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Joined: 2/21/2007
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Msg: 54 -- Ditch the girls that'll never pay for themselves. They are high maintenance gold diggers.

I don't want a woman to pay for herself. That's a bit too masculine for me. I ask her out, I take care of the bill. If she shows herself to be high maintenance, that will become self-evident and I will give that the attention it deserves. But if she comports herself in a lady-like fashion I will treat her as a lady.

I'm strictly "Old School", and I believe in very sharp definitions of masculine and feminine qualities. I won't waste my time with a woman who can't understand this.
Joined: 12/4/2006
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/14/2007 5:15:01 PM
just coffee, no thanks
if someone isint willing enough to talk to me for a while and take the risk of spending a few bucks...forget it.
I am not asking to go to the Revolving Restaurant in the CN tower. I am not asking for a guy to spend a fortune. I am not superficial in the least I buy my own clothes, pay my own bills, put the roof over my head. No one takes care of me.
To me dating is special, its an event. I am old school when it comes to dating. My time is precious...a real man will make the effort to impress me..from day one. No cheap men please. Coffee I can do with friends thats too mundane for my taste.
Joined: 8/23/2005
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/14/2007 9:30:18 PM
I have never had a man spend $80-100 dollars on a date with me and I have been dating or involved with someone for most of my life since the age of 16, not even Valentine's or birthday dinners. What a bunch of crap! Unless the guy is a lawyer, doctor, works on Wall Street or something in between that or being Donald Trump and Bill Gates guys aren't spending anywhere near that on dates unless it's their own beer tab.
Joined: 4/26/2007
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/15/2007 12:12:49 AM

Here is a good one, Charcoal under 5 dollars. Meat from a store, $12 should be enough for 2 plus left overs. Two tatters and a bit of salad.. total might come to 20 dollars.
Couple outdoor mesquito lights, one of those yard lights. some nice chairs, soft music, blanket for the roll on the ground later, lots of room to slow dance. Nice privacy fence. Bottle of wine. I'd say well under $80 dollars. Okay enough picking.

Now that's what I call a date. I've had much more fun on dates that involved a home-cooked meal than I have at expensive restaurants. I've had dates where I've taken women out for $100 meals, but I have fonder memories of dates that involved cooking for or with someone. I've always enjoyed cooking dates. They give you a great way to interact in a fun way. Plus my risotto is better than what most swank restaurants serve.
Joined: 4/6/2007
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/15/2007 8:52:55 PM
dating is way to expensive. It felt like highway robbery when my and my last ex would go out to eat at a cheap local sparts bar place.

You forget one giant thing here folks. The "first date" is easy to use as legal prostitution. Its illegal to shell out 300 hundred for a quickie in the hotel room, but its perfectly legit to spend 300 on a fancy dinner and a movie with sex afterwords.

And whats wrong with olive garden? i like the cannaloni..
Joined: 9/27/2006
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cost of dating
Posted: 6/18/2007 10:30:39 PM
Limodriver66 - I think a lot of people miss the point of going out on a date. Its to get to know each other. If a woman dates a man and rates him on how much he spends - she is a loser and should be ditched by the man.

In my profile I suggest meeting for a coffee and on a first meet I have no problems buying my own. Many times while talking to a man when we have moved from internet messages to the telphone he insists on taking me out for lunch or dinner. I had one creative man take me out for a late breakfast one day and that was very nice. If the date goes well, and we have mutually decided to see each other again, I usually offer to cook dinner for the man. Men have really enjoyed this and so did I as I love to cook. Most times we have wound up cooking together as I always leave a little something that needs to be done, in the event the man wishes to help. Otherwise, if he does not offer there is always coffee/wine and a chair in the kitchen so we can chat while I finish making dinner. Usually a very nice time and I do like to spoil the men in my life.

I am not hard on a man or his budget as I dont take advantage of men, just as I would not want a man to take advantage of me. I prefer to meet someone half way. To me its all about who you are with, not where you go or what you do as long as the activity fits what is trying to be accomplished. Personally I like cheap movie night at the theatres or if we were to go see a full price film, I would offer to buy the popcorn or go out for a coffee after the movie to talk and do a "movie review". To me its all about being together and having fun and in doing that it does not have to break the bank.
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cost of dating
Posted: 6/21/2007 9:33:30 PM
Having just read through three pages of posts discussing dating and money, it's now very easy to see why men want to get women into bed straight away.

