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Ahhhhh PM...such artistry! Such beauty in written words. Exquisite free verse PM. Absolutely loved this write. Thank you for sharing such wonderful works of wordssmithing here at the fireside.
 Perfectly me
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/13/2009 7:36:03 AM
Oh thank you so much Manny for your kind words, I'm still learning how to sing. What a treat you gave me this brightened morning, that you liked this poem.

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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/13/2009 11:25:34 AM
I'm still learning how to sing.

Awesome, Awesome! As long as we breath...we are all still learning! What a great place you have set up here manly....both school and practice...and if we're lucky, an occasional gold star....but just to know that is not the prize we try to is the thought-to-page release! 's
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/13/2009 11:44:24 AM
Thank you BKS


This is not my thread,
it is not my home, my place,
it is our thread,
our home,
our place
just to roam,
to browse,
to post,
or just
to host
our thoughts,
to share,
to care
for all,
to make others
feel welcome,
without judgement,
or criticism,
no fear
to an open
an open mind,
to offer an ear,
or shoulder...
the only star
that is given here
is gold!
for you all
make this thread
what it is...

a place where
fills the air,
and fire
warms the soul!
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/13/2009 6:03:22 PM
love does fill the air here
and fire so warms the soul
a haven and sanctuary
where writing poetically
is released virtually
for all of us to see
the essence

gratitude to you, dear manny,
for your being such generous
and loving company
for all who come
to sit by the fire
that you tend so selflessly
keeping a warm, loving chair
for all who enter here....

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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/13/2009 8:09:08 PM
Thank you D for such lovely sentiments. You are a big part of this family, and I am honored to have you as a friend and Fireside companion/writer.

In those dark hours
in sad lament,
I came to you,
your arms held
my trembling heart,
till our vibrations
mixed into one,
our tears filling each,
side by side,
in rivers of soul
you loved me through
breathing life into the pain,
rhythm in our hearts,
the healing garden
of love.
 best kept secret
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/13/2009 8:29:19 PM
Always feeling comfy here....coming to put my feet up again..... :)

Tree of Strings

Like Willow branches swaying
distorted through these eyes
next, a moment saw me there
among a Tree of Strings stood I
At each string's end held an essence
some with the glint of dangling tears
while some of them held laughter
in bellows of abandoned care
Some held loss and confusion
others content in their dusty haze
I saw too many, holding anger
but the ones of Love held them at bay
I felt string-songs hum, and auras
as they flowed and swept my brow
touching each, I felt me in them
wishing to pull the sad ones down
To my surprise was born a fragrance
representing encountered souls
some now known and some in passing
some of joy and some of woe
Then the breeze that sways emotions
grew and quickened, clacking words
words on strings that I had forgotten
and ones I should have never cursed
In all the clatter and scent of wakings
I spun 'round from a dizzy surge
entwined in all around, then bound
when sudden flew a rainbow bird
Calm and hopping top the branches
He chirped out these profound words
All these have delivered you,
but you are still yet to be...

On the strings, effects and choices
and the Tree, was me
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/13/2009 8:38:27 PM
Bravo....Bravo....Bravo!! C'est magnifique ma cherie!!

One of the finest writes I have ever seen you pen! I sooooo love the title too! Thank you dear friend, for being such a special part of this fireside. The fire is crackling tonight!
 best kept secret
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/13/2009 8:45:52 PM

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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 9:04:10 AM
Women's Interests

White water rafting..........she's a squirter!

Camping....a place to bury the body! Collect insurance!

Sunbathing....likes to show it off!

Walking on the beach....tropical vacation [show me the money!]

A real man....Run like he*l!

Fast cars....attention seeker!

singing....Bob's at it again!

sex...she's not that into you!

man of substance...she already smoked hers!

Fishing....she's a swinger!

Motorcycles....high risk to reoffend!

Horseback riding....don't touch that saddle horn!

