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Joined: 9/14/2006
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thank you all for your valuable insight.
I hope you all find that special someone..
Joined: 3/15/2006
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Posted: 5/16/2007 11:36:45 PM

BTW I did google myself..nothing..I mean nothing about me showed up. Just alot of genealogy concern is did she find out about my children..etc..
have a great day!

I know the answer to that. There is a free site (probably many actually) that when you run someone's name, it shows all the people connected to that person. When I checked my own self, my exhusband and I are still there (because I didn't change my last name) our son is there, and a few other family members of can then link on those people individual to see what they are active in or have public records about....including property, businesses etc. There are also addresses, phones, etc. It's not hard to find out all you want to know.

Google really isn't meant for that and she probably didn't google you ~ she used a site, maybe even a pay site.
Joined: 2/21/2007
Msg: 29
Posted: 5/17/2007 2:48:40 AM
Msg: 1 -- You got upset simply because she googled you? Wow, rather touchy, eh? If I am curious about someone I'll google them too. It isn't like I'm searching for private info or anything. A little mouseclick and I may or may not learn something interesting. Why get dramatic about it?
Joined: 12/29/2006
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Posted: 5/17/2007 4:35:51 AM
why get dramatic about it its a thing called privacy , or trust how much information is too much and for the person using the ss# if you do this without the permission of the person involved you just broke a federal law You yourself have committed a if you divulge any of this info that you get to a third party and it turns out to be false which much of it is then you have broken the law again .There are many areas in this that it is easy to cross the line by obtaining and using information that is readily avalible where you can cross the line into illeagle terratory If I found out anyone checked on me i would do my best to fidn out if they broke any laws and i would try to break them from it in the future
Joined: 8/10/2007
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Posted: 8/27/2007 8:33:17 PM
welcome to the future your life is bought and sold
thank the republicans...
 RR Man
Joined: 6/24/2006
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Posted: 8/28/2007 4:18:44 AM
"Using your location and name, anyone can find out anything about you.."
How? I've googled lots of names of people I know or have known, and have met with very limited success. I'll use the quote marks around the persons name; that is I'll type "Mary Doe" into the google box, and not just Mary Doe.

I've gotten plenty of spam that purports to find out anything about any person anywhere, blah, blah, blah. Like all spam, their service is not free and is probably a ripoff.

Other than Google or other search engines, are there any resources on the Net that can help you find people?
Joined: 6/30/2007
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Posted: 8/28/2007 9:52:24 AM
You are right, that for a few bucks anyone can have a detailed search done. On one hand you can be offended, but on the other hand you can say, "Gee, she must be serious to put out some money to find out about me!" When you consider how many first contacts go "UNREAD DELETED", that's a pretty good move.

However, can't help but think that it's pretty dumb to have a new relationship and TELL the person you did it. You are still beginning to know each other and build trust. Personally, I just figure that any woman that is serious would be smart to do this kind of thing anyway. Just too many crazy people out there.....
Joined: 5/1/2007
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Posted: 8/28/2007 11:45:48 AM
I google everyone... so never tell me your full name!
Joined: 5/1/2007
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Posted: 8/28/2007 2:59:09 PM
It's more funny because my name is actually Ken...

So I googled that name... seems we are related... like as in lovers... were you in me at some point in the last month?
Joined: 10/9/2007
Msg: 36
Posted: 11/21/2008 12:29:01 AM
ok as for that ^^^ if she was a 'private person' she wouldn't have a video on youtube for the world to see....

as for google, i google myself, my usernames, my email accounts, everything lol just to see what other people can see.....and what they can't.

I have googled other people as well, but i usually ask them first...hey if i googled you, what would i find? they usually think it's funny...and wonder what i find too lol

There were a couple of times where it has been detrimental to even meeting, just because of things that are accessible. IMO it was better to find out quickly than months later.
Joined: 9/8/2008
Msg: 37
Posted: 11/21/2008 7:58:37 AM
valentinoscaramanga , now we don't have to google you since you've come clean. All joking aside, I actually agree with what you posted. A lot of people are VERY trusting and if someone has evil intentions then it is very easy to do a search. I don't even use the same screennames on any two sites.

It's very easy to find out info about people and it's very scary. Also, if you ask basic info about people, you can easily guess their passwords, where they live, etc. If I have someone's name and town they live in, I can see how much their house is worth. It's free all public record.

I don't even put the town I live on this site. I don't need to run into someone on the street that I turned down from this or any site.

On the flip side, you can also have your name removed from public searches. It takes about 3 months for it to happen, but it does happen.

If someone wants info about me, they should just ask me and I'll decide if I think it's appropriate for them to know. But it ain't happening with someone I go out on one date with!

Anyfish, happy fishing.
Joined: 7/25/2004
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Posted: 11/21/2008 11:30:29 AM
I recommend to all my female friends to google. There are a lot of cheaters, liars and crooks. Safety first, you wouldnt have sex wiwthout a condom, why meet someone without knowing who they are.
Joined: 9/5/2008
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Posted: 11/21/2008 1:07:07 PM
Google yourself sometime and see what you get.

