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The First Date....Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
I like dinner. I talk a mile a minute anyway. Not that I continually talk, but I think all the time. So I'm constantly firing new ideas, thoughts, stories, the lot.
Anything more complicated than that and it seems a bit too much.

I'd love to go go-karting, paint-balling, trying bungee-jumping (though I've never tried and would look like a complete idiot - lost my ego years ago, and gave up all hope of ever getting it back), ice skating, walk in the park, the cinema (only if you'd like the film), rent a DVD (ditto), hiking in the woods (maybe a bit scary for a woman on a first date), sitting in the park, eating nuts or sandwiches and watching squirrels, or insects (ants are the best, they are like commandos, they always get their apple!), for the more adventurous, swimming, a yoga class (first for me again, the class, not the yoga - find out how flexible she really is), can't be asked to think of more, oh yes, go to my local for a drink, or to play pool, or darts, or karaoke, or go somewhere else and do the same, or a bar (NOT the same as a pub), or ... I give up. See, that's always my problem, either I can't think of nuthin', or I think up loads at once.

It's the Aries woman in you, brings out my Scorpio male. You're a dangerous woman, trikki. By the way, is that trikki or tricky? Hmmm...

However, I'm against stealing, so I'd consider the stuff on your profile, but only if we paid for it all. I have a relative who's a klepto and a dab hand at shoplifting. If I wanted something half-inched, I'd be holding your dress right now.

I still have to meet a woman who is up for all of that on a first date, and talk to me. Seems I'm a tad much to handle. Not that I'm very stressful. I try to be laid back. But I'm a bit full-on, I call it intense. Others have called me magnetic. Take your pick.

As to your visible assets, those are playthings, not reasons to avoid thinking. Unless you want a man who's going to do all his best thinking with his anatomy, too.

I've taken a woman to dinner (she loved curry), she came over to mine and we had a takeaway, bottle of wine and watched "Bridget Jones' Diary" (works a treat, fellas), and the pub.

But my worst date ever was when I booked tickets to see Soulfinger in town. She had incredible posture. Once I picked her up, I found that she had a back brace. Then we caught the bus (No car). Once we got on and it was moving, she told me that it can put her back out. We get there and EVERYONE is dancing. But she can't dance, because of the back brace. Rang the next day, turned out she was in hospital, because her back had been put out. Needless to say, I did not call again - on reflection, should have sent her flowers as an apology, but I thought she would never want to speak to me again. NOT going out with a girl with back problems again. Not unless she's really keen.

The most fun you can EVER have is to go outside Buckingham Palace and annoy the Busbys (guardsmen, with the big furry hats). They aren't allowed to move a muscle, crack a smile, or talk at all. So we used to be awful to them.
Then go and get lost in a museum. Or run around an art gallery.
Then, go to a HUGE supermarket, stand on the end of a trolley, and the other one pushes you around at high speed. It's like go-karting, but far more dangerous. Scares the hec out of other shoppers, too.

You see what you've reduced me to, trikki?
You are a bad influence, and a bad, bad girl. (smack) Lol
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The First Date....
Posted: 5/22/2007 1:27:00 PM
Best 1st date - a shooting range. If she can hit the bullseye, or even the target at all, there's no second date.

Brilliant! Laughed for ages when I read that one!

Heck, my suggestion for a first date would be a swingers club. If you don't get along, then you can each go home with someone else instead. That's me, always the practical thinker!
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