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Joined: 9/29/2007
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Prostate massage??Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
My doctor gives the best ones EVER !!!!
Joined: 6/17/2006
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Prostate massage??
Posted: 11/26/2008 8:51:23 AM
Like Gspots, some are close some are a journey.

If you think you feel it but it is just outta reach get a toy. Just remember you can't feel the angle or the pressure you're using when playing with a toy so be careful.

The prostate is (obviously) IN and if he's on his back, UP towards his tummy. Just pressing on the tissues beneath the actual gland may suffice when it comes to pleasure from pressure. Also don't forget that this produces a looong "sort of" orgasm feeling. If it is done at the time of a normal O then it will blow his socks off but JUST the prostate massage will produce likely copious amounts of slime which feels great as it is slowly pumped out but like more like a sneeze in very very slow motion. Hard to describe but worth the effort and the "research."

Now does he do your GSpot back????
Joined: 10/3/2008
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Prostate massage??
Posted: 11/26/2008 11:48:30 AM

Do most men like to have their prostate messed with whilst having sex and do women feel comfortable doing this?? I've found this to increase the power of my ejaculation.
PS. Do you think I maybe gay??

do you only like WOMEN to massage your prostate?

or do you enjoy it when the blokes do it as well?

you already know the answer to your question..
Joined: 10/3/2008
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Prostate massage??
Posted: 11/26/2008 11:49:47 AM

My doctor thinks he's funny. During my last exam, he said, "Look Ma. No hands."

That was NOT humorous!

did you ask him to use 2 fingers?

might as well get a second opinion for the price of one, while he's at it?
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