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Joined: 4/25/2007
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Everyone has excellent comments... overall, the 'silver tongue', I especially recognize the 'not taking phone calls', when they are with you... 'a key'.. compliments 'over the top'... so you are tongue tied, and blushing... mind mush. Have 'lots of female- just friends' type. It's poured on thick.. while playing a little 'coy'... they will have one eye searching around - in case - a bigger score is nearby. One in particular I know.. constantly searching for 'the bucks'.. richer the better. Watch your bank books.. house and cars ladies.. If you hear.. I make so much money.. but they own very little... 'that's your first clue'.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 10:52:05 AM
^^^ ok, nick. :-)

and in response to:

merf1961: don't take this as an insult, but please get counselling. Your posts are dripping with bitterness and you really need to move on not only for your own mental health, but also for those who you interact with on a daily basis. Everyone gets played at least once or twice, both men and women, but we deal with it. Your post history clearly show that you haven't.

thank you very much for your kind advice. it is nice to see that, in this world, people who are complete strangers to you will take the time -- and will CARE enough -- to advise you on such personal matters.

and though i do appreciate your concern, the thing is (and of course, by no means is this meant as an insult), i never have been played.

i don't know what that's like. and so, unlike you and the many others you mention, i don't have that kind of baggage and thus have no need to deal with it.

so, no, we don't all get played. at least i have not. and i surely do hope that will continue to be true.

not only that, i harbor no bitterness whatever against men. or women. or any particular group. and i am truly sorry you have such an impression. perhaps in future you will take the time to read postings with more care, particularly if you are going to continue advising people you do not know about their mental health? reading skills are important in general -- for example, maybe if you were to read things with more care (like e-mails, and the like), you'd successfully avoid players, as i have? just a thought...

but though you have made a few incorrect assumptions, i surely do appreciate your misplaced, uninformed advice.

have a beautiful day, all!
 Christian seeks Christian
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 11:28:42 AM
In the Hindu India newspapers here in USA, there are hundreds of MATRIMONIAL personals, they all read the same, ie. Punjab Girls parents seek Punjab boy for MATRIMONY, our daughter cooks punjab style and has such and such education, such and such religion, etc., , a similar educated employed punjab boy in such and such area would be acceptable. Or..... Single Punjab male age, career, education religion seeks MATRIMONTY with punjab girl of such and such in such and such area, call parents to arrange meeting.
This is Hindu style dating and matrimony, no sex, no kisses, no touchy feely, no time wasting free entertainment and time wasting dinner dates, no spitting mononucleosus, the kissing disease, in each others mouths, no nonsense. The parents meet, the single couple meets, they discuss income, jobs, education, religion, cooking styles and see if they are a suitable match for MATRIMONY, no co mingling of saliva, just common sense MATRIMONIAL sustainability data, accountabilty and attraction based on common sense details. If the guy has enough camels and goats to offer and the girl has an agreeable situation to offer and they like each other and they agree and the parents agree, a courtship and MATRIMONY ensue. No nonsense, no romeo and juliet monkey biz crap, the two based on accord become accountable and if all goes well they hammer the goat and camel counts out, look at behavior, lifestyle, moral/religion diet etc and if all passes snuff MATRIMONY occurs.
USA women are stupid to date date date and be sampled sampled sampled and USA men are just as stupid to date date date and sample sample sample, all they end up with is wasted time, stds, no accountabilty and a foolish exposure to sickie relationally inept people who are going nowhere in relationships, just spreading stds to each other,and wasting each others time SAMPLING each other.It takes 5 minutes to assess initial attraction, a few hours to let accountants hammer out facts, a day or two to meet parents, run background checks, assess past present and future history and viability of compatability and goals. Ladies, many USA men, sadly, are morally retarded and seek serial sex with women without matrimony or committment or accountability, those are deadly std spreaders, samplers and serial daters, and if you value your health and your life you dump those confused, lost, non accountable, non viable, pathologically ill serial sex offenders and serial daters, players like you would dump rotton toxic garbage, you get rid of it fast!!!!!
If a man does not value matrimony and exclusive committment, throw him back, as he is just a toxic water snake, and if a toxic snake bites you, you get stds and die. Not cool.
Muslim dating, a guy can not even get a peek under the burka of a girl untill he has declared his situation, intentions etc to a girls parents and all is koser and acceptable. USA women are very intelligent in many regards except dating. Try saving yourselves for your husbands only and dating only the guy who will make the best MATRIMONIAL partner and have the guy lay his cards on the table BEFORE you waste your time. Sexism that turns women into sex objects, objects to use and discarded, can only occur if woman have no standards of decency and correct self conduct. If the guy has bad intentions or is seeking a GOOD TIME GIRL to use for FUN remember GOOD TIME GIRL meant hooker in WW2, so if you women want to be unpaid hookers thats your problem, just don't be shocked when you get stds and conned by a serial sex offender sexist pig sickie male.
That said, here is wishing everyone safe dating, long lasting true love and healthy committed relationships. Let the sex offenders rot in prisons and aids wards.
Stay safe.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 12:33:01 PM
Wow, what a post! Were you being serious queen? There's so much wrong with what you just said, I don't even know where to start.