Results 1 - 10 of about 20,700 for "Xxxx x. Xxxxx". (0.33 seconds)

That was with my full name, middle initial, last name in double-quotes. I'm pretty accessible in Google
Joined: 9/5/2008
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Posted: 11/21/2008 1:12:26 PM
watch what happans when you GOOGLE your pof screen name

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,270,000 for setuid. (0.18 seconds)

Probably not what you wanted, because my name is very common and specific to the industry I work in (Linux/Open Source)
Joined: 4/24/2007
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Posted: 11/21/2008 1:54:45 PM
I googled me and, much too my surprise, found out that I am a liberal with a capital L and a computer geek.
Joined: 9/8/2008
Msg: 43
Posted: 11/21/2008 5:21:50 PM

watch what happans when you GOOGLE your pof screen name

Actually, I googled my screen name, and so many things from all different websites come up. None pertain to me though. There is actually a tumbler blog about FWB though.
Joined: 8/4/2007
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Posted: 11/21/2008 5:28:27 PM
LMAO at "V"...I didn't know you were a REAL vampire...woo hoo!!!

Back to the question at hand - I do NOT google - I check the county website for criminal charges/warrants, and I check the Megan's Law website. I work for the child abuse office - trust me a week there and you'd check up on your own grandmother before you went to visit her. I don't want to meet a criminal.

I do not, however, look at the civil records - divorces, lawsuits, etc. I figure that's none of my business.
Joined: 8/7/2008
Msg: 45
googled...and the info under my name isn't me....(happens a lot)then what
Posted: 11/21/2008 6:56:25 PM
Not uncommon, and quite frankly you run the risk of anyone you come into contact with that knows your name and what city you live in.

Put it in perspective... you don't get along with a co-worker, they google you. The woman that works down the hall and flirts in the elevator who googles you to see if you volunteer so she can flirt with you some more.

It can be good, bad or crazy. Its the age we live in.
Joined: 12/27/2008
Msg: 46
you cant find a damn thing about me on google
Posted: 12/31/2008 1:58:31 PM
Even if you knew my full name and address.

I tried it.

So google all you want-it is just BS
Joined: 9/14/2006
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googled...and the info under my name isn't me....(happens a lot)then what
Posted: 1/2/2009 3:07:22 PM
I'm here KK, just choose to not get involved with most topics since they have 30+ pages that new posters dont read and write the same answers from 20 pages back.

KK your answer:
1. meet for coffee or something short..that way both are not bound for a long date should you not be compatable.
2. meet in a public place, it's not 1960 and having someone pick you up is not wise for internet dates. Tell a family member or friend where you are going beforehand and call them when you return.
3. request a current picture and assume it's probably current not but atleast you have a reasonable idea what they look like.
4. talk on the phone more than once before meeting.
5. assume nothing and be aware..
6. enjoy the brief time together.

the rest is common sense..

OT, googling means absolutely nothing and is a waste of time.
Joined: 10/25/2008
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googled...and the info under my name isn't me....(happens a lot)then what
Posted: 1/2/2009 3:40:20 PM
If she googled your name then you must have put something on the internet for people to see,I can google your screen name and find out every forum you have posted in and the sites you have joined.But to find out personal info on someone you have to pay and have enough info to find out about them,which is nothing wrong with that being you met on the internet.She might have used your name and telephone number on a people search to find out about you.She can go to a site that will tell if you have been arrested or wher you have lived and all your telephone numbers that you had but private info had to come from you that was posted somewhere.
Joined: 10/25/2008
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googled...and the info under my name isn't me....(happens a lot)then what
Posted: 1/2/2009 3:42:37 PM
Forums where dustyknight last posted41 posts - Last post: Jul 27, 2008
Last 25 active threads dustyknight has participated in:. ALL, Alabama, Alabama restaurants and first date ideas, Alaska, Alaska restaurants ... - 96k - Cached - Similar pages
Joined: 9/14/2006
Msg: 50
Posted: 1/2/2009 4:15:00 PM
msg 127,
none of that is true.
Forums where dustyknight last posted41 posts - Last post: Jul 27, 2008
Last 25 active threads dustyknight has participated in:. ALL, Alabama, Alabama restaurants and first date ideas, Alaska, Alaska restaurants ...

I have never posted in any of them but maybe 1 of them..makes my's all bs and false info
Joined: 11/7/2008
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Posted: 1/2/2009 4:39:27 PM
As alot of people in her stated this is the information age and yeah it happens alot now days, it is the times we live in. If anything she has showed you that she is a investigative type of person right from the start. What it is she going to do when you are late for a date, and have a flat tire, call the tow company? Sounds like she has some trust issues and been burned or played by guys and is looking out for her best interest at hand as she is entitled to do, it is if your are comfortable with it and can get past it. I would have to say that she is always going to be distrutful and probably has some control issues as well, be looking out for some of the flags that would show that as well.
Joined: 9/14/2006
Msg: 52
Posted: 1/3/2009 2:12:25 PM
I never posted in those forums:
ALL, Alabama, Alabama restaurants and first date ideas, Alaska, Alaska restaurants ...

ofcourse everybodys history is there..this is about being googled..
This lady googled my name and knew my personal info..ofcourse there was nothing to find..but still I felt she didn't trust me..I have never dated her since btw..
I dated lawyers and drs and yes even a sherriff and never got googled..atleast that I knew of.
My life is an open the women I date...just ask and you get the need to investigate me..
btw I've had the nickname dustyknight online since BBS...late 80s...anyone else is an
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