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It's probably just never been in the right situation.

I'm financially and emotionally ready for kids now but it takes 2 for that situation and I'm rather picky. I also old enough to realize I'm getting a bit old for chasing kids around. I haven't given the idea up entirely but my 1 year old nephew can wear me out.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/10/2008 5:06:26 AM
Same here, never married (engaged twice ) and no kids........on the up contact with an child headaches.
Almost makes me sound like i know what i'm doing.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/12/2008 5:26:27 PM
I can understand people getting divorced sometime you just meet the wrong person. What I can't understand is the men or women who have kids who have never been married get mad when single people with no kids do not want to date them. That is just a total sign of irresponsibility to me. One thing if you have kids from a divorce or possibly your spouse passed away way too early. It also seems like if you are in your 30's single never been married and no kids it is like there is something wrong with that. Seems like shit is backwords
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/12/2008 5:45:07 PM
WOW...and here I thought I was the last of a dying breed....LOL Nice to see so many men out there are single, never married and have no kids like myself. Now where do y'all hide out cause I keep meeting the other ones
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/12/2008 5:53:05 PM
Ok so I have to know what is so bad about someone male or female that has never been married and has no kids.Are you saying we are DAMAGED GOODS and do not deserve to find true love because it did not happen soon enough in our lifes.Is there a time limit.I believe that when I find that somone to share my life with it will be Forever and I will not be here on POF.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/13/2008 4:40:28 AM
Why should there be assumptions? I didn't jump into a marriage that wasn't right for me and father children so I'm now a bad person?

I MUST be missing something.

It's now a negative to be thirty and not spread my seed around to random women?
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/13/2008 9:18:52 PM
I must be missing something. I'm HOPING i can find a woman in my area who's never been married with no kids. I see it as a postivive, not a negative.

Unfortunately, in my area anyways, i find that the more attractive women already have kids. But i'm in a rather small town.

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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/14/2008 4:58:45 PM
n how to find man never married n no kids?:)
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/18/2008 1:23:28 AM
you can be a little all about your self
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/18/2008 6:20:49 AM
Maybe too many people opt for the.......i don't want to be left on the shelf " you''ll do" approach to marriage.
If i go past my " use by date" as such.....and i'm still single so be it......i can think for myself married and miserable any have seen the divorce rate..haven't you??????
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/18/2008 7:38:01 AM
All it means to me is the person has not met the right peson or they could be careful and not rush into marriage and/or having children just to get divorced.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/18/2008 6:10:11 PM
I agree with everyone who says that all it means is that someone, myself included, has not met the right person yet. It is interesting to me that there are people who still feel that a failed marriage and/or children without both parents around is somehow more normal than those who have made decisions not to be in those situations.

Ultimately, I'd like to be with the right person for the long haul, but I'd rather be happy alone than miserable with the wrong person.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/18/2008 6:43:07 PM
Honestly, I prefer never married and no kids. Never being married means not having to deal with an ex-wife. And having no kids is a definite plus in my book, as I do not want any children myself.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/18/2008 6:52:16 PM
There could be many different reasons why a person is 30+ yrs old and never has been married. Maybe they didn't have the time for a serious relationship. Maybe they preferred to remain single. Maybe they had bad luck in relationships. Maybe they are too picky or have a poor personality.
 Violet Brown
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/19/2008 12:00:56 PM
I don't make assumptions - everyone's life follows a different path. I just hope they don't judge me because I happened to marry the wrong person when I was younger.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/20/2008 1:09:19 PM
^^^^ So, where do I sign up to make sure my name's on the list?
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/20/2008 1:17:31 PM
^^^^^^ yup, put me on that list, too!!!

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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/20/2008 2:25:23 PM
Look I'm in My 30's,Never-Married,No-Kids

But Should That Make Any Women Not Want to Date A Man Like Me???

If People Would Just Stop Assuming Things They Don't Know

Only One Person In Your Life Truly Know Yourself And That's You

Nobody Can Be Read Like a Book And You Can't Judge a Book Without it's Cover

Never Being Married Without Kids

Could Maybe Be Because This Person Has Lived A Shy,Lonely Life
Maybe In School This Person Wasn't Popular

People Stereotype People

they Either Say Think Good Things About People Or They Push People Out Of Their Lives

Seeing a Never Married Man With Children Is Actually Good Because

Like A Virgin,Women Out There Are Waiting For there Unique,Special Person

 Ur Xoxo
Joined: 7/16/2007
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/20/2008 2:52:21 PM
I agree wholeheartedly with your response CoolJarrod. Especially with the last line.

Like A Virgin,Women Out There Are Waiting For there Unique,Special Person

In womens' mind we are like a virgin.
So teach me your carnal endeavours.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/22/2008 5:36:20 AM
Imagine if someone had of said to you ( say at the age of 20 or so ) 20 years time, if your single and never married/divorced and don't have'll be an outcast in the dating world.........i must be missing something in the fine print.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/25/2008 9:18:35 AM
In my experience women do proceed with caution. Because "there's always got to be a reason." A reason for being single in this case. Honestly, there are a lot of individuals, both male and female, who I think just slip through. All of a sudden you look at yourself one day and your 30. Wondering where the last ten years went. It was easy for me to become focused on things other then marriage and a family. That wasn't what I wanted then. Now I know I've changed, but it's alot tougher to date in my 30's. What are you going to do?
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/25/2008 3:19:35 PM
Yes safe sex seems to be a foreign concept to a lot of people but I always took it very seriously as I did not believe in having children out of wedlock. I have been lucky to have some long term relationships that did lead to engagement but it was always for the wrong reasons. One guy told me that he proposed because he thought that it was "time" as we had been in the relationship for about 4 years. It became clear as time went on that he was not the type of man that would be there for me and the children. I have always believed that children should have two parents so I have been careful and at 41 I have still not been married and therefore no children. I don't feel like I missed out but rather that this was the path that was chosen for me and that I should be happy that I have had such a full life with some very special relationships. I think that I am lucky in a way as I am not frustrated as a single parent. I do not plan to have children now as I have reached the age where I am planning for my retirement. I have several friends who had children out of wedlock and not one of them stayed withthe children's father so how is that better? Their children have had to adapt to several men and I am glad that I did not have to go through that type of life. I am lucky to have great friends and am very close to my parents. My life is as full as I want it to be and I am looking forward to possibly meeting someone in the same situation as me and I am open to marriage regardless of my age. My grandma always tells me that there is still hope!!!
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 5/27/2008 2:20:57 PM
I think its strange for people who are like 40 and have never had a serious relationship, Im not talking about marriage or kids....I think its great if someone chooses to not marry and breed kids, a fine decision. The thing that I wouldnt accept is someone who is clueless about serious relationships and has never had one but has already approached middle age.
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 8/25/2008 6:26:54 PM

I would assume that he has been responsible enough to use birth control with his partners, because he might have realized that 1. There are already too many people on the planet. 2. He might feel that he would be unable to provide a safe, financially secure environment for his offspring, and he doesn't want to be irresponsible. 3. He didn't find anyone compatable to marry, and was not willing to settle for a relationship out of mere desperation, in order to avoid being single.

Wise words for shallow fish. I wouldn't mind being half of a never-married DINK couple, but the prospects of finding such a partner in the women near my age seem fairly slim.
 Bridge Jumper
Joined: 4/11/2007
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Never married & no kids
Posted: 8/26/2008 12:44:58 AM
I hear that enough from my family I don't need to hear it from people who don't know me! When I meet the man for me I'll know. I truly believe that. I would never marry someone I couldn't spend a moment without simply because I thought society expected it from me.
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