Your post implies that women don't even like to have sex, it's merely a "necessary evil", part of marriage. And you base this on what exactly?

I personally enjoy having sex, NOT with multiple partners, but one partner. Does this mean I intend to marry him? Not in the least.

You see, for some of us, marriage is not the "end all and be all". If I eventually meet someone, and we mesh perfectly, I would consider. But that meshing is dependent on so many factors, and not one of them is where he did or didn't go to school.

Arranged marriages? Could there be any worse hell?? I mean really?! Do you not believe in romance; in love? Does it all come down to the bottom line?

Sorry, my post is off-topic. On topic:
Players are all around, both male and female. I think the only way to avoid them is to follow your gut instincts, and be smart. Don't jump in too fast. A guy who truly wants to be with you will take his time (as will a woman), and not feel the need to rush everything.

Nick, I have a question for you: What does CV stand for? I've seen it used a few times, and have no clue. I'm guessing it's the same as a resume, I'd just like to know what it is. Thanks in advance!!
 Christian seeks Christian
Joined: 4/20/2007
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 1:43:36 PM
Facts: 55% of all USA marriages end in divorce. Fact: 70% of all USA 2nd marriages end in divorce. These figures do not include people who just cohabitate. Fact: There are 62 million single mom headed households in USA that live below the poverty level, no one can find the dads to collect child support. Source US Dept of Human Services.
Fact: The number one listed cause of divorce in USA is money
Fact: The number two listed cause of divorce in USA is infidelity
Fact: The number three listed cause of divorce in USA is child care issues
Source: US Dept of Justice

Fact: Malaria, a threadworm, kills 2/3rds of the earths population. Fact: Stds and sti's, threadworm and infectious parasites, are transmitted via saliva and co-mingling of body fluids, if you spit on a police officer and you have aids or stds you are charged with felony assault.
Fact: Transmission of std's is a felony in 48 states in USA, the criminal transmission of std's and sti's law has been on the books since 1982 in USA and many many cases have and are being successfully prosecuted.

I think everyone has free will and everyone reaps as they sow. I personally support monogamy and do not support promiscuity. No adultery means no adultery for a reason. I have a background in science and nutrition and if your spouse surreptistiously cheats on you 1 time they could infect you and any unborn children with a DEADLY std. Not cool.

Everyone is free to live as they please within reason and within the law. I support monogamy, chastity and reccomend to others who value chasity and monogamy. The rest are free to go back to the Jerry Springer Show and the "swingers" clubs, for people who are into polyamorus living. I am not.
Good Luck.
 Christian seeks Christian
Joined: 4/20/2007
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 2:15:10 PM
Chipmunk, Hi, I am not a practicing muslim but if I were and if I wore my burka as my religious tradition I would expect the other person to respect my religious belief and tradition.
If I were a Hindi I know I would appreciate a partner who shared my values.

