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Agreed, Ms. Bayrab ... I can't say that any part of sex back then was greater in quality than it is right now. True, I don't do the all-night boink-a-thons like I did back then -- although I'm certainly not averse to trying (cough, cough!) -- but what has changed in some ways has been completely added in others. Let's just say, the increasing years have taught me to savour things that I'd never have dreamed of doing in my youth. Still though ... love this thread ... brings back so many fine memories.

cdn guy
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Posted: 6/20/2007 5:37:54 PM
I dropped back into Main Stream to raise my son...bad choice.

I went to my first Rainbow Gathering in Prineville, Oregon in 1997(?). While on the shuttle bus I met another guy my age and we began to share notes. He admitted that this was his first as well. Then we both shared the fact that we had decided to join the "Main Stream" to raise our children thinking it would be healthier and less confusing for them. We both even joined nonmain stream religions ( I joined the Mormons and he joined Jehovah's Witnesses!!!) Then, we both came to the same realization that we had not been faithful to ourselves. So, we reverted back to the more free and accepting ways of our youth. We realized the bus had fallen totally silent while we shared...the bus was full of young hippie's. So, I turned to the "gang" and said...."let this be a lesson to all of you here. Be true to yourself and raise your kids with that frame of mind. It will be better for them". All applauded in that sweet gentle way that only hippies understand.
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Posted: 6/20/2007 7:50:42 PM
To raeann50- there is dissention, one is my son, who turned himself in for court-martial, after living in Canada(BC) for over a year. He is finishing his military sentence now at a military brig. He had been in active duty for over 3 years, but in Bagdad, had a change of belief, and filed for conscientess objector over there- was naturally turned down, went to Canada, had a war resister group help him, who i am grateful to. Thank you Canada. I honestly can say- I still do not know why we even started this war over there..i don't get it, and i don't think a lot of other americans get it either...!! but i feel that maybe people are starting to question it. Time for peace!!
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Posted: 6/21/2007 4:56:45 AM
Should I start saving for Fishstock 2008? ...

I believe we have had a few protests so far but they have fallen on deaf ears.. can't expect a draft dodging President who hell bent on destroying the world to fullfill his religious zeal and beliefs to respect us. If the USA were to institute the draft again I guarantee there would be a revolt! (From Us the Boomers..we'd awake that old spirit again) So far the Congress hasn't been able to do anything to satisfy the general public that has voiced its unhappiness with the situation.

Anyway its the music of today that is a big cause of the lethargy, where are the Joan Baez's Donovans, I know where Arlo Guthrie is, he's here in my town.... we need to wake the kids up by appealing to them... they aren't the same kid's we were ... they have been bombarded by gore and violence on teevee their whole lives and are immune to the atrocities happening today... Wishing I had the answer to todays problems I can only say I'm glad for being in the last third of my life... I really don't want to see the future as it unfolds from today..

Well back to "doing my thing"... sorry to be such a "Bummer" (another word from our era) .

Can anyone else think of the old sayings? Let's get back to the "good old days" line... sorry..

Joined: 12/4/2006
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Posted: 6/21/2007 6:50:50 AM
Wow this is great thread. My 1st year at college everyone took over the administration bldg in response to the Kent State incident. Hundreds participated, we went through everything and left some interesting notes to some administrators. I had hair and it was down to my shoulders with a full beard, wore my brothers full length Air Force coat during the winter. It made for some great hockey team photos... The following summer I think it was I actually turned down a ride to Woodstock lol..

Joined: 10/6/2006
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Posted: 6/21/2007 1:00:59 PM
Remember shopping at the Army Surplus store, hunting for pea jackets and all? I still think the best winter coat I ever had was my Navy pea jacket back in the late 60's.

The slang we slung was fun:
It's a gas
can you dig it??
What's your bag man?
Outta sight!

Anybody remember doin' Chinese Fire Drills? Lol How about padiddles (a car with only one headlight and when you spotted one the caller gets a kiss)?
Guess I should flake out on this discussion right about now...
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Posted: 6/21/2007 10:18:58 PM
My hair was so long back then that it hung out past the hem of my "pea coat"....I used to wear it inside for added insulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joined: 2/21/2007
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Posted: 6/21/2007 10:29:32 PM
"go ask Alice when she's 10 feet tall.." Remember the trips down the rabbit hole?

