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Hardayknight...ooooh boy... all that skill and you can write! sigh

Oh and by the way, I am putting some halls in my goodie bag! lol

In the eighties there was a comedian named Sam Kinison. He was loud and brash and has since died. However, he instructed the men in the audience to spell out the alphabet, in uppercase, on the woman. He even sang the song on stage. the next time me and my ex were together I swear I heard him humming it! (and it worked fairly well too!!)
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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 4:41:23 PM
So, who's confident, and interested in sharing?
I am...I am!!

How can I say that??

Well lets just say that every time I do it I'm asked to stop because the woman is on the bed shaking. And it's not because she forgot to take her seizure medication.
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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 4:56:43 PM
I learned a long time ago from my friend's mom and it has held true for many moons...get in touch with your and feel and listen to everything that is happening and vary what you do...the sides the top the bottom...light and then some pressure and experiment to find the trigger for the can be as simple as sucking on it gently or use of your hands in other places or inserting your tongue. Every person is different...even those that say they can't get off orally can if you take the time to touch and talk and kiss and feel what is happening. Don't watch porn...their technique is purely for the camera...even Ron Jeremy the "hedgehog" was more show on film than in real life...I know because we had a mutual friend who kissed and told.

If all else fails, have your partner tell you what she likes and listen to her.....
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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 6:00:50 PM
Is it just me, or is it hot in here????
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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 6:14:05 PM
My technique? Simple. Communicate, experiment, and use all of my senses. All you need to do is look, listen, and feel and you'll know if you are on the right track.

Her pleasure is my pleasure. I've stuck with that "technique" and it has served me pretty well.
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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 6:25:55 PM
Hey guys have you lady use some pop rocks on you!!!!!!!!!!! All I can say is MAN they other one i was just told about is crest mouth wash.
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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 6:35:19 PM
Yes--I agree--that was mighty hot writing.
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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 7:28:25 PM
oral technique..........speak loudly and clearly, start off with a joke or two to break the ice, scan the room and try to make occasional eye contact and..........wait a minute, this isnt the debating club thread, is it.

whoops, sorry........
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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 8:14:06 PM

The only "technique" is to pay attention to the reaction...

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Oral technique....
Posted: 7/26/2008 9:15:13 PM
Talking about oral sex is sort of like listening to a mime.

Remember those old movies they made us watch about how
to cross the street?
“Watch, Listen, Look Both Ways And once you
have committed, under no circumstances do you STOP
to ‘lollygag’ or get distracted until you have reached your goal.”
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Oral technique....Is it hot in here?????
Posted: 7/27/2008 8:31:45 PM
Hello Skeptikul...

Probably is hot in here...thats the problem...getting it hot live and in person of course is better...

Oh is fun....
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Oral technique....Is it hot in here?????
Posted: 7/28/2008 9:04:04 PM
i think practice makes perrrrrrrrrrfect!

seriously - i did a google search for "oral sex techniques" and came away with quite a few ideas, most that seem to work. one that seems to work best is to rotate my head when i am down on my man. instead of just going up and down, i work on turning my head side to side - it gives my neck a break, and seems to make them feel just fine! i also tap on the top of his balls, just where the scrotum comes out. do it lightly a few times and it gets a neat reaction!
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Oral technique....
Posted: 2/7/2009 7:31:16 AM
Foreplay, teasing, undoing her clothing that is in the way. Rubbing her body, kissing her mouth, face, neck, chest, belly, her boobs lick and suck, sometimes even bite nipples softly, VERY softly! Working down to her waist. Sometimes I like to then go to her ankles, up her leg to her thighs. Then open her legs, pull down her panties. (Teeth is pretty erotic for this) Kiss her thighs, her belly, but avoid her p*ssy. I also like to exhale my warm breath on her lips and her clit to make her moan and writhe. Then the fun starts...

If I've done my job, she's already wet and I can dig in. Gently lick the muff. Kiss it. You can either use your fingers or toungue to start. Then play with the front of her V, so she tightens up. Start licking the outer lips, alternate kissing. Move to inner lips. Tickle her clit, to make sure it is responsive.

At this point you can introduce fingers and finger her while you lick and suck on her lips and clit. From time to time alternate kissing from her V to her bush. And when she's ready, start flicking her lips and her clit with her toungue. Or fvck her with your toungue in long, hard and wet strokes. And alternate a little sucking, but not too much, just as a tease.

At the point where she's about to "pop" encircle her clit with your toungue and do the "O" technique or lick the alphabet.

By this point she should have her hands on your head and jam your face fully into her. If your not stimulating her with your hands as well, you can rub her thighs, her ass, her chest, her neck, squeeze her boobs or jam your fingers in her mouth to suck on.

If she is properly warmed up and into it, she will cum for sure. And certainly be soaking wet. (Don't be put off by this, these are her juices, it's perfectly natural and you have nothing to fear by them, It's a good thing and reinforcement that your doing it right!) If you get her to "squirt" Bravo! You have aced the test, although not every woman can do this.

Now by this point she should be begging you to fvck her, grabbing you for a handjob, or some kind of mutual act to reward you. From there you should be able and ready to attack each other with animalisitc passion. If when it's over you have a hard time standing up, you head is "swimming" and try as you might you can't concentrate on a damn thing... Then congrats... You've just had GREAT sex!!!
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Oral technique....
Posted: 2/7/2009 7:39:36 AM
Ladies anyone can write about how good they are .

Only one way to find out

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Oral technique....
Posted: 2/7/2009 8:22:45 AM
To me it's all about enthusiasm...whether I'm giving OR receiving.

If I'm on the receiving end...and my partner is enthusiastic about orally pleasing me, then I'm going to enjoy it. And the more enthusiasm she shows, the more I'll likely enjoy it. If SHE's on the receiving end, if she's responding to my oral ministrations w/great enthusiasm (verbalizing, humping my face, pulling my hair/or head tighter into her), the more I enjoy pleasing her.
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Oral technique....
Posted: 3/23/2009 11:53:13 AM
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Oral technique....
Posted: 3/23/2009 11:57:38 AM
I love any oral contact..let me be honest...but the women who can take it deep- that turns me on- I can feel it squeeze into her throat- I really liek that!
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