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When a woman puts a man at such a low priority all the while sending of signals that they really aren't - then a guy gets at bit miffed and he can in a flash of frustration say something inappropriate. In short his feelings were hurt (and for good reason) and he lashed out - nothing horrible - just an insult.

Lesson to be learned by OP - don't put the man you are dating at some level of priority below your nail appointment.

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Call me when you want to get laid!!
Posted: 8/2/2007 3:24:46 PM
Good Lord!!! The woman had a hectic schedule for two weeks....TWO WEEKS!!! Not two months, two years....just two weeks. Are all of you going to tell me you have never, EVER, had a short period of time where there were suddenly too many things to do in too little time? Have none of you never, EVER, taken a vacation or made plans or gotten involved in anything because someone MIGHT suddenly come into your life and you needed to keep a slot of time open for them in case they did. Are you really going to put the rest of the people in your life on hold because someone you went out with once needs your attention and can't get along without it for two weeks? Give her a break! Is he that impatient, needy, and immature that he couldn't wait TWO WEEKS for another date? Be for real! It isn't like she blew him off and didn't explain her schedule to him. If he is that insecure and demanding of your time now, when he barely knows you, how do you suppose he would act if you actually became a couple?

I think his response was uncalled for, rude, and extremely childish. If you are looking for a gentleman with class and understanding...he is NOT the one for you. Let him go throw his temper tantrum elsewhere. You don't need a grownup "child" to take care of too. Especially one you barely even know.
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Call me when you want to get laid!!
Posted: 8/3/2007 7:21:53 AM
OP, got into this late, so have not been able to read all the responses, so this might be redundant.

Have been in simular situations with ladies who always seem to be busy. Everytime you call, they can't go out for some reason. Personally, I walk away. They just don't have the time to date. However, if your really interested in this guy, and you have put him off repeatedly, why don't you call and let him know that he's been a great guy for hanging in there with ya despite your busy schedule and offer to buy the first drink on the next date, and set a date you know you will be free. It lets him know that you are interested, and appreciate his being patient. Otherwise, I take all this as being blown off, I got better things to do (as opposed to more important things, like your daughter.) As for his comment, most of what guys say, you can take at face value. There really are no hidden meanings when a guy says something.
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Call me when you want to get laid!!
Posted: 8/25/2007 11:57:51 PM
do you ask a woman out for that same night or do you make plans to get together at least a few days later? I don't care for it when a guy calls and asks me out for that night. I will always say no. Makes it look like i'm not even important enough to schedule a date in his calendar. Just seems disrespectful to me, and that maybe his plans fell through at the last moment and suddenly he's bored and needs something to do.

Of course, all that doesn't apply with a bf or someone you know well.
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Call me when you want to get laid!!
Posted: 9/20/2007 3:32:08 PM
How long the busy streak lasts decides it. Anyone can get too busy for a week, or two. Beyond that it is not busy, it is avoidance. I know people who have two jobs, and kids, and several hobbies, and social clubs...and they make time for the relationships they really want.
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Call me when you want to get laid!!
Posted: 5/7/2008 6:54:22 PM
For crying out loud, if some Moron told me that, I hope to hell it's when I have possession of his land line or his cell phone. I'd have a ball with his tone. I'd just ring some number in China or someplace overseas and let it sit on hold for a couple of hours. Yeah, let's see if he wants anyone to call him then
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Call me when you want to get laid!!
Posted: 5/7/2008 7:07:32 PM
okay SEXYPRINCESS.......I'll be brave and be the one to ask.
so why is it that you post a great looking picture with skin showing and 'tease' us with that great looking body? and YES I know you might think thats a sexists question, but thats tough. dont you think that if you look so damn good like your picture, that it sort of automatically puts thoughts into those "pigs" that you are talking about?
I dont mean to be mean or sexist or any of that, but I have come across this before. on another site, this gal posted a knockout picture with cleavage down to here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and said all kinds of sexy things in her profile and then got upset when I made a silly joke about it all.
WHAT DO WOMEN WANT???????????????
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Call me when you want to get laid!!
Posted: 5/7/2008 7:57:34 PM

Call me when you want to get laid!!

Does that approach EVER really work with anyone but prostitutes? Actually, when I was driving a taxi, I got to meet the best and the worst of humanity, and I don't think that works with a lot of prostitutes, either.
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Call me when you want to get laid!!
Posted: 5/8/2008 7:21:03 AM
Another response might have been, "You're the guy I call when I want dinner. I call much younger guys when I want to get laid."

Actually, he might have just been frustrated by being denied the opportunity to be included in your life. Every now and then it's the woman who has a premature accusation.
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