I am a religious person and I appreciate others who share the same religion , that is just common sense, mutual beliefs and mutual values, we all read the same book, which goes a long way in compatability.

The internet is full of 'swinger' dates sites. I do not judge them, I just avoid them and I delete serial daters, polyamorous and swingers, aka online players.

I am a, one man woman, and there are plenty of, one women men, out there. I pointed out some facts and how some traditional cultures assess partnership and compatabilty issues. The question was, how to assess an online player and fyi, if I am correct, online player means, non commital , time waster, sampler, serial dater, promiscuos, not ready to settle down, possibly std infected and insincere. That is why people want to avoid online players, they are not clean living, they are a high risk. see for info on players.
Good Luck
 Christian seeks Christian
Joined: 4/20/2007
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 2:31:27 PM
Hi breathlesshush, lol, you are speculating a bit much, try sticking with facts. I love the traditional and the healthy progressive. What is right for you may not be same for me or someone else. The question was how to spot online players and online players RUN from accountability, honesty, committment, facts, transparency. Online players are basically confused deceivers and the questioner was asking how to avoid online deceivers aka players.
1. Speak so that I may know you, over time a person will tell you who they are and what thier values are. So let the person tell you who they are if your interested.
2. Read to learn to spot frauds and snakes and players. The wisdom of a snake is to hide itself. Reading exposes the tactics and games of a snake aka a player who is wasteing someone elses time and is not looking out for the other persons best interests. out-eds many of the players cons and is a valuable resource site for those looking to avoid players.
Good Luck.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 4:27:28 PM
The ones who move too fast, and especially if the ask 'when you are coming to visit me' (as if you are going to, ever). Then there are the NiceGuy types that apparently copy/paste a long letter to you, asking several harmless take the time to answer and you will never hear from them again.

Let me know if YOU encounter anyone in particular that does this to you.
Joined: 4/25/2007
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 4:29:55 PM
Hey, have you been reading MY mail??? Sounds like soooo many of the worthless $0%s I have had write to me here and on other sites.
Joined: 9/30/2005
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 6:13:51 PM

Get his name and run it through the county records where you live. Also use other resources like your appraisal district to make sure everything a person tells you checks out. Then meet and take it from there using your brain, not your heart... and see if this person is worthy of seeing again. Most of the time they will fall short somewhere and you will have to let them go... so you don't invite some unstable, confused or psychotic person into your life who has made a mess of their life.

County records will tell you if they have judgements, assumed names, marriages, divorces, evictions, debt and much more. Use your public records BEFORE meeting someone. Players are often ( not always) unstable people who use and feed off others and you will pick up clues if you do your homework. Using all your resources including your brain, you can weed out most all players and use your time to meet people who are better choicesuote

End of quote

My God, if you did this for all potential dates, you would never have time to actually date.

I never need a person's life history or credit report unless I am going to marry that person or at least very serious about this person.

You have to be realistic about dating since it IS a numbers game.

Just use common sense and save the detective work if you get really serious (and then you might hire a professional private investiagor who has the resources that you will never have to run a check on this person. Just be prepared to pay for the background check since PI's are $$$
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 6:18:40 PM

1) They are on every free site, even ones you never heard of.. especially under different IDS, names and locations

I have a newsflash for you - the same ones are ALSO on the PAY sites.....
Joined: 5/14/2006
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 6:21:56 PM
What about women playing games ???? I have noticed that as well.
Joined: 1/27/2007
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/26/2007 6:28:57 PM
Humm...I agree with most of underthestars post...but I get online alot..does that make me a player?

I've noticed some guys will only call when their driving...kinda weird...sure sign.

I've also had a few that their profile says their much younger but once they talk to you their like 10yrs older...and admit it.....trying to reel in the young babes.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/27/2007 12:13:49 AM
~OT~ You get one morning, he can't get enough of you, IM, texting, emails, etc., by midnight that night, he's sending you a "good luck to you" email. It's a sign I overlooked. Silly me.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/27/2007 7:16:03 AM

I guess a good clue that he/she is a player is if he/she includes the term player in his/her username. Or is it the other way around?