Ah, that reminds me of Alice's restaurant, too. "you can get anything you want...."

ps. To the one who said they have Arlo Guthrie in their town... I have always wondered if he also ended up with Huntingtons, do you know? I know he had a straight 50-50 chance of having it. (VERY familiar with Huntingtons)
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Hippiedom - patchouli oil
Posted: 6/21/2007 11:58:06 PM
i have a ton of patchouli around & wear it quite often... that & nag champa (which is a common east indian incense scent). it's to the point where nothing else seems "right."

remember clove cigarettes? i still have one of those every now & then... tho they may have been more popular with a later counter-culture.

the other day i was listening to "it's a beautiful day" - is anyone familiar with them? ("girl with no eyes" is such a great song, even today....'Doesn't eveybody know, everybody know, love takes a lifetime.'....ah yes)

i always like running into old hippies, although it's unfortunately rare these days. still love vans, especially if they're the old kinds. & vw microbuses - those are the greatest.

long hair on men still rules.
Joined: 3/28/2007
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Posted: 6/22/2007 1:06:29 AM
That was one of my favorite songs.

The Hair album was right up there too. I need to find a copy of the movie and get my kids to watch it. Hopefully they'll like it - they hated woodstock :-)

I can't say they're real big on the dead either. Cretins.
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Posted: 6/22/2007 4:35:24 AM
Wore out three 8 thracks of the Hair Album.... one of my all time sing alongs...

Alro is healthy is you consider a drinking He lives here in one of those fancy homes on wheels. Was building a Coral Rock House on the Indian River all by himself when Hurricans Jeannes and Francis did quite a bit of damage... then along came Wando and that creamed it too.. Saw the other day the lot is for sale.. million plus so he probably will be around but no longer so visible... He usually will show up at an art show in our park... my friend Cokie plays the conga drums (ala Andy ,,,,dang senior moment.. that guy from Saturday Nite Live Andy???? damn it)

Frank Zappa, Mothers of Invention.. Brown shoes don't make it... Girlflower
Joined: 3/12/2007
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Posted: 6/22/2007 10:42:11 AM
My best friend hitchhiked down from Anchorage Alaska... then came back to Beirut and told me she had lost her virginity in Haight Ashbury... rotf not too many guys there these days to deflower a virgin I hear! I too fell for somebody from the era and he became more and more "plastic" over the years that we finally called it quits. He disliked my outspoken spirit and I hated his looking at whoever was coming in the door to size them up for a business proposition. My how the times they are a changin'.

Wonder how many of you have had a date with the opposite of the hippy era and was totally confounded with their dull attitudes towards life... give me someone who is still interested in more than breathing is my "mantra" these days.... OOOOOOOOMMM!

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Posted: 1/13/2012 10:45:34 AM

That was one of my favorite songs.

was that the person who responded here? (he showed up in a little window saying he was online for chat, & there was all this stuff about the 60's)

anyway, yes patchouli... i remember my sister asking if she could buy me some perfume the last time i wore it around her. i smelled too much like incense, she said, & she was highly negative about it! (can you imagine what my thoughts are about her suggesting the perfume? other than being ultra rude?)

oops turning this into a vent.

sure wish there were more peace-loving, nature-loving, deep soul types around...
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Posted: 6/30/2013 9:49:25 PM
Nam Vet alls well here could be better... Colorado, Washington.
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Posted: 7/1/2013 12:44:56 PM

More bourgeois, materialistic, consuming drones than ever before.

Based on what?

What, exactly, does going backward do for society? I'm curious, what's the answer here, should we stop progress and go back to the good old days, like drop the advances in science/medicine, etc. or do you only want some things to go backward but keep some? I'm curious, what you are specially talking about. It's not like you have to be a consumer drone, who is making you?