It's not about getting sex.

It just costs less.

Joined: 2/26/2007
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cost of dating
Posted: 6/22/2007 3:54:53 AM

just coffee, no thanks if someone isnt willing enough to talk to me for a while and take the risk of spending a few bucks...forget it. I am not asking to go to the Revolving Restaurant in the CN tower. I am not asking for a guy to spend a fortune. I am not superficial in the least I buy my own clothes, pay my own bills, put the roof over my head. No one takes care of me. To me dating is special, its an event. I am old school when it comes to dating. My time is precious...a real man will make the effort to impress me..from day one. No cheap men please. Coffee I can do with friends thats too mundane for my taste.

See, I hear this line of thought very often. Too many women think guys should pay them just for showing up. I heard it called 'princess syndrome', women who are told from day one by their parents, family etc., how wonderful they are, that they deserve the very best in life, and then they expect others to provide it for them. Then when they don't get 'everything they deserve' in life, they're left bitter and angry at all us 'unappreciative' men who won't treat them to everything they want. These are the ones who's personal ads have a tagline akin to; 'where's my prince', or 'waiting for my prince'. But then, like Lady Diana, if they get their prince, they're still unhappy. They want the 'storybook' prince. But they don't exist.
Joined: 3/7/2005
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cost of dating
Posted: 6/22/2007 8:36:01 AM

- Simply take the girls to a park or something and play some badmonton while getting to know each other.

- It is pointless spending money on a woman on a date that you don't even know. I would rather the girl spend money on me, but that's cause I am priceless!!!
Joined: 3/18/2007
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cost of dating
Posted: 6/22/2007 8:40:59 AM
Go Dutch!!

I don't expect a man to pay for a meal or anything for me. Sometimes we can take in turns paying for coffee. :-)

Joined: 12/4/2006
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cost of dating
Posted: 9/9/2007 5:57:48 AM
Call me a princess, call me whatever I have standards...I know we all have bills to pay and obligations thats I said Im not expecting him to pay a fortune. 80-100 is way too outlandish for a first date.
Im no gold digger, Im am romantic and the best dates cost next to nothing. I love the outdoors and festivals... mostly no cost. If he asks me out he's going to pay unless we discuss it ahead of time. If I ask him out I will either pay or split the bill, if he is a gentleman and old school like I am he wont let me pay.

Thats my way, I dont expect anyone to do as I do...but thats what works for me.

I always have money in case he forgets his wallet or he is cheap. If he doesnt have the dough he won't see me again.
First impressions are everything. If hes cheap with dating hes going to be cheap in other areas and that's not cool with me.
Seriously men who have a grudge about spending money shouldn't be dating..they just want a cheap and easy ride...
9 times out of 10 when a guy asks me on a coffee date, he wants to know where I live and if we are going to have sex afterwards...hearing that so many times. I refuse to have a coffee date with a man. Coffee is the buzz word for one night stand. Im so turned off.
They dont want to work hard to impress a woman ...not the type of man that I want to associate with. Im VERY GENEROUS I spoil my man to no end so he has to go through this first test...Im a giver he has to be too, Period!
Joined: 5/1/2009
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/4/2009 8:46:10 PM
You should contact me ChicagoRob.
Joined: 5/25/2008
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/5/2009 4:53:39 AM

get a second job...some of us have exspensive taste.

Joined: 12/23/2008
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/5/2009 9:17:56 AM
Consider dating a form of entertainment. Give up entertainment that you'd do alone and you'll be fine, break even. Also, it doesn't have to cost a mint to date. Suggest a picnic at a park or the beach. Or ask if she could pay this time, or ask her if she could pay for her meal and you'll pay for yours-! If she likes ya, she'll help.
Joined: 2/3/2009
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/5/2009 12:45:16 PM
If you like high maintenance chicks....then maybe even get a 3rd job.
Now if you find normal nice ladies to date...there are plenty of low cost options that are not even that expensive and can guarantee a lovely outing:

For example:
Going to those concerts at the parks in the summer and bringing a picnic lunch.
Going to the movies and having a coffee and desert aftwerward.

I would say these examples shouldn't be more than 25-35 dollars max.