Is the issue sooooo "jaded" that reverse logic is to be used? No player will openly accept he/she is a player. And trying to prove you are not a player these days, good luck. So, one might as well say "I am a Player" anyway, player or not. Dating USA is soooo zanny these days, it seems!

oh my!!!! i love your new user name, nick! ha!!!!

i almost spit out my coffee when i saw that!

yes, if player is in the screen name, it's a DEFINITE clue that he's not a player.

if he IS is a player, his screen name will be something like "1womantoloveforever" or "lookingformybestfriend" or "honestguy123" or some shite like that...

of course i am kidding... no, you can't tell if someone is honest by their screen name.

and being a player or not is really about honesty, in the end...

instead of calling this 'clues they're a player' we should call it "clues that he/she is honest", or "dishonest" -- that would perhaps be a better way of framing such a discussion...

and yes, dating in the USA is zany indeed! :-)

ciao nikhos!
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/30/2007 6:37:33 PM
I found this today, on another thread. Thought it was worth re-posting as I found it quite helpful:

Definitions of an on-line "Player"
There are many different types, but if any of these sound familiar to you, "red flag" them.

Married - The most common type of Player is without doubt the "married" one, but who never tells you he is married. "red flags" to look for - won't give you his home phone number only his mobile, won't give you his address, can only chat to you during the day ("red flag") is talking to you from work rather than from home.

Married, but - wife neglects me, no sex life left , etc."red flag" in most cases the only type of relationship you will have will be a "dead end" one.

Mr. Blowhard - definitely a "red flag" - all he wants is an audience to listen to and believe his bogus stories of danger and bravery, or he has a promising career, brilliant future etc., but all snatched away from him due to an accident or serious injury. He needs your sympathy, and when you get tired of listening, he'll just move on to find a new audience.

Hit & Run Player - another "red flag" usually the younger guys just practicing or fine tuning their chat up lines. You will probably receive love poems, links to the most romantic places on the net etc. Very easy to believe they really love only YOU.

Body - Surfers - These guys are easy to spot. The broach the subject of sex early in the relationship. - They are only looking for sex … phone sex, cyber sex, pictures, videos or real sex.

The Globe Trotter - Single/married players who travel for a living. They usually have a laptop as well as access to computer at home/work. They are looking to find women who live "on their appointed rounds" (easy to find doing an advanced search of profiles). They them IM or e-mail you saying they are intrigued by your profile etc., and how much in common you seem to have. After they have you chatting a few times amazingly they will happen to be in your area next week and could they come and see you. Once hooked they can add you to their visiting list (saves spending lonely nights in an hotel!!).

Mr. Big - They usually own their own business (they use that as "bait" which we are meant to translate as "I'm a good catch". Or they may let it slip early in the relationship that they own their own business, or they claim to be a lawyer, a doctor or other highly-paid professional. Now think about it. The same as us women, men want to be loved for themselves, NOT their assets so this man needs a "red flag" too. Can you really believe that a real Professional man would have the time to hang around in chat rooms.

The Sympathy Dog - He gives you a long sob story and then everyday there is a new crisis in his life. All he wants from you are daily "pity parties" - just don't fall for it.

Then we get onto the more serious Players,the real Con men who can cause you enormous emotional distress, harassment and stalking.

The Control Freak - He will also have a sob story and use your sympathy to manipulate you to get his own way. Stories you might hear - has a bad heart condition, or needs a kidney transplant, has cancer but it's in remission. These supposed afflictions are for the purpose of "control" .. whenever you step out of line, the following reaction will occur: you added to his depression and he's feeling suicidal, he starts getting chest pains, he has to go on dialysis, the cancer comes out of remission. Using your feelings of guilt, he will quickly have you back under his thumb again.

