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 Change Of Pace
Joined: 5/5/2007
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!Page 2 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Maria...your profile is very seem like a lovely and caring person. Sometimes a profile can send some really bad signals.

You just have to look at this as one weapon in the best you'll find someone to share your life with and at worst you'll have a few laughs. You can't take it too seriously all the time or it'll do your head in!

As far as guys putting you on faves without talking to you--take them off. I do that and normally have a max of 1 or 2 people me it's silly and people take too much stock in that. Popularity contest? Don't know, but what's the sense?

Keep on keeping on...go out and talk to real people...stay in here and mess about in the forums. Have fun and it'll happen eventually.

Smiles right back to you!
Joined: 5/20/2007
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 5/29/2007 11:38:20 PM
eletric boyfreind batteries are a rip off bought them at the store they were 9 dollars, and it left me no money for candy bar. Still, I say 90% of profiles are sex up or the photos are doctor or altered on male and female, and if you look at a persons face if the symetry is prefect on the person the odds of that being a forgery are very likely.
Joined: 4/10/2007
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 5/30/2007 12:52:55 PM
I don't have a boyfriend thank god!!... not looking either. but I am electric not that that's shocking LMAO man i sound so
concieted feels strange
Joined: 3/13/2005
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 5/30/2007 3:04:59 PM
I knew there was a reason to carry that "battery pack" with me........

There are fake people all over the place and not limited to just men and ones on a dating site.........

I have been on this site for a long long time now and met many women from POF. A majority of them were not as claimed on line and in their profile. Many I would not have even recognized if they had not waved to me or stopped me as I walked by because they did not look anything like their pictures, or information given.

I can put up with different hair color, length, or style, and an extra pound on or off that person, and yes a few years older or younger..........BUT.........I can not put up with an image given on line that is not even close to reality when meeting in person.

The whole point is chemistry and connection and taking it from there.......and I am more than happy to meet anyone that thinks they will have that with me, and believes I will with them, but please be in the "ball park" with your profile, statements, size, and age.......

I have only met one woman that stated that she was 10 years older then her real age, and looked younger on top of that. The obvious differences in our ages was so apparent that she even noticed it along with me, and I asked her the why, which she stated..... to find someone very stable, mature, financially secure, and willing to truly take care of her and her two children. She had her reasons, just as we all do, and I was flattered for a brief moment, but in the end a 25 year old with a 45+ year old just did not compute in her or my mind.

Just my opinion........
Joined: 4/19/2007
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 5/30/2007 4:03:44 PM

You have guys who add you to the fav list ...and then never chat with you.
Yup, that's me. Mind you, if I actually believed that you'd chat with me, I would speak to you in a heartbeat. What a maroon!!!
Joined: 5/21/2005
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 5/31/2007 3:06:05 AM
I think the BS here would be your little pity rant here----

Who are these "genuinely beautiful" women you speak of? Ever think the women YOU think or feel are "beautiful" might strike a guy somewhat differently? If you're talking physical beauty that's irrelevent to anyone looking for something significant. All too many of these "beautiful women" are not all that interesting once you get to know more about them.

What are some women offering that others don't which gets them skimmed over?

The Favorites list is nothing more than a note book of sorts---it does NOT indicate anything other than some sort of interest in that persons profile. There is no obligation to contact anyone you place there. Of course, if someone adds you you're always welcome to message them--------novel idea, huh?? LOL

Who and why are you pouring your heart out to so quickly? Sometimes things you reveal don't sit well with the receipient and they're either lost for words or are so turned off by the revelation they don't want to continue talking with you. That's freedom of choice.

The experiences you have here wouldn't be much different on a pay-for-use site since the common element there would be YOU! This site is simply a tool and how you use it affects the outcome. If you're constantly running into disappointments here perhaps looking at yourself a bit more honestly would result in some interesting findings? Your profile does seem quite nice and somewhat encouraging but if you behave much differently than that initial impression that could also explain your lack of success here.

Those are my views from the male perspective!!
 1Fish2Fish RedFishNewFish
Joined: 9/8/2006
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 5/31/2007 4:07:23 AM
"My boyfriend is electric......!!!!"

Battery or A/C?

Re: Favorites and no contact, perhaps your limitations on who may message you prevent contact. I have added someone to my favorites only to realize I am unable to message them. Perhaps they will contact me... perhaps not. If you really want people to talk with you, remove your messaging limitations. You can always cull out those who are not a match after you chat!

Also, you could try changing your photo to see if that might work. I see a new face and I check out the profile. Lastly, maybe your profile could use some work. Have you visited any of the "profile review" threads for ideas?

Best wishes for productive fishing!