I thought dates were more about sharing the other person's company and not how much they could feed you or entertain you.
Joined: 3/16/2006
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/5/2009 2:18:44 PM
every guy knows how much he's willing to spend on a date, and the smart guys know they shouldn't (and don't) have to spend big bucks for the attention of a gal who is serious about meeting a guy, and not just looking for her next meal ticket.

meeting for a quick face 2 face is the easiest way to put your cards on the table and see what kind of a hand the two of you can come up with. -there's no rule you can't fall in love that minute and run off for t-bones, big macs/fries or buy a $600 bottle of wine and watch the sunset.

hint: if she genuinely likes you -she would rather have your attention and affection than your wallet.

spending a chunk of money on a woman for her company -isn't that called prostitution?

Joined: 8/2/2008
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/5/2009 2:22:39 PM
Art galleries.... cost effective and lots of time for chat, and if you find it hard to find something to talk about, you can always go to the modern section and talk about how "you" could paint that picture!!!

In most large cities, you can find "gallery districts" where you might find smaller galleries, art or antique shoppes. A walk about in these areas can be very interesting and stopping for coffee or ice cream might soak you all of $6!!
Joined: 5/1/2009
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/5/2009 6:05:04 PM
I would assume I am paying for my own meal or coffee on the first date, unless he insisted. I am not a lady to argue or make a scene over petty things. yes it can get expensive but not all dates have to spend money. A walk in the park with a good cuddle as the sun goes down means more to me than dinner or things 'bought' ever would

Joined: 2/24/2009
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/5/2009 10:48:17 PM
I've gone on dates where NO MONEY was spent on either party's side; dates where we've gone dutch; and dates where either he or I paid and the next time we switched....Makes no difference to a woman who isn't digging for gold...

Gonna need more than a fat wallet to keep me - I always say.
Joined: 5/31/2008
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Spoiled princesses!
Posted: 5/9/2009 4:53:06 PM
Why should a date have to cost much, if anything? The only money my sweetheart spent on our first meeting was for gas and a rose. We chatted online for a while and he decided he had to meet me before he went on a planned trip to TX to see his grandchildren. (He had made up his mind already that he liked me. *blush*) Unfortunately, due to my health circumstances I was unable to "go out" so he just came to my house and we spent the afternoon talking and getting to know each other better. Now we usually "go out" once a week or so and take turns paying. Most of our time together is spent just hanging around the house and just enjoying each others company. Priceless.

Joined: 10/10/2008
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/12/2009 5:18:06 PM
DATE LESS or NOT at ALL!! I refuse to DATE unless I'm interested in a relationship!! I've NEVER been a big fan of "casual" dating! That's how u weed out those " casual WHINE n DINERS... by NOT doing it :)" Even though dates can be inexpensive in some cases, ur TIME is just as precious!!
I went on a few dates to where I wished I would have hit the town clubbing or going to a sporting event with some friends! I've learned my lesson NOW but some guys NEVER learn!
Joined: 1/1/2008
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/12/2009 7:44:13 PM
The last date cost me 0.00 and we had sex.
Joined: 4/20/2009
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/12/2009 9:17:19 PM
Sounds like you're advertising for gold-diggers to me. All women want to feel appreciated just like guys do. The convention is that the man pays. If you are dating that much without a picture, sounds like you are simply buying dates since they sure aren't emailing you on your good looks. If you can't perform on the contract don't induce the other party. Try finding somebody who wants you for your charm.
Joined: 1/12/2008
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/12/2009 11:49:47 PM
if a girl doesn't go dutch, or at least offer to.... send her on her way.

Personally, I think going dutch is tacky. It's better to just be mercenary about weeding out flakes very quickly so that you never meet them.

I got really tired of some of the "indifference" some of my dates had towards me.

I've had that happen once, but instead of letting happen again, I try to pick up on that sort of attitude and tell them I'm not interested before ever taking them out - no matter how much I think I'd like to date someone. Since this is internet dating I assume it requires a different approach than regular dating and the best thing is to just say no to anyone who makes it the least bit inconvenient to meet or who exhibits any behaviour you find a little weird. Without fail, every date I've gone on in which I was skeptical but gave someone the benefit of the doubt, proved to be a mistake.

Joined: 12/27/2007
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cost of dating
Posted: 5/13/2009 3:48:39 AM

The last date cost me 0.00 and we had sex.

LOL - did your "date" come with an air pump and a patch kit?
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