The Guilt Trip Player - If you don't fall for his MO which he has worked so hard on, then he will throw a temper tantrum. You will probably receive an e-mail from a supposed friend/relative informing you he committed suicide, implying it was over you of course. Then this friend/relative will keep contact with you for weeks to come with details of the funeral and how devastated the family is etc. Or you will be told he was in some terrible accident and is dying (and you are supposed to feel very guilty about how you treated him. (Shame on you! LOL)

The Freeloaders - This type of player is looking for financial support. He will woo you and then suggest something like "I love you too much to take you away from your family and friends, but I am prepared to move nearer to you." "Could I stay with you for a bit to check out the housing situation/job situation etc.". Big "red flag" comes to stay with you, has no money, alcoholic, drug addict says he'll change if you will just stick by him, help him out for a bit financially. Once in your home - you will have a real job to get him out again.

The Cyberpaths (Online Sociopaths) - These are the worse of the bunch…. This type always looks for the easy to bait, vulnerable women, widows, newly divorced, women recovering from a recent heartbreak etc. They lurk, using different screen names, in the widows, divorced, Al-Anon or mature chat rooms (40's, 50's 60's) They start out romancing you like a player does, but it's for an ulterior motive; they become obsessive and then they become the online harasser, the stalker … or worst.

Also a Cyberpath, the Emotional Hitchhiker - They generally look for their "sheep" in rooms that involve emotional support widows & widowers, divorced etc. (really sensitive vulnerable people). They will start out as being this great and wonderful guy who has also been widowed or divorced and is in a lot of emotional pain. They will use two different screen names (pretending to be two different people) - one who is a man falling in love with you: the other, a man who just wants your friendship. After they have you madly in love with them, then they will fake their own death. You will receive an e-mail from a family member or friend informing you he: died in a car accident, sudden heart attack etc. Then, using their other screen name, they will hear first hand of your reaction: hear all you grief and complete devastation, getting a complete "high" from your emotions. OR they may tell you they just found out they have cancer, terminal - of course and drag it out for six months or se, getting daily "highs" from your sympathies and your heartbreak. When the "highs" start to falter, then you will receive notice of their "very painful" death.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/30/2007 7:27:03 PM
One of the easiest ways to tell is if your significant other seems to put you on hold or asks you to wait because he is busy.

If I had a lady she would be my priority #1 and would get my immediate attention. If your significant other has problems giving you the time of the day then that is a warning sign.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/30/2007 7:29:48 PM
Yeah, I dated an onliner, on line all the time morning , day n night, flirting with different girls, loving the attention, while not giving me the attention i put forth into him. That lasted for 2 years. Needless to say, he was online when we met, on line threw out the realationship and still is, & on several dating sites, that I know of??? & his statue always said (shile we were supposedly dating * single*. HUMMMMM? We saw each other everyday, and all seemed to be well.???
O.K> What it is ... is POTENTIALS. He told me stright from his mouth...straight from the source himsself girls!
Fortunatly I had an honest one, needless to say he is STILL on line all the time still talk about that god dam msn shit. "MAKE ME JELOUS!!!"
WORD OF ADVICE...if a guy is gonna lie, it sure as shit don't take the internet to do so.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/30/2007 7:30:27 PM
Women do have to be more careful. My question is this: How do I ask for someone's full name (if i were to run some kind of check) without giving my own? I don't want someone I don't even know to be able to find out where I live. That's why I don't ask that info; i would if i were to continue to see him and trusted him.

Don't want someone who's made a mess of his life.