Cuddling...look, but don't touch!

this is just for fun and giggles folks.
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 9:14:59 AM
I couldn't agree more BKS... chills or using my spine as a race track...
Joined: 5/26/2009
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 11:52:33 AM

we're such complex creatures!
LOVE the first one!!!
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 3:10:02 PM
Big fat droplets fall
The children run out to capture a taste.
No need to scold their carefree hearts
No need to grow up with such haste

For after all,
Children must play
Be it in cow manure or rain...
Chocolate covered smiles
Embracing the pureness of the sky
They won't always be little
A tear comes to my eye.
 best kept secret
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 4:23:07 PM
MENS interest

hiking..........hoping to get a gal who loves all these and looks good in daisy dukes.

golfing.....after the fist year, later babe.

conversation....naw, shoot no......thinks that's what a woman want to hear

thunderstorms.....hopes to find a woman who will need comforting

kissing.....heck, it might to lead to sex!

red wine.....heck, it might lead to sex!

holding hands on the beach....heck, it might lead to sex on the beach!

cooking.....might lead to seductive food eating and sex!

photography.....might lead to naky pics and sex!

fitness.... ....maybe for the gal he'll long-term it with.....but not necessary if there will be sex!

(Just having fun too, mr. manl)y.....

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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 4:23:17 PM
you are the storm
the succulent drops
gathering on the leaves
slowly sliding off
as your weight grows heavy

you are the clouds
releasing the rain
tracing your path
to the ground
over and over again

you are your porch
offering a place
for you to watch
your thoughts
and witness the storm

feeling the cool mist of the goddess
you come inside to get warm
into the room with many others
sitting by the fire your brothers, sisters,
children, fathers, mothers...

you are the hearth
watching the fire spark
and dance so freely
up the chimney
into the air flying heavenly

you are your thoughts
your mind now empty
you are the beating heart
the soul's rhythm in the body
you are it all

the rise and fall
of so much energy
all that you see
all that you be
everything, everybody

you are me

written earlier this year with several edits added here....
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 5:28:40 PM
Hmmmm...looks like someone has "sex" on the brain!....and for once?'s NOT me!!

thanks sweety, really love your follow up. And that write above?? Just fabulous! Love the rhythm, the flow, and the build up!

Excellent write my dear friend!
 best kept secret
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 7:02:50 PM
Just pullin silly lillies
from the planted ground
adding them to others
from here, I have found
Someone sowed the seeds
which spread dripping down
could not help the dribble
but the giggles got me now ;) must have slipped in right after me! Great beautiful words!

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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 7:09:03 PM
She looks up Love in the book of words
but doesn't understand
she cannot find a picture
of her ideal man
yet underneath redemption
her Angel could be found
now she just has to learn to fly
in order to be heaven bound.....

What does a woman want
(What doesn't a woman want)
from a man?
Can it be summed up
in stanzas
or paragraphs
contrite and to the point?
Or does it take
a novel's breadth
to write
from a broken heart?
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 7:45:34 PM
Jae...wonderful words sweety. Excellent write! How nice to see you here again. Hope you drop by more often. You know you are welcome here anytime.

Now I must get my beauty sleep. night all!
Joined: 5/4/2009
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 8:26:07 PM
Sex? Did someone say sex? Here at the Fireside????

OK, just for my buddy Dale...

Know what Sex on the rocks is?..................Damned uncomfortable!
Know what a Cooley is? ..........a quickie in the snow.
And a boobi ? .....That's a guy that sticks his head into a bee hive and yells... Boo Bee!
(and you thought it was gonna be dirty!)
Then I read this a quote from Dale .....
<div class="quote">Just fabulous! Love the rhythm, the flow, and the build up! And he said it was not him that had sex on his mind...hmm...

But I agree... I think sex is fabulous too. The rhythm, the flow and the build up from fore play.
Hey, if I can't write those beautiful poetic words as some of you do, does not mean I can't enjoy and come here to at least try to be funny

Hmmm? Sex at the Fireside here a the pond... Things that make you go hmmmm.
By theway, Have any of you ladies tried the new doggie bra? Yep, it makes pointers out of setters!
Or maybe the new rawhide bra....Heads em up and moves em out!