Most of those who dreamed of rejecting, were kids rebelling, as most do. One is hardly saving a corner of the world by washing dirty diapers in a stream or having an outhouse or growing their own garden. Most the time those living off society, getting food stamps/welfare checks/food banks, etc., are using the rest of the world that is working at the jobs and buying things to support the economy and being called names because they do so.

Are people suggesting that we go back to living in caves or are they just wishing there really was a time when life was free and safe and fun. Because it's never been that way, life use to be much harder, people back then would have loved what some today are pissing & moaning about.
 vlad dracul
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Posted: 7/2/2013 12:02:49 PM
Interesting stuff this hippy thingy.

Now i vaguely remember hearing about
this place but i might actually be visiting
it soon as i am highlands bound for a few days

The Findhorn Foundation features the "Whisky Barrel Cluster" as a landmark on its Ecovillage map. Findhorn's first "Barrel House" was built in 1986 and four more soon followed, enhanced with extensions, stonework and turf roofs. These barrel houses overlook dancing wind turbines and the sandy dunes and beaches of the North Sea's Moray Firth, a micro-climate absurdly called "The Scottish Riviera." The whisky barrel cluster is only a tiny part of the community which began humbly in 1962 and exploded into the Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage Project, squeezed now between the village of Findhorn and the zooming Kinloss RAF base.

And here is the official website

So when or indeed if i go, i shall give a Dracul the intrepid explorer type review of all things eco and hippy in findhorn
But bear in mind there is also a whisky trail so hippys may indeed get bypassed whilst following the angels share trail
Joined: 5/7/2005
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Posted: 7/2/2013 5:02:54 PM
I got to sit and watch Detroit burn to the ground as pieces of the US government fought(and killed) their own people. Of course I was sitting in my Dad's car on the opposite side of the river,staring silently at the shiat storm as he whispered to me, "this is why we live where we do". That night is forever in my mind. I use to have so much hair, one of my nicknames was "goldilocks". Where did it all go?????
Joined: 8/25/2011
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Posted: 7/3/2013 7:25:04 PM

I wonder what happened to my "Keep On Truckin' teeshirt. I loved that teeshirt.

The keep on truckin' acid.Hitchin around,Haight Ashbury 73.Long hair.Wheelin' and dealin'.Frank Zappa.Concerts in Montreal,smoking definitely allowed.Good old days.
Joined: 2/27/2010
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Posted: 7/10/2013 2:10:02 AM

Appreciating those who think beyond one generation.

Walking the walk.
 vlad dracul
Joined: 4/30/2009
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Posted: 7/10/2013 4:27:20 AM
Well the intrepid Vlad sacrificed the whisky tour (well sort of still went to the dallas dhu distillery for a wander
£209 for a bottle. I kid thee not) and went to eco friendly commune type place at findhorn. The findhorn foundation.
Although said findhorn foundation being next to the former RAF base at kinloss and the amount of 4x4 vehicles sort of
added a nice touch of irony.

Although not out and out hippies they have houses built with loads of solar energy panels and each home was
in a different style and most grew their own veg and fruit. Ecovillage workshops are of course a must. Most houses are built into the woods but again on
the ironometer i would think one would need to be very wealthy to stay there.
Some photies of the hooses below.

Just looked 3 bedroom hoose in the field of dreams offers over £280,000

And yes the ever present outreach workshops are there. Below is from their blurb

Findhorn for the socially excluded
The Findhorn Foundation provides a welcoming and supportive environment for people of all ages and backgrounds
– a place to reconnect socially, feel appreciated and useful, learn practical skills, and develop self-respect and a positive attitude to life

The wee cafe was a veggie/vegan place and the tea was rotten.
All beardy types sitting reading the observer (the sunday version of the grauniad) a couple of geezers with guitars
singing to walls for reasons not quite clear

A big arts and crafts place which was unfortunately closed. Theres an auditorium which seats around 400 and
they have a wide variety of world artists lined up to play.
I think a few of the posters on this thread would love the place although it's no ma cup of tea (neither was the cup i got)
All in all if you are ever up north heading to the highlands its worth a wee gander if you are into the eco friendly
hippyish ideal although the tea as i said is rotten.