:) Cali
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/30/2007 7:36:19 PM
This is a great forum; and one I wish I had read before I went on-line on another site over a year ago. I was contacted by two guys around the same time - and picked the wrong one - from 'my' instincts. The one I dated for a year 'wanted' be a player, and the one I thought was the player turned out to be sincere, was my friend the whole time I was miserable with the other one, and was waiting on me when I discovered the truth. And why did I think he was the player??? Because he was handsome and had lots of women on his list. He chose me in spite of that - the other one took me for granted. Things were not making sense, so I checked him out and he failed - badly. Sleepunderthestars hit some of my signs exactly:
- They can't call at certain times, or dissapear for days, saying they are working, out of town, or have been very busy
- only want to meet on their terms when they can,
- you don't see their friends, parents, kids, or shares his life with you. just sees /calls when its convient for him
And add to it, get E-mail messages on his Blackberry at 11:00 p.m. from work - sure.
...I bought his excuses for a while. But a man who is interested in getting to know you and not use you, will spend the time - no matter how busy he is. I had a handsome man that was willing to go to church picnics, dances, work events, take me to concerts and canoeing - and I blew him off as the player for a year - shows how smart I am. LOL
Thanks everyone for the wisdom!!
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 6/30/2007 7:57:51 PM
I once had a guy write me on-line - and tell me that:
- he didn't have a job since he had a head injury from an car accident
- didn't have a car since he had lost his license from the accident
- used to be a Captain in law enforcement before the accident (and had a very handsome picture in his uniform)
- but had to go to prison due to the accident
- so he hoped I didn't mind riding Marta
- his profile said he liked to touch women's hair and other body parts.
Can you guys top that one?
So, I would guess that he also had a drinking problem, since he probably served time due to vehicular homicide.
- And he said if he had a fault, it was that sometimes he was too honest.
Okey Dookey....
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 7/1/2007 7:48:41 AM
Online players? #1 He asks questions early in conversation about what you look like the kind of clothes you wear, your figure type, and if you have more photos that you could send him. Doesn't spend much time asking you about your background or occupation, or what you are seeking in a possible long term relationship.

#2 He doesn't want to talk but pushes to meet right away; I have found that it is a complete waste of time to meet a man too early before you even know if you have anything in common;

#3 He wants you to drive to his location rather than he driving to your location.

#4 Not only does he want you to have the longer drive he doesn't want to buy you a modest lunch or dinner but wants to meet for "coffee" the famous "drive by" date.

#5 He's on 3 or more IM services, has alot of women he's chatting with, "a pro".

Humbly as always my opinion expressed above though much is based on my personal experiences.
 Hot Buttered Soul
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 7/1/2007 2:35:10 PM
Another sh*t on men thread... do you girls ever get dates.. or do you run here every night to regurgitate this crap.. Players thrive because people let them..
Online players.. real life players... truth be told you NEVER will know when a man is playing you... only when you've invest the time and emotions and he leaves you... hmmm ... instead of sh*tting on him.. why don't you try and understand why he left you... because if a woman left me... I would be looking inward not outawrd.. like my sh*t doesn't stink..

These threads to me reek of low selfesteem and an inability to understand that a person has every right to change their mind.. women do it all the time... and should a man not be able to? Like we're such pathetic creatures we should just be damned happy there is a woman giving us attention? And if a person isnt with you.. it isnt that they are playing everyone else... the reality is.. they arent into you... because if they were really, really, really into you... there wouldn't be anyone else.. and you'd be inseperable...

Passions of the male heart are string than this diatribe you spew here... If a man is truly head over heels for you... damn it.. you sure as hell would know.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 7/1/2007 4:24:22 PM
So many times a person labels someone else as a player because that person wasn't the one that the so-called player wanted.

I think I stated this at the beginning of the thread. Yeah I have been played-
we all have. Men and women make deals on here, you meet them and It does
not go as planned sometimes. I know we say yeah Im up for it and then someone
develops feelings- all hell breaks loose and they are a player.
It comes down to what is expected from that person and sometimes communication
is key. Stating what you want and what is expected from that relationship-
sometimes its dating, sometimes its commitment and sometimes its just sex.

Another sh*t on men thread... do you girls ever get dates.. or do you run here every night to regurgitate this crap.. Players thrive because people let them..
Online players.. real life players... truth be told you NEVER will know when a man is playing you... only when you've invest the time and emotions and he leaves you... hmmm ... instead of sh*tting on him.. why don't you try and understand why he left you... because if a woman left me... I would be looking inward not outawrd..

This is pretty much it in a nutshell.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 7/2/2007 1:33:16 PM
Whew!! I think YOU need an anger management class. If you don't like the forums, then it is your priviledge to not READ the forums.

Don't take it out on US because you are short.
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