Back to your normally scheduled program. Just had to stop by and say hi to my buddie Dale.
Joined: 5/27/2009
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/14/2009 8:55:01 PM
Gonna miss ranting to no one
Yet everyone all at once
Gonna miss leaving my little bullshit sob stories
That I don' t even believe
On this stupid page
For all to read
Because I love to write lies
I do it all the time
Can't hardly say them out loud
My eyes tell all...
But, on paper it's easy
No one to really call
Me out on my childish ways
Make me accept responsibility
Open the rusty cage
And bring the truth out of me

And even when it is the truth
I disguise it with simple undertones
Even when I'm dead in love
You'll only know of the crocodile bones
I choose to oil and sand
Choose to make me make a stand?

This poem ****ing sucks...
Can't write for shit these days
Keep thinking about some brown eyed man
What was it the song did say?

Been a whole lotta good women
Shed a tear
Over a brown-eyed handsome man

Who isn't even my type
If there ever were such a thing
Because seems like ten seconds into it
Someone's wanting to put a ring
On my damn finger
For all to see
So they can claim
To have control over me
But it drives me away
Makes me want to play
With that sexy bad man
He's not too far down the road
Wanna crawl in bed with him
And let him shoot a big ole... well you know

Dammit Sarah Jane
You never did listen
Just go after what you like
Go after what you're missing

But every time I like someone
They are usually totally wrong
Just the fact that I care at all
Tells me something must be going on

But who am i kidding
If I had him
I wouldn't want him
Because all this love shit
is just me fronting
Too scared to find it
That close to home
Would rather be reckless
And have an excuse to roam

Tearing down the highway
In the middle of the night
Trying not to smoke any cigs
My buddy Mary Jane helps to ease the fight

And I get there
And he's perfect
And it's stupid
But damn it's worth it

But never again
will I go down that lane
Just to give some ***hole
A shot at my flame
For it's too strong of a fire
To be messed with and tossed around
Too strong of a love
To be thrown on the ground...

Wouldn't have it any other way
Except complicated, hard, and mean
Wouldn't stand to see the day
When he's actually in love with me

'Cuz then it will be old
My love that can't be sold
And I'll lose this perfect fantasy
I create in my mind of him and me...

Knowing someone
makes me hate them
Mysteries turn me on
Please don't ever solve this riddle
I like the way we get it on...
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/15/2009 4:07:57 AM
free flow poetry
written with honesty
this one hides nothing
shows you are trusting
us with your truth
and we honour you
in all that you do
in all that you write
and all that's unspoken too
as happens here with everyone
who comes to sit and warm their bum :)

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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/15/2009 4:41:52 AM
Jimmy! the he*l are ya??

Hey folks, let me introduce an old friend from wayyyyyyyy back! OK, not THAT far back! Take a bow Jimmy! If ya wanna know anything about this is yer man! He use to run a tackle shop...NO not football! Thanks for the hoot my friend, join the harem room!'re always a hoot! Thanks sweety

Sarah...what a beautiful and honest sharing...straight from the heart! Thank you so much for your openness. Very refreshing.

WeareI...thank you for your lovely writes also. And for being part of this family at the fireside.

Ok...back to my morning coffee!
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/15/2009 5:10:46 AM
Hey Pal. I'm fine..I mean really fine. I have only been back in the pond for a short while and if things go right, may be back out of here sooner then I thought. Yep, I met a fantastic woman that just may be the one.
Damn, I almost forgot what that chemistry thing is. But one meeting and WOW! No , not just looks... although she is very pretty, cute, sexy, feminine, shapely, and beautiful; But when I looked into her eyes and saw her soul, that's when the WOW effect took over. Her wants, needs, desires and expectations match mine to a tee.
Makes getting over the heartache and broken hearted feeling of the last four years, so much easier to deal with. But I can't go through that any more. This old body and heart can't take it, so I am moving slowly...or at least trying to!
Hard to do since I know me... and know I hate being single and hate living alone.
 best kept secret
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The Fireside.
Posted: 6/15/2009 1:29:24 PM

Jim....We wish you well....and may love tackle you, without bringing you down! :)

WeARE1...I love this :

you are the hearth
watching the fire spark
and dance so freely
up the chimney
into the air flying heavenly

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