Oh and findhorn village just past the foundation is boss. 2 boozers in the village specializing in sea food caught

Oh and p.s ken what i never seen there? Although it's all built into the woods and the beach is only a 5 min walk
no chickens or goodlife style livestock. No japanese akita pitbull ridgebacks called fang or tyson or whatever oh or
any wee furry animal or bird killing terminator type cats.
Didnae see any pets at all infact.
Joined: 3/1/2013
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Posted: 8/20/2013 7:36:21 PM
I was born during the hippie years. Where are all the earthy guys from my generation? I get pm'd by men decked out in football attire from head to toe or bikers.
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Posted: 8/21/2013 9:46:19 AM
The 60's, brings me back to when I was a kid. By the end of the 60's I was just a teenager but it definitely left an impression on me. Some of the things I remember....

Watching the news at night with my parents. Seeing the "death toll" for the war in Vietnam. In my young mind it seemed like some kind of scorecard. How many of "us" got killed vs. how many of "them". I then remember being fearful that my time to register for the draft was coming. Luckily, the war was ended before I was of age for the draft.

Seeing the "hippies" out protesting the war. Thinking then, that they were just being over reactionary. Now knowing that without their protests the war may have been a lot longer.

Seeing the marchers for equal rights. Not understanding at the time that minorities were treated differently because of skin color. Realizing now, that had these people not protested this treatment it may still be happening.

People becoming more aware of what our industry is doing to our environment. People protesting, boycotting, and becoming more involved in their Govt. in an effort to change this through legislation and good old in your face defiance.

To me, the hippies were an era of protest. They saw things that they felt were'nt right and protested against them. They did this in a manner that revolted many "average" folks at the time. Their very appearance was disgusting to some. They represented non conformity to me anyways. They definitely got peoples attention on the nightly news.

Today, many of these same hippies are businessmen and women. Representing the very system they once reviled. Maybe they finally realized that "the system" of economy and Govt. we have here is a good one. I certainly think so. And, looking back I am grateful to the hippies for making more people see that together they can effect changes to their world by becoming more participatory in it's function...... GROOVY.
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Posted: 8/21/2013 8:30:22 PM

Today, many of these same hippies are businessmen and women. Representing the very system they once reviled. Maybe they finally realized that "the system" of economy and Govt. we have here is a good one. I certainly think so. And, looking back I am grateful to the hippies for making more people see that together they can effect changes to their world by becoming more participatory in it's function...... GROOVY.

I was a bit late for the true hippies but was a Deadhead for a good long while, in the 70’s and 80’s, and it was fabulous and inclusive. Our oldest daughter even saw the Dead, but she was kind of teeny. You’re so right about joining the system. My husband and I and all of our Deadhead friends did. Our kids have, too, even finding boyfriends and girlfriends who were raised the same way and have hippie, or hippie-ish parents, all working within the system and being part of it. Kind of perfect.
Joined: 8/16/2013
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Posted: 8/22/2013 1:52:06 PM
I was a little young when the Hippy era was in full bloom. But Always wanted to experience to lifestyle.
I am an artist and always enjoyed the hippy art of the 70s. My dad was a biker and sort of a hippy so I had a good ideal what the lifestyle was about. So when I was about 12 I grew my hair long. I remember my sister bought me a Grateful Dead album for my birthday and My parents bought me an electric guitar. I would paint my walls with Glow paint and turn on my Black Light to light up my posters. When I finally entered High School in the early 80s the Hippy era was winding down.And My friend had tickets to THE GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERT.1983 . I remember be amazed and loved the concert. after the concert someone walked up to me and gave me a square of LSD. Later on me and my girlfriend ate the Acid together and had sex all night long. The rest was history.
I remember having more sex and love than anytime in my life. Funny really Back then I thought adults had way more sex. Now I realize they can't even find a date let alone sex lol ironic
Joined: 9/9/2012
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Posted: 8/22/2013 1:59:59 PM
Sorry, can’t help myself….
Grateful Dead, 1983, East Coast… Which show? I betcha I was there too. Saw every NYC show that year and most upstate and New England (but not Meadowlands). It was a very good year…. :D
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