that he never seen before....a cork pop gun. i had to take his pic wearing a daniel boone racoon hat holding the cork pop gun. now he's going to be holding a real gun when he starts hunting.

i remember in 9th grade...after seeing "grease" mom went out and brought me a pair of black satin jeans for christmas and a nice white top, i already had a black satin jacket. i would wear that and a pair of 3" heels to school and my friends would call me olivia
i wore the outfit on picture day and since my girlfriend diane had a white top on (she was to my left) and another girl on my right had a black jacket on i left diane wear my jacket for the class picture....boy was mom mad
 lonesome wonderer
Joined: 12/26/2007
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do you remember? ......childhood memories
Posted: 2/5/2008 2:59:22 PM
i remember when i was little going to the academy of natural sciences when i was in kindergarten. all of my class mates were all running around going through the heart but i wouldn't even go in it. my teacher, mrs. dancy took my hand and walked through it with me. i held her hand so tight i was scared.

when i was a little older, my brother and i had one of the same classes...i remember being mean to him after he pulled my hair and put a thumbtack on his chair.
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