Oh, by the way, I am a fake profile. I am actually a bot, an electronic figment of your imagination. In fact, this post does not really exist!
Joined: 12/27/2005
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 5/31/2007 4:12:36 AM
The whole context here is like a department store of potential dates. Of course men and women look for someone who would be the best match that they can find. Some of us are not in a big hurry, and some of us may have 7 coffee dates for every second date.

99.9 percent ....of guys on here are fake. There are some genuine beautiful women on here and majority of the men on here just skim them over them for some who have more to offer them.
I have no idea what this means. Of course I skim over attractive women and they skim over me because we did not have chemistry, things in common, an ease of communication, etc... Successful relationships have many variables. And of course men who are not looking for "long term" may therefore be intending to find dates and stay single. Of course these guys are looking for someone with more to offer. (nod & wink, say no more) Personally, I am looking for long term and marriage eventually, but that is why the right person is not easy to find. I have been on dating sites for almost 3 yrs. I had thought I had found my mate at one point, but she had a different perspective on our relationship. Better enjoy the search process. I do. Probably because my searching involves honest communication and sexual activity when agreed upon.

Personally, I use the Favorites list just to put Profiles that I have stumbled upon that I may or may not wish to contact at some later point. If POF offered some sort of Later or Hot List I would use that but the Favorites is the only feature where I can save info for later reference.
Joined: 4/30/2007
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 5/31/2007 6:36:43 AM
99.9% success here. That's right, met my bot-ter half here. We have since wed, and recently gave life to a healthy baby bot tot. Okay, maybe that wasn't funny. >>> I haven't been @ POF very long. At first I wasn't sure I would even frequent it once my car gets fixed, as that's the reason I signed up in the first place. Seems though, I have found some reasons for staying. I haven't found lotsa women I vibe with, but I've found some that are ab fab! Maybe no exclusive relationships will come of it, but I like what Eldubu says (Chocoletti has some good insight too). I like the whole "go with the flow" angle. For me, things may have more meaning or significance if they come naturally. Nothing really wrong with being assertive, but I think timing is a key component.-- I like it here. It's like a big dysfuctional family! Just like a real family, there are the ones you love, and the ones you hope don't remember you're related. I think one thing that would help in your plight is if the "looking for" column were more simplified. Maybe everyone will disagree with me in unison, but I think it should be two choices: 1.friends, 2.more than. It is what it is and you figure the rest out at pace. Also, as far as favs lists, I don't know about other guys, but I NEVER add unless I ask first. Maybe that's just me. I know if I were a girl, I'd find it a tad queer to find myself a fav of someone I've never had any interaction with . Okay I'm done, everything I've wrtten is not important except this: I wouldn't give up if I were you. But I would also take it in a "not gonna EXPECT anything" stride .....
Joined: 4/19/2007
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 7/3/2007 7:27:16 PM
That's life?

P.S. Dating is hard!

Just remember to enjoy yourself.
Joined: 7/31/2006
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 7/6/2007 6:21:02 AM
Gee thanks, that stupid a$$ song Electric Slide is now playing on loop inside my skull.
Joined: 1/9/2007
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 7/6/2007 6:32:25 AM
hmmm if it wasnt 4 electric boyfriends maybe you would acually meet someone !!!! put it down and go out ....
 Fry Lock
Joined: 10/4/2005
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My boyfriend is electric......!!!!
Posted: 7/6/2007 8:17:01 AM
My boyfriend is so hot he's electric (the real live flesh and blood one)...TOTALLY...but I do have a backup in case the power goes out...

coin operated boy
sitting on the shelf he is just a toy
but i turn him on and he comes to life
automatic joy
that is why i want a coin operated boy

made of plastic and elastic
he is rugged and long-lasting
who could ever ever ask for more
love without complications galore
many shapes and weights to choose from
i will never leave my bedroom
i will never cry at night again
wrap my arms around him and pretend....

coin operated boy
all the other real ones that i destroy
cannot hold a candle to my new boy and i'll
never let him go and i'll never be alone
not with my coin operated boy......

this bridge was written to make you feel smitten
with my sad picture of girl getting bitter
can you extract me from my plastic fantasy
i didnt think so but im still convincible
will you persist even after i bet you
a billion dollars that i'll never love you
will you persist even after i kiss you
goodbye for the last time
will you keep on trying to prove it?
i'm dying to lose it...
i want it
i want you
i want a coin operated boy.

and if i had a star to wish on
for my life i cant imagine
any flesh and blood could be his match
i can even take him in the bath

coin operated boy
he may not be real experienced with girls
but i know he feels like a boy should feel
isnt that the point that is why i want a
coin operated boy
with his pretty coin operated voice
saying that he loves me that hes thinking of me
straight and to the point
that is why i want
a coin operated boy.
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